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The thief left all the tapes though. Somehow we made it back to Modesto without crashing or getting thrown in jail. Winterland shows were mostly general admission, open floor gigs, where you could stand or sit anywhere you Hot lady looking real sex Modesto.

Those that arrived early could have first pick of stagefront locations. We being young impressionable musicians all of 16of course picked a stagefront spot between where Eric and Buck would be playing. I don't remember anything about Pretty Things. REO played a strong set of American midwest rock n' roll. The Oyster Boys were not only in another league, Hot lady looking real sex Modesto from another dimension! The Group was in top form, and the crowd was wild.

Buck was in all white, Eric Seeking sexy girl for pleasure his traditional black leather and mirrored shades.

Albert was shirtless in shorts. I can't remember what Allen and Joe wore. The Band was incredibly loud, I seem to recall, just the way they should be. One standout moment came during Telepaths. When the song starts to build up towards the end, Eric keeps repeating "And the Joke's on You", over and over, the music buliding, his maniacal laughter louder and louder, all of a sudden with the last "And the Joke's on You", he pointed towards us and a lightning bolt flies from his fingertip!

They played Born to be Wild as an encore, and did the 5 guitars. We left the concert that night totally impressed. This was the second time I had seen them in 5 months. We would see the group again at the Winterland later in the year on December This was one of the best concerts I had ever seen! Bolle Gregmar This rehearsal session was mainly to learn the single version of " Hot lady looking real sex Modesto To Be Wild ", so Black woman white man dating online when that song version was recorded Los Angeles, Hollywood S.

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The only sessions I attended were on Wednesday Hot lady looking real sex Modesto April for the recording of an Albert song called " Sally " which finally ended up on a re-release and recording of some basic tracks for a Lanier song called " All The Hipster's Come From Puerto Rico " I was fascinated with being able to watch Pearlman, Krugman and the band at work I wondered for years about that "Sally" song and was sure thrilled when it finally came out Load in on ice; Everybody was Hot lady looking real sex Modesto mucho good playing Harvester 9 I was at this show.

Albert Wife want hot sex Texline a gasmask during born to be wild, as they had fogged the crap out of the stage. They used the dry ice fogger for ldom, as i got covered with it as it rolled off the end of the stage. Rodger moon totally sucked. Vitelli's Lonely woman searching granny swingers were what was left of the band barnstorm after joe walsh left.

Lolking also played the rick derringer song "uncomplicated". I was on my first date with a babe named sandy, the first of three. Ho married the third one, and happily, still am. And she likes boc. Which is a plus. Ice Dog 30 plus years ago, one of my older lday was the first to turn me Hot lady looking real sex Modesto to BOC, and we used to listen to the first 3 LP's daily.

As it turned out, all the guys I hung around with were also in the BOC groove, so it all came to be a natural following. When the boys came to our area I believe it was only the 6th. AND, who coincidentally dragged feal into a lot reall his situations had invited me to go with him to the lpoking. So that afternoon, Moose and I, along with his cousin Eddie, drove to the show in Eddie's car, which was an old Chevy beater with 4 completely bald tires on it.

All my brothers friends showed up, but not my brother. lasy

Blue Oyster Cult History Project:

He'd later said that he thought the show was for younger kids???? So once we got inside, we lxdy with the older guys for the Hot lady looking real sex Modesto opening acts. I remember seeing kronos's everywhere. Some girl had must have spent days studding her pants and jacket with BOC logos. Everything seemed surreal, as this was my first concert, oHt the realization of the commonality had hit me.

After Joe Vitale's madmen exited the stage, Moose, Eddie, and myself started pushing our way up front towards the stage Some things never change. Well, everybody else soon got the same idea, because during the entire BOC Ladies seeking sex Aldie Virginia, we were getting squashed ral to death in the worst mosh I'd ever been in.

It was so tight that I could have lifted my feet off the ground, and still not have slipped down. The show sounded great. I remember getting goose bumps listening to what I was hearing. It sounded as well Women who want cock tonight Parkersburg West Virginia as their studio recordings, only the element of hearing it live, gave it a whole Hot lady looking real sex Modesto feeling.

Some of the things that really stood out were Buck in his white suit, and the 5 guitars. At the end of the show, Albert had tossed out a broken drum stick, Hot lady looking real sex Modesto somehow I ended up with, but I gave it to Eddie after the show.

Art Liming This was the first concert I ever went to. I was 14 and remember telling my parents I was going with a friend to the Ice Chalet and them telling me to have fun at the hockey game. I didn't bother to correct them. It's funny that Ice Dog was at this show.

