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6ft2in brown eyes never married and 34 I Am Seeking Sex Dating

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6ft2in brown eyes never married and 34

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Elvis Presley still walks as if he's sneering with his legs.

When he's on stage, he ees bounces like a Jeep driver crossing a ploughed field. He's 34 and although his blue eyes and dark brown hair are still glazed and lacquered, his 6ft 2in has developed a stoop. Fifty-one of his records have sold more than a million copies each and the total number of discs bearing the Presley imprimatur is around million.

Recently, the London Palladium thought it would invite Elvis to star in a week's spectacular. The management rang up Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis's guardian. Elvis Aaron Presley was born in a two-room insanitary shack in Tupelo, a shanty town in Mississippi.

He was brought up in, of course, Memphis, Tennessee. His career had a classic beginning. An out-of-work truck driver, he stopped off one day at a local record shop.

He [now] describes his first recording as sounding "like someone beatin' on a bucket lid", grinning with his sparkling white teeth — all capped. It has its own international anthem called Loyal, Steadfast and True.

He lives in total seclusion in a colonial mansion called Graceland near Nashville, surrounded by 12 beautiful male bodyguards with whom he practises karate and marksmanship — with water pistols. The house is painted luminous blue and gold and glows at night.

It's filled with stuffed pandas, elephants, monkeys, dogs and hundreds of teddy-bears. He calls everybody who is older than him "sir".

Purity has remained an essential attribute — no one ever goes to bed in his movies, although in his latest he does seduce a nun. He never nevwr out himself, except to the film studios; to keep his fans appeased, he occasionally sends his solid gold Cadillac on a coast-to-coast tour so they can touch it.

Two years ago, to the horror of every teenager, he married a longtime sweetheart, Priscilla Beaulieu. They chose to be married in an hotel.

It was called — naturally — the Aladdin Hotel. Well, who cares about that?

This is an edited extract. Topics Elvis Presley A look back.