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Woster purchasing 26 acres. Married Forty Years Mr. Joseph Peers, of Chilliwaek, celebrated the fourtieth nnniversnry of their marriage on Thursday Violier Chiliwack The following notice of the marriage is copied from an old eastern paper.

Blaiieliard, at the residence 'of the bride's parents, Joseph Peers, of California, to Mary Catharine,! That the sue- ot four o'clock. U is anticipated cocdlng years inny be mellow and i that Bishop Stringer of the Yukon rieh iii lifes choicest blesslngo is tho: In the wish of the Free Press.

There will lw ipecial music ami Ihe hymns will the new president. Stewart left Chilliwuek ou Wednesday afternoon, or his new home at Armstrong, B. He will live in Arinstrongand preach in Vernon.

Stewart carry with them tho best wishes of till. At the close of his farewell ser- Marianske Lazne married looking for someone married Sunday last Rev. Stewart edmlnistord the Chilliwxck of Baptism to several candidates. The ipecial services whieh are U-- jing neld in Cook's ehureii conclude Jon Sunday next. These services conducted by Rev. Pidgcon, of I Westminster Hall, Vancouvor, have jlioen very Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean and helpful.

If you have out already taken advantage of thorn, go la'fure Ihey close. Men's prayer meeting at nine a. I A men's meeting will be held in Xo. About twu hundred people wero present including the parents and friends of tho S Hi, and No. II Chilliwack Troup under Scout masters Abbott and Woodworth, A well planned program consiBling uf grand march, drills, games anil Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean numbers was much enjoyed, and the generous supply nf refreshments, provided by the mothers of he Scouts, was done ample justice lo.

The social broke up aboul ten-thirty with the singing of God Save the King, lookig the iraiid Salute. Discussion of a g.

He staled that nowhere had they listened to so few complaints and he look this as an indication of a prosperity that was not excelled by any other district in the Province. The Govern- portant matter of tn. The Ovier ,1 'li. Avery enjoyable time was spent!

Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean

Roberts was in ehair tho pi-tor and hia wife, Rev. The ehair was ;ln, ,,';, Short addresses were given al Bclecllons by Messrs. Abbott,; by the Rev. Pike and Woodworth and Chapman added Roy.

Douglas, lookin of whom spoke in greatly to Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean brightness ol the; the highest terms of Mr. Tho following bnyi ro-1 Stowort and expressed their deep received dlean bodges—Stanley Rob. Tin- resignation nf the hundred nnd twenty Sluts in Frederick Maryland ny feel of J 0V B, 1, Cleab ns president of lumber worth nearly twenty five the Bbw dating in Malta was accepted witli million dollars was cut in British ' r.

Hull of Sardis Columbia ill As a result of w. The nnd Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean forests, the total amount following rosolutlon ro Mr.

Stewart's cut was mure Ilmn doubled in oi'OIroiliovnl from the Valley wns Stewart nf an elegant silver tea ser- ICwen, Lewis Kekert. Jonea, vlco, a boautltul fur ruff lo Mrs. Following the Swingers club Catawissa Missouri an i clb , Th, r-1," 1. In IOO0 the British I'uluni- bio cut constituted one flfib of Ihe total; in the proportion form- ed l,y the w, slum provinco was one- Ihinl, and it lacked unly forty-live IllinUlly pa-'scl, all the ineinbcrs spooking in warm praise nf Mr.

Stewart's works-"That thi- Ministerial Association placo on record its hoorty approclalion of the ser- gold watch to Mr. Stewart,—It having pleased lookinv Ceklraleil Tueulieth Anoineiury I Studeng Organiser of our destinies to About Ihirty-six friends planned call you hence to other fields of a very delightful surprise on Forr labor, and because, being human, day evening fur Mr. Taking jaissessiou eongregatiiin and fellow eilizcn- of the home the self Invilcd guests have gathered here tu-nigbt tngiveiunl: The principal bone of Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean, however, will centre sroond ihe onrvr.

Seven important sofc Is make up over nn nor cent. Stowort during his re- sid in the Valley.

We bollovo Ihnl his work will imi cease with Chilliwak rem. This species was cut lu ro 1 In' oxtenl of nonrlj seven hundred 'inl twenty million feet aud had tile largest nclllal ill- crease iliown by any species, au: Increase "f nearly twu hundred and tif.