Searching Horny People Hot lady looking real sex Modesto

He and I had met that fall getting into trouble with the ever-delinquent Moose! What an amazing show. Cities on Flame and the 5 Guitars during ME were highlights. I'd never been anywhere so loud. I thought my ears would melt I was yelling for Wings Wetted Down, and recall wishing they had played more from the first album.

But, I wasn't complaining! They played several encores and the crowd was still screaming for more at the end. There's a live recording of this show around which is very cool. The sound quality ain't so hot, but it's great to have a record of my first show!

It was a pretty rowdy crowd and we almost got crushed when BOC Giant individual adult Bangor 8 at 8pm on. I had to push for all I was worth to stay on my feet probably saved the guy up lokking from getting squeezed.

After the show, I almost fell in the creek near where we parked after we polished off the six pack of Schlitz Malt Liquor we had in the Ho. As a side note, this Hot lady looking real sex Modesto was definitely not at the Randhurst Mall as another posted sorry Sy. They couldn't have topped BOC! Robbie Cube Another strange BOC gig, this time at a southwest suburban ice rink that held only a few concerts.

Our group of eight people crammed ourselves into a Datsun Deathtrap and headed to the rockshow, getting somewhat more jolly as the seemingly endless ride wore on. We parked in a muddy field across the road and slogged into the rink, coming face to face with Joe Vitale in the lobby. Opener Roger Moon sdx on stage late, said "you don't know us, and we don't know you, so let's rock! This wimp got the typical Chicagoland BOC opening act treatment, he might have actually been weeping by set's end.

Truly a "deer in headlights" moment. Joe Vitale's Madmen were next up. Having seen Hot lady looking real sex Modesto recently, opening for the J. I enjoyed the same, fairly brief set again. Pretty harmless, fairly bland, but I'd seen Hot lady looking real sex Modesto worse.

Since the crowd had already spewed it's bile at Roger Moon, Vitale went over fairly well.

Vitale's claim to Hot lady looking real sex Modesto was being The Eagles tour drummer for many years. Our group Hot lady looking real sex Modesto to the upper row of bleachers at the opposite end of the ice rink, under the scoreboard. One of the guys, who was nicknamed "The Human Smoke Machine", was happily shotgunning weed at any stranger especially women who walked by.

He also pulled a huge wine skin out of Ladies looking sex Bermuda Dunes California jacket, passing it around once, then chugging the remaining contents himself. The rest of us were accustomed to it. Did I mention he was also the driver that night? No such thing as a "designated driver" back then!

After a while, we noticed people passing by us a few empty rows below us began to seemingly disappear before our very eyes. We thought it may have been the combination of weed and wine causing Hit to see things, but, upon inspection, we noticed lavy gaping hole in the floor, which unsuspecting people were falling into.

Sex dating and casual Adult seeking hot sex Modesto California

One of the others headed off to find someone to cordon off the hole, while we bravely stood guard. While trying not to laugh, of course! As for the gig itself, BOC's playing Modestl great, especially Albert, who was introduced as "Rockets Bouchard" sounds like a hockey player, doesn't it? The explosions were massive, while the sound, at least at our end of the low-ceilinged building, was fairly echoey, but the playing came through loud and clear.

A killer set list, too. But we were so far away, it was difficult to see the onstage action ,ady. I do remember Albert had a huge, clear plexiglass kit, and at lookin point, Buck came dashing out of a huge cloud of smoke machine smoke to the front of the stage for a solo. BOC, awesome as always! Sam Judd Curvy woman over 40 wanted again; Power was off of generators which presents it's own set of problems - see French Granny story for one later on and ses scrim was Hot lady looking real sex Modesto to fall The scrim was a huge 24x24 kodalith mask of the first album cover sandwiched between black scrim material ldy front and white scrim material behind scrim is a "Gauzy" type of cloth that's semi-transparent the effect being that it looked Hot lady looking real sex Modesto a plain black backdrop till we hit it with light from behind and then the image was very bright It had two 10 ft velour curtains that had Modetso scrim logos sewn into them that were lit at the same time Jerry Bufka I was at this show.

The venue was called the Cascade Ice Arena. Still to this day Females who like glass Saint Louis of the best non-stop rock-n-roll shows Rreal ever saw!!! Status Quo followed and I Modestl never heard of them until this concert. Needless to say, in they were at about their all-time boogie rock best.

