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First weekend in Moe meet me in

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It originally aired on the Fox network in mset United States on May 9, In this episode, HomerReverend Lovejoyand Apu Nahasapeemapetilon receive a letter from Moe stating that he will steal one of their wives.

The three get together and try to remember intimate moments between Moe and their wives.

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The main plot of the episode is a parody of A Letter to Three Wives. It is the third episode after season 19's " Mona Leaves-a " and Fisrt 20's " Four Great Women and a Manicure " to air on Mother's Day and be centered on mothers and women.

Sex finder Eugene Moe's Tavern is the scene of merry-making for the people of Springfieldand Moe relates how his role as bartender gives him insight into his customers' lives. He notices tension in the marriages of Homerwho argues about what to do for Mother's Day, Apuwho plays a song in the ni that Manjula First weekend in Moe meet me in, and Reverend Lovejoywho does not want to help Helen because he is playing with a train set.

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Mother's Day is approaching, and Marge suggests that Homer take the children to Weasel Island after Krusty the Clown suggests it on his show so that the mothers can have a breakand it leads into the aforementioned argument.

At first Homer is enthusiastic, but becomes concerned when Marge mentions his leaving will allow her to "take care of something. At Weasel Island, the children Nude girls in tulsa time First weekend in Moe meet me in a shoddy amusement park while Homer, Apu and Lovejoy agonize over their situation.

At first, each insists their marriage is fine.

Homer, however, remembers his mother-in-law's 80th birthday, where Moe was the bartender. Homer, who was angry at Marge for only serving non-alcoholic beer, got into an argument with Patty and Selma after they start annoying him with their antics. Disgusted, Homer then drives them out, and Marge told him that he ruins every event that she plans.

Apu notices cracks in his marriage, recollecting an incident where he and Manjula forgot their son Gheet at Moe's after using the bar's bathroom to change out of rain-soaked cricket whites. Manjula drove back to retrieve their son and did not return for hours. Homer mentions that he saw Manjula playing an interactive dance video game with Moe that night. First weekend in Moe meet me in, Lovejoy remembers advice given to him by the Parson that he ignored his wife Helen's needs, and Apu recounts how he witnessed Moe confiding in Helen that he was in love with a married woman and that Helen put her hand on his knee.

When the ferry returns to the mainland, each Fat horney girls Brookings South Dakota realizes that they are equally likely to have lost their wives to Moe.

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Otto drops Homer and his kids off first. At first, Homer thinks Marge is packing a suitcase and tries to convince her to stay. Once he comes in, he realizes that she has painted a portrait of her mother.

Bouvier, tells Homer that he was not responsible for the 80th birthday incident. She admitted that it is Patty and Selma's fault because there is "something evil" about them they even smoked during her pregnancy.

This may indicate that she has finally overcome her disgust for him. While watching Homer and Marge make up, both men slump in their seats, thinking it is either Helen or Manjula that left mmeet Moe. Lovejoy that his house is the next stop. However, Kirk Van Houten tells him that he and Milhouse are the next stop.

Otto scoffs and reminds him that there is nothing suspenseful at his house, including that he had sex with his wife, Luann. Lovejoy arrives home with Jessica, he too thinks Helen is leaving, but instead she surprises him with tickets to Istanbul on board the Orient Express.

By process of elimination, Apu concludes that his wife has left. He arrives home with their Lady wants sex CA Berkeley 94703 to find Moe sitting with Manjula, but she tells Apu that he convinced her to salvage First weekend in Moe meet me in marriage.

In the end, Moe reveals that he saw how troubling the relationships were, so he organized Marge's portrait, the Lovejoys' trip and the Nahasapeemapetilons' marriage rescue.

Casual sex Fentonbury sk explained that he wrote the horrible letter because the three men were taking First weekend in Moe meet me in wives for granted, saying that they need to value them more just like their other family members. Upon learning this, Homer admits that he does not know whether to punch or kiss Moe, but eventually decides to do both as a thanks for teaching him that lesson.

In the end, Moe then implores viewers to value their wives and mothers. Moe's voice over claims he moved to Springfield because the zip code Nude from Abetone "BOOBS" on a calculator, which would make it "", a zip code that, according to the US postal service, is not assigned to any existing town.

First weekend in Moe meet me in

The music played during the interactive dance video session was Lady Gaga 's Just Dance. Lovejoy's spiritual adviser sang a song, he mentioned ' Krakatoa, East of Java '.

Otto's state of hallucination makes him see, during the drive from First weekend in Moe meet me in Island back to Springfield, characters from the Disney Pixar animated film Cars. Apu and Manjula's minivan has an upside down Volkswagen logo. It also bears strong resemblance to the Volkswagen T In its original American broadcast, "Moe Letter Blues" was viewed by an estimated 5.

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The episode received mainly positive reviews. Moe was fantastic as First weekend in Moe meet me in narrator and even better when he took advantage of his omniscient point of view. You know there's no way Moe would ever be leaving the series or running off with any of these women, so the claim never held any drama.

It might have worked better if Moe had simply said he was going to sleep with one of the women. This would have been a little more believable in the realm of the series and certainly would have been more in line with Moe's character. Customer reviews: The Three Stooges: Hey Moe! Hey Dad!

That aside, however, the storytelling and humor delivered yet another great episode. Club gave the episode a B, and it tied for the second best grade ln "Animation Domination" with American Dad!

VanDer Werff also said that "the core of the episode is solid, and Moe makes a very funny narrator. The winners were announced August 21, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Don Pardo as himself.

TV by the Numbers. Retrieved 23 February Treehouse of First weekend in Moe meet me in list. Itchy and Scratchy episodes The Simpsons episode guides. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 25 Februaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The family is a model constructed and subsequently destroyed by Nelson Muntz.

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