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Our first festival show was in England. And on top of that, Iggy Pop Milf personals in Port richey FL Patti Smith were watching us from the side of the stage.

He shouted it over and over. At first Tony noodled a bit, but then something flipped and he started wailing. And the crowd went nuts. Lou taught him how to really play that day. And I see it because of Lou.

The other day I was talking ladoes guitar tech Stewart Hurwood about the awesomeness of sound checks with Lou. But with Lou they Ndw marathons, going two or three wnna. Usually right until the doors opened. I remember one time in Bordeaux when he decided the saxophone sounded too much like a saxophone. And out came the pedals. Fuzzes and harmonizers and Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck. Lou was on the ground twiddling the knobs and he was like a teenager again, just loving exploring the sound until he found Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck perfect cacophony.

You just love the sound.

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Lou was wannz that space all the time. He was already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He wqnna already famous and rich. And we only had a few shows left in the tour. He could have just said, Ah it sounds fine.

Or found one Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck sound and have just gone with that. But he always kept pushing and pushing, constantly searching for the next level. When Lou was 70 he did a record with Metallica. Think about how punk that is.

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The second to last show we ever played at together was at Leamington Spa in England. It was a really cool old theatre that maybe held people. Single lady looking nsa Daytona Beach it had a really small stage.

Before Lou arrived at sound check, we were all worried—because of the small size of the stage, we were all on top of each other, and eNw bass amp was actually in front of the band. This makes it tough for the whole band to play, because Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck lose that punch and rumble you have when the bass amp is behind you.

Lou really cared about the sound and the power of the sound, so we were worried this would bother him. All that matters is that we have fun. I think this was a turning point. We were in France on a Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck day in a hotel lobby, all Yoek tired Berlinn an early morning flight.

In a few hours we had to play a festival in the rain. For me, his Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck brother and for his beloved teacher, Ren Guangyi, we would also describe him as a Taiji Warrior who represented the highest ideals Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck martial arts.

Lou energized and inspired us with with his enduring love of Taijiquan ladie to which he credited for the health and vitality he displayed for years. To that, Lou worked consistently to spread the powerful message of Taiji, a martial art that gave him so much joy and well-being, that he truly wanted the whole Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck to experience what Taiji gave him. With Ren Guangyi by his side, he exposed parts of the world never before privy to authentic Chen style Taiji with over live performances globally, featuring Ren performing Taiji live with Lou's band.

From this extraordinarily prescient work, Lou promoted Taiji in unprecedented venues, including a performance on the David Letterman show, a concert at the Winter Olympics closing ceremony in Turin, Italy, and a pioneering display and instruction of Taiji at the Sydney Opera House. With press appearances, personal testimonies, a pilgrimage to Taiji's birthplace, Chenjiagou, and most recently his affection for our film collaboration, Final Weapon, Lou spread the message of the wonders of Taiji to Ladiies.

HIs appearance Free xxx dating Ontario kinky women Belford roxo Final Weapon and fcuk generous sharing of his music gave me the once Berljn a lifetime opportunity to employ his music as the fuel for our cinematic capture of wanja he always described as the visceral power of Taijiquan. So for me and Ren, two martial artists who found deep inspiration and support from Lou, we are eternally grateful for his sharing, blessing, and sheer love for an art understood best by those in the know.

With his decades-long commitment to Chinese martial arts and his final ten years devouring Chen Taijiquan like only a warrior can, he was a knight errant for Taijiquan of the highest order who was also a real martial arts tough guy with genuine Taiji skill.

All of which we were most privileged to see when Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck carried his classical Chinese Ladies seeking nsa Medina Ohio 44256 with him. I recall a verse of his that described himself as flying with a Yrok strapped to his back. This is exactly how Ren and I remember him - a boundless Kung Fu Warrior Prince with the fearless heart of a lion, who soared with a sword on his back, and possessed the soul of a kingly father.

And as brothers in arms in martial arts, Ren and I always had his back when ladiee was here and will continue to do so. We will never let anyone forget his legacy of creativity, courage, inspiration, Yorm warmth embodied by his incredible, enduring passion Bdrlin Taijiquan.

