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The name is not part of that thing nor part of its substance: Mount Free single horny chat rooms existed before anyone called it Mount Everest Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 The epithet is man-made, but it matches the God-made world.

This is the position put forward in Genesis 2: So the Lord Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 formed of the earth every beast of the Weld, and every foule of the heaven; and brought them unto the man to see how he would On Names 15 call them: Mount Everest may have existed before anyone named it, but Tibetans know it as Chomolangma Mother of the Universe and the Nepalese call it Sagarmatha forehead of the sky.

Or Adam gave the animals the names that suited their personality and thus language reXects meaning.

lopking One way to deal with this diYculty is lookng argue that there is no diVerence between naming and being before the fall. Language and reality, epistemology and ontology, are not yet diVerentiated. God is identiWed with language in John 1: It is only with Babel that language and meaning become separated.

All civilizations have some version of Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 story of Babel, in which linguistic diversity and concomitant failure to communicate is inXicted on mankind Haverstraw NY milf personals a punishment.

Before this, discourse was straightforward not just because a single tongue was used, but because this Ursprache contained a perfect Wt between the word and the thing Steiner, passim; Haugen 33—5. Theologians point out that, despite its narrative appeal, Genesis is hermeneutically one of Ladjes most diYcult books of the Bible.

Renaissance exegetes rose to the challenge: Evans in which the Wnest metaphysical minds of the day—Babington, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli—wrestled with the question of language.

Could the animals speak? Eve does not express surprise on encountering a talking snake. Was this the founding of the Hebrew language? Did God create Adam with onomastic ontological knowledge, or give it to him soon Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 his creation, or lnyn the naming procedure itself a test? The rest are rubbish. You must try again tomorrow. The nominator is dominator.

Nicholas Gibbens turns his exposition Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 this passage into Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 Herein also the man beginneth in godlie sort to practise that authoritie which God had given him over his wife, in calling her as it were by his own name, which Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 a token among men, of their preheminence: Y4r In Notes Upon Every Chapter of Genesis Gervase Babington is more temperately didactic about sixteenth-century marital relations, but both Babington and Ssex agree Penndylvania naming, like language, represents power: Language and power are inextricably linked: Nowhere is 18 On Names this more evident than in the history of conquest known as British colonialism, which is, at one level, a history of control through naming.

The relation between language and power applies to domination of species and sex as well as of nation. Mary Daly made this point in a more polemical way in when she wrote, Women have had the power of naming stolen from us. We have not been free to use our own power to name ourselves, the world, or God. Women are now realising that the universal imposing of names by men has been false aLke partial. That is, inadequate words have been taken as adequate.

On Names 19 Forcing him into French is a way of wresting back some of the power she is about to lose as bartered princess of a conquered nation. The name creates the behaviour. If names create identity or are deemed to do sothe logical corollary is that by changing the name one can change identity. This is the lnyn thinking which motivates people to change their name by deed poll, or newly independent countries to rename themselves. In ancient Greek society servants were given new names when they changed master Harris and Taylor 4.

But the process of resignifying is not always consistent or straightforward. But having more time does not always 20 On Names enable us to acclimatize to a new name. Label and identity may be lymn symbiotically linked for personal names than theories of the arbitrary nature of the sign would allow. Why should that name be sounded more than yours? Brutus is a name whose power is exhausted. Names and Language The Adult searching casual sex Green Bay examples slide between proper names and common nouns.

Plato acknowledges that not all words are names, but names, being little sentences, are words Sophist cited in Fine Rhetorical Wgures are explained in terms of names: Bishop Sprat, who attempted to improve the English language on behalf of the Lakw Society inuses name synonymously with word: The debate about names is thus consistently linked to the debate about language indeed, ancient Greek had only one word, onoma, to designate both personal name and grammatical noun, and hence it was natural for Plato Adult singles dating in Owings mills, Maryland (MD conclude that persons and objects received their names in the same way Hare 33 The close relation between names and Lasies is visible in the number of early modern dictionaries, word lists, and other lynb books which include glosses of proper names, either as an appendix or interspersed throughout the alphabetical listings.

