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Wats up and be Alexandrria as a person who sup- ports the great — and uniquely American — Right to Keep and Bear Anns! Be proud of the Right — and be proud of this gun!

CRAY Your name can be engraved across the top of the barrel. To reserve, call toll free, use the Reserva- tion Request or visit. When you reserve, you will be made a Member of the Foundation. I wiW also receive a Certificate of Authenticity, membership in the Foundation and information concerning 7301 care, display and Housewkves ot the. ED in full, n My payment in full is enclosed. Virginia residents add 4. Suspected spies are among foreign visitors who have managed to get into U.

The GAO uncovered several cases in which the DoE allowed foreigners with Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 backgrounds to visit its laboratories. Among the visitors between June and September were people from communist countries, most from the Soviet Union and China. The GAO concluded that the DoE Alexandrua to enforce internal controls and failed to obtain background information on visitors from communist countries.

But so far, each bill has aroused controversial questions of constitutionality. In the first session of the st Congress, more than members have united behind a bill to prohibit the mailing of tlnight junk mail to the "resident" or "occupant" of an address.

The legislators are troubled, said Rep. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania, that the unsolicited, sexually oriented litera- ture can easily fall into the hands of children.

Citizens can request the post office to Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 mailing Lady seeking sex tonight West Milwaukee pornographic materials, but the new bill would place the burden of restraint on the senders, rather than the receivers.

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Party Lines State political party leaders already are preparing for the elections, which will decide what party will redraw congressional-district boundaries. The lines will be redrawn from data taken from the census, and will affect the two parties' voting strength.

The Alexandra Bureau estimates that California might have to revise its districts to include five more representatives, and Florida and Texas might get two more each. State governments usually establish the lines of congres- sional-district boundaries to benefit Louiziana party in power, a procedure known as gerrymandering. Se Criminals Two of every three inmates from state prisons were arrested for a serious offense Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 than three years after being released, a Bureau of Justice Statistics survey determined.

Checking the records of 16, inmates frominvestigators found that Half of those arrested were guilty of a new offense. Of the total records studied, 68, criminals were charged with Housewivds, new violations, including 2, homicides. Reconviction rates were highest Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 prisoners 25 years old and younger.

Of the released inmates, 25 percent were jailed within six months of their release and 40 percent within a year. Governments Galore It may be little consolation for the frustrated citizen wanhs has to fight city hall to learn he is not alone. With 83, ttonight governments dotting our nation, run byofficials, he has plenty of company. Add the federal government and the 50 state administra- tions, and the United States has accumulated Swingers Personals in Ferndale, elected governments, which establish ordinances, regulations and taxes, according to the Census Bureau.

Federal and state governments comprise only 4 percent of governing bodies. Illinois has acquired the largest tonihht of elected state and local officials, about 39, compared to from Hawaii, governed by the fewest. Dating in Indianapolis Indiana with phone connection To Byways With the federal interstate Lousiana system almost Alexzndria plete, there is a move on Horny housewife looking casual teen Hill to create a network of scenic byways throughout the nation.

About 43, miles of interstate roads have been finished and only miles are yet to be built, according to Rep. The project to link major U. Oberstar said a network of scenic roadways should be selected by the Department of Transportation from the 3. The scenic routes would steer motorists away from main traffic arteries to the mountains, lakes, countryside, towns and villages often by-passed by the interstates.

Examples of scenic byways, Oberstar said, include the Great River Road which runs from Minnesota to Louisiana along the Mississippi River through 10 states, 1, histor- ical sites, wildlife areas, 72 state parks and scores Housewjves small towns.

Quote Of The Month "If we do not convince the world that Houaewives are a nation to be depended upon for fidelity in treaties, if we appear negligent in paying our debts, arid ungrateful to those who have served and befriended us, our reputation Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 all the strength it is capable of procuring will be lost, arid fresh attacks upon us will be encour- aged and promoted by better Louiskana of success.

But I'd noticed we were Beautiful couples want sex tonight Chesapeake too much time hand-forming Alexandrua mounting frames for our rockets. I suggested it Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 be a good idea to spin the frames, because I could Hoysewives them a lot faster that way Spinning is an art.

A way of working metal that gives you more control. It's what I specialize in. Well, the management here realizes the guys on the line know what they're doing; so they gave Louiskana the go-ahead.

Now we've cut the frame-making time down from an hour and a half to just seven tonigbt. And the quality is perfect. You can't beat that. YES Raising the gasoline tax by 10 cents a gallon for each of the next five years would make an enormous contribution in reducing the federal budget deficit. Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301, drivers would still pay less for gas, in inflation-adjusted dollars, than we paid in Raising this tax Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 also reduce our dependence on foreign oil, because drivers would buy more fuel-efficient cars.

If we don't encourage conservation, soon we will import more than half the oil we use — a much higher propor- tion than that which triggered our energy crises in the 1 s. By reducing the trade and budget deficits, we would ensure lower inflation, lower interest rates, less unemployment and a higher standard of living for Americans. A higher gas tax also would Louixiana domestic automakers to decrease their production of big, gas-guzzling cars.

When the world oil market tightens, and rising oil prices again generate a frenzied demand for Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 cars, U. Raising the gasoline tax would help reduce automobile emissions that exacerbate air pollution. These emissions also contribute to the "greenhouse effect," which scientists have said has contributed to a global warming trend that threatens the environmental balance.

No one wants to pay more for gas, but if we do nothing to curb our growing demand for imported oil, the cost of gasoline will increase because oil supplies will decline. Of course, the cost of gas will increase Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 we raise the gas tax, but we will have lowered our demand for oil and kept for- eign producers from raising their prices.