Arthur ttondorsoll and Mr. Day the booby, While the wurd "Marriage" wa" la-ing niicil a- a charade, ami in connection wilh il. Stewart jresiiuinlul in n feeling ipeecti telling of Illl love fur this Valley and bi nd wo hundred Chilliwackk seven- j hope that God's work would pro teen million foot over lho pro- por. The out of yellow pine, j West China, was llltroducod lo the amounting lo one hundred and j Association and nave au intensely eighty threo million feet, was near- interesting m Ladies seeking sex Dewy Rose Georgia nf the causes Iv six times ns much OS the uinuiinl, which led up to the present rebel- out inmid was sufficient lo Hon, He wus hearty Chilliwaack tor raise it from Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean to sixlh place in Importance among the lumber producing trees of Canada, his address.

The Association win entertained to lunch by Rev. Lookng

Kxpositiuii, of tho manner ill which you have en-'ed for Ihi lend into, and shared with us, our Trophy and thl reputation of grow- jnys cleah our sorrows; how in yuur ing the la'-t p'tatue.

In North Am- efficient and capable way ynu have erica. During refresh- j hsve done, compared with the bur-! Day, wishing pulpit, in the choir, at the weekly I Illl Columbia, and cclean who pro- tlitr. I thereby assisting in the spread of lows! Day's marriage twenty years ogo, of the Kingdom ol Our laird. Wells ,lt Son, lo Mr. W, Hornby ol Chilliwuek and vicin- Chilliwack, Chillkwack tween vourselvcs and those whose ity nnd Mr.

Will tn hi- her nleve'8 iru. Thu 1 1-SH Wl. If mm were true I would timko a mistake, doiu-- greut Injury tu my client an well mm myself, by au lnterferem-a I am a methodical man and determln ed to begin methodically nt the De ginning. I muni learn from the uul aide wbo occupied tiie bullae, theu Burnetii In-; aboul the occupants 1 blred a boy to wnteb the premises at tbut hour lu ibe mortilnft wben truiles meu deliver provisions, uuie ihe names 00 tbe wagotia culllug c,ean mnke u list of tbem.

I'uitliiic on old clot lien, I did Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean. If Mlna Murkiey wan rich I might be nbte to find numethltig through recordn of ber property -that la, if Stdent were real estate. I went to tbe oltleen of the receiver uf luten, but the mime Elizabeth Murkiey waa not ou bla list It occurred tu me to look fur Ibe name vf Betibuui. Al the court lookiing rbancery I waa abowu the will of Adunlrarn Hen ha in.

Irene Upubam wuh belr to property worth about hnlf u million. By xtudent delicate underacorlng uf wurda Oooking Informed her who 1 waa. Ilenhtiui would likely he spirited away, Hint tn the came Chilpiwack age bei mini was uer Swm seeking sexy Des Moines Iowa playmate guard lti n nud ihul I hml nuibing It "Imw Mini I had heen retained us ihi young in ily h counsel.

This must either be dune by kidnaping her ur studemt, tier nu upporiuoity to ci. Having opened communication with ber surreptitiously. It waa to be expect ed timi naa would look lur a Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean In fliiylbluj; I would send her. I dare not bribe auy or the terrnuta tu the employ ot her aunt, tor It wua Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean studejt nupposi-d that she controlled them.

I sent her a mugoxlne marked "Sample Copy. I felt more cotitiileiue lu bur iiullclug this device than tbe tlrst. HS Hteled to Mature granny in Saint-pierre-des-corps milf dating Bulgaria utile Chilliaack leave the house.

The letter "V" was to stand foi trout und "It" for rear. Un it wua "tt. Ihls, of course, threw upon me be Sweden review went from hu upper atory, besides a method uf ilij-ut. Hnd tbe paper fallen Iniu the buuds ut n watcher there wuuld have been nut hill: The yard was Inclosed In a hij-h fence, the door of wblcb waa kept Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean.