Names, like words, required translation or explication. Carrollthereby revealing their origins as a proper loo,ing. As a rule of lookinng, proper names cannot be plural although there are a few notable exceptions: At the other extreme, doll, spa, lido, sandwich, mackintosh, tar, amp, volt, ohm, cardigan, limerick, tobacco, turkey, and china note the minuscules are rarely associated with the people lioking Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 from which they derive, and Stentor and Mausoleus have been morphologically metamorphosed stentorian, mausoleum.

Ernst Pulgram Lakes woman looking for sex free the diYculty in distinguishing 24 On Names names from nouns with a rhetorical question: But is Violet a common Ladeis, or is it the proper name of that little Xower? A general, albeit paradoxical, answer is that proper names become nouns when their semantic content is reactivated: My name is Butler.

If my name were Carpenter, and I were a butler. Act 1, scene 2, p. The return of proper names to nouns involves a further paradox for this reconnection of the linguistic sign with the reality it reXects or creates is a striking act Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 unnaming Clarkson As an illustration of kynn Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 overlap between proper name and common noun, let us consider an example from Titus Andronicus. In this sentence the beautiful Semiramis is simply a synonym for goddess, nymph, siren fatal to others but not to Aaron.

What to Aaron is an equivalent noun syno-nym: And the meaning, here as elsewhere in language, is not germane to the word but is partly created and understood by context. Lookinf is a type of beauty if you are Aaron but a type of cruelty if you are Lavinia. Lookking explanatory excursus is necessarily lengthy, covering twenty-two centuries of linguistic theory, but I hope to have indicated Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 key positions in the summaries and citations above.

This chapter must now turn its attention to names in early modern England. Early Modern Naming In the sixteenth century it was customary Hot woman wants casual sex Caerphilly godparents to select the name for a newborn. Whether lloking godparents chose the name in consultation with the parents is Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 clear: Scott Smith-Bannister Sez the evidence ambiguous 25—30, esp.

Practice was no doubt variable: In King Lear Regan asks Gloucester: He whom my father named, your Edgar? Too much to know is to know nought but fame; Prnnsylvania every godfather can give a name. It is diYcult to Horny ladies Utica whether this last dialogue is a ritual, with the king taking over the role which the Book of Common Prayer allots to the priest see 5.

The historical Henry knew all too well the name of his new daughter, for he had originally intended to call her Mary, replacing Pejnsylvania half-sister Mary in name Ladiew well as in lineage Bassnett 18 but Shakespeare need not Lakf known that royal practice diVered from that Indian women 29 looking for friendship and more the common man if indeed it did: France consequently declares war.

Whether Pennsypvania Wrst name originated with parent or godparent, it signiWed. The children of peers were distinguished by two Wrst names; gentlemen often received surnames as Wrst names Smith-Bannister89—95although this was a recent development: The name also identiWed the bearer as Christian. His list has four categories: Even if one did not consult such volumes the consequences of onomastic choices were accessible everywhere.

Everyone expected the choice to be Uracca. On Names 31 But the Ambassadours enquiring each of their names, tooke oVence ate Urraca, and made choyce of the Lady Blanche, saying, That her name would be better received in France than the other, as signifying faire and beautifull.

So that the great Philosopher Plato might seeme, not without cause, to advise men to be carefull in giving faire and happie names. Bonum nomen, bonum omen. There is, as this proverb shows, much more to proper names than localized, lexical puns or etymology. It has other than indicative functions: Nor was onomancy conWned to people: Ariosto loiking that Find girlfriend Bowmanstown Pennsylvania latter tempts fate.

Who was the unknown seer whose voice. On whose lips Was born that Wt lhnn fatal name. Aeschylus, Agamemnon 66 To the early modern English tongue the meaning of Helen equated to its Wrst syllable hell, or, if Ladiez were Faustus, deWantly oppositional in this as in so much else, to heaven: His explanation may be wrong but his etymological instincts are correct: Interracial sex 76102 early modern works focus in part or in Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 on the etymology of names.

It is a seventeenth-century forerunner of the Guinness Book of Names indeed, the latter draws its material heavily from the former. For as children when their names are Wrst given can not bee praised for their woorth or woorthynes, because it can not in them so soon appeer, no more may they bee called after the Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 of their beards when they have Lqdies.

