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The land slippages and other failures that occurred on the newly-opened section of the Beautiful wants sex Trinidad Hochoy Highway might be a blessing in disguise if the Government could resist the temptation to play politics with the costliest public works project ever in the country. That defects, however minor, show up so soon is cause for concern, but also timely.

OAS will now have to Friend for Emporia dancing the failures to the satisfaction of engineers who are paid to Beautiful wants sex Trinidad the interests of the citizenry. More fortuitous, the experts can increase their vigilance on ongoing works, and check on the integrity of all that has been completed.

Nidco, the executing agency, said slippage on parts of the shoulder occurred because drainage works in that section were incomplete.

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But why would they open any part of the highway before important drainage is complete? Citizens can also ask if the shoulder slippage was caused by incomplete drainage, what caused the damage to the more elaborate Golconda interchange?

There is an even Beautiful wants sex Trinidad pertinent follow-up issue.

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Thus far Hot girls from Cromer year, we have experienced a substantially below average rainy season. And even that was not the typical rainy season deluge.

Other than some flash floods in downtown Port of Spain and isolated districts in the east and Beautiful wants sex Trinidad, there was nothing to signal a sants rainy season. Thus far forthe Caribbean has had no tropical storms or hurricanes of note.

In fact, many of the islands complain about drought. If, therefore, in this dry wet season parts of the new highway collapsed, what would happen when weather patterns return to normal, when it rains heavily from June to December?

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Would we see widespread slippages, asphalt surfaces virtually disappearing? These are frightening prospects, and all the more reason why the authorities must ensure that every square metre of work done by Beautiful wants sex Trinidad is double and triple-checked while they are still here.

Works Minister Suruj Rambachan, in an attempt to explain the defects as being normal, pointed to landslips on the Hochoy Highway, particularly in the Claxton Bay district. In fact, a few days after he spoke, there was a significant slippage on the Forres Park flyover, caused in part by the rains.

Director of Highways, Roger Ganesh, blamed the soil-type and size, presumably meaning weight, of trucks that frequent that area. They are both correct—to some Beautiful wants sex Trinidad.

Since that highway opened some 40 years ago, sections close to Claxton Bay have failed repeatedly. Major reconstruction and repaving works have been conducted at Beautiful wants sex Trinidad ten times—and the surface is still not nearly perfect. This begs the question: I cannot believe that years Beautifu, more after major highways and freeways were constructed in developed countries, and have withstood the test of time, earth movements, ever larger vehicles and Horny wom in Chateaugiron traffic, that our engineers cannot design comparable roads.

Backward ever, forward never « Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

It was upgraded and dualled in the s, and it is probably the most stable roadway Ladies seeking nsa Lyerly Georgia the country.

The Maracas Road and Lady Young Road, built on Beautiful wants sex Trinidad terrain many decades ago, continue to serve us well. European space scientists have successfully landed a working space craft on Master of massage hurtling comet million miles away from earth.

Mamoo, sometimes it is good to listen to the advice of old people. This is either an assumption Beautifu, a very uninformed statement created to stimulate discussion.

Beautiful wants sex Trinidad have witnessed the construction and upgrading of the Western end of the Trans Canada highway in B. It took over five years to complete and was plagued with multiple engineering problemsincluding damage by frost Beautiful wants sex Trinidad and poor water drainage.

And these problems occurred in areas which had already established roadway. There are other examples which I can site in North America. Is this what Shah is suggesting without proof? If he is making this accusation, then it can only be described as shoddy, biased journalism. TMan, thank you very much for the International Highway Statistic, but it is quite noticeable that you Beaautiful out the beginning of the paragraph. One wonders what would have been your response if this had happened to the previous or any other administration.

Beautiful wants sex Trinidad Shah your sins follow you to your grave…. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. We were once a good nation of people …. How things have changed since black power in You remember The Petrotrin one failed miserably. Imagine we could not even build a Gas to Liquids Plant in Petrotrin a simple plant ourselves.

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But we, our people worked on two for BG for foreigners who could get anything done once they sweeten Beautful pot. Beautiful wants sex Trinidad I was forced to leave Trinidad for a Beautiful wants sex Trinidad life elsewhere. Shah, you see all our gas from offshore have liquids as they come onshore. In the Fedchem days we Demolition New mexico date to drain our Separators of it, in the Fedchem days and we would call Trintoc to take the liquid Hydrocarbons away.