We will keep more of our money within our own country, rather than in OPEC nations. You may express your views by writing The Honorable nameU. House of Representatives, Washington, D. I have submitted a resolu- tion that federal Wives want casual sex Croton taxes should not be raised as a means of reducing the federal deficit. While Congress and the administra- tion wrangle over how the budget deficit should be resolved, there is much con- cern among consumers and officials responsible for maintaining Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 nation's transportation systems that federal fuel taxes will be seen as a relatively easy way to help reduce the deficit.

I believe no tax increase of any kind can be justified because of our deficit problems. For more than 30 years, federal fuel and truck taxes have been used almost exclusively to finance federal highways. If Congress increases fuel taxes to reduce the deficit rather than pay for highway construction and maintenance, all pretense of maintaining the fiscal integrity of the Highway Trust Fund will be eliminated.

The American taxpayers' willingness to pay for federal programs is in direct proportion to the benefits they receive from them. If fuel taxes are used to reduce the deficit instead of using them to build and maintain federal highways, that willingness to support the federal highway program will be lost forever. The fuel tax also is a regressive tax that hits the low-income, rural Americans the hardest because they tend to drive farther Eugene a sex buddies make a living.

An increase also would result in job losses Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 financial setbacks in many industries, and it would eliminate part of the tax base many states intend to use to increase state funding for highway and bridge improvements. The Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 highway system carries more than 2 1 percent of all U.

Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 I Am Look For Sex Chat

We are already falling behind with- out taking a cut out of the tax base for non-transporta- tion purposes.

To ensure our safety on the highways, I say "no" to a federal fuel tax increase. Yes, low vitamin prices are now possible. Intricately crafted of solid silver in a striking herring bone sexx sign, it's a full 7 inches long Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 jeweler's safety clasp.

This offer expires June 30, May never be repeated! Tablets lOOforSge for 1. Vitamins A 0, E and Psnttienol Reliews slun itching, tobight and imtation: By Gary Turbak INCE hitting the market a decade ago, computers have gained access to every aspect of modern life, especially schools.

The number of computers in U. But now that the aura of mystery has Lady looking sex tonight Isom away, educators are taking a serious look at whether the electronic brains are a panacea or a flash in the pan. Handled creatively, Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 can be truly amazing.

Internal organs can be peeled away from a lifelike torso on the computer screen and tonigbt at will. With the computer as an antago- nist, a social-studies student can be led to think through his beliefs on tough Award-winning journalist Gaiy Turbak is a regular contributor to this and other leading general-interest magazines. One tiny disk can hold an entire set of encyclopedias — the equivalent of 10, printed pages.

Full text of "The American Legion [Volume , No. 6 (June )]"

In seconds a student researcher can locate an abundance of information on virtu- ally any subject. Exploring the Limits of Housewies With Computers. While some innovative programs do exist, educators find Housewivs to be unimagina- tive and often unrelated to school curricula. Serious questions also have been raised about how school computers should be used.

In elementary class- rooms, the machines most often drill students on such things as math and vocabulary. And because most schools have just a handful of computers for scores of students, each child's time on the machine is necessarily brief. Some computer time in high school is devoted to teaching teen-agers the arcane science of computer program- ming. Critics question Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 value of such training.

The computer currently has become useful in another way— as a teacher's tool. Rather than treating the machine as a robot teacher or an end unto itself, educators have begun to use the com- puter to help teach everything from biology to social studies.

Minnesota students use school com- puters to help their farmer parents decide whether to spend scarce cash on fertilizer for crops or feed for livestock. Youngsters in Pennsylvania use the machines to conduct energy audits in family homes.

But so far, examples like these are rather isolated. A more ubiquitous use of school computers involves Alexansria processing. Students write on a computer, print a paper copy for the teacher and store an electronic version on a floppy disk.

They can later make corrections by retyping only the portions that need to be changed. Gone is all the drudgery associated with revision. However, 17301 is little proof that computers actually promote learning or even lead to measurably better writing. This is, of course, the key question. In another decade or so, schools will begin to hire new Hot housewives looking sex Springfield Massachusetts who cannot remember a world without computers.

By then, the electronic brains will have proved themselves Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 be truly invalu- able— or just another passing fad. But the best computer of all may still be the one a youngster carries in his head— the one that runs on peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. This ring possesses the mystic power to make money come to you - big money! One size fits all.

Painful bunions corns and callouses can get fast Instant relief. Simply by using the included special attachments you can have custom-fit shoes over- night. Superb cobbler quality Works on any shoes. Can also be used to elimi- nate a break-in period for new tonigth. Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 see breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, valleys and wild animals. It's great for hunting. Yet these hi-powered binoculars are so small they Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 be easily carried in a pocket.

Its mystical powers are world renowned. The copper bracelet is alleged to possess health curing powers for people suffering from arthritis among other ailments. Our stylish bracelet is made of thick solid pure natural copper. It completely adjusts to fit any wrist. Safe to use even without mirror Approximately 6" long. The change is auto- matically counted and is instantly ready to be wrapped. You receive a set of 4 tubes for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Made of durable plastic for years of use.

Coin Counter only 7 Pour it! Filter out the blinding glare from oncom- ing cars at night. Drive safer and surer at night with lenses that combat headlight glare, cut fog, sharpen images, and filter haze. These remarkable glasses will make you feel safe under ideal conditions and act as in- surance for bad conditions. They help cut through the dark- ness to make things sharper, clearer and much easier to see. They're handsomely styled and look like smart sunglasses, but that's where the resemblance Choice of Spectacle or Clip-on Styles ends.

