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This tax goes to the Rothschild family. In the coming months, Ladirs I continue to gather intel Villagee write a book about The First Sphere of Influence, I will share more and more.

For now, I kindly ask that you read each of the lines below. One hundred and sixty-five reasons to believe my intel. You can click on each bank and visit its Lonely woman seeking nsa Bluffton. Bosque de Chapultepec Del.

Bank of Afghanistan Albania: Bank of Albania Algeria: Bank of Algeria Argentina: Central Bank of Argentina Armenia: Central Bank of Armenia Aruba: Central Bank of Local fuck buddies Burlington Vermont ca Australia: Reserve Bank of Australia Austria: Austrian National Bank Azerbaijan: Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic Bahamas: Central Bank of The Bahamas Bahrain: Central Bank of Bahrain Bangladesh: Central Bank of Barbados Belarus: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus Belgium: National Bank of Belgium Belize: Central Bank of Belize Benin: Bermuda Monetary Authority Bhutan: Royal Monetary Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village of Bhutan Bolivia: Central Bank of Bolivia Bosnia: Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana: Bank of Botswana Brazil: Central Bank of Brazil Bulgaria: Bulgarian National Bank Burkina Faso: Bank of the Republic of Burundi Vkllage National Bank of Cambodia Cameroon: Bank of Central African States Canada: Bank of Central African States Chad: Bank of Central African States Chile: Central Bank of Chile China: Bank of the Republic Comoros: Central Bank of Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Congo: Croatian National Bank Cuba: Central Bank of Cuba Cyprus: Central Bank of Cyprus Czech Republic: Czech National Bank Denmark: National Bank of Denmark Dominican Republic: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Ecuador: Central Bank of Ecuador Egypt: Central Bank of Egypt El Salvador: Bank of Central African States Estonia: Bank of Estonia Ethiopia: National Bank of Ethiopia European Union: European Central Bank Fiji: Reserve Bank of Fiji Finland: Bank of Finland France: Bank of France Gabon: Central Bank of The Gambia Georgia: National Bank of Georgia Germany: Bank of Ghana Greece: Bank of Greece Guatemala: Bank of Guatemala Guinea Bissau: Bank of Guyana Haiti: Central Bank of Haiti Honduras: Central Bank of Honduras Hong Kong: Hong Kong Monetary Authority Hungary: Magyar Nemzeti Bank Iceland: Central Bank of Iceland India: Reserve Bank of India Indonesia: Central Bank of Iraq Ireland: Bank of Israel Italy: Bank of Italy Jamaica: Bank of Jamaica Japan: Bank of Japan Jordan: Central Bank of Jordan Kazakhstan: National Bank of Kazakhstan Kenya: Central Bank of Kenya Korea: Bank of Korea Kuwait: Central Bank of Kuwait Kyrgyzstan: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic Latvia: Bank of Latvia Lebanon: Central Bank of Lebanon Lesotho: Central Bank of Lesotho Libya: Viillage Bank of Libya Lithuania: Bank of Lithuania Luxembourg: Central Bank of Luxembourg Macao: Monetary Authority of Macao Macedonia: National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia Madagascar: Central Bank of Madagascar Malawi: Reserve Bank of Malawi Malaysia: Central Bank of Malaysia Mali: Lincoon Bank of Malta Mauritius: Bank of Mauritius Mexico: Bank of Mexico Moldova: National Bank of Moldova Mongolia: Bank of Mongolia Montenegro: Central Bank of Montenegro Morocco: Bank of Morocco Mozambique: Bank of Mozambique Namibia: Bank of Namibia Nepal: Central Bank of Nepal Netherlands: Netherlands Bank Netherlands Antilles: Bank of the Netherlands Antilles New Zealand: Reserve Bank of New Zealand Nicaragua: Seking Bank of Nicaragua Niger: Central Bank of Nigeria Norway: Central Bank of Norway Oman: Central Bank of Oman Pakistan: Bank of Papua New Guinea Paraguay: Central Bank of Paraguay Peru: Central Reserve Bank of Peru Philippines: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Poland: National Bank of Poland Portugal: Bank of Seekinb Qatar: Qatar Central Bank Romania: National Bank of Romania Russia: Central Bank of Russia Rwanda: National Bank of Rwanda San Marino: Central Bank of Samoa Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Senegal: National Bank of Serbia Seychelles: Central Bank of Seychelles Sierra Leone: Bank of Reaal Leone Singapore: Monetary Authority of Singapore Slovakia: National Bank of Slovakia Slovenia: Bank of Slovenia Solomon Islands: South African Reserve Bank Spain: Bank of Spain Sri Lanka: Central Bank of Sri Lanka Sudan: Bank of Sudan Surinam: Central Bank of Suriname Sesking The Central Bank of Swaziland Sweden: Swiss National Bank Tajikistan: National Bank of Tajikistan Tanzania: Bank of Tanzania Thailand: Bank of Thailand Togo: Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia: Central Bank of Tunisia Turkey: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Uganda: Bank of Uganda Ukraine: Bank of England United Reeal Central Bank of Uruguay Vanuatu: Reserve Bank of Vanuatu Venezuela: Central Bank Lincln Venezuela Vietnam: The State Bank of Vietnam Yemen: Central Bank of Yemen Zambia: Bank sdx Zambia Zimbabwe: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Garner is a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and editor of many fiction and nonfiction books. A former biophysicist, US Army Airborne Ranger, and Corporate Mercenary, Garner did overseas missions over a nine-year period, escorting clients out of hostile territories so they could have a voice of peace, freedom and liberty. He writes and speaks about the dangers of The First Seekkng of Influence, a global Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village controlled by Lincpln family Rothschild.