Ou the npiHilnted nicht. Tsliitidltlg tills to be a Hij. I mined ihe ladder. Tbe window wuh noiselessly opened, and a figure descended. Studenr hy Bovcrnl occullitfl, These gonllunieii diaeovered tlmt the child was posaeaaed u a most wonderful pair ol eyes his sight peiirtrutilig Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean in the buuiq fasntuii us the X-niyi. The u-uul order ul tilings was reversed; ill the day lie wna practically blind, while iu tiie I darkness of itiglil ihe keenness ofIns.

Although the room waa abaolutely dark the hul found every i uur of the pin. Once she walked close tu a kitchen dresser, and In un instant tbu crockery upon it begun to dunce. On another occasion h h juvy buttle standing Upon a tubli- whs raised ill thl air when the magnetic maiden went ticar it. Rowe is publicity p. Hu knows huw to advertise things, and - is he advurtlaes lillliga.

Up tu a decade 'ago psychology had not been introduced to business, mid they were far i truiii being uu speaking terms. Uusinoss 1 wubted to know how to muke people believe they wanted something they hid nut, mul that it could satisfy j tl i.

I Am Look Dick Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean

Psychology stepped up withconfidence and suid: The site ul the aticieiit Greek colonial City of Olbia is on the southern bank of the Hug and is partially covered by the modern Russian Village of Parutino, Renewed excavaUons are now proceeding Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean the supervision oi Prof.

During the lust fortnight muny interesting tlndi have been made in the Local horny ladies Muleshoe Texas city necropolis of terra cotta Btatuettes and musks, and persuuul ornaments in. Thu must vuluuble objects, however, is a second Erua in bronae, of superb work.

C, the greatest civilised and clezn centre lookiing southern Scythia. The Chinese language in the chief Hiijiiiig thnt small clasa of languages which include the Tibetan, Cochin Chinese, Burmese, Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean and Chinese a nd which is Usually described ns monosyllabic.

It la language in its must primitive form, Kvery word is a root, and every root a word. It is without Inflection or even agglutination. Its substantives are indeclinu. Handling Baked Fish TIhcc Married wives wants sex Pensacola huttoin of pan twu stripe uf cheeseoloth. The clotli can Uieu ' 1. Itmpecii-il The replv wua nil ndvtr tialng mrd ol u aecondbaod bookaioni!

Tbey aald tbey had not. Returning to the. I asked for tbe book uud wim ' delighted to be offered tbe very ropj 1 Hnd sent. I waa oot long lu hiding dnla under rerlaln words nud Wllboul rii. Iiculiy rend be meeaage.

Divorced Lady Want Asian Hookers

My ibeory wua correct Tbe girls aunt, lookiing father's aleter, was holding her a prlsouer. Tbe writer did not know why. There are ten uf ui. Oil Lamps Poisen Calcutta. A creat nuNiiiee urlses ut night In Oil lamps.

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The hen I III e. EfperlroCDta with tbousnntls of auh- Jectl hnve hIiuwii ibat bo nvemge mnn lltalni his mnxlmum alreuglli lo i. Victoria uml Beautiful older ladies seeking dating Billings Montana VYfigt- ' minster, all foor a big nnd high class by themselves, but the greatest of these is Vancouver.

He was enrolled ut the Ni. He then became inspir-: It was a Woman looking nsa Hindman lor him. He rummm-d there Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean 18M to In Howe wbs an appointee of tin- Dominion Government to pre- scribe for the malady induced nss the coal strike In British Columbia.

He says it will be a littler, During the last ten years he has been seeing things in Brltlah Co- luiribla, many of them previously uu-! Min, because other folks were only; blinking when the Ad. They do say that he l. Ion the farm hii. Balfour, who bus completed his sixty-third yeur, is frequently the vie- Cbilliwack mu ul absent-miudeduess.

There wus another entertaining Instance soma time! Bul our, with a -bland lookinng of inquiry. A surprised official pointed lu the ejialr. Balfour, seemingly, had totally forgotten I Unit he was to preside looknig the meeting.

Bal- four entered the House id Commons iu as MP. Uu Lord Salisbury's retirement in July. Balfour la a very nsiute man u business, ami a wealthy one withal.

He has Investments in real estate in many unlikely places, including New Zealand. The wuter tank, whicli is divided into compartments, is covered with air- tanks, and at the bottom ure spe- cially constructed water passages.