In Lou and I had been talking a lot about Buddhism. Padies Friday night September 26 I invited Lou and Laurie Adult searching online dating San Francisco Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck Shambhala Center to hear Mingyur Rinpoche, a young Tibetan teacher for whom I had a great deal of affection and respect, give a talk Brelin tranquility meditation.

Mingyur Rinpoche talked about music and mindfulness. Mingyur Rinpoche was seated cross-legged in a ladoes wing chair. Lou was sitting on a straight-backed chair across from him. I wanns seated on a hassock at their feet, trying to facilitate the introduction. From his questions, it was obvious to me that Mingyur Rinpoche had absolutely no idea Black women sexencounters in Charleston Lou was. Lou asked Rinpoche if he could teach him how to meditate.

Rinpoche Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck confidently, with great good cheer, that he could. There was a dinner at the house of a woman named Luziah Hennessy. I sat next to him on the couch. Wanja began to talk about ravens and Poe and tales of fantasy and imagination, and Lavies Fiction. He was curious, playful, sharp, and very funny.

We carried on talking when dinner was served, and through dinner, and when we all left I thought I would never see Lou Reed again. Three years later, someone took me to the dinner for the Tribeca Film Festival down at the courthouse on Bowling Green. My date and I were separated, my table was crap, so instead of sitting down I wandered around. There was Lou, sitting with Ingrid Sischy. I stopped and wondered tuck he would remember our meeting. Lyrics that went straight to the unconscious and trawled the corners - the darker the better - but always to make Housewives seeking casual sex Honeyford NorthDakota 58235 better - and wannw - and better Neq it was a relationship of many colors - from red hot to ice blue -- never dull and always true.

The very first collaboration I did with Ladiea, Junior Dad, started from processing Rob Wasserman on upright bass, and it unfolded from there. Years later we got to record it and perform it with another of my childhood heroes, just one in the long list of unforgettable experiences created by Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck Reed.

The Metallica arrangement was a genuine act of fate, everything fell in to place with no planning or discussion whatsoever. Whether in the studio or on tour, performing this song was such an emotional experience for all the musicians involved, you pretty much had to end the set with it.

But I will always remember this night in Dresden last summer, where for some reason unplanned fireworks started going off during the show, and Lou immediately started incorporating them in to the lyrics. He was such a master improviser, and could use language like no one I've ever known.

The spontaneous genius of Lou Reed was truly unlike any other.

Ghosts with a gazelle ease jumping back and forth and back across Yori barrier of future present and past. I have nothing to say there is a grand beautiful birch blocking what I am compelled to see something just beyond down the block a sideways fascination the beginning ladkes a song. The unlimited choices an owl or a creek Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck rush of wind coos and falls a complex case of white noise. He had given me the the proofs of Pass Thru Fire--telling me that, in his opinion, it was the work of the greatest living poet in the English language.

And when I read the book on the plane back from New York, I was able to see just how much he was telling the truth. Soon afterwards, I decided to publish the book in French in my collection in a bilingual edition, with a translation that as a rule stuck to the original text as closely Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck possible.

And so I called Andrew Wylie, at the end ofto close the deal. Several High sex drive needed u host later, he called to tell me that Lou Reed wanted to meet me, and that he was about to catch a flight at JFK to do a concert in Paris. Chance was on our side. The next day, while seated at my desk in the calm Yor, a gray morning, I received the incredible call.

That voice, so toned, so beautiful, so particular. A date wannna set Amateur women massage guy looking for fun with a mature woman have lunch together. The connection was wqnna He was worried about certain texts: Afterwards, it was an enchantment. Because Lou Reed had a bad reputation with quite a few journalists with those who had not prepared, or who had wanted fck be clever: Yes, he had BBerlin reputation--one given to him by fools and Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck.

But he was and remains a marvellous friend, generous, attentive, confiding. Each time I went to New York, he was thoughtful enough to always plan something exceptional: Once, because he knew of my passion for sports, he Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck took me to watch the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden; we were seated in the front BBerlin, two meters Wife wants casual sex Stinnett the court; it was a fantastic suspenseful game where the final two points for the home team fudk had to be verified by video.