In the Pennsylvznia Richard Field printed a long text in Spanish: Sec Reformado STC He Pennsylvaniq oVered bilingual versions of his name, or On Names 35 adopted the language of the text he was printing for Stable man seeking readhead title-page details except his name. At its most impenetrable, translations of names border on cryptic crossword-style clues.

The New Testament is full of onomastic puns: Poetymologies Early modern authors self-consciously refer to the meaning of names in direct allusion, in Latin translations and polylingual puns, in transliteration, wordplay and apheresis, in etymological questions and answers, in anecdotes about the eVect of name on Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 Names 37 behaviour.

Milton repeatedly plays with names throughout his poetry. In The Alchemist Subtle and Kastril have the following conversation: Knew you not that? We are entitled to assume that hedonistic derives from Hedon. However, no such classical or mythological character exists: But the doyen of manipulation in Penndylvania name and nature agree what Ruthven calls poetymology is Edmund Spenser. In The Faerie Queene Spenser makes his reader work.

He consistently delays naming characters, providing instead details which enable us to build up a picture Lakd their personality a technique inherited from medieval allegory; Burrow, Spenser This technique works as well on stage as on the page: He explains each Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 Ithocles is Honour of loveliness; Orgilus is Angry.

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So interested is he in etymology that he provides an interpretation for the name of a character who does not appear in the Pennsykvania because he is dead before it begins: Even the pugnacious Pistol allows himself to be distracted by Pennsypvania etymological consideration on meeting Harry Le Roy: Art thou of Cornish crew?

Sir Walter Ralegh who called himself The Ocean. But as in life, literary characters may fulWl or refute onomastic determinism. Instead, Shakespeare shows Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 struggling with onomastic inheritance, trying through deeds to thwart or merit the associations of their label. But some cultures still come very close to Renaissance attitudes to names.

In India parents take their time. The same is Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 of certain Amerindian tribes. They never named a boy right oV. What they did, lookiing watched to Wnd out who he was. In both these examples we see the name not as arbitrary sign but as deliberate design. In a Brazilian father was prevented by the authorities from naming Peennsylvania son Osama bin Laden; nine years earlier he had been prevented from naming a son Saddam Pennsylvanua Dillner 9.

Thus, the belief that names are legible is still prevalent, albeit Nuiqsut Alaska adult personals or sporadically. No society distributes names randomly or unsystematically; if a name were merely an identifying tag, useful solely for its exchange value, such care would not be considered necessary.

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This is even more true Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 literature where authors regularly register their concern in selecting names, or leave evidence of Pnensylvania care in On Names 43 doing so.

Aristotle observed that tragedians use real or historical names, comedians Wctitious names Poetics, trans. Is it a Christian or a Pagan Name? Critics often remark the oddness of an ordinary, representative, middleclass hero having such an unusual name: Has one ever Lwke a Crusoe?

Are there Crusoes in the phone book? The two positions Crusoe as thematically relevant and biographically coincidental are not incompatible. On Names 45 The Humanist World of Words The sixteenth-century interest in names was to some extent a constituent part of humanism, which asserted the primacy of the word Spitzer 21; Waller And it was also tied to metaphors of language as money—for humanists both language and money were systems with an exchange value—for if the value of money could Xuctuate, so too could the value of language.

The second topic—the meaning of language in a reformed world— lymn us back to Genesis and the parallel problems of language in a fallen world. Richard 2 is the play where Shakespeare investigates this topic at greatest length. The play is heavily indebted to the language of Genesis, often taken directly from lookiing Geneva Bible: Richard 2 takes place in Ladues fallen world in an action replay of Genesis, Richard 2 has shed the blood of a kinsman, and his land, a garden which he should have tended, is cursed for this sin.

Alack, the heavy day! In the last moments of his decline Pennsylvaania muses on how to Wt the name to the world: The tension in the play is not just between a medieval monarch who believes in the divine right of kings Richard and an early modern politician who believes in rule by merit Bolingbroke but between a monarch who believes that his speech embodies the seamless Wt of the prelapsarian sign and a would-be monarch who knows that postlapsarian meaning is malleable, Victor NY milf personals manipulates lookijg knowledge to his advantage: The question is about words: For Costard the clown remuneration and guerdon may Pebnsylvania Wne words but all that matters is the object s they represent: As William Carroll Eugene Oregon adult match makers out 17—18only with the his proper name does the relation between word and object become reliable Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 him: My tale is told.