The tanks are partially filled with water, and the motion of tiie ship Is checked by a contrary movement ol the water from one aide tu the other through the passages, Tu provide fur changes in the movement of the vessel the water Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean is always under perfect clexn, can be regulated to suit circumstances. One or two of the compartments can be utilized as required by opening or doting the valves which nre affixed to the air tanks, and by Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean closing the valves the passage uf air from Uie side Chilliwwack the ship to the other is prevented.

The Lokonia will nut only be the tlrst Atlantic liner to be fitted with the anti-rolling tanks, but also the tlrst British ship to be so equipped. New Home fer Roman Beat. The delicate operation of removing tha Roman boat which was found in the bed lokoing Uie Thames on the site of the new London County Hall to the orangery Chjlliwack Kensington Palaci Gardens was completed recently Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean out misadventure.

The Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean was found embedded deep down in Uie substratum of the river bed during excavations last year, and since it has been exposed tu the air the beams hnve hardened, cracked, and shrunk. The whole structure Im a horny Australia man m brittle that H was necessary to build studrnt frame completely studnet it.

The studeht had to be enclosed in a box, as otherwise it would probably have dropped out altogether. When the timbers came to be moved a quantity of bones were found in a very decayed aud brittle Chillieack. Thcce have been enclosed in wire uetti. Lodged in a very commodious house and gnrden adjoining Onrmtt lane.

Wandsworth, London, there Chililwack at the present time some lfiO Galiclan gipsies, dresied for the most part in barbaric splendour and reputed to he very rich. They hnve tramped from their own land tn the Metropolis, where the remaining members of the tribe hnve arranged to join Ihnm prnr to n g-'nernl departure for South America.

Il was evident that the house, capacious though it is, could not possibly accommodate the whole crowd, nml no Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean extensive grounds adjoining huve been ulUlaed iu a camping place.

Incidentally, giving veiil lo some rather Chilliwwck impress on- o British sling. Russian, Ital mi, Spanish, and many other languages, hut English not at all. We remain here three months, am we are very soon going Chiilliwack have a big wedding in th: There will be feasting and dancing and sing ng for several days, and our Horney match in California who live in Liverpool and Chilliwaack become quite English are coming to the wedding.

But we will also Pataskala OH milf personals English guesti to it. OI course I am queen now and only command, but Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean my people work hard, making pots and pans. Cholliwack are extremely content and very, very rich. We have so much money and gold that we can always buy good food and nice clothes and jewellery.

I only Looking for motorcycle buddy gold ornaments and coins, but some ol the women have silver. There it nothing wc want; we are hist like fishes In the water. Only I do not like the English meat, the beef Hnd mutton are so stiff that I will not buy them, and so we must eat chickens nnd pork every day.

I have several women who do all thc cooking, hut I sometimes go and look on myself, because I know everything much better. My husband is the chief man, hut I am Uie chief ol all, and I must be obeyed.

Befure we go away we are going lookijg show you a gipsy theatre here, and I myself will sing and dance. You English people have never seen anything like it, but we Ike you all the same, and are sorry that we cannot stay here longer. Sir Thomas Gibson Carmichael has retailed a good yam of a juryman, who one day rushed intu a court and said: Why do you askr" "Why.

That is a problem tbat tiuia atom. Aunt Frlnms-I am shocked at ynn.

Aunt Prisma-ft was quite out of place, my dear. Maude-He knew It was. Hul you came lo ao suddenly, you lea. NoWCtllll whu hus decided uot to buy - "We're very sorry, but we would nol cure to Wives want hot sex IN Upland 46989 ii horse that I wna nol thoroughly wind-broken. Iocs ihe Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean piny Mwoen acta!

A man wastes n lot of lime asking questions that he doesn't want iiiih- wered, Brltih Coal Dwindling. The Loudon papers are impressed by the prediction in Sir William lUmsay'a presidential address at Chilliwakc meeting studsnt the British Association for the Advancement of Science recently, that unless the present rate ol consumption Is retarded England's coal fields will be exhausted in years.

They are not gummed, but are held together by a dexterous inward fold of the paper. Pagan's Coat ol Mail. About Lonely seeking nsa Warrington thousand native horse- 1 meu lu brilliant costumes were prei. A Long Burning Fife. At tho Chequers inn al Slapestonei. It haa been kept Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean member- ot one family for over a hundred years. Girouurd, the Canadian, who is Governor uf the East Africa, Protectorate, iu his lust report to the.

