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The city of Mobile and Mobile County recently found themselves at odds over a proposal to shrink the city's police jurisdiction.

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It's hardly the first case Adults hookers Paris Alabama where a PJ has been a Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama of contention.

Mobile and Selma came to the brink and backed away before taking a plunge Alabaka would have affected emergency services for thousands of people and shifted financial burdens from city to county. Decatur leapt, escaping a nasty confrontation over taxation without representation. As of last weekend, the deadline has passed and the heat is off.

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But this probably isn't the neee of the fight over police jurisdictions, potentially in towns and cities scattered across the Alabama.

A police jurisdiction is kind of a gray area between city and county, where the city can provide police and fire service and collect some revenue in Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama.

Long set in stone, the jurisdiction lines became somewhat fluid this spring thanks to a change in state law.

Trace the issue back, and you find a classic Alabama story of how an attempt to fix one problem might have created others - and how developments in one of Alabama's smallest cities led to hurt feelings and a political stalemate in one of its biggest.

One quirk of the Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama picture is that Horny women Houston jurisdictions are a bit of an oddity to start with. Most states don't have them: You're either in the town or out in the fro, with no gray area.


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Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, who played a key role in upending the status quo. That status quo is rooted in state law, which historically specified that municipalities of fewer than 6, people would have a police jurisdiction encompassing everything within 1. Within the jurisdiction, municipalities would have the power to collect a sales tax at half the rate set within the city limits; could also collect permit and license fees, such Mobioe business licenses; and could provide police and fire Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama.

The census showed that little Lincoln, Ala. In the city got a new mayor, Bud Kitchin. At some point after that, according to reports in the Anniston Star, the city turned aggressive: It expanded its jurisdiction to stretch three miles not just from the city limits, but from fod borders of outlying "island" annexations.

It swelled to cover more than square miles, and the city began collecting building permit fees and other fees. By earlya Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama was building, and a group called Citizens Against Lincoln Expansion sued the city and began militating for legislative Whore in gauley Rochester bridge wv.

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In the Alabama Legislature's session, State Rep. The bill proposed a constitutional amendment specifying that the police jurisdiction could only be measured from the main body of the city, not from any noncontiguous island annexations. The bill died in committee. But Johnson also introduced HB Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama, which became law and went into effect Sept.

As described in a Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama from the Association of County Commissions of Alabama ACCAit put some limits on municipalities' power to expand their jurisdictions. Among other things, it required them to give advance notice, follow specific timetables, account for the tax and fee revenue collected in the jurisdiction, and specified that "the total amount of the licenses shall not be in an amount greater than the cost of services provided by the municipality within the police jurisdiction.

Significantly, the ACCA summary described the new law as "a first step at trying to address some of the issues" with police jurisdictions in Alabama. That was a pretty clear hint that some saw unfinished business on the issue as began. In January, the Decatur City Council approved a sales casu use tax in the city's three-mile police jurisdiction. The council vote was Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama, and there was some resistance among outlying businesses and residents.

If it had foor law, this bill would have made a sweeping statewide change: All municipalities' police jurisdictions would have been set at 1. That proposal went nowhere.

Like caeh change successfully made the year before, it put some limits on how quickly a city could act to expand its jurisdiction, adding a requirement for a city council vote. So far, so clear: It was another piece in the effort to moderate situations like the one that had developed in Lincoln.

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But in May, late in the session, Orr saw an opening to get some of what he wanted. He offered an amendment to Ward's bill saying that any municipality with a three-mile jurisdiction could unilaterally pass an ordinance to Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama its jurisdiction to 1.

If that move was made by Oct. The amendment was accepted, the bill passed and signed into law as Act Orr's amendment opened up unexpected possibilities.

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It would take a while for the ramifications to sink in, but the status quo had just changed - potentially, in a big way. For Decatur, Orr's little addition to Ward's bill offered a welcome path to compromise: The city could scale back its police jurisdiction from three miles to one Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama a half. Residents and businesses well outside the city, in the outer half of the three-mile jurisdiction, would get out from under ofr new tax.

But since most of the tax revenue would come from the Forest city NC bi horney housewifes densely Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama inner half, the city wouldn't lose much of that precious projected revenue. By early June, the Decatur City Council had voted to do just that.

A Decatur Daily report on the vote described it as "a move to create peace while preserving new tax revenue It seemed that Orr's cure had worked.

But that didn't mean everyone was going to use the medicine the way he'd imagined. The Mobile City Council should vote to reduce its police jurisdiction from three miles to 1.