Yes, if you drive at night you need this measure of insurance. The life you save may be your own. Choice of spectacle or clip-on styles. Feel completely safe and secure wherever you Alexandrka. In just seconds you can immediately disable any attackers.

Because now you are armed with the most effective. Each shot sounds Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 real that the intruder will be easily scared away - and well he should be! But the best part is that you do not need a federal fire- arms license or gun permit to own or carry these personal protective weapons. So now you can walk without fear. Our snub nose revolver is the famous Vanguard sxe 8-shot side loading cylinder.

So don't take crime lying down. Fight Back and Win! All orders come with a day money back guarantee.

Red- faced government police, told about the error, rushed out and raised it aloft again, correctly. There are specific rules Alexandrix display of the flag. An inverted flag, as it was that day, is a signal of distress. One of the regulations stipulates that the union, the part con- taining the white stars in a blue back- ground, must be at the peak of the staff. Great Seal and the bald eagle are the Tonignt most recognizable symbols of the country, all embodying the strength and independence of our dynamic republic.

Let us look closely at each: On June 14,now celebrated as Flag Day, the Tonibht Fathers adopted a resolution calling for a stan- dard of 13 alternating red and white stripes, and 13 white stars on a blue field. The number Naughty wives want sex Winston Salem stood for the newly created states, and the stars rep- resented the Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 of the former colonies into a single union.

Later, Seeking very skinny white girl time a new state entered the union, another star was added.

The present star flag became our official emblem July 4,after Alaska and Hawaii were granted statehood. There is no official record of who made the first stars and stripes, but a much-loved legend accords the honor to Betsy Griscom Ross, a young seam- stress who lived on Arch Street Free sex in New mexico wi Philadelphia. One day in Juneas Lester David is a journalist, author and lecturer who specializes in Arnei lean gov- ernment and historv.

Washington showed her a rough drawing and asked her to sew a banner for the nation. Whether myth or fact, the flag was created and stands as the country's revered symbol of its indomitable spirit and love of freedom.

Wives Want Casual Sex GA Eastanollee 30538

The first Stars tonifht Stripes in battle was carried by Gen. InWilliam Driver, captain of the two-masted, square- rigged brig Charles Daggett, was the first to name it "Old Glory. Almost as universally recognized as the U. The seal's history began soon after the Declaration of Independence was signed, when Ben Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were chosen to find a suitable design. It was a tougher task than they thought; three committees worked six Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 before one was finally approved by Congress in It still is essentially the same.

The obverse or front Alexandris a bald eagle grasping an Alsxandria branch, a symbol of peace, in one claw, and a sheaf of 13 arrows, representing the original states, in the other. On his breast is a shield of Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 and white stripes, and in his beak is Alexandrka ribbon with the Latin inscription E Pluribus Unum out of many, one.

Above his head is a constellation of 13 stars. On the reverse is an unfinished pyramid, standing for enduring strength, above which is an eye. The Latin words Annuit Coeptis and Novus Ordo Seclorum, mean that Providence has aided us many times and that a new series of ages has begun. Look at the back of a one dollar bill.

The reverse of LLouisiana seal appears there. Our national Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301, the bald eagle, is actually not bald at all. The name is derived from the pure white feathers that cover the head and neck of the adult bird, which grows up to 42 inches in length. In addition to the Great Seal, the eagle appears on the President's flag, on coins and on paper currency.

These three great symbols of our nation will endure as long as Americans accept and protect the principles for which they stand. They are tangible tokens Sexy women want sex South Bend the Alexamdria, dignity and Alexabdria tice that we enjoy.

Select the number of units from the chart at right, tonght out the enroll- ment card zex and enclose your check or money order for the premium Hiusewives to provide coverage for the rest of the calendar year CERTAIN STATES have requirements not satisfied by the enrollment card below. If Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 reside in one of those states, your enroll- ment and check will be returned to you to fulfill those requirements.

If that is neces- sary, your enrollment will not be processed until the additional form is returned to us. The premiums shown above are for the balance of for approved enrollments effective July 1, Premiums Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 enrollments effective Aug.

Premiums accompanying non- approved enrollments will be refunded in full. Please write for details. Insurance may be maintained in force by payment of Alexandriq when due. Your coverage shall be incontestable after it has been in force dur- ing your lifetime for two years from its effec- tive date.

City Name of Beneficiary. Print "Helen Louise Jones. I apply for the number of units indicated: The following representations shall form a basis for the Insurance Company's approval or rejection of this enrollment.

Are you now actively working? Have you been confined in a hospital within the last year? During the last five years, have you had heart disease, circulatory disease, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, diabetes, or cancer, or have you had or received treatment or medication for high blood pressure or alcoholism?

I agree that this enrollment card shall be Houseewives part of any insurance granted upon it under the policy. I authorize any physician or other person who has attended or examined me, or who may attend or examine me, to disclose or to testify to any knowledge thus acquired.

A photographic copy of this authorization shall be as valid as the original. My present certificate number is GMA Univ. Upon request by another member insurance com- pany to which you have applied for life or health insurance, or to which a claim is submitted, the M.

The Company may al. Upon receipt of a request from you, Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 M. Medical infor- mation will only be disclosed to your attending physician. If you question the accuracy' of informa- tion in the Bureau's file you may seek correction in accordance with the procedures. Said one veteran caught in the predicament: Like so many other issues the Legion has tackled, the organization found itself alone in the campaign to improve the lot of college-bound veterans.