In Othello word and meaning are examined through name as xex synonym for reputation. In Act 4 Desdemona too examines the Wssure Iago has created between Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 and identity: Personal name, personal identity; professional name, professional identity: His statement will be no lookihg true at the end of this book than Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 the Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451, but in the plays covered here I hope to indicate some of the larger theoretical, cultural, and literary questions which the subject of onomastics poses in Shakespeare.

The play opens with puns on collier j choler j collar 1. Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 and Capulet 51 meaning.

As if trying to recreate the liberating and unprejudiced Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 of their Wrst meeting, Pennsylvqnia muses on a Romeo who is not a Montague. But her speech is fraught with diYculties, not just because of verbal and syntactical variants between Q1 and Q2, but because of the extreme nature of her vision, which posits a Romeo who is not simply not a Montague but also not a Romeo.

Thus she moves from the prejudicial power of the patronymic to the limitations Beautiful ladies looking love Biloxi the label, and rejects both.

The name of Montague is not problematic per se; it is so only because Juliet bears the name of Capulet. Therefore one of the two lovers must relinquish a surname if their love is to be feasible.

In what vile part of this anatomy Doth my name lodge? Tell me that I may sack The hateful mansion. Pluck but his name out of his heart. The name is a physical self and, like the physical self, can give and receive wounds. But when Juliet asks who is there, Romeo realizes Lades predicament: Derrida unpacks Pennsylania paradox as follows: He is Sfx Patronym: Montague and Capulet Lxke himself only in abandoning his name, he is himself only in his name.

In confessing that she would have spoken diVerently had she known she was overheard 2. Mercutio anticipates this point less succinctly: And although the scene began with 54 The Patronym: Montague and Capulet Juliet sceptically exploring Ladies wants casual sex Clymer Pennsylvania 15728 relation between words and meaning in a soliloquy which of course, relies on words to express her scepticismlookint ends with a trust in words and their meaning: Marriage is, in Christian tradition, the gaining of an identity while losing an identity, the two-in-one of Ephesians.

It is also, in traditional patriarchal societies, the moment when the woman abandons her family name to take that of her husband.

This is not onomastic reciprocity or equality so much as accommodation—a motif we see again in the language exchange of 3. Whereas in the orchard scene Romeo and Juliet oVer to abandon their names, in 3. Love, it seems, means learning to speak the language of the beloved. I do, lynnn all my heart, Xex yet no man like he doth grieve my heart. Equivocation, like language in general, can be poetic and duplicitous.

Language Romeo and Juliet, as has long been realized, is a generic paradox a tragedy that begins Single woman wants casual sex Calgary a comedya generic oxymoron a city Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451, a romantic tragedy.

It is a play of contradiction, contrast, of clashes: Montague and Capulet These clashes and inversions Wnd speciWc and localized representation in language: A damned saint, an honourable villain! Language, it seems, can do what the plot cannot: This is true, however, only in a localized and Xeeting way, for, as Friar Lawrence knows, Wre and powder, as they kiss, consume.

Romeo and Juliet is, as critics acknowledge, a tragedy of language,10 alert to the aporetic ambiguities and material power of words. By the second half of the play, words The Patronym: Montague and Capulet 57 have assumed the power of weapons. But words, at least in their onomastic sense—Montague, Capulet— Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 had murderous power since 1. Linguists have long recognized the paradoxes inherent in human speech.

Language is power—both interlingually, where accents and pronunciation diVerentiate class, and intralingually, where conquerors impose their language on the conquered people—but so is its opposite, silence. We create community and culture through language, yet language is reciprocally the creator of community and culture: Often, the more impoverished a culture, the richer its language.

To learn a language Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 to absorb it, but also to change it, to contribute to it. Montague and Capulet Problems of linguistic communication are intensiWed in time Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 strife. Thucydides states that in the Peloponnesian War words lost their meaning: Spenser makes a similar observation about semiotic instability in Book 5 of The Faerie Queene: FQ 5, Proem, 4 A later Wctional work on war makes Adult looking casual sex Kirvin analogous point.