All Uie tribes,he suy. The fundamental principle, ami ihe I only human policy to be followed inl i dealing Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean peoples who have nut: Great and enduring patience is. It is nut from the present generation that w may louk for much — the succeeding generation are in the bunds of administrative officers. Oloking must certainly be their endeavor la lift the natives to a higher pla-iie of Women with tits in Yankeetown Florida, but this can only be achieved by gradual methods and by observing existing conditions.

We should support the authority of the chiefs. Many of the tribes in East Africa have no chiefs of recognised authority, but where sttudent is the case tribal of family authority is vested in a chusrji council of elders. By upholding Uw authority of the chiefs and elders it Is not intended to imply that Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean should sit down and enforce blindly all orders Isaued by these men who, after all, are in a sense savages.

There ire not lacking thuse who favor direct British rule, but if we allow the tribal authority to be ignored ur broken H will meun that we. The elaborate ,-tnn-tijre ul native custom and belief is apt Jo fall when we touch Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean.

We hold out inducements to natives to leave their homes, and yei wc are ustoiiislu-d thai these natlvel will imt always return to their reserves. We forget that by bringing the native into contact wtth civilization bis mind may be rudely awakened; he discovers that he Is naked; In- find, that his chief is, alter all. And say, she's Icier Illl nod to spend her honeymoon ut Niagara Fulls. Would wash her luce it would improvi her nppenrnneo.

Eskimo—"Ugh 1 You never goer her luce I"— Puck. Men have no idea whnl funny Ideal woman huMmr cleam ihey get married. Vot n dress, or lur n front ynrd?

Willis—"Did they hnve a good time ui your reception lust nightr iillis—"Yes, the guests enjoyed II hugely. She—"Thut was u lovely gorge up the mniiiitiiin. I'aiil l'l r f'roaa. Reeulta are whet count. Of torIhr Cowli Appealed to Him Two newsboys -nt lookibg the gallery ol u local theatre in which "Hamlet" wna being played, ll waa the lir.

George Andrews of H-ilif. It seemed that nothing would expel from me the one ailment that cuusrtl so much i trouble, yet at Big Narrabri aussie looking for fun I looknig about fheta Indian Root Pills.

I am cured of constipation, and I claim thay lioking sa equal aa a medi- dat. They cleanse tht whole systemaad aa-dfy tba Wood. They had struck a good well near by, and everybody had come to the conclusion that grandfather's farm was in the middle of the oil belt. Our friends advised against the acceptance of the first offer, which would have been Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean times as much as the farm would have been worth studfnt no oil had been there, but it was certain that if oil were dis- covered on the farm we could get 50.

Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean was expected that they wuuld have tu drill about 1, feet Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean reach the sand in which the uil waa i located, aud when tiny gut down that far not a sign of oil had been found, so they decided to torpedo the thing. I "The scheme was to put a lot of i mlro-glycerine into the well and blow it Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean.

That often made gushers of what at first aeemed to be dry holes. They brought a large quantity uf the explosive stuff to the farm Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean stored it in a little shed, expecting to blow up the well the next day. Here's where the hard luck comes in. For a moment nobody could move or even sneak.

Then grandfather of- len-d his farm tu any one who would rescue me. One of the drillers accepted the offer and entered the shed, where he succeeded in getting the goat by the horna just before he had butted into the can of nitm-glycerine.

Keep your reanon Irmly ereted, l. Whal slie says will be repealed To the next young man In Una. Do nol rate yourself too highly When a pretty maiden ehyly Lets you suueexe her Angers slyly Where the young moon's light Is dim. When you're lim-a m town and trotting Some new tVlli. Much has been written Chillidack the utilization of aeroplanes tn hind warfare; hut M. Beaumont, studdnt rather I,nut. Conneiui, to give him his correct num.

Beaumont's Ladies seeking nsa Matheny WestVirginia 24860, practically every warship will, in tho near future, carry an iieioplane.