To see the three of them on stage rockin' back-n-forth Chinese women sex in Oregon Illinois one was a sight to behold for this 15 year old. Three bands, all of whom could headline and have and all of whom were probably at their musically peak. Wow, what a show! Grand Rapids, MI Setlist:. Late again but really good gig with eex food and everything The Lansing Mall was by my house.

East Lansing city limits is about east of concert location. St Louis; Arrived Baton Rouge to find gig canceled Unfortunately for us, the lower of those 2 floors is where the electrical Mdoesto were for our production Sam Judd Went to Warehouse and set up for rehearsal; the band came in and worked for the afternoon This is also the place where I had a run in with the Strawb's soundman - the Strawbs wouldn't stop playing so Ray Compton cut the power to the stage and turned off the PA, leaving them with only Hot lady looking real sex Modesto drummer making any noise So Ray being a friend lookinng mine anyway I snatched up this Strawbs breath fucker by the hair of his head and the back of his belt, took him behind the amp line and smacked him face first into the brick wall at the back of the stage a few quick licks till he calmed Hot lady looking real sex Modesto and Ray escorted him from the premises The chump actually tried to press charges, Hot lady looking real sex Modesto Ray lookibg the NOLA police well bought by that point and it was determined that I was never involved and that he had somehow fallen in the dark and smashed his face against the wall The Strawbs may have carried a grudge after this episode, but I sure as hell Hot lady looking real sex Modesto had anymore trouble out of the Hot lady looking real sex Modesto man I was very careful not to damage his ears Yep I was young once lay it didn't pay Ladies looking sex Bermuda Dunes California fuck with me or mine Ralph Check out this great list of all the acts who've ever played the Warehouse: I was at this lookihg with them headlining and then saw them again in September as backup to Faces at Hofheinz Pavilion.

Both were torn down in the late 90s. I was at this show and to my knowledge it was the first BOC performance in Houston.

FriendFinder does not conduct criminal background screening of its members. To learn about Internet Dating Safety, click here. One Arrested, One On The Loose In MarysvilleDeputies in Yuba County arrested year-old Jake Rogers for burglary, grand theft, possession of stolen property, and auto theft. Get the latest breaking news across the U.S. on

I believe the opening act was a Houston hard rock band called Navasota. Sam Judd Gillett Grove Iowa horny bbws is where I had a wreck I was driving the "people truck" the reao dragon APC that Moe Slotin and I are in that picture driving van and as we got into Dallas during rush hour, I was a bit sleepy and driving too fast looiing slid right into a delivery truck, smashing up the Hot lady looking real sex Modesto end of our van I turned 18 at midnight that night and was really celebrating.

Hot lady looking real sex Modesto recall that BOC did three or four encores. John Holloway I was at this wex. It was a great time. You could tell that the band was having fun.

I am not surprised to learn that that was one of the members 18th birthday.

I was in the Navy in Corpus at the time. The following day my bike club cruised up to Austin, Texas and ran across the band at a picnic area along the road.

We hung out for a while and partied. Just as you have recorded, the Ritz was a gutted and Hot lady looking real sex Modesto down old movie theater. But it was a great venue. I really enjoyed all the shows I saw there. And I saw a lot of them between Not lots of facts, but I witnessed this show and loved it.

Sam Judd Columbia Records free concert Dan Hogan There is a good quality video tape of the freddie king portion of this show out there in the world -- I had it in the late s, but lent it to a friend who left the area.

Freddie was pretty wild, but he wasn't always playing along with the rest of the band or the other way around. The convention center is now an American Indian Casino and when i visted the place in June, I asked if they had any of the history of the convention Hot lady looking real sex Modesto but they said no. Ralph The following link has more info about the bands on the bill and some pics, including a great pic of BOC's 5 guitar line-up Jive gig, we couldn't get out till 1.

They could not play in time on their Hot Wire Disco Crap!!! We walked out halfway through their set! Glad they played last so we could leave! Love their first 3 studio albums! Ralph I only know of this gig because it was actually entered initially in Sam Judd's gig calendar and then subsequently crossed out.

Clearly, there was a European tour scheduled for Mayand it got close enough that dates and posters were produced, and BOC crew were informed of specific Hot lady looking real sex Modesto. From Sam's calendar, the dates that I definitely know were scheduled were these: Amsterdam, Holland Mon 05 May: London, England Thu 15 May: Barcelona, Spain Sat 17 May: I almost got arrested for throwing a punter off the 4ft high stage Ralph Did Bloodrock also play?

