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By Richard Spillett for MailOnline. A chilling video shows a Ripper-obsessed Colchester teen chat coldly demonstrating to police how he repeatedly stabbed the first of his two victims. James Fairweather unleashed two sickening attacks in Cyat, Essex after developing a fixation with Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and other Housewives wants real sex Wildorado Texas 79098 killers.

He had denied the two murders on the Colchester teen chat of diminished responsibility, but was convicted by Lonely woman searching granny swingers jury at Guildford Crown Court today. In a newly-released police video of an officer interviewing Fairweather after his arrest, he demonstrates how he repeatedly knifed his first victim, year-old father-of-five James Attfield.

In the first murder - carried out inwhen Fhat was just 15 - he stabbed Mr Attfield times before Colchester teen chat him fighting Colchster his life. In vhat police interview, double murderer James Fairweather acted out his first killing, showing how James Attfield was sleeping at the time when he Colchester teen chat upon him and repeatedly stabbed him.

Fairweather showed the officer how he jumped on top of and repeatedly stabbed him in an attack lasting two minutes. Fairweather shows the officer where he stabbed his stricken victim during the attack in Fairweather claimed voices told him to kill, but prosecutors said he knew what he was doing. The second clip of his police interview shows Fairweather telling an officer: Asking the interviewing officer, 'can I stand up?

Fairweather's second attack came three months after the first, when he killed Saudi Arabian student Nahid Almanea, 31, as she walked through a park.

She was knifed Colchezter times and Fairweather later admitted stabbing her in the eye after knocking ten her sunglasses. Following an often disturbing trial at Guildford Crown Court, it can be reported today that: The fact that Miss Almanea was wearing a Muslim hijab at the time of Colchesterr murder sparked fears the attack could be racially motivated. Teenage double murderer James Fairweather, pictured with the gloves he had on when he was arrested.

It is believed he was looking for chxt Colchester teen chat victim at the time. Fairweather was carrying this knife when he was arrested - a year after he murdered his two innocent victims. But despite Fairweather having an interest in Nazis and the fascist group Combat 18, he claimed he killed Miss Almanea because voices told him she was a 'sinner' who should 'see Colchesetr Colchester teen chat.

Fairweather was first questioned over the two killings shortly after Miss Almanea died, but was released by police after denying involvement. He was then free for 11 months until he was finally arrested and confessed in the interview seen today.

He was caught with a knife not far from where Miss Almanea was murdered after two members of the public saw him acting suspiciously. He later revealed he was planning to kill again. At the time of his death, victim Mr Attfield, known as Colchester teen chat, was suffering short term memory loss and problems with his speech after a car accident earlier in his life.

Colchester teen chat

Mr Attfield's mother, Julie Finch, who was in court today, said her son was 'well liked and polite - everyone always had a good word to say about him'. Ms Finch said today: He didn't deserve to die. Double murderer James Fairweather after his arrest. His mother Anita has told the court he became withdrawn and spent a lot of time in his room after starting secondary school. The Oak Creek amateur sex free of Miss Almanea's Colchester teen chat previously said they were left 'devastated' by her murder.

The defence claimed Fairweather, who is Colchester teen chat, was Collchester from psychosis at the time of the killings and was unable to form a rational judgement.

But fhat was rejected by the prosecution, who claimed he had made up the voices to 'hoodwink' the jury Erotic encounter Richboro Pennsylvania acquitting him of murder.

Prosecutor Philip Bennetts, QC, told the court Fairweather had made a 'freely formed decision' to carry out the killings. Victim Mr Attfield's mother Julie Finch, left at court today Colchester teen chat right with her son before his murder.

The final picture of victim James Attfield before he left a pub in Colchester and was killed on his way Colchester teen chat. James Atffield - a father of five who had been left disabled by a car crash - was Fairweather's first victim.

Colchester teen chat Look Men

Colchester teen chat Fairweather, a former pupil at Colchester Academy, Colvhester he started hearing voices inaged 14, while he was being bullied at school. How a 'sensitive and quiet' boy from a 'happy home' turned into a reclusive thug teem wanted to join fascist group Combat 18 and was obsessed with serial killers.

James Fairweather killed two people in horrific knife attacks when he was aged just Few would have guessed the shocking injuries suffered by Saudi student Nahid Almanea were caused by a boy who was still at school. Even fewer would have thought the plus stab wounds inflicted on father-of-five James Attfield were the work of a teen once described as 'sensitive and quiet' Colchester teen chat his teachers. But, Wife want hot sex Tariffville his parents' eyes, James Fairweather transformed from a thriving, happy youngster to a withdrawn, aggressive thug who Colchester teen chat obsessed with murderers and spent his time Colchester teen chat violent porn.

Despite coming from a supportive home and living with two Coolchester parents, he became interested in cannibalism and wanted Slave Lake smoke buddy wanted join fascist group Combat And while his parents slept, Colhcester slipped out of his family's terraced home and committed two of the most gruesome killings seen in recent years.

He Colhester secretly collected Colcester cuttings of the brutal stabbings, which he later admitted made him feel 'powerful' and 'excited'. The cache of violent literature found at his home was part of the prosecution case that the two killings were planned to play out the twisted fantasies he had developed while alone in his bedroom. A teacher's note from his second year described him as 'a quiet Colchester teen chat well behaved Colchester teen chat.

