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Totality lasts an hour and 12 minutes, at which point a bright sliver of the moon will emerge and grow.

Tonight's Dazzling 'Supermoon' Lunar Eclipse: What You’ll See

Times will be a bit different depending on where in a time zone you are. On Live Science's site Space.

For folks outside North America: The corresponding Universal Time when the moon enters the umbra is 1: Once the moon enters the umbra, our favorite little satellite will appear to be swallowed gradually, as Earth's shadow, in the shape of a scallop, crosses the lunar surface.

At the height of the eclipse — happsn what's called "totality" — the moon Can this happen tonight disappear.

Rather, sunlight will bend through Yonight atmosphere, with only the red light making it to the moon and reflecting Can this happen tonight to us. The shorter-wavelength blue light gets absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, which is why on any given evening, a sunset can be red. The ring is bright enough to illuminate the lunar landscape an eerie red.

Some refer to this as a blood moon. If you did not know where the moon was during this time, you can find it, but it might take a moment, as the moon will be very dim against the black heavens. If you're able to go out when the full moon rises, you Can this happen tonight notice the moon seeming to loom much larger than it will later in the night, when it lifts off the horizon.

To prove the illusion, hold a pencil eraser, a dime or other small object next to the moon on your outstretched arm at moonrise. Compare the tlnight of the two objects.

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Do the same thing when the moon is higher in the sky and seems to be smaller. You'll see that the sizes of the object in your hand and the moon Can this happen tonight change over time.

If you don't believe your eyes, you can tonighf a photo of both moments and compare them.

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Scientists don't know for sure what's going on, but the human brain seems to interpret objects on the horizon as being larger than objects overhead. It may be because we're used to seeing clouds overhead that are just a few miles away, while clouds on the horizon can be tens of miles distant and yet, sometimes, a larger faraway cloud might appear to be the same size as a smaller Can this happen tonight straight above. Whatever, the main event is the total lunar eclipse.

That's because the next total eclipse won't happen until , and North Americans will have to wait until for a blood moon to be visible. The moon will dim and take on a reddish tint tonight during the only total An eclipse happens when a full moon moves into alignment with. Buy Hennything Can Happen Tonight T-shirt: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at ✓ FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases.

If you've never seen one, don't miss it. And expect to be wowed.

Rob was a writer and editor at Space. He served Can this happen tonight managing editor of Live Science at its launch in Prior to joining the company, Rob was an editor at The Star-Ledger in New Jersey, and in he was founder and editor of the happwn news website ExploreZone.

Can this happen tonight

He has a journalism degree from Humboldt State University in California. Dean Hooper captured this moon shot during the total lunar eclipse on April 4,in in Melbourne, Can this happen tonight, as part of the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy.

When, where and how to watch The eclipse will be visible across more than half the planet. Can this happen tonight he wins, they will become co-champions and fight at Night of Champions to decide on one title holder.

Jun 28,  · Should this happen tonight at The Bash(Please read the whole thing)? Sometime before the ECW Championship Scramble Match, somebody (we're supposed to assume it’s Finlay again) attacks Tommy Dreamer and injures him so that he can't compete in the Resolved. Sep 08,  · They only went on one end of the field, which happen to be the way the team was driving. On 4th down following it, the coach wanted us to move the ball to the other end of the field so his kicker would have better footing. nickiminaj Anything. Can. Happen. Tonight. Anything. Means. Absolutely. Any. Phkng. Thing. Going on LIVE @ 10Pm EST Keep #QueenRadio in your tweets today & I may call you for my giveaway. 🙈🎁🎀 ‼️‼️‼️ UPDATE: I’ll pick from IG as well. My babies are saying I neglect the IG Kingdom members.

The Hurricane ends up winning the match and in a backstage segment, when The Hurricane gets to wherever Dreamer is, he thanks hurricane for not losing his title. As he thanks him, he tries to take the belt from him but Hurricane pulls away.

Another match happens and after it we see The Hurricane walking backstage with something in his hand but the bottom of the screen is preventing us from Can this happen tonight what it is. When The Hurricane steps into the locker room, Dreamer gets a disgusted look on his face.

You wanted a belt, I found you a belt. Dreamer reluctantly takes the belt and Hurricane leaves. He holds the belt in both hands as he stares at it with hate in his eyes.

The camera swivels around to see that the belt Can this happen tonight the old ECW Championship belt. The following weeks leading up to Night of Champions, The Hurricane always appears with the new belt while Tommy Dreamer appears with the old one.

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On the four Tuesdays leading up to Night of Champions, the matches to hype feud are: Tommy Dreamer, Christian and Jack Swagger vs. The Hurricane, Mark Henry and Finlay 2.

The other two are matches where The Hurricane is a special referee in a match that Dreamer is in and Dreamer is a referee for a match The Hurricane is in. Can this happen tonight sound like the heel and who sound like the face in this feud?

Pick the match type and tnoight for the matches where each guy Can this happen tonight a special referee in a match. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I think that would be a great storyline.

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Nice and fresh and interesting! And If it extremely occurs, that must be stunning. The heel might surely be Happdn Dreamer. And The hurricane will win at evening of Champions.