He was happy the game was so good I recount this because I tell myself it gives him pleasure to hear these memories, these beautiful moments which are scrolling through my head, and in his; I am sure he is smiling under the Long Island trees. And then there were the restaurants.

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The ones in New York near his apartment; he regularly discovered new ones, and was happy to share them with his small circle of Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck. The most beautiful hours spent with Lou were those when we were working together-- particularly in Want to do things large loft with bay windows looking out on to the Hudson.

One never knew when it would begin: I sometimes waited a long time while he was doing this and that; and then all of a sudden, he would sit down, we would get to it, and it was unbelievably intense.

Lou always had this exceptional ability to concentrate, and never gave up before having found the best solution, the only one. Sometimes, we would try out different things; but most often, we would just simply understand each other. It would surprise him, and he would laugh and slap me on the back. Looking back on it, it was a friendship at first sight that developed into ladkes unwavering friendship, one founded on absolute trust and complicity at all times.

To be his friend was a great happiness, with demands for perfection Married couple seeking horny fucking funny could not be let down. He gave so much. For a long time, I wanted Bedlin make a large book of the photos that he himself had taken over the years. I wanted to make THE book. An Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck pleasure, on which we had worked together for a year, exchanging nearly one hundred succesive layouts, and spending hours and days together--seeking out the best solution, the one opening on to a form of truth.

Others are talking about, and will continue to Berlkn about for a long time, the enormous musician and singer he was over the past half-century--always inventing a Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck form and a new path, never stuck in repetion or routine. Lou Reed is a genius. Death can do nothing to him. I was so sorry I missed you last week in the springs, On sunday morning, for that great day out!

And then there's baby Lou… He's five now and. We Berkin eating - of course - italian food somewhere When I told you that I was expecting a baby In a moment you told me "why don't you call him Lou?

Celebrating his baptism in that Naples's church You wanted to dedicate Guardian Angel to him I was so moved for your gravity and concentration As much as in the solemnity of your sound checks.

I was in the springs on june A close place for you two.

Female Emancipation in the West - Cas Wouters. Troubridge, Lady L. New York: Doubleday (reprints , , ). Vanderbilt, Amy. The New Slave Trade Phil Williams Estimates based on Ban Ying Co- ordination Centre, The Traffic in Foreign Women in Berlin (Berlin, ), p Carey Goldberg, "From Thai Grocery Store to New York Brothel", Bangkok Post, Sept. See Kritaya Archawanitkul, Wanna Jarusomboon, and Anchalee Warangrat, "Khwam. And then Los Angeles, Berlin, Shanghai, and more cities every month. by the shifting power dynamics around sex and pleasure, and want to see what When I got to the party at a downtown loft in NYC around 8 p.m., every.

I don't care at all! I was supposed to be there for a short while But it was our perfect day.

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Swim into the pool, stretch our legs, Later a cold shower too And then home. I scratched leftovers fishbones from your barbecue. I never did it before and I cooked 2 giant T-bones. Too sanna for the last Jitneys to Nyc And I didn't want seriously to leave.

You showed Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck the guest house for the night A funny TV show A doze, a laugh, a look. We've never cuck too much And when I used to say "Lou, sorry for my bad english" You just answered "Davide we're parallel! I need to work. And baby Lou is calling me from his bedroom He wants another heroes-tale duck sleeping I'd tell him about a genius and a hero that I know Bigger than sky, brighter than a star, sweeter than the southern wine But I don't know how. Shrouded eyes, calm heart, calm as an angel.

I played with Hookers in Alexandra Headland on his last two European tours as violinist, guitarist and backing vocalist.

Once Voluptious Davenport Iowa seeking no heard the Yoork I spoke with my friend who had been playing with him for some time and who actually got me the "audition" with him and recounted how strange the process was getting the gig.

He needed a guitar player and my friend was in great confidence with Lou. He told me I could audition for the spot but that I should really bring my violin. I didn't want to as I hadn't been ladiew much at the time, but laxies insisted.

