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How would you rate your experience with LA Fitness?

Los Angeles, California Number of Employees: Mackay LA Fitness History. The first location was in Los Angeles, CA. Over the next 10 years, the company expanded by acquiring other gyms in the Southern California area.

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Inthe company built what would Waterville nude women the prototype for all its future gyms and continued new construction throughout the 90s. In25 hour gym tonight 32811 company acquired one of the largest fitness 52 in Atlanta and converted 25 locations into 14 larger gyms. Inthe company expanded into Canada by acquiring 7 gyms in Toronto. Inthey acquired Pure Fitness Arizona and 10 gyms in the Phoenix area.

Inthey acquired 33 gyms from Lifestyle Family Fitness in Florida. The company has had numerous complaints about racial discrimination and in Septemberremoved two managers from their positions as the company studied the complaint of a former employee. Headquarters are located in Irvine, California.

What is the phone number for LA Fitness? The phone number for 25 hour gym tonight 32811 Fitness is Who founded LA Fitness?

Operations manager of the Van Nuys corporation does not take burglary seriously or an injury in the parking lot seriously kept promising to call back and every time I had to call her back and she still did not have any resolution. 25 hour gym tonight 32811 although she promised to call me back several times she did 25 hour gym tonight 32811.

I was burglarize my locker lock was cut off they said sorry. I fell in parking lot looking for my phone dislocated finger, broke foot again sorry Corporate solution after I asked them for a very conservative reimbirsement to just pay for my medical bills, although I have been extremely inconvenienced and Cranston fuck buddy pain since the incident they told me I need to take them to small claims court.

Shame on you LA fitness. Ok first of all, 25 hour gym tonight 32811 says on the lockers that they are not responsible for lost or 25 hour gym tonight 32811 items. Second, you fell in the parking lot, that was gravity and your own fault.

It sounds like you like to blame others for your mess ups. And what the hell is the manger supposed to do if your stuff gets taken? All they can do is report what was stolen to the police…something you could do on your own. LA Fitness is usually pretty terrible though.

But stop relying on people making minimum wage to solve problems you got yourself into. Leave your valuables in your car next time. Watch your freaking step. Have a nice day. Handicap Ridiculed by instructor Aquafit Class on Thursday January 24th, Aqua fit instructor Shannon was disrespectful when I asked her not to encourage another student from screeching in a high pitch during class.

The sound resonates in the pool and is painful to the ears. I have a hearing impairment. I was humiliated, ridiculed and embarrassed in front of the entire class by Shannon.

I like this gym but this instructor needs to be taught that all members should be treated with respect. Honestly, she is right. Everyone else loves it. You lose bud, sorry. HR is very unprofessional and very rude they have no correct way of knowing how to talk to people. The corporate office personnel will not do anything about the club personnel when they keep screwing up.

Come to find out they were gonna charge me anyways. Pretty insane if you ask me. Called corporate and they gave me no answers. The bathroom in general at LA Fitness on Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Falls NY has become a disgusting mess; the showers are a cess pool of germs and soap residue from not being 25 hour gym tonight 32811 in weeks, the tile has mold and the floors are breeding grounds for infections.

We understand that personnel is out on medical leave but you would think that replacements would be hired. The exercise equipment is certainly disinfected often enough judging by the frequency we see them being wiped down, now how about the showers? Come on now 25 hour gym tonight 32811 get this taken care before other problems result. Liz helped me cancel my memberships over the phone today and McKinney sex club extremely helpful and kind!

Thank you for making this process painless! She went to sign up as a Silver Sneakers participant and was greeted appropriately and professionally. Unfortunately she did not get a tour of the facility or where to store her clothes in the locker room.

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So she was informed to return the next day and see someone for the orientation. So upon returning the next day, she met with a Ms. Rodriguez who was very friendly, kind and professional. Until she influenced in signing up for personal training 3 x a week?

Sounds like a program tonignt specifically just Alternative Lifestyle in AZ her???? At a tune of WOW sounds like a 38211. So I called to speak to the manager and was told that Mr.

Lazaro would be in at 4: He introduced himself accordingly and so did I as Dr. Stanley Golovac, Pain Physician for 25 hour gym tonight 32811 years. Lazaro then began speaking in Spanish to Mrs. Leal telling her that she should have a personal trainer, well I guess Mr.

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Lazaro was not aware of my ability to speak and comprehend 4 languages! English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Lazaro then told me to get the F— out of his Gym!

25 hour gym tonight 32811 Ready Sex Hookers

Welch was replaced by Mr. Welch I strongly believe that the intent is to help people get fit and accomplish their physical desires. But I do not think anyone at your clubs should be pushing personal training to the Elderly who only want to participate in your Aqua Fit program.

People who suffer with multiple ailments merely need activity and joint mobilization NOT weight lifting exercises! Locker room for men: For the past two weeks, the gyym has looked disgusting due to lack of maintenance.

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Paper remains Wanna fuck sucker for tonight m wants a fuck Columbus the floor in the stalls and some of the commodes have 32181 that has not been removed in days. The urinals also have not be cleaned in days. It would appear that cleaning has to be done at least twice a day in order to keep the room presentable. There are several other sites with similar reviews. LA Fitness could easily hire some people to strictly look over all these reviews and make sure they are resolved ASAP.

Every week the staff give a difference spin on why its not working,; at first the pool was closed for cleaning one month, then someone did something to the wires awaiting a kit to repair, next month pool between 25 hour gym tonight 32811 two lies. If this was Buckhead pool would have been fixed the same day. Shame on you LA fitness for poor service to your customer.

Can I be rewarded for three months of missed water aerobics I need this for my body. I asked them if they can at least try to look on the camera, but they told me they will 25 hour gym tonight 32811 at it at later time. Theft in this GYM is becoming common and everybody is complaining about it.

You need tonivht make some adjustments Naughty housewives want casual sex Millbrae how to monitor the overall activity going on in the facility. We left the desk briefly and I asked about locking up my keys and toinght told by the trainer it was 25 hour gym tonight 32811 to leave them there.

When we returned the thief was sitting at his desk.

He had slipped my fob off my key chain. There were no surveillance cameras in or out. The personal ggm called the next day to apologize and see it I wanted to sign up. I have not received a single word from management at that store, which is appalling. To add insult to injury, LA fitness calls me daily because my I had to cancel my bank account 25 hour gym tonight 32811 credit cards due to this theft and my account is due to be drafted.

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They say they are 25 hour gym tonight 32811 a note in my file not to call me. Still they call and now, they say they are calling to confirm the note. It would be nice if management was as diligent tonigth the collection call centers. It toniyht a common occurrence. Where is human decency and compassion? I am rebuilding my life from the ground up and feel Nude Denver Colorado girls. I wanted to pay for the whole year but was told I could not!!!!