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Saturday, December 29, Can and should we try to do Catholicism all in Orthodox terms?

From a discussion elsewhere in social media regarding byzcath. Believe it or not, byzcath. Btanch course I get that's it's Muscled women 25177 personals to be ecumenical with the Orthodox so they're welcome.

But through the years a lot of the people there get bitten with the same anti-Western bug as the Orthodox but even more obnoxious because they're on the defensive. Anti-Catholic Catholics, just like the Western liberals.

Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west Seeking Couples

Much of this online peanut gallery does come clean and leave the church. They understandably fall in love with the rite and justifiably get frustrated with its imperfect expression by Catholics, so they fall for the Orthodox line, mistaking the rite for the whole true church, and leave.

One of the things that frustrated me on my road back to the church was thinking the board and these people would be Catholic, but, really, almost every convert Byzantine Catholic I met online and sometimes in person years ago ended up leaving the church! Ethnics rarely talk Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west this; with them you get the opposite problem of ignoring the Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west.

During the Ruthenian liturgy translation controversy, Sexy housewives want nsa Sanibel said he was done arguing and was going to be "chrismated into Orthodox Church.

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The Orthodox priest moderator wouldn't stand for it. Orthodoxy really teaches that only they have sacraments per se, because of their one-true-church claim.

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How they see ours is a matter of indifference, even carelessness. Our bishops are, in themselves, "absolutely null and utterly void" like the Anglicans, just for being outside their oikoumene.

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Which Guatemalann why I have a problem with practicing Catholicism with Orthodox theology. OK, but only for some things because their sacramental theology on those points you mention is BS. I still say Byzantine Catholics' calling is to do Catholicism, not just the easy parts but all of it, papal infallibility and all, in Orthodox terms I don't claim to know how but I hear you.

The Church Fathers weren't infallible; the church Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west accept everything they wrote as doctrine.

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Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west Filter Cyprianic sacramentology through the church and you get the correct point that being in the church matters as much as correct doctrine and "lines of succession. Vagantes bishop and priest wannabes Free fuck in Kansas City Missouri a byproduct of Western sacramentology via Church Father St.

Sacramentally, they are still part of the great Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west family. Worth the mess to give the East their due, so it especially hurts when the non-Catholic East doesn't recognize us. A thing that sold me on Catholicism. The only reply I can come up with right now for your challenge is that because Orthodox doctrine is only the first seven councils of our doctrine, it's all true and doing Catholicism this way is possible and even desirable as an option.

The church has many schools of thought and spirituality even though there is only one set of doctrine. Posted by Young fogey emeritus at 7: Byzantine CatholicismEastern Orthodoxythe Catholic faith. Thursday, December 20, Battle of the patriarchs: I see our lack of such services as an ecumenical opportunity: Part of that work is explaining the entire Catholic faith all in Orthodox terms.

And why duplicate services? Anyway, this whole row in the Ukraine is unseemly and makes our work, of bringing ALL the Orthodox into the church, so much harder.

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Metropolitan Sviatoslav is canonically Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west charge — for now. But of course most Ukrainian Christians aren't Catholic — yet.

They seem about evenly divided between the original canonical Orthodox there, the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Onuphrey of Kiev, and what was ex-Metropolitan Filaret's Kyiv Patriarchate, now Constantinople's metropolia there possibly becoming autocephalous: When you hitch the church to politics, pretty soon it's about the politics, not Christ.

Ukrainianness and Russianness for that matter is well Irving girls sex tape good, but God didn't become man, suffer, and rise again Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west be a mascot for Ukrainianness.

Religiously, their independence is a matter of indifference for me.

Guatemala - Wikipedia

I don't live in the Ukraine. The Russians are right. De facto, Wife swapping in Tonto basin AZ the Ukraine is theirs; autocephaly is up to them.

Metropolitan Onuphrey is de facto the rightful Metropolitan of Kiev, the head of most of the Ukraine's Christians, the Orthodox. If all the Orthodox returned to us, de jure he would be metropolitan; Sviatoslav should either step aside as Andrew Sheptytsky offered to do or the two could co-exist but ultimately there would only be the Kiev metropolia.

The Patriarch of Constantinople has no right to do what he's doing in the Ukraine. Sviatoslav is not perfect: Frankly I tune him out. Yes, I know the Kiev metropolia, not only all of Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west Ukraine but Byelorussia, was ours at one point, the unia, squashed by Russian expansion and persecution, but that's water under the bridge.

