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I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona

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Should the other publicly traded companies with headquarters in Tucson should be added to the economy page. I heard you can get Z deep dish pizza even in Tucson! If so, it Tucsno should be added to the article. This is an article on Tucson. Whether you can eat Chicago-style pizza or not in the city is irrelevant. This is Wikipedia, not Yelp. Uf U start edutung artucles and puttung lots I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona mustakes un there on purpose and get banned from edutung artucles can u stull read wuwupedua?

This guy was probably wnt here by xkcd. And for the question, I am NOT answering. I heard this place is kinda dangerous. Well, depends on where you live. Solowing -- Solowing talk The Tucson Metropolitan article should be re-created The article lacks a citation for the meaning of the word "Tucson. It means neither - both of you are suffering from Native American Name Disorder, meaning simple names I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona expanded unreasonably.

It means ot base".

Saying it means "Land of the dark-water spring" is like saying New River, Arizona 's name means "Land of the not-old flowing water". Most cities just give the name of the city in the article without the state. Phoenix has a million things it can be confused with like the bird so it's good that Phoenix's article is called "Phoenix, Arizona". Tucson, Arizona however, is not likely to be confused with other cities I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona the talkk name if they even exist.

I just quickly looked up Phoenix, and it goes by Phoenix, Arizona Are there any other name-only American cities?

Phoenix is a much-used noun that needs some disambiguation. Chicago is given as Chicago, not I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona, Illinois. There's no good reason not Looking for women for fun treat Tucson the same. I don't know why they say Tucson, Arizona. But the Beatles used it that way in their song 'Get Back': In the Italian Wikipedia, they added this quote to the article.

I was suprised that it's not in this one. I first suggest copying all of the information within that section. What to do with the information in the main article is to the discretion to this discussion. The result of the move request was: Move request withdrawn, non-admin closure. The name 'Tucson' is always associated with the city in Arizona. Feel free to discuss! Signed, kotak kasut It's I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona pretty big employer in Tucson, but its page is missing on Wikipedia.

I searched for it via google, but the link was deleted. I wish someone could add a new one. While Tucson isn't the solar capital of the world it has made a lot of progress over the last few years with many homes and communities using solar energy and well as large solar projects, especially with the University of Arizona, that have been completed or are currently being developed.

And I should know.

I Search Sexy Chat I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona

Solowing Solowing talk Seems like a section or page similar to Cultural depictions of Philadelphia would be interesting. Hey, Ive commented 3 times now, since Adult seeking nsa Abilene is my hometown.

Shouldn't the headline-indicated shooting be included? I just went around and corrected several instances of misspelling throughout Wikipedia.

Because this is a commonly misspelled word, I think it's not really wise to have the redirect - it leads authors who misspell the word to not notice their error.

If " Tuscon, Arizona " were a red link, people would realize that something has gone wrong. There is now a long, loooong list of primary and secondary schools in the article. Most great cities do not get into this sort of detail about schools. Also, lists within articles are generally deprecated ref: So I think that we should either: Why are there three photos showing snow I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona the vicinity of Tucson? I know snow is an event for us, but I think other Wikipedians know what it looks like.

That has not been my experience over the last 15 years. Why there isn't a flag in the infobox? Tucson certainly has a flag, as an internet search confirms. It has the city seal in it, which is not in this article either. Shibell and his citizen's posse. In the climate section, meteorological data is given. There is a parallel from readings at the University of Arizona and the Tucson airport. I think this is silly and unnecessary. I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona of the last two paragraphs should be eliminated.

The information is repeated twice. As far as Phoenix?

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This is pretty ridiculous. I would recommend removing this. Phoenix is only less than two hours away. I have already spent enough time fixing and improving this article and I have done the same for hundreds of others.

ARIZONA INN - Updated Prices & Hotel Reviews (Tucson) - TripAdvisor

I don't plan to make changes that don't make any sense unless somebody is able to clarify passages in the article and agrees that something should or should not be there. This is exactly what the talk section is all about. It's about talking and discussing. What Ckruschke means twlk that your post is pointless.

If you care enough about the edits, make them. If they turn out not to wanf sense, someone will change them back. If you don't care enough to make your own edits, no-one else is going to either.

I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona

If we all waited to be babysat then nothing would ever get Tuucson. The following coordinate fixes are needed for Tucson, AZ is in the northern hemisphere. I'm going through all the US Cities as per List of United States cities by population in an effort to provide some uniformity in structure.

Anyone have an issue with talm restructuring this article as tallk Wikipedia: I won't be changing any content, merely the order. Occasionally, I will also move a picture just to clean up spacing issues. I've already gone through the top 20 or so on the above list, if you'd like to see how they turned out.

There is some discussion regarding the correct pronunciation of the name, Tucson. Having lived in I want to talk to a Tucson Arizona area for the past 20 years, I've only heard a single way to pronounce the name: The current pronunciation key in the article reads TOO-son. CactusWriter proposed a change to Too-Sawn.

While I think they are correct in the current key being wrong, I disagree with the selection of "sawn" rather than "sahn". On a related note: When and how did the "c" become silent? So what happened to the name after the city was annexed to the US? What is missing from the recently created city timeline article?

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Please add relevant content. I have just added archive links to 3 external links on Tucson, Arizona. Please take a moment to review my edit. I made the following changes:. When you have finished reviewing my changes, please set the checked parameter I need to beast to Arizons to let others know. As of February"External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot.

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No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below.