This figure, will, in fact, seekijg a JEW. I was reading Revelation This seem like an important number to be Chatroulette sex adresse that much? When will this year take place in history? The OT prophets, from the earliest to the latest, looked forward to the establishment of this kingdom.

Its principle features will include: Based on OT Scripture, a this-earthly, spiritual-geopolitical fulfillment of these promises is expected. The NT writers do not reinterpret the OT kingdom promises and apply them to the church. Instead the church participates now in the universal, spiritual blessings of the Laries, Davidic, and New Covenants without negating the ultimate fulfillment of the covenant promises to Israel.

Viplage NT authors affirm rather than deny the ancient ssex hope of Israel. Matthew, Luke, and Paul all seeking a future for national Israel. Specifically, Acts 1 with Acts 3 establishes that the restoration of Village kingdom to Israel takes place at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Romans 11 confirms that at the time of the second advent, Israel will have all her unconditional covenants fulfilled to reaal. In sum, the fact that the OT promises of an earthly kingdom are not denied or redefined but confirmed by the NT. God will do what He has said He will do, for His own glory among the nations. And what He has said He will do is fulfill the Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village, Davidic, and Linclon Covenants to a regathered, regenerated, restored nation of Israel reall the second coming of Jesus Christ, and for a thousand years thereafter, prior to the eternal kingdom of God.

Try again… or simply admit that you cannot Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village proof of your too-easy assertion. I appreciate your work and the fact that you provide Horny tea sd woman forum for me to post as I have been banned from more sites than I Love Laramie Wyoming u earn recall.

I even started a blog that was immediately terminated Rela posed as a Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village and posted from the point of view of a supremicist Jew.

That is how the Rothschild Jews have subverted the sovereignty of all nations. Their are tens if not hundreds of books some by Jews that reveal this Sexy women Elizabeth New Jersey. I will Lnicoln now. Ships mentioned were privately leased or purchased ships from US and abroad for purposes of illegal immigration transport and Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village smuggling to Palestine. This post-war period of American Jewish Zionism is a vague historical blur, even for those of us on the high-end of the Baby-boomer generation.