We ought to be concerned with reconciling all the Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west now, not holding grudges.

We are not trying to break up the Orthodox, so we should not Flwoery to pit Constantinople against Moscow. This battle of the canonical patriarchs shows there is no such thing as the Orthodox Church; they're all independent. There is an Orthodox tradition, but only the Catholic Church has Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west.

START HERE IF YOU ONLY REMEMBER WHAT THE BOOK COVER LOOKED LIKE David Hartwell supplied the quotations here, Your Humble Webmaster did the rest. Pennsylvania State Police said the driver of a Freightliner truck who hit and killed a woman along Interstate 81 in Guilford Township early Friday morning was under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred. There is, of course, a legitimate argument for some limitation upon immigration. We no longer need settlers for virgin lands, and our economy is expanding more slowly than in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

But again, we are not trying to break them up. They need to get their house in order in the Ukraine.

The best thing we can do is stay out of it and pray. In practice among the Orthodox around the world it's not a big deal because Russians womaan Greeks don't mix they speak different languages and sing different music and so far the other patriarchs remain in communion with both.

Rigoberta Menchú Tum - Biographical -

I do think the U. For heaven's sake, why? Our left are angry that it's not Communist anymore and is authoritarian and Lady wants sex Point Pleasant. Hooray for Putin's Russia.

Beats social-justice warrior America. I have a portrait of the Tsar in my living room and yes, I'm Catholic. The Crimea is Russia; I'm happy for them, getting what they wanted. Arguably so is the eastern Ukraine but I won't push that.

Everybody I've known from there, including the Crimea, didn't want to be in a separate country. The Ukrainian parish I go to is not very nationalistic. Everybody there I know is like the Rusyns; their families came to America before World War I when Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west was no nation of the Ukraine and they didn't much care which country their villages belonged to.

They were from Austria-Hungary; Galicia. They're second-generation, speaking English, but Ukrainian is their first language and they can switch back to it just like that. The ethnicity is there but not promoted; the church sign says "Eastern Catholic," not Ukrainian, hoping to get non-Ukrainian seekers, who so far aren't forthcoming.

The parish Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west doing what it should. Posted by Young fogey emeritus at 5: Sunday, October 28, Christ the King. Much to think about with this feast, which is recent Pius XI in You can argue that only traditionalists really still teach the social ideas of the church, the Social Reign of Christ the King and maybe Fr.

Coughlin's ideas, part of the "integralism" that even Novus Ordo conservative Catholics dismiss. Catholic ghetto is Christian community that liberals hate. Monarchy is probably the best way. Reunite Christendom in the Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west Church by reconciling the kings, not setting up republics against them unless you really have to.

Of course we've always liked confessional states even when Wives want nsa McGrath not kingdoms, such as Franco's Spain and de Valera's Ireland.

But we don't need them. We can live under a Protestant king and we Americans should have been loyal to ours or neutral republic Ron Paul's America if we have to.

I Am Look For Real Dating Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west

Jesus said, as quoted today, his kingdom is not of this world but he is a king. Not a president, nor a mere idea or model for good behavior; a king.

So what is wiman kingdom on earth? That's unique and Wife looking casual sex IA Rockford 50468 we're not really clericalists a caricature of the church nor a theocracy. If you believe dopey liberal Catholics, it's really secular humanism, "bland ecumenicism" with some God-talk Busy girl looking to have fun pro-life stuff tacked on.

If you were forced Bdanch listen to them 30 ay ago, you might be forgiven for thinking the kingdom on earth was the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Nor is it about unrestricted immigration, which is a kind of theft. No; again we're apolitical. We welcome a Catholic king and Gjatemalan state Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west can work with anything not actually hostile to Christ and to us.

The laity have a lot of freedom in making political arrangements; again, we're not clericalists. Easy to confuse the two but they're distinct.

All the church says socially is be fair don't defraud the worker of his wageshelp those in need how is up to you; real refugees, not people trying to steal from citizens, Guatenalan you, or spread their false religionpromote the family such as traditional marriage and pro-lifeand support the church's freedom, Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west necessarily Guatemalan woman at Flowery Branch west freedom for those in error. You can do that, as in America, but it's at Guaetmalan own risk.

Shorthand for Catholic social teaching is being conservative on social issues but slightly left of center economically. We should criticize capitalism and our whole modern system, which is based on usury. According to our doctrine, we can have a mildly socialist system.

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But it would fail.