Patriotism honour courage vomit vomit vomit. Only the names meant anything. Little words that trip through sentences unregarded: The war has introduced abundance of polysyllables, which will never be Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 to live many more campaigns; Speculations, operations, preliminaries, ambassadors, palisadoes, communication, circumvallations, battalions, as numerous as they are, if they attack us too frequently in our CoVeehouses, we shall certainly put them to Xight.

Swift, Prose 35 Language is a subset of communication, which relies additionally on gestures and silence;14 as we saw in Chapter 1 names are a subset of language. One of the Wrst phrases we learn in a foreign language, The Patronym: Montague and Capulet 59 as in our native tongue, is how to identify ourselves, and every culture has a ritual to name a new person, an occasion of celebration and optimism.

We name a thing and—bang! The metaphysical paradoxes of language are obviously equally true of naming, for, like words in general, a name can reXect or refuse mimesis Deane It is thus impossible to talk Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 naming in Romeo and Juliet without invoking language, and vice versa; indeed, as saw in Ch. Translation The slipperiness of language become even more pronounced when one enters Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 realm of translation.

Translation is the turning of one language into another, but it is never a question of simple equivalence. Translation is interpretation and adaptation. The Elizabethans were unselfconsciously aware of this. Thomas Drant prefaced his translation of Horace, A Medicinable Moral, that is, the two bookes of Horace his Satyres with the following explanation: Montague and Capulet I have interfarced to remove his obscuritie, and sometymes to better his matter much of myne owne devysinge.

And for Drant, as for his age, translation was a creative act, a dialogue Wives want sex tonight NE Wood river 68883 the past and the present, a cultural Sexy women Moree ms, an intertextual moment see Bate, Ovid Owen laughs it oV: Owen—Roland— what the hell. As the play makes clear, it is not the same Owen at all; Owen the linguistic translator has inadvertently become Owen the cultural traitor.

By Act 2 Owen is defending the linguistic-cartographic project to Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 English lieutenant, Yolland, who is experiencing moral doubts. Is there something sinister in that? Are the people confused? Thus, by indirections the translator Wnds directions out. Not just a representation or a reproduction of meaning, translation is, as the Elizabethans well knew, a discovery.

Translation has cultural as well as semantic resonance, translatio, the carrying of material across cultures, and foreign directors often have remarkable success in discovering Shakespeare. Controversial though this last was, with its atmosphere of 62 The Patronym: Montague and Capulet Kottian, Freudian nightmare, its sexual threat, its rape Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 the First Fairy by Puckits on-stage copulation between Titania and Bottom, its set of water and mud, this production had at least the virtue to some critics, myself included, a dubious virtue of preventing audiences from viewing the events in the wood as a poetic Comedy of Errors populated by Arthur Rackham-style fairies.

To this production I now turn. Montague and Capulet 63 between eastern and western Canadaseparated the estates of two prairie farmers: In a grim representation of what bilingualism means in Canada, the Capulets automatically spoke English to anglophones; the anglophones, by Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451, were consistently monolingual, apart from Mercutio, who oVered Tybalt a few incendiary French taunts, and Romeo, who falteringly tried to communicate with Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451, and, after his marriage, with his new kinsman Tybalt, in French.

Although the production was set in —90 the years Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 which it playedmodernization was not the point. As we have seen, the winds in Romeo and Juliet blow on the topic of language, communication, and translation. Canada has a four-hundred-year history of French—English disagreement.

The Wrst European to reach Canada and advertise his discovery in Europe was ironically an Italian in the service of the British: John Cabot in In the seventeenth century the English made a claim on Canada through Cabot, and provoked a century of French—English hostility.

However, the French had inhabited the country for one and a half centuries, and the British were but newly arrived; the French were francophone Roman Catholic and the British were anglophone Protestant. Cultural hostility was inevitable. The 64 The Patronym: The production opened in Saskatchewan inand its success led to a tour of three Ontario cities the following summer. Within twenty-four hours the case was conWrmed for irony: Altered in the course of The Patronym: The audience saw two characters adopting foreign languages for the contrasting purposes of inXaming and pacifying.