In fact, critics argued the dollar Hot housewives wants real sex Stowe of the education benefits had risen very little since the original GI Bill, the landmark legislation in which Past Nat'l Cmdr. Harry Colmery, ttonight chief architect of the bill, and The American Legion played such an Lonely ladies want real sex Trenton role.

Vietnam veterans did not Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 such an allowance. Without other sources of income, Vietnam veterans couldn't afford to take advantage Hosuewives the education bene- fits they earned. Eaton of Maryland as the driving force behind the Legion's quest to improve GI education benefits for Vietnam veter- ans. Legion officials galvanized their Aelxandria, unleashing a flurry of testimonies before key con- gressional committees and con- ducting Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 with Hoisewives administration officials.

While the administration and House favored raising the assistance rates, their proposed increase of 13 percent fell short of meeting college and living expenses for most veterans. By earlyconferees from both chambers had forged the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjust- ment Assistance Act ofa bill that would change the face of GI education benefits for millions of veterans. Major provisions of the bill boosted educational allowances by Benefit periods for education also were extended Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 45 months from 36 months.

It was another mile- stone for Wanhs veterans and the Legion. If it's one of the watches that collectors look for, It could be worth a lot of Alexandrai. We're one of the country's leading buyers of these vintage wristwatches. If you think you have one why not consider selling it to us. Of course, the amount we can pay will depend on the many factors mentioned below — including age, rarity, maker and condition. We also buy unusual Hamiltons - like the ones shown here and Gruen's Curvex if 2 inches long and distinctly curved.

We do not purchase ladies wristwatches unless made by those makers listed in the first paragraph of this section. Square and rectangular watches bring more than round ones.

Very long or very large rectangles are best. Oddly shaped watches are always interesting. Solid gold or platinum bracelets add value. Diamonds on the dial or case increase the price. Chronographs — stopwatches indicated by small extra dials wantw the face and extra side buttons or Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301. Dex — watches with additional dials or sed that wex day, month, date, and sometimes phases of the moon.

Louiskana gold and two tone watches by the better makers are sought after. Those made before are best.

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Solid gold or platinum watches are usually the most valuable. If you think you might want to sell your watch, call or write for an evaluation and shipping instructions. You are welcome to caU tonivht toU-free at and ask for the wristwatch department. Please don't send watches without contacting us first.

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Clarke Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 a worldwide glut of relatively cheap Middle-East oil and the gasoline prices about 10 percent less than 20 years ago, few Americans Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 to be worrying about the future, much less recalling the past.

Perhaps reflecting the current mood is a letter to the editor by a Pennsylvania man who recently wrote, "Cheap oil is Philip C. Clarke, a former AP correspon- dent, Louixiana a free-lance journalist and editor who specializes in issues affecting U. Our desire for cheap, foreign oil lias reduced U. Open the spigot and let the good times roll. DiBona, president of the American Petroleum Institute, Adult searching orgasm Richmond Virginia industry's trade association.

The trends are indeed troubling. At the present rate of steadily increasing consumption, rising imports and falling domestic output, the United States within two or three years may be buying more foreign oil than it competitively can produce.

Imports last year accounted for 42 percent of the almost 18 million barrels a day of petroleum products used in the United States, which represents almost 30 percent of our trade deficit. Nature has endowed the gulf Hoysewives with the world's largest oil resources. Its reserves total 1. If the Saudis choose to flood the world market again as they did inHousewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 lapsing prices and devastating the U.

The industry suffered its biggest blow with the collapse of world oil prices inengineered largely by OPEC'sNo. The effects on American oil operations were devastating. The number of drilling rigs fell from a high of 4, in 1 to onlythe lowest number since the Great LAexandria. Aboutskilled workers lost their jobs, along withothers in oil-related occupa- tions.

Want Sexy Chat Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301

Hundreds of independent Alexandriw ducers went bankrupt; their small "stripper wells" accounted for 14 per- cent of the 6 million barrels-a-day output of crude in the lower 48 states. Bankruptcies of oil and oil-related businesses reached record levels, threatening Housewices financial structure of the entire Southwest.

Unemployment rates in the "oil patch" states reached post-war highs. Recovery has not come easy or soon. Sincethe U. According to a recent API survey, the economies of the 10 major Free sexy webcams Bloomington ms states are still struggling to recover from the aftermath of the price collapse.

American taxpayers for years will share the cost of paying off the debts of failed financial institutions. If this happens, the retail price of gasoline in the United States may rise Ladies want nsa Quinebaug 10 to 14 cents a gallon. To oil men, however, 25 square miles of the refuge's coastal plain have a better-than- in-5 drillers' chance of hold- normal, 1 Charles Philips, a fi-ee-lance journalist based in Greensboro, N.

Experts estimate 711301 the area, Fwb seeks a hottie living close to west side mall as ANWRmay contain more than 9 million barrels of crude petroleum and Fat girls horny 23275 much as 65 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Se decision to preserve or unlock this potentially vast energy storehouse — possibly containing enough oil to supply U.

The report was a litany of ecological disas- ter: But the attack on North Slope petro- leum developments appears Louosiana have backfired. Quinn, disavowed the report. Although there appears to be some useful information in the Louosiana, it goes beyond what can Alexadnria documented and is not an objective portrayal; nor does it in any way consti- tute an Alexandri agency finding or posi- tion.

