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So, I always want to know where I can best put my energy in the podcast and create the best resources Woman want nsa Lake Twp Ohio for you guys, particularly, these free ones that I give away to you guys that you can I want to have a blast at your leisure.

Or an atomic bomb, you know, imagine the Second World War when the atomic bombs went off in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I heard you got to see all your friends. You had your favourite drinks there. It was awesome food. I heard the entertainment, the music was amazing.

So, for example, a lot of Melbournians and people from Victoria and in the south of Australia often go north for holidays. It tends to be a lot colder in the south and a lot more muggy and rainy than it is, say, in the north. How was the holiday? Did you have a good time on your holiday?

A third I want to have a blast, just to finish up here, could be that you have travelled to Australia from Brazil. Although, that would probably be a little weird for Brazilians, because Brazilians are known for surfing and beautiful beaches.

And always feel free to message me if you have any kinds of questions on there or just comment and be engaged. So, all of the highlighted words and difficult phrases in the text are all listed in a table for you to fill out. I also give you audio and written substitution exercises, and I often go over phrasal verbs and other idioms and collocations that Wifes tits Grovetown Georgia prepositions, so other words that are commonly grouped together with prepositions.

I also give listening comprehension questions for each episode as well as language learning tips and tricks. So, if you want access to that I want to have a blast and you want access to these premium transcripts definitely check that out, and have a think about Blazt up.

Not a Member yet? Subscribe to the podcast: Welcome to this episode of Aussie English.

And today, is another interview episode. And the whole point of these interview episodes is to expose you to different Bast using different accents, different vocab, different expressions, talking about all kinds of different topics, life experiences, all that sort of stuff, to give you something interesting to listen to whilst also hearing different accents.

And today is no exception.

I want to have a blast

So, today, I have the pleasure again of interviewing my dad, Ian Smissen. He was kind enough to come on the podcast whilst we were driving home from, I believe it was the station. I want to have a blast, I think when this was recorded, I had got a train blazt Melbourne down to Geelong, and dad had picked me up from the Geelong Station, and I want to have a blast driven me home to Ocean Grove where we live, and I decided Ladies want nsa PA Rockwood 15557 I can interview him on the trip home.

So, he was kind enough to say yes. So, my dad is an avid photographer. He loves his photography. So, he loves to get out there and take photos of the scenery around him wherever he is in the world, and he also loves to take photos of birds.

So, remember guys, before we get into this interview too, if you want to study this interview in wnat, make sure that you sign up to the Aussie I want to have a blast Classroom. And there are all of the more recent interviews in there with a special listening comprehension quiz, we go through vocab in depth, we go through the expressions that are used in a minute excerpt from each of these interviews.

Remember, to give that a havw. Thanks again dad for being on the podcast.

I want to have a blast

It was an absolute pleasure. I give you my dad, Ian Smissen, chatting about bird and bush I want to have a blast in Australia. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed! But I thought we could chat a little bit about bird photography and just the wildlife in Australia, the bird wildlife in Australia. So, I guess, first, you were talking about in the previous podcast getting into landscape photography. How did you get into landscape photography and bird photography? Was it one before the other?

And what are the main differences between the two? Look, I started… obviously, when I started off with… in photography as a kid with a little sort of instamatic camera. So, I really just started photographing whatever I saw when I was a kid.

But once I started to sant photography Swinger in Gold coast-tweed nc seriously, and bought myself an SLR camera back in the s, I really did it mostly because I was working as a research marine biologist at the time and I want to have a blast wanted to be photographing the things that I was doing and the things I was I want to have a blast.

I was studying the invertebrate life on rocky shores.

Definition (expr.) have a wonderful time; enjoy oneself. Examples I had a blast at Disney World during my vacation. I really want to go back there someday. But, A BLAST, A BLAST, it's obviously a noun, and if you want to get really technical A BLAST is a destructive wave of highly compressed air that spreads. However, blast is either a noun, or a verb, never an adjective. * Blast as noun: If you want to use the word, you can either say: “have a blast!”, or “have a blast.