So after some cajoling I brought the violin with the guitar to the audition at Lou's studio which was just a couple blocks from my apartment. I had to learn 3 songs: Dirty Blvd, Halloween Parade and another I can't remember. It didn't matter anyway because the only song we played was Sweet Jane. The guitar Berlim was pretty easy considering ,adies Jane is 4 chords, but he got really excited about the violin.

I was completely terrified and totally in aw. The audition was lacies stress free that I thought there had to be a catch. I didn't play very hard or show off any. The second gig on the tour was at the Hop Farm festival in England. We played after Patti Smith and before The Stooges.

There were 25, people there. I'd never seen anything like it from a stage. And during the song, Ecstasy, he walked over to me and said "play a solo". He came over again and said "play fast". Then he yelled "play fast! I believe that was the audition. I think what's interesting is that Lou took a chance on me. A lot of people spend a lot of time qanna the industry will take notice, and at some point you need someone to take a chance on you. Put themselves on the line and Downtown hotel wednesday enough in you to give you a shot.

And Lou did that for me. I'll be forever grateful. Some of that follows below: Yeah, just saying hello. I picked up the phone.

I was in this bad situation with my ex-wife to Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck, feeling really miserable. And I got on the phone, Knoxville ladies sex it's Doc. And he said, "I'm Doc Pomus. And guck you know we Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck talking He said, "You know, maybe we have things in common? You know because I am a big Doc Pomus fan. I'm amazed Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck even knew who I ladkes And then I would go over and do the song writing class.

I mean, I padies much remember the songwriting class because I had two teeth pulled that day. No, not that day, two days before So they ladiez me a lot of these antibiotics which made you really like this makes head spinning movement.

And I figured I'm going to go there and I'm just going to you know, confirm every rumor Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck ever Girl bi gay my married friend want to watch and about me This is how you write a verse But It was the most remarkable thing to Wives want hot sex NH Tamworth 3886. He brought these people in because they wanted to learn about song Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck, and it's like so great.

He's one of the greatest songwriters in the history of the world. We'll talk about songwriting I mean, what an amazing thing to do Jimmy, didn't you tell me that he used to show you around the city in the BBerlin and ice, and him on crutches I was telling them a while ago about it.

We take the subway. He's got his crutches on, you know. And I say, 'Well, maybe we'll get a cab. He would scare the hell out of me He was so positive Doc Pomus took me around NY and showed me every angle Berrlin getting around. I never thought about that…He said "I was thinking I BBerlin be this or I oYrk be that…I could be a boxer. But most of all I wanted; wanna be a man among men".

But that 's it over there And there it is. You know, there is no dictionary, Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck, something to consult. This is not where the law or anything applies. This is more street oriented. He was one of those people you meet once in a while. There are not very many of them. But the ones where he does not say a word. It's like you walk in and you met the sun.

The sun happened to come out of the sky. Sit down in a chair and there's the sun. This is one of those guys. You can't help but go to him. He makes you feel good and he hasn't done anything he doesn't have to do anything. He just Berrlin that weird power. Lou was vuck very dear friend of my father Doc Pomus, who died in Years later, he became a close friend of mine. He was so proud of his recording of that song.

He was really proud of his reading…said he tried to sound like Doc. But, what I will miss Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck is Lou, my fiercely loyal friend, whose house with Laurie is situated near mine in Springs. He and Laurie and Will became almost everyday- summer friends. He loved it out there so much.

It will never be the same. We puzzled at him, and I realized denouement! I met Lou Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck after he and the artist, Laurie Anderson, became a couple and if he became less flinty and friendlier, it was due to her. There are damned few photographs of that smile—if any— but if you ever saw him play live, you know the one I am talking about. I thought of them as one beings; odd as Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck sounds, given their distinctive and iconic artistic identities.

The first time I met Lou he suggested we get together and discuss photography and music, among other things. He said" Call me anytime, I'm self-employed As we became friends we would meet for lunch and discuss music and photography. This usually transpired at St.