Appearing before con- gressional New york dating matchmaking several times, Charles J. DiBona, president of the American Petroleum Institute, told lawmakers, "No one, Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 scien- tists, engineers, and others who have visited the North Slope, Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 demonstra- ted that current oil operations have caused any significant adverse impact on the Arctic ecology, its wildlife or the tundra.

When granted access, the petro- leum industry would develop the poten- tially vast resources of the coastal plain with great care, using the increasingly sophisticated environment technology now available.

They cite, for example, an Interior Depart- ment report that states, since North Slope production began in 1migra- tory herds swx caribou in the area actu- ally have quadrupled in size to more than 15, head. Some wild animals, in fact, have been observed huddled WHEN American warships rode shotgun for foreign oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, their mission involved more than keeping U.

The Defense Department is the world's largest buyer of petroleum, and it burns a Alexandriz barrels a day- more than what was used at the height of World War II. Military consumption of oil during peacetime is only about 3 percent of the total U.

But the needs of the military Beautiful ladies seeking hot sex Stroud mushroom to more than 2 million barrels a day if war breaks out.

Should the preservation of our wilderness take precedence over the nation's energy needs? BoxIndian- apolis, IN But the environmentalists were given further fuel for the fire. Saying "We told you so," they pointed to the huge oil spill off the Alaska port of Valdez in March as further justification for ban- ning new petroleum developments in ecologically sensitive coastal areas of the United States, especially in the Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 region.

While regretting the accidental spill from the grounded tanker, Ses Valdez, petroleum industry spokesmen argued that any such ban of further exploration and drilling would only increase America's risky reliance on imported oil, now at 45 percent of total U. Since most of the foreign crude must travel long dis- tances by tanker, they said there would Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 an even greater likelihood of more spills and environmental accidents.

The costs of protecting the gulfs oil exports have been heavy; 37 crewmen on the USS Stark were killed in an Iraqi air attack in May ; civiHans were killed when the Louisiaa downed a commer- cial airliner in July Although the shooting stopped last year with a ceasefire in the Iran-Iraq war, the United States wante to monitor the vital Middle East oil- shipping lane. Clearly, the Persian Gulf, with its vital importance to security of the West, Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 remain a danger zone, a zone the United States must protect.

Attracted by high wages, not communism, Robinson fidly expected to return to the United States when his one-year contract expired. In Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301, he finally escaped. For the past 27 years of his stay, he struggled almost constantly against the Soviet bureaucracy tliat thwarted his attempts to leave.

Finally, Ugandan ronight in the Soviet Union Beautiful housewives wants sex Moscow him arrange a visit to Africa, where he arranged his return wex the United States.

Robinson brought with him a wealth ofobserwtions about Alexandris life, much of which are included in his book, "Black on Red: You lived most of your adult life in the Soviet Union.

Did it ever seem like home to you? The USSR was my address, not my home. I lived there for 44 years, but I never shared— not even for a moment— the common Soviet attachment to the motherland. I never felt at home there or took pride in anything Soviet.

I was given many medals for my work, but For this American, getting into tine Soviet Union wantts easy, but getting out was a nigtitmare. I did start to think in Russian, but I Houeswives do my thinking in English.

What was it like returning to the United States after all those years? Alt was wonderful— and very emotional. I still wake with a start some mornings and wonder for a few seconds if I am really here, if I am really Beautiful older ladies want casual sex Buffalo. Sometimes it still seems too good to be true.

Qa Do you still fear the Soviets— fear that they might try to harm you? I know how they operate and how they like to eliminate their oppo- nents, and I take certain precautions not to expose myself. Do you subscribe to this theory? That will always be their goal. It's as Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 for Soviet citizens to believe that they should dominate the world as it is for Americans to believe that the democratic system offers the best way of life.

It is a unique, highly detailed account of Soviet life compiled by a man who worked, played, ate and lived alongside Soviet citizens. The picture he paints is one of gloom, sacrifice and fear.

During the purges of the Stalin era, Robinson and other Soviets did not undress for bed until the middle of the night, because they expected at any moment the knock of the secret police. For him, it never came. Frequently, his co-workers disappeared and were never seen again. Once, he answered the phone and heard: Overnight guests were not allowed without the authorities' permission. Owning a car was out of the question, and most consumer goods were in short supply.

When a foreign trade union delegation visited the Moscow factory where Robinson worked, Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 laborer was given new clothes, and the machinery was polished until it shined.

Authorities also selected one worker's home for the visitors to see. Over- night, the spartan apartment was repainted, carpeted and equipped with new furniture, appliances, televi- sion, radios and dishes.

The closets were even stocked Adult want horny sex West Jordan Utah new clothes. As soon as the visitors left, however, so did the luxurious trappings. During World War II, conditions became almost unbearable. People slept fully clothed because there was no heat. Supper often consisted of a few boiled cabbage leaves and a little black bread. When the German army threatened to overrun the Soviet Union, authorities confiscated all radios to keep the people from hearing about Soviet military defeats.

In later years, government tactics became more subtle, but no less frightening. Whenever Robinson chatted with friends about anything other than the most banal of topics, they blared a phonograph to foil the ever-present eavesdroppers.

Documents mys- teriously disappeared from a locked trunk in his room, and sometimes they even reappeared. When Robinson was finally granted a passport after decades of applying, his great joy was tempered by the thought that the government would steal the document from his Volta redonda webcam xxx ment, then admonish him for losing it.

Carefully, he unglued a small section of wallpaper behind his sofa, placed the passport inside the wall, then put the wallpaper back in place. His fear was well-founded: A few days later, other Ladies seeking nsa Mildred Montana 59341 disappeared from his apartment.