There will be m. The aero- plane will imt be. If he signals that there is smoke, or a vessel th. The ship will then move close to Ihe luaplo'. There is nothing Utopian about thia vision of tha future; it is absolutely simple. Beaumont does not consider that the aeroplane could be used, at any rate meantime, as a weapon of id. He points out that from the height from which the aeroplane would have to manoeuvre in order to keep out of danger, it would he impossible to release a bomb with cer- tain aim even if the target was so large a one as a battleship ot the heaviest type.

There is, however, another use studwnt which aeroplanes can be put in naval warfare. The receiving wire en the aeroplane wus nearly feet long, and automatically unwinds as the flying machine ri-'-i- Tho dec- Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean apparatus is worked in connection with the aeroplane motor, and it is hoped that in future experiment communication may lie possible at t distance of more than Pussy woman i miss u miles.

It Looked Good to Him. The teacher was Gym mom horny the powerful corrosive effects of intoxicating beverages upon a stomach a lining. The class looked un w;th horror when she poured noun, 95 per cent, aloohol on an egg, thereby causing it to shrivel and coagulate.

The demonstrator was pleased to observe the interest displayed by the janitor, who had Come in lor the wastebas- kets.

Longtime The planet pandora supporter, but as complained, really vastly outdone by means of some other services in terms of written content. At this time bought to MOG and that is rather amazing, yet a piece happening in most areas. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 2/ In , Mitzi Sue Clements disappeared in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park off the Clingmans Dome Trail, the same trail that Trenny Gibson disappeared and was never found.

It was well known thut he had need of such a warning. In a certain Canadian city, then is sr handsome oloking, iu course of erection, which ia evidently Intended for educational use.

This summer a visitor remarked on the structure and asked what was its purpose. They Did That Tims. Maid-Well, what of itf Don't they go together? Mi-llunlo, thu Croesus ol thu West Indies, is very enthusiastic over the smiling Chi,liwack of Jamaica which hu believes has h great future b. He is probably the richest man iu the Wosl Indies and ibe best Informed on opportunities lor investment in that fruitful region, in discussing the matter recently he Midi— "Unless a man has a good-sited nest egg he will not be able to make much money in Jamaica.

Women wants hot sex Clifford Michigan arc only three or four industries — growing sugar cana and bananas, raising cattle and mining—and capital is absolutely essential. Then, too, Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean ia absolutely Ba'e In Jamaica. A large amount of capital is being invested there at present, and scores of people irom uther places have cottages and bungalows there.

Its future lies iu the development uf its broad acres. There are hundreds ot thousands of acres that have never been cultivated and they can be bought very cheaply. Sir Gilbert Parker, and Mr. Like many of the members of both Houses of Parliament, Lord St. Audries was in tin- Grenadier Guards, but left the army fod seventeen yeurs ago upon succeeding to Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean baronetcy. Four yeora previously he had murlnd n dauj-hler ol tli. There is Sexy sluts Wind ridge Pennsylvania weird ghost story told about the Bridport family.

At the death ol the father of the present peer, an old worm-en ten box was found among Ills possessions. So one night, having had' it conveyed into the library, he set to work. Struggling hard with the locks, clamps, nnd steel binding. Looking up suddenly, so the story Lowden IA horny girls, he was utterly astounded to see tbe dead man standing opposite him, his arm raised, an though defying him Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean go any further.

After that the box with ita secret was destroyed unopened. Take a simple lIluBlrntlou, Wlu-n a knife, n maty n Ilo, a splinter ol dirty wood, a barbed wire fence, or a thorn, -scratches the hand, the latter lis inoculated with BONUS, of which the [ air Fwb no strings us is full.

For iill skill diseases and Injuries—cu Is, bruises, hurna, eczema, i chafing, iilcrs. H is also used widely for piles, for which jl may ha regarded as a specific. All druggists and stores ; sell lit 60 cents a box, or [tost free I from Znm-Huk Co. Apparently one of tbe liquids Linn entered luto the "pores' of tbe other. Tbls csperlinent, us commonly per formed In laboratories, consists In 1 putting measured quantities of the two liquids together, but the effect would.

This can be done lu the following wuy: Take two glasses, one tilled to tba foe wlib water nml Hie other wltb alcohol. In order to show the effect to belter advantage, rulur the alcohol with red Ink.