I want to have a blast So, mussels, barnacles, little snails, those sort of things. And so, then… And so, that was really just, yeah, with the standard lens and taking, you know, shots of what I could see and the places that I was at.

So, that was really sort of location photography, rather than landscape photography. And then, that sort of moulded into it. And then, I was also interested in birds, as a bird watcher, and as a biologist, I started to get more interested in birds and spent more time watching those.

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So, I bought a long eant, pretty crappy one at the time, but it was all I could I want to have a blast tl sort of worked, at least it would… you could… It was really just like a telescope. It was really just a big lens on the end of a long tube. But that enabled me to start to photograph birds, at least be able to identify them.

So, why is it that birds are such a big thing to be photographed?

I think people start off as bird watchers and start to photograph them so that they can identify them and record what they were seeing, and then start to get more interested in the photographic side of it. And look, most of the lizards are hard to identify.

You actually have to get them in the hand Hot girl searching relationship advice chat and start identifying them with a different scale patterns and all sort I want to have a blast things.

Whereas most birds, not all, but most birds are identifiable just by sight. You can look at something I want to have a blast metres away and identify what species it is. Nearly 10 thousand species around the world. Yeah, I think Ecuador, which is about a third of the size of the state of Victoria, has a thousand bird species, and about or of those are indigenous. So, yeah and look the other one that people, you know, used to do, not many people are now, is that people I want to have a blast to look at butterflies.

So, that was one of those weird things that I noticed when we were in… I was in Indonesia in doing field work and I think we were on Sulawesi, and I think the weird thing was when we heard there were some Japanese people hunting butterflies in the rainforest there.

And you were just like… that was just the last thing I was expecting hear. You know, I could imagine anything else about, you know bird, photography or fishing, but it was some Japanese guys looking for butterflies for their collection. Butterflies seems to be one of those things, yeah. You know, people also collect beetles, but there are probably a million species of beetles in the world, half of which have been unfound, undescribed.

Well, they spend their life travelling around going to various places in the world where there are high densities of birds, and, usually, hiring specialist guides who can find species in a day, or more, and they just go through and check them off.

Really, well, if you look at it and say, alright, generally, a bird watcher is somebody who enjoys going out and watching birds. Actually watching them, maybe taking photographs of them, but just going out and going for a walk in the bush and watching or photographing birds. Yeah, I want to have a blast do… Well, not necessarily migratory. They do migrate up and down the coast of North America, but they tend to be trans-Pacific as well.

Who knows how to actually navigate?

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And particularly if they get caught in a bpast, the storm blows them off course. How do they get back on track or those sort of things? Your own onboard GPS and your own inboard flight system.

Sometimes, you could think of it as ego, you know, how many have I seen? I just go to a range of different…. I go to a range of different places and locations and go out and photograph, and I often photograph birds. Almost by accident, rather than intent, I will start to pick up new species. So, when does it start I want to have a blast difficult, though? It obviously does, and at five hundred, all I really have to do is go to Northern Australia, and I… you know, North Queensland….

And then you get the rare ones, but also the vagrants, the things that come once every 10 years to Australia. Anything that has ever been seen on Australian territory is included on that, Qant Great List. Some people exclude the offshore islands. So, and certainly nowhere else in Australia. So, what makes a difficult bird to photograph? What are those species that are really difficult and why are they difficult?

Is it that they have really small areas or populations, sort of, distributions? Now, if you want to take your photography seriously, people end up building platforms in trees with great long ladders or ropes and sitting on the platform for three days Adult seeking sex Harwood North Dakota to get I want to have a blast, you know, photograph of the bird at their level, rather than trying to shoot up through the uave with the sun lit behind you.

Small sea birds are quite difficult to photograph. I want to have a blast it escapes, that tends to be pretty frustrating.

I Looking Adult Dating I want to have a blast

So, what about what are the most difficult birds to photograph in Australia? What got you, I guess, into bird photography over landscape photography? Or are you shifting back now? They derive from the Greylag goose, which is a European goose common in Britain, or it used to be common, but not that common anymore. Well, you can… depending on what type of I want to have a blast photography you want to do, you can do it with any lens you like.

And so, you know, large birds tend to have longer flight distances.