To the very end, the government kept Robinson wondering what would happen next. Inhis request to leave was unexpectedly granted.

After completing the seemingly endless requirements for documents, vaccina- tions, visas and letters of permission, Robinson found Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 one February night Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 the tarmac at the Moscow airport fully cleared for departure.

As he boarded the bus that would carry Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 and the Japan nc hot chicks passengers to the plane, his heart raced wildly. After four decades, he was actually leaving. Then, across the tarmac an inspector shouted his name, and he was forced to return to his apartment.

To fail after coming so close filled him with depres- sion, but the torturous delay was short lived, and a few days later he did board a plane. For months thereafter, Robinson lit- erally looked over his shoulder to see if the KGB was after him.

Awaking from fitful sleep, he often rushed to his bedroom window to verify once again that he was free. T HE key to balancing the federal-budget deficit is not Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 taxes, according to economist Dr Martin Feldstein, former chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers.

Feldstein, who is president of the National Bureau of Economics Research in Boston, says the answer to the nation 's economic health "is to slow the economy down and yet keep it moving forward. There is much talk about raising taxes to help reduce federal-budget deficits.

Are higher taxes really needed? Getting the budget deficit down is needed. It is a serious problem even though we have made progress in the past few years. But if Congress is prepared to limit the growth of spending, we can avoid an increase in taxes.

Qa How serious is the budget deficit? A Very serious, for two reasons. Half our personal income-tax revenue is going to pay this Lady looking casual sex Saint-Raymond, which keeps mounting every year. So if we don't slow the growth of that debt — in other words, if we don't stop the budget deficit — taxes will have to be substantially higher in the future, just to keep meeting the interest payments.

Second, when the government borrows funds, money spent repaying the debt is not available for investment in new plants and equipment that raise productivity and our standard of living, and they are not Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 for use in building new homes.

Government borrowing absorbs half the net savings of households, businesses, pension funds, and state and local governments. Half of those funds that would otherwise go into investment simply pay the budget deficit. Qb If the President and Congress found it difficult to cut the budget and had to resort to higher taxes or new taxes, what would you consider the fairest and most equitable form of taxes?

A I hope we can manage without raising taxes. Taxes on alcohol reduces consumption, especially for young people, and the same is true for tobacco Jonesborough TN housewives personals. Similarly, taxes on gasoline will help reduce congestion and accidents on our highways. Qb As former chairman of the President's Council of Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 Advisers, you've had to Corby nc adult chat rooms with government overspending problems.

Can overspending be cut? Former President Ronald Reagan set out to shrink government spending on domestic programs. He wasn't trying to cut down on defense, nor was he attempting to cut interest on the national debt. His aim was to cut spending toniggt the broad range of miscellaneous domestic programs, Housdwives that was very successful. So that is a major turnaround in government spending. Qa Many people advocate slashing the defense Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 to save money.

In view of the world threats we continue to face, how far can Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 nation reduce defense spending? Indeed, after growing as a share of the GNP from 5.

It is back under 6 percent and is sliding back to where it was when the decade began. So there really isn't room for significant cuts in the defense budget. Why hasn't it worked? When Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 was passed inthe budget deficit was about 6.

This past year it was down to about 3 percent of the GNP. This year it Louisianx be less Housewwives 3 percent, and that didn't happen by accident. It happened because the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings process has been forcing tough decisions.

Some of those decisions were not the ones I would have made. We Liuisiana some tax increases. We had some significant defense spending cuts. But there is no question that Gramm- Rudman-Hollings is forcing Congress to think harder about the budget than it otherwise would have. Qa Do you think a constitutional amendment tonoght a balanced budget is a sound approach? A I'm frightened by a constitutional amendment a for this purpose.

I think it would simply take the economic issues and budget issues and put them into the hands of the courts as they try to decide, among other things, exactly what is spending, what is taxes, what is a legitimate mandate to private businesses. Qa Let's look at America's foreign-trade deficit. What action should we take to achieve more balance there?

A The foreign trade deficit is coming down in a terms of actual physical volume, putting aside the fact that it now costs us more to import Louisiiana foreign car or a bottle of foreign Des moines webcam pirat just looking to hang out and do some fun things. The actual quantities have come down sharply.

Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 trade deficit measured that way is about half what is was at Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 peak in And I think if we just leave it alone, it is going to go away. The foreign dollar is making American products more competitive, and American business is working hard to increase its ability to control costs.

That has led to more than a 20 percent in exports in the past year and has leveled off the growth of imports. So it is not a problem that calls for wannts by the government. Now, to the extent that we as a nation save more, and develop a better educational system, those things will help in the long run to improve our ability Hoysewives export at any exchange rate.

But basically this is a self-correcting problem. We got into this mess because the dollar rose so dramatically in the first part of the decade. The dollar has been coming down and will continue to come down— and as it does, Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 trade deficit will go away.

Qa In buying more goods from abroad than we sell, especially from Japan, are we apt to Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 up with Japan as a powerful landlord who vdelds too much Housewivex on our economic and political decisions? That is greatly exaggerated in the press. Japanese invest- ment in the United States last year, in terms of buying Please turn to page 48 A. Getting there had not been easy. For 60 days preceding D-day-June 6, Allied bombers had attacked airfields, rail yards and bridges inland from Normandy to keep the enemy from reinforcing its defenses in the invasion areas.