The glasses should uot be over full-tbut Is. This can he dune without spilling ti drop of alcohol, and yet aa Boon us ilie paper Is removed tbe alcohol will commence to drop. I "I beg sttudent pardon. One day a very energetic lady called on me to take ber tu tbe president and aid her to set a private solt!

It waa late in tlio nftert-xiti wben we got there, and the ctblui't was still lu aewtlon. Wben mv female friend came rushing into fie room, radluut wltb dell,;ht. I and 1 af. Lincoln i So I tbiugbt 1 would go up fir the dour of bis cabinet room aod knock. I quit tiy waked blm, bless ed bun for bla good deed and came here to "ell you tbe glorious news. Iumi ' ' Hlllisr. A local Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean, having forgotten the name ot a new member Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean hla congregation, la said Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean bave approached dm wltb the remark: Kou know my name la UIII.

Hire la is od Turkish riddle whlcb has been Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean down for many cen- turlns and yei bun never been an- awried: Wblcb vn Ua Happier. Year niter yenr they suffer Irom Ire- qil. Why not make u break for libertyheitlth nntl happiness? Chase's Kidney-Liver I'llls stand ready to help you. They hnve helped thousands miller just such circumstances to know again the joys ol healthful living.

Chnse's Kidney-Liver Pills cure biliousness hy reason ol their direct and specific nclion on the liver, fpr the bile to be properly Altered from the blood, where it nets as a poison, and passed into the intestines, where it is necessary to aid digestion and regulate the action nl the bowels. Hy this treatment you not only oh- tuin relief from tbo attack, but bring about lasting cure nun stueent kidney disease, which in the usual outcome of neglect.

They can't stand the killing pace uf business life.

You'll hnd lots of business men there. You also will find many murried women there, and as a rule those who have hml the least to do with business. The sanitariums of the country find tlieir most numerous patrons to he soe'ety women, who never hnve given Nashvilledavidson girl getting fucked a thought in their lives.

You know, of course, thnt farm rs' wives lill tin- insane asylums, Don't you worry about women iu bui. They are not likely to push it to an Insane limit.

AH they ever will leant of it never will hurt them, lt will do them und the reut of the world more good thao harm.

The merchant wus busy and was having a troublesome lime at the telephone, t'entrul, whu tried to get the number for him, appeared to be in- experienced or asleep, ordinarily the most patient ol im-n, he finally lust his patience, "Look here," he shouted, "either get rue I'J. Whatever may lie the caiim- of. Ily ri'KoliitiiiK the action ut I the Minmiii-h, when- the trotit.

I'sfl gittin' mighty old mm. Then why do you wish lo gi-t innmcd? Sh Korean couple would think of murrylrg without consulting tbe sage, tvb. Minard's Liniment relieves neuralgia Infect common sense into a love nf- fair und often it will die n nnturnl death. Said the head of the crockery aud ohtnaware department: If ths housewife will only make sure to get a pitcher whose mouth curves down slightly she will have no trouble," Worldwide. Miss Young—In Turkey a woman i doesn't know her husband till after she'a married him.

Gnaggs I'll never lorget tha night you proposed to me. You acted like a perfect fool. Pel olur-Hecause It would be fiollow groiud, mlsa. Tie Laidlndy-At onr table. Minard's L'nimint cufsi burns, tte.

Tail bu Uaggia, wtiiit 'In y. Brass, Brass la the best redactor of beat of any metaL! If il t'ltliu- tO It slinvv-'loWI. Presbyterians aro mostly Grila. The iiiiiii who watches tin- dock Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean.

Ill Columbia chat no reg OUt llll lull Afler pix ycmti I'losc season, dur- Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean wtiii-ii iln'ir iiumberH have mill- lipliril enormously, lieavor are now leglllinalo pine for the trn i icr in British I'liliiinl.

Thu nowi ii'i'gi'i- is In he called IhoC'iiniidlan. Umttcl; nnd lias already iiri'd ii I'lliirler In'. Th" 'I nl and In- tolligcnl. Muny who huve largo business afTidrs which thoy Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean after very carefully puymi attention whatever to ihelr duties us citizens. John illlver is forming tin- 'liilliwni'li I'm i- lli'-i'li'iitinl property In I'M'llllll. If ynu ili'siii- In Fucking hoopa indian girls. Really and Insurance Agents Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean bni'si'pi.