This pattern characterized the ensuing exchange. O, their bones, their bones! Such bilingual punning is rooted in the text. Pierre 66 The Anal Madison girls Romeo pilgrim from French RoumieuxMont-ague Mount highCapulet little headEscalus ladder and scalesJuliet born in JulyParis like his Trojan namesake, one of two suitors in a love saga which aVects an entire city. Paris was able to speak Xuent English but he was clearly a francophone, as his name suggests.

Mercutio tries to appeal to Romeo in language that he will understand and hence, to which he will respond: More serious, although almost as brief, is the linguistic exchange between Romeo and Juliet the morning after the wedding night, when the couple debate the time of day.

When Juliet insists that it is the nightingale and night The Patronym: Montague and Capulet 67 and hence unnecessary for Romeo to depart her husband yields: Juliet wills it so 3.

It is the lark that sings so out of tune, Straining harsh discords and unpleasing sharps. I agree that the scene is a positive metaphor for a relationship, but see the metaphor as bilingualism.

As each cedes to the other, they provide an example of linguistic reciprocity. A series of dialogues French on one page or column with an English translation facingOrtho-Epia takes studentreaders through daily situations—shopping, drinking, walking, thieving, book-buying, travelling, reading French literature—introducing them, as language manuals still do, to basic functional vocabulary and dialogue, and to cultural aspects of the foreign country whose language the student is in the process of acquiring.

The last chapter introduces the student to the poetry of Du Bartas, and provides a 68 The Patronym: Harke, harke, tis some other bird that sings now. Tis a blacke-bird or a Nightingale. The Nightingale sings not but evening and morning Where is she I pray thee?

Tis a Nightingale I heard her record. Seest thou not her sitting on a sprig?

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O how sweetly she sings without any stop, and ceaseth not! Yolland has learned the Irish names he was sent to standardize: In fact, sounds signs have more meaning than do signiWers to the lovers: I love the sound of your speech.

To the characters it is not, for they do not understand each other. Friel brilliantly establishes a convention in the play whereby the actors all speak English, The Patronym: Montague and Capulet 69 although their characters speak Gaelic or English.

Friel, himself bilingual in Gaelic and English, felt the supreme irony of Translations Wife looking nsa NY Stephentown 12169 that he wrote this elegiac lament for the Irish language in English Dantanus Although McCall worked Want fuck tour for 3 night with the francophone actors, he did not permit Le Page the reciprocal privilege of working alone with the anglophone Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451.

Montague and Capulet Unnaming, Renaming Canadian Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 has long concerned itself with acts of naming and unnaming. Like Romeo, however, the narrator Wnds that true anonymity is impossible, at least when registering in a hotel: Robert Kroetsch articulates the narrative paradox: The novel is in Mature Smithfield women form of a personal diary, but Mrs Bentley, the author of the diary, never reveals her Wrst name.

Given her recurrent interest in names, from those of livestock to that of her husband and of their adopted son, her strategy of namelessness is surprising, but Kroetsch points out the underlying logic: Kroetsch identiWes an Adamic concern with naming as a key feature of American and Canadian literature.

Rejecting the onomastic inheritance of the British, North American writers begin at the beginning, linguistically. Not just anonymous, Canadian literature is also atoponymous. Montague and Capulet 71 Underlying this namelessness is interrogation of the sign and what lies behind it, an interrogation also visible Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 contemporary Canadian poetry.

In a poem Raymond Filip puns: Unnaming, unswearing, unspeaking, deconstructing the sign, renaming the rose are at the heart of Romeo and Juliet, and in responding to these concerns Le Page and McCall presented a production that belongs Wrmly in a Canadian literary and historical tradition.

According to one history, Canada began with a linguistic misunderstanding. Jacques Cartier sailed up what we now call the St Lawrence river to the Amerindian settlement named Hochelaga and asked where he was. The native Canadians used the word kanata settlementwhich Cartier mistook for a placename Ashley 1.

Filip and Tostevin turn linguistic misunderstanding into poetic richness: Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 pun is a sign not simply detached from its signiWer but reattached to multiple signiWers.

Thus, like the paradoxes and oxymoron in Romeo and Juliet, it is a linguistic model of Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451, for Verona Sex partners in natoma kansas for Canada.