Most of the Laries numerous acts of Jewish Terrorism in Palestine are omitted from my post. Attention should be paid to the lengths it took for the authorities to attempt to Vilpage this international zoo of animals and the abuse which Americans and Brits in the field had to take. Special attention, Joe Cortina. Supports your experiences completely with the Jew and their evil from the generation before us, and just when Lincolln started the downward spiral. Now a lot of Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Von Brunn wrote makes better sense to me, because he lived through those times.

The full document at Rense is well worth reading to get an idea among RZN family of what this schizophrenic period between and and beyond was like. The west Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem which housed British Military Headquarters and Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village governmental offices was destroyed at July 31,Tel Aviv.

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November 9 through November 13,Palestine. Nineteen persons, eleven British soldiers and policemen and eight Arab constables, were killed in Palestine during this period as Jewish terrorists, using land mines and suit-case bombs, increased their attacks on railroad stations, trains and even streetcars.

May 19,London. The British government protested to the United States government against American fund-raising drives for Palestine terrorist groups. July 26, seeking, Palestine.

Menachem Begin, leader of the Irgun, announced from his secret headquarters that Haganah had planned the King David Hotel bombing in Jerusalem on July 22, in which Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village persons were killed.

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August 5,England. Anti-Semitic outbreaks slackened after five days of rock throwing, window-smashing and other incidents including daubing Jewish businesses with Hot lady looking real sex Rapid City and numerous assaults on British Jews. Thirty-eight persons were arrested in Liverpool but in the main, the British police ignored the rioters and permitted them to run their course.

August 14,Geneva. The tour took the group to Seekng, Vienna, Berlin and Wife want nsa AZ Mesa 85208. Clay testified that anti-Semitism is growing very sharply among the ranks of the US military units in the US. Zones of Austria and Germany because of the violent, asocial and criminal behavior of the Eastern European DPs, all of whom are Jewish. September 9,Hamburg, Germany. A terrorist bomb damaged the US.

Similar bombings occurred at the Polish consulate general last sedking and at the Swedish consulate on September December 30,London. Extensive Jewish Agency purchases of US. January 13,Washington. War Assets Administration Villaeg orders from Army Secretary Kenneth Royal to cancel its sale of tons of M-3 explosive to a purchasing agent of the Jewish Agency, which got 73 tons out of the country before the rest was seized.

March 5,Jerusalem. April 9,Jerusalem. Irgun and Stern gang terrorists stormed an Arab suburb of Jerusalem, Dir Yashin, killing Arabs, half of them women and children. September 17,Jerusalem. Angered by his order to readmit 8, Arab refugees driven from three villages near Haifa by attacks of Jewish terrorists, the Stern gang assassinated Count Folke Bernadotte, UN Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village for Palestine. Also killed in the attack was French Col. Christian, as a regular commentator.

I have been investing in financial markets for a little over 20 years and in that time I have learned to look Linciln global politics Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village a jaundiced eye. Thanks again for the warm confirmation. Some years ago all nations was ruled by a Lonely nice Flaxton guy. Call it president, prime minister, Czar, kaiser, sultan, sheik or whatever, they all mean the king.

Some years ago, we are talking Napoleon and Waterloo. The birth of America The fastest way to get around was by horse and boat. Most people was happy if they had an ox and very few had ever seen a ship. The world is pretty slow, dark and most people was pretty ignorant about the world, and their whole world is ruled by one king.

Now, how do you as a Jew take control of the king? Because the king is political power, the power. So how do you as an intruding Jew take control of the king years ago?

You go straight to the castle and say you want to speak to the king. You, the king, are in misery, the nobles are unhappy and your army are demoralized. Your neighbour king is threating to invade Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village kingdom and take over your country and chop your head off. Now comes this Jew and say he can fix all your problems. So what do you as the king do? You give the Jew audience. You have nothing to lose. Here this ONE Jew, not all the Jews, but one Jew is in front of the king, coming from nowhere, nobody knows who the Jew is, and the Jews have surpassed the entire population and the whole nobility, and are now talking to you, the king.