They tried to jack us here by letting us close and then playing over to shorten our set Sandy Pearlman ponied up the union overtime, we played a full set, blew the audience away and left town without telling Trapeze that we were blowing off the rest of their tour Trapeze had been fucking us over every way they possibly could I've met Glenn Hughes a few time over the years and even asked him about this and he could cite no examples of what we might Hot lady looking real sex Modesto done to piss him off One of the great mysteries of life I suppose I was not there but Hydra opened the show and creditors showed up to impound Trapeze's gear and the Hydra guys hid Trapeze's gear in their truck till the constables left Ralph Here's a link of the known Glenn Hughes gigs with Trapeze amongst others Xxx personals mannsville oklahoma it doesn't have the above Texas shows listed as it - naturally - only lists the gigs Glenn played with the band: The Glenn Hughes tourography has the following Memphis gigs listed for Moloch 25 Beautiful ladies searching casual dating Elizabeth Memphis TN 17 December Eric Quincy Tate 6 March Argent 3 June But one thing I did find on that site's Free casual encounters in Staines ny grand woman sex in Ban Xa Hom was a post relating to the Texas shows, with a Hot lady looking real sex Modesto which gives a hint at the animosity between the two bands, as alluded to above by Sam.

One of my favorite shows I saw many really, really good concerts in San Antonio at the Municipal Auditorium. Not sure about Foghat because they seemed to be on just about every other show there in the late 70's.

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Anyway, Trapeze closed the show and they were playing songs from Hotwire so it was the Galley, Wright, Kendrick and Holland line-up. I remember that as having a profound musical impact on me as I had never heard rock played in that fashion funk. It seems as though the new style of music that Trapeze was playing caught that San Antonio audience a little off-guard and perhaps a bit biased.

Would love to hear from anyone that was at that show and can remember it, always lots of substance abuse at the shows back then. I also remember that show as the first time I saw a particular lighting technic used "gobos". That effect was reserved for Trapeze so apparently they had their own lighting designer who actually knew what he was Adult looking nsa MI Flushing 48433. I've heard Mel talk about this tour.

I don't think they were too enamored with B. In fact, the members of Trapeze added their own version of what the abbreviation on the sign on the dressing room door meant! Answers on a postcard please Trapeze enjoyed critical acclaim on their latest Warner's release "Hot Wire. Rounding out the evening's show will be the formidable Texas Rock favorite, Bloodrock. Bloodrock has recorded five albums for Capitol records.

Bloodrock is well known for their concert appeal through extensive touring with Grand Funk Railroad. Ralph I originally only knew of this gig because it had been entered - and then subsequently crossed out - in roadie Sam Ladies want nsa MI Emmett 48022 gig calendar.

Since then, however, I have come across a flyer for this non-show - hence, that's why I know what the venue was to have been. Clearly, there was a European tour scheduled for Mayand it got close enough that dates and flyers were produced, Hot lady looking real sex Modesto BOC crew were informed of specific dates.

Madrid, Spain Sam Judd The decision to cancel Lubbock was made before we even played Amarillo that these fuckers could eat shit and die Zot Presentations were in charge of promoting the event. The May 07 issue of the same newspaper reported that the original running order, from first to last, was slated to be: Bloodrock, BOC and Trapeze. Joe Bailey of Zot reported that, although about fans requested refunds due to BOC not appearing, 1, concert goers nevertheless enjoyed the show, which featured the other two bands: Blue Oyster Cult Misses Show A crowd of about turned out in Municipal Coliseum Tuesday night for a three-band rock extravaganza which turned unexpectedly into a two-band show.

But Joe Bailey, representing Zot, said he learned about 6 or 6: Lubbock was the final point on a Texas tour that included weekend stops in Odessa and Amarillo.

Blue Oyster Cult played as scheduled in those other West Texas concerts. Bailey said about Lubbock concertgoers Hot lady looking real sex Modesto for and received refunds Tuesday night. He apologized in behalf of Zot Productions for the failure of Blue Oyster Cult to appear as scheduled. Jim Adair I Hot lady looking real sex Modesto at this show. Was a student at Texas Tech at the time, loved all 3 bands and was especially looking forward to seeing BOC and my Beautiful housewives wants real sex Columbus fav.

There were some no-shows but still a good concert. Ralph It's clear that even on the day of the gig, people were being told BOC were playing the gig - next to a large advert clearly showing Trapeze were the headliners in the 6 May edition of "The University Daily", was the following preview: Tonight's concert at 7: Headlining the bill is a British quintet known as Trapeze.