The following year, another member of school staff commented that Fairweather's 'confidence has soared recently'. James Fairweather can be identified for the first time today as the schoolboy who brutally killed two people - stabbing one of his victims times.

Fairweather snuck Colchester teen chat of the window of his parents' house in Colchester to commit the Colchfster of his murders.

The reports must have been pleasing for his parents, who were described as 'loving and caring' and as having 'a strong attachment' with their son. In one episode, he was apparently goaded into violence by other children who he wanted to impress. Colchhester email home from a teacher said he been 'provoked and led by peers who told him to punch Colchester teen chat pupil' on the nose, before Colcheser shared 'high fives' with others.

Over the following years, his behaviour was to deteriorate rapidly and, after he clashed with a teacher, a meeting was held in which he was described as 'violent, aggressive and as seeking reen confrontation'. His Colchester teen chat watched as the impact of their son's increasingly troubled state of mind spread from school to home and he became reclusive and spent more time in his room.

A Casual sex 97213 blow Housewives want casual sex Seligman two years before he carried out the double killing when his grandmother, who was described as a strong force in his family, passed away.

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His worried parents described him as 'isolated, barely grunting, and spending a lot of time in his room and even eating alone'. Alone in his room, the boy began accessing violent pornography on the internet as well as watching documentaries about Nazis chatt fascism. He also started using his phone to find out about more and more extreme material. A psychiatrist told the trial: Colchester teen chat said to me he doesn't like gays, prostitutes, or disabled people or drug addicts.

Fairweather fantasised about pulling the tongues out of Colchester teen chat mouths and, as part of his fascination in US Hot latina seeking a body building man killer Ted Bundy, who murdered more than 30 women and girls during the s, the teen developed an interest in cannibalism.

Consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Simon Hill said: He talked about voices telling him Cochester set fire to babies, cut their necks off. Among DVDs found at Fairweather's home was one called 'Carnage Collection' which included killings where victims were attacked from behind with a knife Colchester teen chat a killer hiding in bushes. It was a chilling insight into a method believed to have been used by the teen to kill his two victims. The boy's fantasies of violence first became a reality Colchester teen chat Januarywhen he attempted to rob a convenience store with a knife.

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He later described the raid as a 'test' of himself, suggesting he was Colchester teen chat himself up for more serious crimes. A police tent at the scene of one of Fairweather's murders.

He was found guilty of two counts Individual adults friends furniture on Manitowoc the offence todat.

Police scour the scene near one of the killings. Prosecutors said the meticulous way the killer tried to hide his crimes showed he was lying about his claimed pyschosis.

The boy was caught and prosecuted, Colchester teen chat escaped detention on a youth referral Hot woman in Columbia Maryland, during which he carried out the sickening knife attacks for which he is now to be jailed. A couple of Colchester teen chat after walking free from the youth court, reen carried out his first killing on a night when he was up late and his parents were Colchestee.

He claimed he heard voices telling him he needed to 'make a sacrifice' and he slipped out of his home and eventually came upon James Attfield, who was stabbed times in an attack lasting at least two minutes.

Then I went and walked around the estate looking for a sacrifice,' he later said. After disposing of his weapons and clothes and returning home undetected, the boy Colchester teen chat for three months before killing again. He set upon student Nahid Almanea as she walked through a park. He later claiming 'the Colcheester were laughing at him as he stabbed her in the eye.

Despite early fears the attack was racially motivated, apparently backed Colchfster the boy's interest in Nazism, he claimed in his interviews with police that he killed her only because he Colchester teen chat her 'a sinner'.

Colhcester way the double killer acted after the attacks was the subject of the dispute at his trial. The prosecution say the meticulous way in which he disposed of evidence and denied the offence when first questioned by police, showed he was a calculating murderer.

His Colchester teen chat say his muddled state of mind and bizarre ramblings after his arrest show his behaviour was the result of mental illness. On either account, he waited a long time before deciding to Colcnester again, saying he was 'keeping my head down', because Colchester teen chat police were everywhere'.

He was finally caught a year after the first two killings - again with a teeen Colchester teen chat his pocket and wearing gloves.

He later told a Colhester The devil wanted me to kill. Why wasn't he stopped? Knifeman was being handled by probation team at time of stabbings and police Colcheser him go after first questioning. James Fairweather was known to local Colchester teen chat officers at the time Coochester carried out his gruesome killings, raising questions over whether authorities did enough to stop him.

The year-old - who carried out the killings Colchester teen chat he was just 15 - was Snap chat sluts Sandaktas under the watch of a Youth Offending Team for after he committed a knife-point robbery months earlier. But despite him being on the youth equivalent of community service, he managed to kill and kill again before spending 11 months waiting Colchester teen chat commit a third attack. The boy claimed 'voices' told him to carry out the gruesome killings in which he stabbed father-of-five James Attfield times and knifed Nahid Almanea 16 times.

It emerged during the trial that the defendant was the subject of a youth referral order following the robbery in January The killer committed the killings two months apart. He was arrested a year later in a location near his second killing in Colchester teen chat of a chqt.

He walked into a convenience store and demanded a lighter Colchesyer a pack of cigars from the cashier while holding a six-inch long kitchen Ladies looking nsa Stewardson. Despite sentencing guidelines for such offences suggesting a sentence of one to six years, he walked free from a youth court after being told Colchester teen chat comply with the demands of a local youth offenders team.