They arc nf the siinie type us Vancouver's, only thirty linivcpiiwer larger. A'giKril many iicoplc think. This is fm- from buing tie' case. Since 18D7 Hii-siii's populationhasinoreiiscii 2 1 pin rent. XoW tlmt tin- civic eauipaign will I won be under wn. AccountsOponod mi Kiivnt'iililc Tonus. Estiniiitos fiiniisbi'il Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean As a summer recreation tlir actress decided t" start ji poultry farm. Nol having even the most elementary knowledge of poultry,she enquired of a neighbor how long eggs generally took tn hatch.

I will ttlvu in t-v. Abbotsford Timber S Trading' Co.

Prompt tilli-ntinn given lo nil orilera. I place your or- ii S. Tho entries eloso Jim- j unry 0. We have milled largely to the former plait, Tbe latest designs in type faces nnd presses, coupled with a large experience, enables ns to turn out Chilllwack job printing of all kinds.

I'l'vii'l' III led i- iMi. Opposite the Post Office i-xli'iidnl "ver -jL'yi'iirs and. He hua also Fuck local singles in Gainesville Florida private Income. Peaches, apples, plums and small fruits in bearing. This land is in a No. For Further Particulars, Apply F. J, Burlier Vice-President, Only City Clerk, K.

Iliiuuliur Chief uf Piilliii, ,1. Clurk and Tronsurer, C. Monoy ordor wicket closes al 'ri p. On Statutory HntldayB the wicket ia open from 8 to 0 a. Doi'uus, Pastor Sunday Chililwack 11 a in and 7. Hail, Pastor Sunday service. Canon Him iii hie, II. Sunday services, morning Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean and sermon 11 o'clock Evening song and sermon 7. Sweet seeking sex Netherlands and See These. Mary's Church, Mary st.

Services every lirst Sunday ill the iniiiitii. Bullion Kitt'-'l witb moOom ron- venienee-i nml comfortably dirni-lii'l throughout. IS 4 llMli ii. I Dally Biecpl " Vancouver 7. Huntley All PMengor Iniu. On behalf uf the provincial government he promised a vigoroiw pursuance uf the Butter Roads policy with which his name foe been associated.

The following were elected officers uf thc Canadian Highway Association: Thomas Taj lor; President, W. Kerr, Westminster; vice-presidents for the B. Baxter, Vancouver Auto Clllb; A. White, Westminster Board of Trade; T. Bowser, Point Grey; L. Klliott Rowe, Vancouver, vice-presidents will Iw appointed by all public bodies which atliliate with tbe Canada!

Baxter, Vancouver; secretary, P. Membership dues were fixed at two dollars per annum, provision being made in tbe bylaws for a rate of one dollar per member tor automobile clubs, boards of trades and like bodies, no nssuciatiun being Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean upon to pay more thnn SoOO in dues in any one year.

Koflolutblis calling for support towards the buildingof a Canadian Highway were forwarded to Halifax, N. Other resolutions calling for Federal assistance were sent to Ottawa, while similar resolutions praying for provincial assistance were telegraphed Horney moms Sexsmith Victoria. A re quest thst the Provincial Government set a standard of road building in British Columbia, and that nu grants be paid for work falling below this standard, met witb unanimous support.

Another Nashville Georgia girls porn resolution was to tbe Chilliwack student looking for nsa 100 clean tbat the Provincial Government should cm- ploy road building experts and engineers, these to lie at the disposal of municipalities ami districts having no resident engineers. Loojing course of lectures ou Good Roads is suggested in another resolution.

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Todd, of Victoria, was elected honorary member of the Canadian Highway Association. Much of tbe credit fur the success of the formation of tbe Canadian Highway Association is due to. Kerr, of Westminster, who WOS re- warded for bis energetic work by being given the first presidency of this ambitious organltatlon. At the time that thc hold up was perpetrated the proprietor of tho saloon was preparing to close for tho night and bad the contents of the cash renisler OU his person. The robber, who is described as being iilMiut live feet in height ami weighing about no pounds, disguised his fenturoa withaclolb mask.

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