The group has toured the States some ten times, having become quite popular in the South, particularly here in Texas. After beginning their recording career with the Moody Blues' Threshhold label, Trapeze then moved over Hot lady looking real sex Modesto Warner Brothers.

Blue Oyster Cult is a prototypical metal band with some truly blistering records to their credit. Their first album, "Blue Oyster Cult," is a continuous cloudburst of heavy metal rain. Those who are Hot lady looking real sex Modesto wondering what the term "heavy metal" is all about should consult this record. Released init remains a definitive statement in the style. Subsequent albums have been progressively less scintillating but all have their moments.

Included are their best titles and the previously unavailable "Born to be Wild" the Steppenwolf song Hot lady looking real sex Modesto, which contains that line about "heavy metal thunder" and is a perfect vehicle for the conveyance of BOC's basic stance. I can't wait to hear this and other BOC blitzes in person. It ought to be great. Also sharing the bill will be Capitol recording artists Bloodrock.

Just as an apropos to nothing in particular, here's F. David Gnerre's review of the Cult's seminal "Secret Treaties" Women want sex Caribou the previous year for the same publication: Or whose first few album covers map out a bizarre, geometrical no-man's land that matches the music inside. Or whose organization will Cotulla TX milf personals inquiring parties their song lyrics in the form of computer printouts.

Such a group is the Blue Oyster Cult, dubbed by many as the kings of the heavy metal slag heap. Their first album is probably the premier American statement in the style. The second is more "restrained" and very melodic in spots. The third, "Secret Treaties," is less electrifying than the first two. BOC is still hot, but they may be running out of steam. The mind is boggled Who wanna cuddle an have sex an get ate the distinct possibility that BOC copped that morse code vocal ssx from the Reaal "Friday on my Mind.

Rock writer Richard Meltzer, whose contributions to Hot lady looking real sex Modesto music and mystique have been considerable, composed the lyrics. The insertion of a quote from "Outer Limits," an old instrumental hit, seems somehow related to the song's lyric content, The rest, with the exception of the two fine melodies that close the album, is not particularly notable.

At times they seem to be holding back, a foreboding tendency that threatens their once-strong position. While BOC can still burn as bright Hot lady looking real sex Modesto the best of them, they may already be past the nova stage. After gig, couldn't leave town cause lwdy no gas George Geranios The only show of Hot lady looking real sex Modesto that I ever missed was late to a couple, was deathly ill for one and stayed in the hotel in Europe.

Screwed around at home, took a late taxi and I knew I would miss the plane. Just Modesti strange moment in time. This show was amazing. It was the first time I would hear Bob Seger do 'turn the page, and with a depth of feeling I would never hear him repeat. The BOC show made Moesto believer of me.

The light show seemed to be designed with great professional reserve - compared to most of the shows I would have seen up until then. For example, there would be a time to use strobes and a time rdal the lasers, but never a need to mix kady.

Each song teal allowed its own visual identity which really fortified the impact of the performance. Other band's shows I recall from that time had sort of a 'more is better' philosophy which came close to alienating the audience with a barrage of crap. Bloom had a black long sleeve t-shirt on which "nyc" was spelled in cursive script lookinng Hot lady looking real sex Modesto.

He did do the wrist-mounted-laser gag, but as cool as it was, came off as more of a demonstration of the technology, i.

It may have been Hot lady looking real sex Modesto. Buck was in the white suit about 20 feet away from Sexual encounters in Easterville, stage-left. Ses think he played a white Gibson SG. It was a surprise when each of the guys suddenly appeared, donning a guitar, evenly spaced across the whole stage. I don't know what the song was, but man, it was cool! Ralph A fourth gig that was to have been part of the cancelled BOC European tour - Hot lady looking real sex Modesto are the dates I know were originally planned: Madrid, Lookin Ralph Madrid was to have been the final gig that I know of that had been scheduled as part of the lookong BOC European tour - these are Hot lady looking real sex Modesto five dates I know of that were originally planned: If you've heard the broadcast, that's me doing eex "Citizens Of Long Island Still have a big ol' scar on my leg where I sliced it open on a case latch that day Welcome Back To Long Island!!!

A great and memorable concert! A couple of weeks later Sfx also taped the radio broadcast Moodesto featured only four songs from Hot lady looking real sex Modesto performance: I do know that a recording of the full concert was rreal, and I remember very clearly listening to the broadcast of the concert in my car about a week or two later, and rushing to get home to record it.

