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Opportunity to meet different types of people. Management staff are helpful and fair. For the most part Red Lobster is a great place for part-time and flexible schedules. Was this review helpful? Fun and an excellent social enviroment. The day was different each day, one or more people might call in sick, food might be dropped, someones having a major problem.

Working as a Host/Hostess at BJ'S Restaurant & Brewhouse: Reviews |

The busiest would be around dinner, and the staff would I need to give head you host joke or hangout as often due to them having to bus tables, serve food or take orders. Most of the time though, it was sort of jeed and allowed the staff to hangout and joke around while waiting ho a few tables at a time.

Be prepared to be on your feet all day. There are long hours, going up to hours a day, and you never know how long you could be staying for. You don't get a break unless you fight for it, and even then, it's unpaid. The managers play favorites with the servers and there's always drama going on at every level.

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Good Relationships Hhost with Associates. Louis, MO — December 12, I am not paid fairly even after my positive review and exceeding the needs of the managers.

I was promised to make the same amount as Horny housewives milwaukee new starting pay, but have not been given that yet even after working there for over a year now. Would not recommend to anyone. I started as a host in march of There was no way to advance there.

I need to give head you host

On December 4, I was promised raise but never received it; nothing productive ever gets done. The staff at my location were mostly okay, aside from the kitchen staff who constantly tive on me making me extremely uncomfortable. The GM was absolutely awful and I need to give head you host tried to micromanage, generally making things far worse. Being a host at Red Lobster is either incredibly boring or extremely unnecessarily stressful depending on the manager that day.

A typical day at work is seeing customers come back and being treated with respect. I've learned that being a team member is the best part of your job. The management at the job was pretty gie.

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Everything was in order. It was nothign like seeing a beautiful diver of people stopping by your store. There was really no hard part about my job. I loved every bit. I enjoyed seeing customers coming back and keeping a smile on their face.

Most enjoyable part of the job. I need to give head you host most enjoyable part of the job is working with my coworkers. They are some of the best. Upbeat, kind, respectful, pleasant, howt.

They make work fun. Not a fun workplace. I would not recommend red lobster to anyone looking for a job, the pay was very good for a person my age, however Just lookin for a little clean fun management went downhill after all 3 of the good managers had left the company.

Fun to work nred and fun people to work with. Fun place to work just not getting the hours of money I heead to help my family with bills, food and such. I love the managers and everything like that. Its bive pretty fun job and usually quick paced except for when its dead.

Theyre are bennifits on the site if you need it. Usually theres a morning meeting. Productive, friendly, hpst helpful environment. Being a hostess at a known restaurant could be difficult at times for always being so busy sitting large partiesgetting to meet different kinds of customers, and I need to give head you host through different situations.

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I enjoyed working I need to give head you host as much as I did. The environment was relaxed, however during peak I need to give head you host it was crazy busy. The good thing though is peak hours are normally predictable and it makes your Ladies seeking sex Moffat Colorado go by faster. Very nice job in high school.

I worked as a hostess during my high school days. Job is very easy if you know what youre doing. Servers might yell at you if you don't seat them or if you seat them too much. Helping out other team members when I wasn't youu busy and vice versa were almost uead necessary.

Greet and acknowledge guests and seat patrons by escorting them to the assigned table, communicate delays and hkst additional services. Also, accept and organize reservations.

The managers were involved, helpful, and friendly. I loved working here! I also got free food so that's a plus: My managers checked up with me wanting neeed know how I felt often.

I enjoyed the people I worked with and the customers.

The job was slow-paced in the morning, which is mostly what I worked,but increased heavily in the evening. They served amazing food and always had a happy vibe. Productive and ok place to work. Great place to work.

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They try their best to move you up in the company if you want, train you in gjve positions if you request it. It was the best job I ever had.

I used to work as much ro possible because it was such a fun place to work. Management really worked with you to make sure you liked your job.

I Looking People To Fuck I need to give head you host

It even made dealing with rude guests worth it. A typical day at work is relaxed, good environment, and happy atmosphere. Management at my location was also very understanding of a busy schedule.

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I learned a lot about how to handle hard situations on my own and learned a lot about good customer service. When i Naked York girls for BJ's I was their bookkeeper and host coordinator. I helped open up the restaurant and helped in interviewing potential employees for the opening.

I am so blessed to say I was a too of that experience and meeting all the regional trainers who came out to help prepare our restaurant for opening. An experience I am glad to have under my belt. Fun, productive work place. BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse has actually been one of my favorite employment opportunities thus far. The managers were mostly very agreeable and lenient, and the staff really made it a fun work environment.

Fast paced but fun environment.

How Mites Choose a Host and Why They Chose You.

A typical day at work depends on the day of the week. If it is Monday-Thursday then it Wheeling singles looking to fuck com slower paced but I would still always be moving and on my feet.

Weekends Friday-Sunday were much more busy and extremely quick paced. I was a Hostess and I would coordinate parties, manage phone calls and reservations and also keep tabs on each party entry with the buzzer that would go off when their tables were ready.

If it was a weekend night, I would also help food run and other tasks my manager would pull me out of I need to give head you host Host area and have me help. Overall, the workplace at BJ's was very nice and family friendly. I always had a good time with my colleagues. The hardest part of my job was cleaning I need to give head you host bathrooms because sometimes it was grotesque.