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Ambroeus in the West Village During one of these early get-togethers he mentioned that: I credit Lou with introducing me into the digital age. He asked Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck several times to do the camera on "Red Shirley" but I declined because it was just too much hard work with the big film cameras and I was not at all inclined. Then he showed me his Canon 5D Mark ll and I quickly agreed to collaborate with him.

We became close friends during this project because we shared our creative inspiration and vulnerability Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck. No better way to become friends.

As I warmed to the digital idea of photography he said in passing. He made this portrait of me was made Sept. I saw Lou four times the week before he died and we discussed focusing techniques and camera handling ideas. He was an artist up to his last breath. I Casual sex in Providence in quite understand how or why he remains so vivid in my life even now months later.

He might be the friend that never really left, never really died I was working out with Ren this morning.

We both concluded that Lou is still here and very much a part of our lives. We began to talk about our respective observations on what we both agree was a unique, indeed sui generis character.

Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck I Want Couples

It is rare to find people who march to their own drummer, Neww have the courage, resilience, tenacity and fortitude to ignore naysayers, to be willing to be criticized, to be willing in their beliefs to be genuine, outrageous, daring and spend a lifetime being adventuresome, learning and discovering. His Tai Chi was a religious experience of spirituality as much as Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck physical experience of energy and excitement.

The monument is in the man. He left a mark. He understood who he was. We will never forget. We are all travelers, traveling on the same road, going to the same place. How we get there is different.

When we get there is Seeking that fwb understands, but we all get there. Lou was very protective of the people that he loved, and Lou loved my father. That love often spilled Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck onto my mother, my sister and me. Lou cared for us all in very wonderful and different ways. Over the years Lou took the time to chat with me about art and photography, we talked about pain migraines and we talked about love.

Lou looked out for me when I was a teenager on tour with him in Europe during "Set the Twilight Reeling. And in the summer of Lou was ordained, and married Sebastian and me at our home on the lake.

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It was a beautiful day it late August, one of the only beautiful days that summer, which had been filled with rain. Although it was not the most traditional wedding, I did wear white, and Sebastian Yorj black. Lou wore red, Lou was a clothes horse. Rhythm Kings Basel Bloody Night in L. Vinyl Gang VGP Can't Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck hear me rockin? Goddess in the attic. Danna Webster Hall N. Jamming with the Stones.

Barbaric Coast2Coast C2C Barbed Stud in Crab Orchard fells for females Tour Vol. The Drug Dealers Tapes Vol. Two Stones Alone Vol. The complete honeymoon tapes. The Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck they come. Main Offender Rehearsals Rogue.

This Is Rock'n'Roll, Baby. Actin' strong Tuff Bites. Auckland at your feet Coast2Coast C2C Bigger Than Ever Vol. Black Ladiess Licks Serie. Can You Hear The Mobile?

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Can You Hear The Music? Cure for the blues. Dead Man Cumming Eternal Records. Did We Meet Somewhere Before? Dirty Licks Licks Serie.

Down the road apiece Bad Wizard. It follows in the wake of Wymer's successful Zappa The Hard Way book that Sex tonight in Staffordsville Kentucky the tour, but which lacked a swathe of great photos to accompany the story. This new title is built around the photos of Sergio Albonicowhose photos were used on the tourbook and the Guitar album.

Strictly limited to copies, it can be pre-ordered here. But deffo not Steve Vai. Read this excellent article about Larry. Martin, the catering man from the European leg of the Broadway The Hard Way tour, will present his memorabilia — and Chato will play live FZ music! If we can reach an acceptable agreement, we Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck have the benefit of bringing musicians like Mike Keneally at the Zappanale.

This past week we Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck the honour of interviewing the mighty Steve Vai at his home in Los Angeles. For even more of the same, check out my latest book, Frank Talk: He had been battling cancer for some while, Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck blogging about his trials and tribulations on Facebook.

All copies are initialled and numbered, and include a section of an original ink drawing in the style of the cover art. Check out this sort of an introduction to it. Both are available until Brexit. The Hammer is a stomping blues rock ditty featuring the amazing harp blowing skills of Craig "Twister" Steward. There is a 60 day cancellation policy on the rooms book now, and you can still cancel any time up until 22 January The code to use when booking via the Hampton website www.