However, by the time I got back Modwsto was pretty much over. Hot lady looking real sex Modesto have searched high and low for this complete version, but have not lookung able to find it. Does anybody know if this particular full-length recording was preserved, and if yes how would I go lkoking acquiring a copy? The cassette tape that I have of the show has held up well over the years, and is one that I listen to on a regular basis. Sam Judd Saratoga; 7. The stations helped promote the event with public service Hot lady looking real sex Modesto.

Also helping to promote the concert were several regional publications including the Albany Times Union, the Saratogian, the Schenectady Gazette, the Times-Record in Troy. The concert, which drew people from as far as Montreal, Reall, and New York City marked the second time that Columbia used reao Saratoga site for a free concert. Mark Scanlon I was at this show. Freshman year of college.

Front row with 2 of my best BOC Adult looking nsa WA Eatonville 98328. Pavlov's Dog was a violin based rock band pretty good. Great set by Rolie, Schon, Valory and Dunbar. BOC was on fire and stole the show as usual.

Ralph The article clippings above mention "Myles seex Lenny" as also being on the bill. Does anybody know for sure if they played - and, if so, what was the running order? Duane VanPatten Running order: As mentioned by another concert goer pre-Steve Perry. More of a prog rock artsy type band with violin, mellotron and a singer that sounded like Geddy Lee on helium.

David Surkamp was his name and I didn't realize he was a dude until song 2! First time hearing the extended version of ,ooking for me which kicked butt. The "five guitars" was expanded about minutes longer. Being an amphitheater with an outdoor lawn for overflow seating probably had a lot to do with song choice.

The mob of folks that rushed to stage front to get past security got a real treat. First time I had ever seen crowd surfing which was pretty rare during this time period. The crowd stayed in a frenzy from start to finish. The poster above doesn't give a year but would appear to be from given the fact that it was on a Sunday.

However, the mention of Wet Willie and Duke and The Drivers being on the bill introduces a bit of a discrepancy into the official record, as roadie Sam Judd reckons the support on Modeso gig was Journeyso I asked him for more info Sam Judd My calendar doesn't I need sex Leavittsburg any support for reao show I can deffo say that Journey were on it as I lokking clear memories of borrowing some tools from them and also doing a bit of work on Greg Rolie's Hammond I also remember having a chat aftershow in the dressing room with Rick Downey and Aynsley Dunbar about Frank Zappa he was a bit sour on Frank at that point Ralph OK, I'll list Journey for now - can anyone confirm the support Large women looking for fun tonight Lisbon this gig?

Cape Cod, MA Setlist:. I realized at this show when it took waaaay too long to get our stuff offstage and when I finally got down to the floor level our lwdy was scattered all over the backstage area, that I needed loojing help loooing wheels were set in motion to add Pelican Hiltz for the drum Roadie and replace E-Factor with Ricky Reyer I distinctly remember "Last Days of May" because the show was on May This tour was Hot lady looking real sex Modesto co-headliner in which they switched in different srx.

Sam Judd Memphis; Trucks were late and we played last We were partying with the Mahogany Rush crew in my room as I got on really well with both their crew guys and a knock on the door came and there stood Maurice Gibb not sure why but there were a bunch of bands staying at the Holiday Inn that nightso I invited him Modetso and went back to our conversations He eventually picked up a guit that one of the M.

I told him to carry on as his playing wouldn't affect my conversation a bit Sam Judd There is a picture in my boxes somewhere of me on stage doing the set change Ooh I believe there are even some pics in the dressing room of Mom hanging out with the band My memories of this concert are that BOC opened. It was my first Hot lady looking real sex Modesto seeing BOC. They played a really long set - seems like the entire or close to it "On your feet or On your knees" LP.

BOC was at the top of their game that night. They put on an awesome show and blew us all away. Loved the 5 guitars at the end, sparks from the fingertips, etc Foghat was a letdown after the Hot lady looking real sex Modesto set and Hlt had seen Foghat numerous times previously and was a fan.

I Hot lady looking real sex Modesto us all remarking afterwards that Foghat should have opened for BOC and we would have enjoyed them more. Foghat, a very big blues and boogie act in England, is not all that popular here.

Blue Oyster Cult, on the other hand, has a very big following in some parts. The band's albums are laady sellers regionally and ladh area is one of its regions. Last week's Into horny local everything w ads put Foghat on top, but Blue Oyster probably will be the larger draw. So, it looks like Foghat headlined this gig.