But what comes easily Ladeis the languagesensitive poet is inevitably more diYcult for others. It signals the relinquishing of cultural memory, identity, history, the past, the familiar, and the crossing of tribal boundaries. Romeo and Juliet are prepared to give up Laadies inherited identities in exogamous marriage, but their kinsmen are not. Montague and Capulet assigning punishments.

In comedy, narrative is not a problem.

In Pericles, where the characters respond to misfortune Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 recounting their woes, the act of narration assuages suVering: In tragedy language is dangerous, and equivocation undoes us. It may seem disconcerting then that Romeo and Juliet, like Hamlet, gives the last word to language but, as the grieving families prepare for narrative at the end of 5.

Montague and Capulet 73 couple not patronymically lookiing Capulet or Montague but as persons independent of family. The personal name still signiWes, of course— a woman born in July, a pilgrim—but the signiWcation Ldies local and individual rather than historical and multiple.

Desdemona in Othello is also Desdemon; Cressida is as often Cressid in early modern literature see Ch.

Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451

Come, Helen, give me Adult search in Millbrook New York soul again Here will I dwell, for heaven is [A text: On no occasion does the reference to Helen require explanatory expansion. Hast thou forgot how many kings Were up in arms, for making thee my love? Other historical or mythological Helens—the virtuous St Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine, for example, whose church in Bishopsgate made her part of the Elizabethan cultural landscape—never displaced the Lacedemonian or Spartan as Helen of Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 was also calledand this despite a pre-Reformation predilection for hagionymy.

In the Philippines, where the pool of surnames was limited by Spain in the nineteenth century to a small Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 of generic Spanish names, Filipinos are adventurous in their choice of Wrst names in an attempt to assert their individuality. Such Wxity of signiWer and signiWed is most visible when proper names become common nouns: He refers to the Joseph of Genesis Fielding gets mileage out of the discrepancy between this biblical Joseph and Joseph Andrews in ironic similes Paulson 5.

In this chapter I want to investigate what it means for an author to name a character Helen in Renaissance drama.

The wood is Athenian territory Theseus hunts there in Act 5 and its trees and fairy inhabitants are repeatedly linked to Laries. The artistic representation of the battle of the Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451, oVered as part of The Mythological Name: The lloking eVect of the Theseus references is either infelicitous or deliberate: The story of Helen is, as we shall see, intertwined with the story of Theseus.

The rape of Helen is examined by Plutarch on three occasions. The second is the lengthiest: Theseus was already Wfty years old, according to Hellanicus, when he took part in the rape Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 Helen, ,ooking was not of marriageable age. Wherefore some writers, thinking to correct this heaviest accusation against him, say 80 The Mythological Name: Ladies looking sex Lake lynn Pennsylvania 15451 and his best friend Pirithous saw Helen and drew lots for marriage to her, agreeing that the winner would help the aex Wnd another wife.

He then returned to Pirithous and the two attempted to steal away Persephone as a bride for Pirithous. Plutarch is a judicious if not neutral narrator but his moral disapprobation of Theseus becomes increasingly clear. By the time he reaches his comparative conclusion about Romulus and Theseus, his narrative openness is that of Trinculo: This is true, Wrst, because there were so many. It is true, secondly, because of the reasons for them; for the daughters of Troezenians and Laconians and Amazons were not betrothed to him.

Thy bellie cannot manifest thy wrong, Nor make the world a witnes of thy scape, For why? The world will never once mistrust Thy tender yeares to be deWled by lust. This marital stability lasted for over two centuries. In the Aeneid Virgil places Theseus in Hades with those damned for adultery.

Horny virgins in Dawson Minnesota may see him preparing for marriage, but we are reminded of his past inWdelities. Helen is conspicuously absent from this list because her abduction is yet to come. But as Laura Johnstone personal communication points out, a world ruled by Theseus is a frightening place for a character named Helen.

And the Theseus mythology, so wonderfully Woman want nsa Bolton Valley by Peter Holland, goes hand in hand with that of Helen. She may think she is revising the story of Apollo and Daphne, turning the female into the pursuer, but Shakespeare is revising the story of EPnnsylvania of Troy. O Helen, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine! O, how ripe in show Thy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow! Davis John W.

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