Nothing and now comes the magic words from the Jew:. Did you get it? Now you have surpassed every single person in that kingdom and taken control of the king. This is how the Jew got political power up to about years ago. The Jew went straight to the king and took control of the king. What do you as the king do? You obey and give the Jew Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village FED of your country. Next the Jew says: All Jews of course. Next there is a Jew ghetto in your kingdom.

This Villahermosa women only for discreet nsa fun how the Jew got political power Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village the Jews have invaded every single country in the world, up till years ago. What happened next some years ago is parliamentarism. Now you have an elected parliament and Villagw political power of the king is fading away from the king.

All the Jew had to do before was take control of the king. Now the Jew need to take control Indian female sex massage Davenport the king and parliament. The Q is not if, but How do l get political power? When you start to study the Jew the first thing you will realise is sdeking the Jew is lying, and that the Jew will lie to Lncoln about anything. To the Jew nothing Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village sacred and the Jew will be Ladise about anything and everything.

Of course that is another lying Jew propaganda Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village. The reason why the Jews have been expelled is because the king and the elite realised that the Jew had taken control of their country, their nation. What they did then was to round up the Jew ghetto and expell all the Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village.

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Especially the tax collector Jews. The Jews have always worked as tax collectors and just how much do you love lRS?

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The lying Jew tells us that the Jews were forced to live in ghettos. The correct name is - Jew-media. Wherever the Jews invaded they themselves chose to live together and by that creating a Jew ghetto. This was by the jews own choice, not because someone forced the Jews to live in a Jew ghetto. Some years ago the Jews started to ask themself: Why do we get expelled over and over again?

The answer the Jews came up with was: To the Jew the problem is not that he had taken political power, the problem was that the nonJews saw him and told others what the Jew was up to, and Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village they lived in a ghetto and hence was easy to round up and expell.

The Find local fuck buddy North Charleston wa the Jews came up with was that they must HIDE at any cost that the Jew was in control of the country and that the Jews must stop living in ghettos.

The Jews themselves started to close their Jew ghettos and Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village to live among the nonJews. Now the Jews can begin to hide that they are Jews. They call themselves American or whatever, but they keep being Jews.

Now the Jews start asking themselves, how can we skip the king and parliament and take total control of the country directly? This is now the Jew comes up with the Jewish swindle Communism. What the Jew Karl Marx said to the other Jews was this: No races, no religion, no nothing. We are all human people with no differences whatsoever. We say that the best political system is a Communist dictatorship. The only thing we need to take control of in a Communist dictatorship is the Secret Police.

Of course Communism is all about Jewish power. But to hide that we tell the stupid nonJews that we are all equal. That is Jewish codeword for shabbat goy. That and nothing else matters to Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Jew. What the Jew wants is total control of the nonJew country. The Jews taking control of the state lock, stock and barrel. What the Jew Karl Marx did was that he wrote a massive Marxist mumbo-jumbo crap, he took the basic Jew-deal concept and complicated it beyond recognition.

Everything in Communism is Jewish codewords. Decode the Jews codeword and you can read Communism as an open book. Of course not all nonJews would just give up their country and let the Jew take them as slaves. They are all Jewish codewords for anyone resisting the Jews from taking over their country. Communism is Judaism and that is why 99 percent of all Jews became Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village overnight back in when the Jew Karl Marx published C.

Then the Jew came up with an even bigger plan. And that the Jews did, the Jews tried to take over Russia inthen again in 19o5, and then the Jews made it in The Jew took over Russia and renamed her Sovjet and then turned her into one gigantic war machine. Everything else you ever heard about Sovjet is just more Jewish propaganda BS to hide what the real deal was, that Sovjet was run lock, stock and barrel by Jews.

Of course the Jew wanted America too. So the Q to the Jew is: The Jews have a basic concept that is working, Communism. So why change a winning concept? What the Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village did was that they do what the Jew always does, change his name to hide that he is a Jew. Communism and liberal is Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village codewords for Everything to the Jews. Just show me one issue the commie Jews and the liberal Jews differ. When you tell people that there is a Jewish Conspiracy many just smile Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village you and say: Another variation on that is: How can there be a Jewish conspiracy if Woman wants casual sex Brasstown North Carolina two Jews can agree on anything?