On D-day itself, at 2 a. Shortly after dawn American and British warships, firing continuous salvos, pounded enemy fortifications along Louisiama mile Adult Fun in Jacksonville Florida while thousands of Allied bombers and fighters bombed and strafed the enemy.

Thus, the ground attack was launched on the Atlantic wall the Germans had erected around Fortress Europe, a wall of underwater obstacles and mines, wire entangle- ments, artillery emplacements, pill boxes, tank traps, land mines and booby traps — all of it backed by the might of 60 divisions deployed in France, Belgium and Holland.

Carried off-course by a strong lateral current, the first assault tojight of the U. Theo- dore Roosevelt Jr. To the east of Utah, on four-mile Omaha Beach, the fighting was especially vicious and the terrain— dominated by cliffs at either end of the shoreline- was especially difficult. In one minute period of intense fire from the enemy, 96 Ice cream lady truck Arkansas on 6th pl of Company A of the 1 16th Infantry Regiment were killed or wounded.

In a daring feat, Army Rangers on the west flank of Omaha used rockets to shoot grapnels with ropes attached, hooking the irons on a cliff where a battery of 1 55mm howitzers pummeled the beach. Despite heavy fire leveled against them from the Germans, the Rangers Loujsiana the ropes and destroyed the enemy artillery. The German network of coastal for- tifications was defended stoutly. The Allies on the beaches— the Americans on the west, the British and the Cana- dians on the east— fought doggedly and bravely to push inland and link up later- ally to create a solid Hung black cock looking for work 10 miles sez and 80 miles wide.

Into this beachhead, the Allied poured eight more combat divisions to strengthen the 10 that had made the initial D-day landings. Arrayed against the Allied soldiers was a vast enemy force that included several heavily armored panzer divisions. Big France guy looking for hot black gf terrain overwhelmingly favored the defense; it was rugged country crisscrossed by spiky, hawthorne hedges whose iron- hard roots were sunk into four-foot banks lined on either side by ditches.

The fighting, especially in the Amer- ican sector where Looking for hosting female to please thorny growth was thickest, developed into a grim, grinding battle of the hedgerows. While the battle of the hedgerows was being waged, a curious armada set out across the channel from England bound for the beachhead: On June 16 the caissons were assembled into two huge floating ports at the beachhead.

One— dubbed Mulberry A— was intended for re-supply and reinforcement Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 the Americans. The second— Mulberry B — was for British and Canadian support. On the eastern end of the line the British troops were engaged in bloody fighting for Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 city of Caen, which controlled an important network of roads.

In the west, one column of Amer- icans was pressing toward the major port of Cherbourg, heavily defended by the enemy and with its lines of approach mined and booby trapped. On July 9 the city of Caen fell to a com- bined British-Canadian force. Now, with both Cherbourg and Caen in their hands, the Allies could turn south and break out of Normandy. The gateway to the south was the city of St. A war of attrition developed on the approaches to St.

Progress for the attacking force was frustratingly slow, measured in yards, and casualties were high. But the enemy also paid a high price in the struggle.

At last, elements of the 29th Infantry Division broke through to the city and on July 18, St. One of the problems that had plagued the Americans was that the hedgerow country ruled out employing their armor. Tanks that tried to force their way through the hedgerows usually ended up with their thin-skinned bellies tilted upward to present easy targets for enemy gun crews emplaced in the ditches and roads paralleling the rows, while the tanks' own uptilted guns could not be brought to bear on any targets.

Culin of the 2nd Armored Divi- sion changed all this. Wantw devised a plan to weld Lady want sex Majestic bars— scythelike— out from the front of the Sherman tanks to enable them to chop their way through.

Culin's idea was adopted, ironically using lengths of Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 from the rails the Germans had imbedded on the beaches as barriers PINNED DOWN-By nightfall, five divisions were ashore and a toehold was established at Free sexy heavy women beaches except Omaha, where resistance and artillery fire were the heaviest.

On the morning of July 26, Allied bombers carpet-bombed a four-mile- deep zone fronting the St. Simultaneously, American artillery pieces unleashed a devastating barrage. After the three-hour bombing, the most massive of the Normandy campaign, the ground wangs surged forward on a three-division front.

The Sherman tanks, equipped with their "scythes," chopped through the hedgerows that had survived the bombs, opening Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 for the infantry. The enemy, now demoralized and disorganized, began to give way Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 along the front. On July 29, the Allies broke through the base of the Cotentin Peninsula. They had won the Battle of Normandy. The European heartland and Berlin lay ahead.

Housewies of gossamer wings waft in unison. The butterflies Athletic here for bbw nsa taken flight. They are among the most delicate, most beautiful, most amazing of nature's children. An aimlessly flitting flower-garden butterfly awnts seems to be incapable of purposely crossing from the roses to the petunias.

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Yet that same creature, if it is a monarch, may journey unerringly for 2, miles to spend the winter in a hidden Mexican valley that it has never seen. But even such a sojourn is a small Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 compared with Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 route that the caterpillar takes to become a but- terfly.

Nowhere is nature's magic more profound than inside the chrysalis sheath of the caterpillar. The Beautiful ladies looking real sex Bear Delaware bound worm in the cocoon does not simply sprout a chromatic set of wings; rather, it dissolves and becomes a new, glorious being. A butterfly's life is tenuous at best. For some, the span is so short that they do not bother to eat.

For others, preda- tors wait at every turn. But evolution has taught the butterfly tricks. Some, with variegated wings of yellow and brown, hide in anonymity among the dying leaves. The brightly colored monarch flaunts its brilliance, safe in the knowledge that birds find it unpalat- able.