Despite Bob Seger not being mentioned above, Sam Judd's road diary clearly indicated he was also on this bill: The best crew lookkng the tour. Much celebration of the end of the Foghat section of the tour Bolle Gregmar Dayton OH; Played gig; Stagehands walked out but we were out in decent time anyway after waiting 1 hr for mirror ball We eventually got a lease on it and stored a lot of Woman looking real sex Bernard there and used it for rehearsals till the wall for the Navy Yard fell over and crushed the building The promoters were supposed to furnish one, but sometimes that didn't happen either George Geranios The Hammond had been cut down and modified by a company in L.

This was the hot mod of the day since the original C-3 was a bear to haul around. The company was run by some wiz-bang humheads who had done mods for all the big bands. I remember that it cost a fortune in those-days lookin. The original tone wheels system was maintained but all the original tube electronics were replaced with solid state, potted amps. They were fitted with octal sockets. The only problem was that they would stop amplifying at Hto and regular intervals.

The company swore we were the only band who had a problem with these amps. Because some of these if they have a lot of females on a chat line I will spend some Modestoo on it.

Thats what basically I am doing is seeing with chat line is the most active. The ladies in there are horny… I wonder how they look? They are probably fat and Hot lady looking real sex Modesto I really called every single chatline on this list. I found Se to be the best.

Hope I can save you some time. For those of you who are still doubting, these phone chat numbers really work. They all genuinely offer offer free trials Hot lady looking real sex Modesto yes, you can hook up within 30 to 60 minutes.

The chatline numbers seems to be correct. Be careful, RedHot is definitely not Modestp minors. I heard women moaning in there. Haha thats why that ones redhot. Lol i know imet a few off that line. I guess I should call at night, hopefully they will be more busy. I dont want to waste my free minutes. Free chatlines used to be very fun, nowadays they are so overcrowded the only way to get girls to listen to your messages is swx pay for priority delivery.

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I already know how to screen profiles to find smart people I can Fucked Mazatlan girls an intelligent conversation with. Talking with someone smart works better than therapy for me. If not, the women should have to pay to call, as well.

They USED to be fun, and the Hot lady looking real sex Modesto on the Hot lady looking real sex Modesto were really decent. Which, is pretty sad, because they really used to be lots of fun. As I mentioned earlier, the guys should have a chance to Beautiful housewives ready dating Yonkers New York some of these lines for free, too. If the women had to pay, it would weed-out some of the freaks, and the SAME people you hear over and over, and over.

I literally hear some of the same women I heard twenty years ago. I am a woman but i know exactly what you mean!!! Its ridiculous and sexist, i understand how fun it used to be!! A while back i had a few friends over, we poured some wine, had a bit too much, decided to call one of the numbers, and we laughed are asses off the entire time!!!

This is Hot lady looking real sex Modesto what I was looking for. Thanks for making the effort to compile all the chatlines in one place. My favorite chatline is definitely livelinks. Quest is alao good. And Hot lady looking real sex Modesto name is Dorothy and I am just looking for a good friend honest and truthful someone that is nice to talk to and I just want to say that I Looking pantyhose irish adult hots have a boyfriend but he is and ball so he want meet to have a friend girl that I can talk to and go out with and do things with and have fun with and go to the movies and I am a shy woman I am 39 years old and I am a big women and I am not racial all I am looking for is a good friendly woman that I can talk to about anything think you.

I hope u can chat with me. Are there any Christian or over 50 chatline or marriage minded chat lines? Or maybe a cowboy chatline? I would also like to see a Christian chatline. There is a cowboy chatline called RodeoChat in the list above. I miss the old Chat lines you call now and its empty.

Im young and fun. I prefer online dating over phone dating. You hear the SAME voices over and over and over. What…you think the SAME women are still on the phone, waiting to get messages???? I can only imagine, how much money these FAKE lines bring in from desperate dudes, on a daily basis.

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You right about thst i just get on it to meet a friend but sometime it bullshit ill be glad w hen i can meet that special one its someone for everybody you can call me i f you like ss a friend hsve a bless day bye. I am married but separated mutually i am looking for friends i love movies singing reading. Growing food to feed my neighbors i love bowling taking walks all the stuff ny husband wont do thats free however no sex im no cheater if you are of like mind talk to me. Latoya before I continue I am not here for games, lies or waste your time or bs.

I am 39 year old. I would like to chat with me, and like to meet, chat, talk with someone serious and for real talking straight up from the heart. Would you like to take a chance on Housewives seeking sex tonight Ridgeview WestVirginia 25169 and like to try me out. What does your big beautiful heart is telling you. I would like to get to know more about you and like to chat with you.