His administration estimated that the cost of providing services to the outer 1.

Therefore city tor would get better police and fire service at no additional cost. At first blush, as many as six of seven council members seemed to favor the idea.

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But they weren't all in a rush to vote: Some raised concerns about fire coverage and insurance rates as the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department pulled back; others worried about the impact on the city's relationship with the Mobile County Commission.

Inevitably, the move would shift costs to the county.

Sheriff Sam Cochran sent a letter to the county commission arguing that he'd need 26 new deputies if the move went through. County Commissioner Merceria Ludgood said that it felt like Mobile, after years of mutual cooperation, was "kind of kicking us to the curb. The Stimpson administration provided assurances that it would work with the county and other entities to make the transition as smooth as possible, and guaranteed that residents wouldn't Beautiful lady looking sex Naples left unprotected.

Nonetheless - to the frustration of the administration and some of its own members - the council repeatedly delayed a vote as opposition firmed up. In the end - despite a Stimpson offer to provide a year of free police and fire protection to the outer jurisdiction - the proposal failed. County commissioners had lined Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama to take shots at the Mobklethe administration's supporters on the council were increasingly aggravatedand three council members publicly stated their Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama to vote down the proposal.

And it did get voted down Alabamw not once, but twice. A similar scenario Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama out in Selma, where some city leaders saw a chance to make some gains via a PJ pullback, but the Dallas County Sheriff's Office objected and the potential strain on volunteer fire departments was a concern.

As in Mobile, the move fizzled as the Oct. A Nee Times-Journal editorial observed that the PJ issue had come up "many times" over the years and probably would come up again in the future. In Mobile, Stimpson's chief of staff, Colby Cooper, said the issue wasn't dead and that the administration would bring it up again.

But with the Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama pressure off - at least until next October - "it won't be anytime soon," he said. Mobile is the first city I've heard of talking about rolling back," he said. People just really want to have less day-to-day government supervision. Though Orr's amendment changed oMbile bill late in the legislative process, Ward said he didn't see anything improper about it. As he recollects, "It was a real innocuous amendment" that was offered on the senate floor and got wide support.

Orr, though, is among those who'd like to do away with PJs altogether.

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Fot thinking of a remark that he said he often hears from constituents: True, jurisdiction residents benefit from city services, and cities can only tax them at half the rate of residents - But they don't get a say. They can't vote on Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama Free fuck in Eva or councils that tax them. Alabama has about cities of more than 6, raising the possibility that a whole wave of city-county squabbles such as the ones in Mobile and Selma could break out.

Then again, maybe not.

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State law sets the size of the jurisdictions, he said. It specifies what revenue a municipality can collect and what services it can provide - but it doesn't mandate either, Moile said.

Many municipalities don't tax their police jurisdictions or provide services in Women seeking hot sex Lawai, he said.

In those cases, jurisdictional pullbacks are Mibile non-issue. As cities Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama, he said, "A lot of people have Alabaja themselves moving into PJs without ever knowing about it.

But jurisdiction issues do occasional flare up. But Brasfield said it's more about striking a balance than trying to do away with PJs altogether. He said he thinks the ACCA membership would be split on that notion.

Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama

There actually is a county-by-county Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama to that end, he said: Via an amendment to state law, a county can become jurisdiction-free, and two of the state's 67 counties have done so. They are Madison County, which includes Huntsville, and its neighbor to the west, Limestone County, which includes Athens.

Speaking of the time-honored tradition of fixing local issues with amendments to the state constitution: On this November's general election ballot, Alabama voters will see Amendment 10, affecting Calhoun County.

If passed, it will provide that territory in Calhoun County can only be subject to the police jurisdictions of municipalities within Calhoun County.

Police jurisdictions: Alabama still (re-)drawing the lines -

Any nearby municipality outside Calhoun County - Lincoln just happens to Women wants casual sex Dubois Indiana one - would no longer be able to encroach. Meanwhile, voters in Lincoln dismissed incumbent Mayor Bud Kitchin, whose election in set the stage for the growth of the city's PJ. They replaced him with Lew Watson, who'd held the job from until As things stand, the doors is still open for cities to pull back their jurisdictions, though the soonest such a move Girls need cash for Mobile Alabama take effect would be Jan.

But the legislature will meet again between now neeed then, and the rules of the game could change again, depending on whether anyone strongly believes the current law goes too far, or not far enough.

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