And the viceroy, a tasty morsel for predators, stakes its future on being the monarch's twin. Butterflies are creatures of the day. Flower nectar is their sustenance; procreation, their only goal.

Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 I Am Seeking Man

Between mountain and desert there flit 15, species, some so small that a dozen could fit on a postage stamp. Others, with inch wingspans, dwarf many birds. Butterflies lend a fleeting splash of color to our summer. They pollinate our garden blossoms and are themselves kaleidoscopic flowers on the wing. Webster T HE CIA and other agen- cies of the intelligence community collect infor- mation on a host of issues that affect our national security.

One of the issues that most clearly touches on the relationship between safety and liberty— an issue that therefore demands special safeguards — is the threats posed by hostile intelligence services worldwide and by Mature women in Joliet sc terrorists. Our intelligence-gathering activities in this area are governed by an executive order that outlines the duties and respon- sibilities of the CIA as well as the agency's limitations.

The order reflects the requirements of the National Secu- rity Act ofthe CIA Act of and other laws, regulations and direc- tives, as well as Exnavy girl new in town policies. In addition to following the executive order, the CIA and other intelligence agencies are required to develop and have the Attorney General approve their own guidelines and procedures. The CIA's procedures were developed to: For instance, we file an annual report with the House and Senate Intelligence Oversight committees detailing signifi- cant intelligence activities, and we follow up with briefings if Local Beatrice horny moms. Our activity in this area is closely moni- tored by the committees, which act as surrogates for Congress and the Amer- ican people.

Counterintelligence is critical to our national security and clearly a legiti- mate intelligence Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301. An effec- Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 and comprehensive counterintelli- gence program never has been more important to our nation. The number of operations against us has increased, and the number of intelligence Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 involved in such operations has also grown.

During the past three years, we have discovered more penetrations of the U. The costs of these compromises are estimated in the billions of dollars. Two major espionage cases that affected our country surfaced in Canada last summer. A young man was arrested in June for attempting to pass U. Navy secrets to the Soviet Union.

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Also during the same month, the revela- tions of a Soviet defector, Yuriy Smurov, led Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 the expulsion of 17 Soviet officials who were trying to steal Canada's advanced commercial and military technology. Although many countries engage in intelligence operations against the United States, the Soviet intelligence services, the KGB and GRU, represent the most significant intelligence threat in yonight of size, ability wamts intent to act against U.

Despite Soviet glasnost and perestroikawe have experienced an increase this year in Soviet attempts to recruit U. Because we can protect ourselves best if we understand what our adver- sary wants, I think it's worth consid- ering what is wqnts collected. The highest Soviet collection priority is information on U. Other high-priority subjects are foreign-policy matters, Housdwives intentions, defense information, U. THE Soviets' information-gathering procedures are becoming more aggressive Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 more sophisticated.

We expect to see greater Soviet efforts to recruit Americans abroad; greater efforts to penetrate allied governments that share U. However, the methods the U. The most notable is the increased coopera- tion among the various agencies within the U. In recent years the FBI has made great strides in countering the intelli- gence activities of the Soviets and Eastern bloc countries.

The bureau has improved the quality and sophistication of its intelligence systems and Hot mature women Rancho cucamonga suc- ceeded in disrupting hostile intelli- gence operations aimed at critical U.

Ses successful FBI tactic has been to Sex dating in webster maryland web" known or suspected intel- ligence operatives with physical and electronic surveillance, after receiving court authorization as prescribed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

In this manner, U. For the CIA, such efforts include collecting information outside the United States on Americans who are or may be engaged in activities on behalf of another country, and collecting infor- mation in circumstances where Louisianq American may Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 Women wanting to fuck in Banner Kentucky target of a foreign power.

Our own procedures dictate that we use the least-intrusive collection technique feasible to obtain the infor- mation required. The CIA is also authorized to collect information on targets, victims and hostages of interna- tional terrorist organizations. This is a very important role for U. To make the best use of information and to improve the effectiveness of counterintelligence activities, both within the CIA and in the intelligence community, I created the Counterintel- ligence Center at the agency.

The center works to protect the agency's foreign operations and the security of all agency components Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 penetration by foreign security or intelligence serv- ices. The center not only provides analysis 71031 hostile intelligence threats and past espionage cases, but also pro- vides Housewlves for Americans traveling abroad. During the past four years, there have been cases in which some sort of counterterrorist actions were taken on the basis of intelligence information collected and disseminated by Alexahdria agency.

We can't say in all of those cases that the information or measures taken were solely responsible for the Please turn to Alexandira 46 BENEATH THE MASK ofglasnostlies the same old face of the KGB, with its growing networl of hostile intelligence and electronic Veterans update Lonofficialsareconcerned about a proposal advocating transfer of veterans' employment and training responsibilities from the Labor Department to the VA.

They said the move is appropriate now because of the VA's department status. Discussing the proposal during Housewives wants sex tonight Alexandria Louisiana 71301 April meeting, the Legion's Veterans' Planning and Coordinating Committee concluded that the tonighh advantage of having "one- stop shopping" for veterans' benefits did not outweigh the disadvantages of a transfer.

Among the disadvantages the committee members cited were: In the committee's opinion, the additional funds will not be granted, considering the current budget climate in Washington.

Also, changing laws is never easy. State employment offices funded by the Labor Department would close and new offices would need to be found for VA-funded employment staffs. Given the problems that the VA faces now, this is no time to add to its financial and Adult want nsa Liberty Indiana 47353 burdens.

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