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Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts

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So have the majority of our writers. You know, with all the crime. Obviously one person did not travel to all ends of the state for this.

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We sent multiple people to check Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts over 50 towns and cities and we all came to a consensus as to which were the dumpiest based on the photographs. Because it looks like crap.

Other than that Revere is a never ending stretch of marshy land that takes you from Logan Airport to Lynn. New Bedford barely made the list. Particularly if you like looking at gigantic brick warehouses:.

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Other than that New Bedford is just an overcrowded cesspool of triple deckers and barbed wire fencers: Charlemont is in Franklin County — the county where a lot of the Springfield hippie protesters drove down from.

Women desperate for sex assumed that everyone who lived up here was rich and wanted to Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts their money from the government.

All of the towns are small, including Charlemont, which has a population of about 1, And presumably of them live in one gigantic trailer park on Route 2.

One of the things I like about Worcester is the West Side. If you were to take Worcester and subtract the West Side, what you would have leftover is Lowell.

Lowell is a whole lot of what it is. Random houses with doors wide open for anyone to walk into. Several of the loans are decorated with Warren furniture: And if you really make a name for yourself, you can coupple on up to West Warren!

North Adams is the big city up in northern Berkshire county, and is an honorable mention for this list. You might recognize Lynn from the They usually headline with one of their world famous unsolved murders.

Show me a place in Worcester where you can buy a 25 ounce Natural Light for your Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts slum sociable. The Riv is a prime example of what a city looks like when their entire economy revolves around an out of commission battleship. As a matter of fact, pretty much every street in Fall River ends because it runs into an abandoned factory. It has some abandoned lots, which are a great place to meet up with some old friends and shoot some heroin.

Speaking Cock fuck japan desired places to score some drugs, Webster is like Grafton Hill with a big ass lake. There are some nice areas the closer you get to Douglas, but the closer you get to Dudley, the more magical the town becomes.

They call it the Paris of Worcester Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts because some big shot developers are investing in property along the French River.

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There are some auto-body shops right on the sidewalks so you can get your Minivan souped up for the holidays. I Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts wanted to trespass all over that house. Luckily I saw the sign and realized this was against the rules. And of course Webster is the perfect place Massachuzetts raise a family. Colrain is Regular phone sex personals playmate Charlemont without all the fancy trailer parks.

Oh yea, and I hope you like snow and giant orange cones, because they never go out of season in Colrain.

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The real city is where people actually live. Appropriately named, Pittsfield is the armpit of the Berkshires. If you play your cards right, you could get a job at the factory!! Athol is a great place to get rid of a body. The dirty burg is one hilly shmorgisborg of enchantment. Because unlike Worcester, Springfield as no Massachuserts parts. Springifled is also the place where basketball was invented, so naturally they have some world class basketball courts.

If I were Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts Level 3 sex offender, I would definitely move to Ware. It seems like a great place to blend in and no one will bother Looking for new nsa partner as you put the pieces of your life back together.

Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts

And a world class makeshift trailer park. It has all of the elements of a craptacular existence. Congratulations Lawrence, you are the dumpiest city in Massachusetts.

But all 21 of these places are easily worse places to live than Worcester.

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I have never laughed reading something online as much as I did with this article. Most of the state, along with Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts NE, is just as disgusting as these examples. Everyone just loves overpaying to live in what appears to be a state wide dump, trashing the area further, and ensuring they are as rude and obnoxios as possible.

Who is raised by such horrible parents to be proud of hoarding on their lawn, constant parties, harassing neighbors who dare to request they stop trespassing, and far worse?

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The state needs to be wiped out by a natural disaster Lpwell stop the spread of mass holes. Great approach to over tax the few who work, forcing them to live in neighborhoods that become slums while their neighbours live freely off that assistance.

This entire stare makes me want to vomit. Let it be Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts that in terms of wabts Warren, since this blog surfaced a Women fucking women Salinas things have happened. It was swiftly removed once the article broke.

The first Beautkful of the white house with Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts red star on top? With the overflowing trash in the front?

The house has since become abandoned. The yard has been cleaned up a bit, but no signs of life in nearly a year. I like it better abandoned. The photo of the underpass?

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It was recently closed and re-done. Have you been to Hyannis in the last 10 years? And I would rather live in any of those towns than visit Worcester anyday! I noticed one of the pictures from Ware was Bellevue Ave.

Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts

First of all, kudos on a thoroughly Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts piece. Thank you for the enlightening and informative information. As a current resident of Arizona with my entire family living in Massachusetts the good partsand being recently widowed, I have Beauticul searching for my next stage in life in Massachusetts.

As a child, I frequently Ladies seeking casual sex Healdton Oklahoma summers with my grandpa in Malden and 50 years ago it was a lovely town.

Sorry I had to. Go to iraq then complain. Entitled attitude; your right you definitely would not last five minutes in Springfield.

You are very entitled to your opinion but honestly common sense and knowing better will keep you alive. You can go to any city any state and find bad if you look for it.

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I also suggest going to check out the west coast I have been Msssachusetts from Huntington Beach to San Juan you can find bad Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts every state and city in this country. This, alas, is a compendium of Mass.

Trumpstervilles — many of these towns once had factory jobs that paid to keep people off the streets, in school, Married dating Fallston Maryland though these were never great homes, they were at least maintained except in the worst of these places.

Even Worcester once had a thriving Main Street before steel left town. I thought your article was funny at times but I would like to point out 1 major issue. Starrett Company they employ thousands of people and is far from a run down mill. The Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts writing this article is an idiot! What did your mom get you a camera for Christmas, so you decided to drive around random cities giving inaccurate assessments.

Used to live in New Bedford. Sketchy as heck, but vibrant as hell and I honestly loved it. Something about NB is different than the other places you mentioned.

A city like Holyoke is downright awful; New Bedford is bad but with a wink. This website is the biggest dump of all. Froze my computer like 3 times.

Ever heard of a link bro? No Beautiful couple wants sex Lowell Massachusetts down properties, extremely Lowwell crime, beautiful woods and lakes. We do have some embarrassing bars, but living in Templeton is amazing. You should drive through some time during the Fall. North Adams is disgusting.

What an enjoyable read! I moved away from Mass. Some time ago for work, but havent forgotten my roots.