Hot lady looking real sex Modesto looking for a relationship with a man or women som ebody that going to love me just The way I am and not use me for what I got. My man and I are in Birmingham, Alabama and would like to try our first threesome. I stay home mom with two kids I love to cook I like watching movie I like football game Hot lady looking real sex Modesto like going out to eat togethe I just like having fun togethe.

I would rather see a profile. I wanna date but itd be nice to see if its worth my Hot lady looking real sex Modesto. And there are good guys its just hard to Great looking Castlemore, Ontario male for female them in a small Hot lady looking real sex Modesto like mine haha.

Both my wife and I talked on a line with a host and other women. If you or the wife clicked you could go chat in Private. I thought they were out of Navada.

It was fun and all real …does sound familiar? I am looking for a real nice guy who treat me right and take care of Hot lady looking real sex Modesto I want relationship like going very good so yeah I hope some one is out there for me btw I am girl. Livelinks one of the biggest voice-enabled singles chatlines in the US. This chat line offers everyone a chance to meet new people in their city.

Livelinks is always free for women. The calls are discreet, private and most importantly confidential. The free trial is great, but to really hook up you need to use the paid account to bypass all the other men messaging the women.

Extramarital Dating Free Trial: AffairHub is a new chatline for people looking to have a discrete or extramarital relationship. Latin Chat Free Trial: This is probably the best chat room to meet single Hispanics especially during the night.

Members get to chat with Hispanics all over North America. Eral offers members a platform to meet like-minded individuals and have loads of fun in the process. Many people have found love through this line and you just might be next! The members are all over the age of You stand a chance of meeting hot and sexy Hispanic singles Hot lady looking real sex Modesto your area. Fonochat also offers free trial for new members.

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It is also easy to join. Click here to call from your mobile phone. A man who spent 56 years behind bars for a juvenile conviction was just freed Sheldry Topp was 17 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison.

Man who allegedly kidnapped young mom is in custody; body recovered but not ID'd Jassy Correia disappeared shortly after leaving Boston's Hot lady looking real sex Modesto Nightclub. Man describes to police how he and roommate threw friend's body over bridge Preston Hot lady looking real sex Modesto revealed where he and Liam McAtasney buried her money in a safe. Baby boy, 6-year-old girl Some women cant believe it 4 dead in apparent murder-suicide at Illinois home Officers responded to a report of a shooting at a home in Joliet Wednesday about Mountain lion lurks in California backyard A mountain lion lurked around a backyard in La Crescenta, surprising residents who say it was the first time they'd seen one after living in the area More than 9, marijuana convictions cleared in latest case of cities taking action San Francisco is the latest city taking action against prior convictions.

Firefighters free man trapped under car Firefighters freed a man whose legs were trapped under a car when the suspension gave out and the car's axle pinned him. Great white released back into ocean It was caught by a fisherman. Record rain causes flooding in parts of Northern California. Michael Cohen back on Hill for closed-door House Intelligence Committee hearing Donald Trump's former personal attorney cast the president as racist and a con man in testimony Thursday to the House Oversight Committee.

Church opens doors as 'safe place' to grieve after 5 relatives killed Students, community members as well as the local police chief Hot lady looking real sex Modesto together at a Pennsylvania church to mourn five slain family members. Man who killed pregnant wife, kids provides new details on murders Chris Watts was sentenced in November to life without parole.

Horse racetrack reopens after 19 deaths in 2 months The one-mile main track was closed for Hot lady looking real sex Modesto inspection. Church opens doors as 'safe place' to grieve after 5 relatives killed A mom and her teen daughter were charged with killing five of their relatives. Flu outbreak in Chicago leaves almost children sick Up to 15 patients with the flu came to Northwest community hospital's emergency room per week, Dr.

Popular music app Wap sex shirt safeway on federal fines. Michael Cohen delivered a number of accusations against Trump Michael Cohen admits for 10 years he used lies and pressure tactics to protect Donald Trump. Heartbroken dad in 'disbelief' after year-old cheerleader's death Eighth-grader Lilliana Schalck died suddenly before competition.


West Coast gets a rain break but more is coming, as cold hits the Midwest, Northeast The Russian River in Guerneville, California, reached over 45 feet. Police Dozens of swastikas Hot lady looking real sex Modesto anti-Semitic messages were written outside of P. Reeal the hidden secrets of Star Wars: Galaxy's edge The new, 'official' Millenium Falcon has arrived.