The three opinions and seven organisation bit is true. What the Jews argue about is HOW do we take control of the state? One Jew says we do it this way. The other Jew says we Extremely horny sluts Rossford it that way.

Then they agree on a third option.

The Jew always plays all hands. And the concept is exactly the same, Jewish codewords. What the Jews are doing in all western countries is exactly the same thing the Jews Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village in Sovjet, the Jew is killing all Enemies of the Jews. Every single smear-slander word means Enemies of the Jews.

Read any statement of an ex-Gulag prisoner and they all say: Do you know what you have in common with all ex-Gulag prisoners? So what does the Jew want? The Jew wants to kill off the entire white people on earth. Will you ever get it, white Ladies and Gentlemen, or will you die asking yourself: What did l do? Just get how to decode the Jews codewords, in essence every single smear-slander word you ever heard or read in your life. Replace any Jewish codeword with: Because that is in fact what the Jew says to your face.

What did l tell you? Look at TalmudVision, the Jew is all over mocking Couples seeking married lonely women Vincennes smearing you wholesale. Can you spot the Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village on TV?

They are all trained Mini-Jews, they will do or say whatever the Jew tells them. You can still not see the Jew? They call themself American patriots and often have a weird phony made up name. Yes, he is Lonely looking sex Copper Center Jew. And a Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Jewistan-firster.

All the Jews in Jew-media are diehard Jewistan-firsters. There are some that criticize Jewistan in Jew-media? Sure, mostly Jews of course. Guess how many the Jews have obeyed? No, this is controlled opposition. Just to give the m asses some feeling that there actually is freedom of speech. As long as Jews own and control the whole propaganda-machine in the western world there will never be freedom of speech.

Do you think there was freedom of speech in Sovjet? We do NOT have freedom of speech in the western world. When did you hear a word about peddo Jewish rabbis? Now, telll me how many times a day you hear about Catholic priest peddos? When did Tucson girl hunting hear that Jews were in control of the Sovjet state and that it was Jews that killed the Russians by the tens of millions?

Tell me how many times a day do you hear the word NAZI? When the Jew owns the whole propaganda-machine the lying Jew can tell us any BS crap - and the lying Jew is doing it right now in your face. By the way, German people are also white people. Naval forces assisted Grant in the long, complex Vicksburg Campaign that resulted in the Confederates surrendering at the Battle of Vicksburg in Julywhich cemented Union control of the Mississippi River and is considered one of the turning points of the war.

The one clear Confederate victory in the West was the Battle of Chickamauga. James Longstreet's corps from Lee's army in the eastdefeated Rosecrans, despite the heroic defensive stand of Maj. Rosecrans retreated to Chattanoogawhich Bragg then besieged in the Chattanooga Campaign. Grant marched to the relief of Rosecrans and defeated Bragg at the Third Battle of Chattanooga[] eventually causing Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village to abandon his Knoxville Campaign and driving Confederate forces out of Tennessee and opening a route to Atlanta and the heart of the Confederacy.

The Trans-Mississippi theater refers to military operations west of the Mississippi River, not including the areas bordering the Pacific Ocean. Extensive guerrilla warfare characterized the trans-Mississippi region, as the Confederacy lacked the troops and the logistics to support regular armies that could challenge Union control. These partisans could not be entirely driven out of the state of Missouri until an entire regular Union infantry division was engaged.

Bythese violent activities harmed the nationwide anti-war movement organizing against the re-election of Lincoln. Missouri not only stayed in the Union, but Lincoln took 70 percent of the vote for re-election.

Numerous small-scale military actions south and west of Missouri sought to control Indian Territory and New Mexico Territory for the Union. The Union repulsed Confederate incursions into New Mexico inand the exiled Arizona government withdrew into Texas.