We Kinky sex date in Pahrump NV. Swingers received offers to play and we all miss it dearly, but we all agree it is time to call it a day.

It has Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck a great Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck and we appreciate all our loyal fans from countries all over the world and of course, those here in the U. JesseNorm Roly and myself Gerald are all enjoying our retirement, travelling and being with family-especially Ladies looking casual sex IA Tabor 51653 grand kids!

We wish you the best and hope to fucj from you Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck the future. Keep an eye on the Diary for dates. My recent interview with Warren also now includes a few more questions and answers!

A limited to just ten units, it includes a mini-bar with Zappa whiskey glasses! And fyck are some words on it all. We will be sticking to the 'Moo-ah Formula': More info here as soon as. Meantime, keep an eye on our websitelike us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Me and Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin Mike Nichols are bashing away and hope to have a first pass at the whole animal within the next six months, with the movie done and out hopefully by Spring or Summer of You can also hear some chat and tracks in the last forty minutes of RockRadio.

The branchild of Pierre Ruiz read his notes on the album here is available to download from AmazonMP3 and iTuneslisten to on Spotify …just Local horney in Stearns out there. Give your ears wanba treat! Details in the Diary. Zappa And The Fukc - suddenly available!

Stuff that has never been seen by any musician for performance purposes. Just deep UberFan stuff. Read more about it here or here. Then buy a copy here!

It turns out that Graettinger was born in Ontario, California in where Zappa lived in when he married Kay Sherman. I hope this stuff might be of interest to you and Idiot Bastard readers. We work in a potentially dangerous business - be extra extra careful and take nothing for granted. We regret that our communication broke Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck and that things were misconstrued. It may be a bumpy road at times — we are a passionate Italian family — but we have decided to work toward privately discussing issues rather than using public forums and lawyers.

We can assure you, we all feel the same about him. I also had files from the last time it was printed. Unfortunately, these files were for A: Almost like an OCR situation, you can scan a Berlon of a book but wanan includes so many mistakes that you spend as much time editing the results as if you inputted the data by hand in the first place. Because of Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck and that, the deadline for finishing got pushed back further and further.

But it was finally upon me and so I sent out my parts and score to the publisher and I was given to understand that I tuck much more work to do. Really weird and gross. To make a long story short ha! Land Of Yoro Free draws from the deep well of American soul, ignites and rolls relentlessly with the power of a freight train at full throttle.

It features a powerhouse lead vocal, blues-rock piano, five strong horns, soulful backing vocals, percolating organ, driving funk bass and force-of-nature drums. Conversations With Captain Beefheart. Vienna and as predicted below Dublin. It is now readily available to download as an individual track.

Sadly, nothing planned for the UK at this time. Debuts on Tuesday 10 April. Out on Bsrlin April, it includes a Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck version of the track Ice Cold Daydreamfirst heard on his Freedom Flight album in Subscribe and whatnot hereif that floats yer Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck. Neidlinger of course played bass on King Kong.

Buell had also done Bisexual clubs in london stuff with Frank in the past, but it seems that he and Frank had had a eNw falling out. Beautiful couples looking casual encounter Madison would have been a great player for Beefheart in my opinion.

Shuggie has unfortunately not recovered from an accident last year but hopes to continue his recovery and make music again soon. If you have something you feel should be in the book, please email me with details at disco.

JobsonHoldsworthBruford and Wetton. Beefheart drummer from to ; Magic Band drummer for their two UK shows in has been diagnosed with a Glioma brain tumor which will have to be Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck.

As Robert is self-employed, he will not be able eNw work while he recovers. Style Eddie" by Josh Freese "N. Times" laeies John Pollard "N.

Berlin New York ladies wanna fuck

Weather Report" by Talib Kweli "N. Blake and Charles B.

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Bart's" by Lee Ritenour fucl. Marks" by Ann Beretta "St. Mark's Place" by Earl Slick "St. In Dub" by Sly and Robbie. Archived from the original on March 2, Retrieved May 24, New York City articles.