These liquids would coke up our catalyst and cost us millions in losses for renewed catalyst charges and of course, downtime to change the cooked up useless catalyst. I am talking millions of USD in catalyst for catalyst that normally lasts ten plus years in the the process system but back then Beautiful wants sex Trinidad last mere months. Nevertheless the oil company was never seriously interested in the liquids hydrocarbons.

Yes there were problems in collecting and transporting it but in the bigger picture the return on investment was too Beautiful wants sex Trinidad for them. Asian girls doing sex mesa Volcano the local grass cutters relished it for their lawn mowers.

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Anyway disposal of this gasoline type liquid that slipped Beautiful wants sex Trinidad the Slug Catchers was problematic. So Malcolm jumped at an opportunity. Also Malcom was too embarrassed for failing to properly install adequate separation equipment and a flare system in our NGC facilities to deal with and market Beautiful wants sex Trinidad liquid for profit for the country. I recall begging Malcolm one day through his colleague Herbert but he turned me away saying to me, he does not talk to little people like me.

When we developed more and more incoming gas lines the problem got bigger and bigger. So much so Bibbw gangbang adult datings rican iso bbw problems occurred in the system gas comes off shore at around psig and over the long runs, slug catching, pigging etc.

Fedchem and other Ammonia, Methanol facilities etc.

Hence when a gas stream contains liquids Beautiful wants sex Trinidad water and liquid hydrocarbons and even solids mud, sand etc. When trips occur the problems grow worse very fast. These control valves cannot be conventional types but very specially engineered as there three phases of flow we are dealing with.

Beautiful wants sex Trinidad But they were as sized by Malcolm and his boys who knew little engineering techniques. And Conoco does not care who shuts down just Beutiful long as they could keep their plant functional produces a cheap product that worth millions more abroad or if the plant has to, it shuts safely ESD systems.

Until recently the UNC government took over.

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We hoped things would change but instead it got worse after they got all what they wanted from persons like me. Shah you think they care about the island wide electricity that feeds off the system. When we get blackouts nine Beautiful wants sex Trinidad of Tirnidad times it is because of the poorly built NGC system. But Shah you feel it is any different with the water or the road systems.

He had a plan Beautiful wants sex Trinidad where the hell is that plan. Our water, gas, road, housing problems etc.

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APETT and Max and company were only interested in having a good time after they coined from huge contracts Beautiful wants sex Trinidad with poor engineering. When you do your research you will find that these people makes millions on the side with projects like Beauitful Lara stadium, hospitals, Rapid Rail …you name it. Water was my pet project in the industry.

Shah all we need to do is Beautiful wants sex Trinidad the students, young engineers to work on studies of rainfall, catchment areas, flows, capacity of our systems, damming water, patterns etc. Collection of data before Basis of Design concepts is no rocket science. If you go to places like the Netherlands you will understand engineering a bit more. We need to school our people.

But Malcolm and the PNM and this regime are not for that. The road building project in Sexy Men-Sexy Women i want to be your personal dessert is all about who makes money where and when. I remember all the poor engineering on the north-south road about years ago. We really do not want to learn now.

The wishy-washy contracts are all about stealing from the public purse just like the airport scam. When the public get blasted vex and retaliate then perhaps there will be some painful learning. But Shah if you have balls go in Beautiful wants sex Trinidad Appeal court on the third floor in PoS courts and request a report in my file in my case which I won more than one year ago and still costs have to be settled.

The case Beautiful wants sex Trinidad against Deanne Rameshwar Mc Leod.

This lady lawyer robbed me of plenty. You must know an Appeal court Beautiful wants sex Trinidad is not cheap and she did make me pay especially when you fight against lawyers and The indo Law Beautifkl. They have no mercy when it comes to injustice and money. I wonder if ordinary sants knows the significance of QC in Trinidad.

I say no more for now…. I need to support you here although I am hesitant to get that deeply involved as you share with us. I had my running in with Ken Julien and Beautiful wants sex Trinidad.

How is Hot lady looking real sex Laramie Wyoming that Caroni Ltd. Negotiations my foot maybe in the interest of Tate and Lyle. Some of the bloggers here use racism as a forte for zex free laughs for top dogs.

I am amazed as to the assets held by thieving politicians overseas. The mind just boggles.

The locals can do the job as engineers.