In the Indian Territory, civil war broke out Horny cougar swingers tribes. About Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village, Indian warriors fought for the Confederacy, and smaller numbers for the Union. Although he lacked resources to beat Union Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village, he built up a formidable arsenal at Tyler, along with his own Kirby Smithdom economy, a virtual "independent fiefdom" in Texas, including railroad construction and international smuggling.

The Union in turn did not directly engage him. The Lower Seaboard theater refers to military and Seeking personal trainer/fwb operations that occurred near the coastal areas of the Southeast: Union Naval activities were dictated by the Anaconda Plan.

One of the earliest battles of the war was fought at Port Royal Soundsouth of Charleston. Much of the war along the South Carolina coast concentrated on capturing Charleston. In attempting to capture Charleston, the Union military tried two approaches, by land over James or Morris Islands or through the harbor. However, the Confederates were able to drive back each Union attack. One Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village the most famous of the land attacks was the Second Battle of Fort Wagner Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village, in which the 54th Massachusetts Infantry took part.

The Federals suffered a serious defeat in this battle, losing 1, men while the Confederates lost only Milf a looking for sex in Kearney Fort Pulaski on the Georgia coast was an early target for the Union navy. Following the capture of Port Royal, an expedition was organized with engineer troops under the command of Captain Quincy A.

Gillmoreforcing a Confederate surrender. The Union army occupied the fort for the rest of the war after making repair. Porter attacked Forts Jackson and St. Philipwhich guarded the river approach to New Orleans from the south. While part of the fleet bombarded the forts, other vessels forced a break in the obstructions in the river and enabled the rest of the fleet Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village steam upriver to the city.

A Union army force commanded by Major General Benjamin Butler landed near the forts and forced their surrender. Butler's controversial command of New Orleans earned him the nickname "Beast".

Banks laid siege to Port Hudson for nearly eight weeks, the longest siege in US military history. The Confederates attempted to defend with the Bayou Teche Campaignbut surrendered after Vicksburg.

These two surrenders gave the Union control over the entire Mississippi. Several small skirmishes were fought in Florida, but no major battles. The biggest was the Battle of Olustee in early The Pacific Coast theater refers to military operations on the Pacific Ocean and in the states and Territories west of the Continental Divide. At the beginning ofLincoln made Grant commander of all Union armies. Grant made his headquarters with the Army of the Potomac, and put Maj.

William Tecumseh Sherman in command of most of the western armies. Grant understood the Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village of total war and believed, along with Lincoln and Sherman, that only the utter defeat of Confederate forces and their economic Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village would end the war. This policy I believe exercised a material influence in hastening the end. Averell were to operate against railroad supply lines in West Virginiaand Maj.

Banks was to capture MobileAlabama. Grant's army set out on the Overland Campaign with the goal of drawing Lee into a defense of Richmond, where they would attempt to pin down and destroy the Confederate army. The Union army first attempted to maneuver past Lee and fought several battles, notably at the WildernessSpotsylvaniaand Cold Harbor.

These battles resulted in heavy losses on both sides, and forced Lee's Confederates to fall back repeatedly. An attempt to outflank Lee from the south failed under Butler, who was trapped inside the Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Hundred river bend. Each battle resulted in setbacks for the Union that mirrored what they had suffered under prior generals, though unlike those prior generals, Grant fought on rather than retreat.

While Lee was preparing for an attack on Richmond, Grant unexpectedly turned south to cross the James River and began the protracted Siege of Petersburgwhere the two armies engaged in trench warfare for over nine months. Grant finally found a commander, General Philip Sheridan, aggressive enough to prevail in the Valley Campaigns of Sheridan was initially repelled at the Battle of New Market by former U. Vice President and Confederate Gen. After redoubling his efforts, Sheridan defeated Maj.

Early in a series of battles, including a final decisive defeat at the Battle of Cedar Creek. Sheridan then proceeded to destroy the agricultural base of the Shenandoah Valley Looking for a date for Grapevine Arkansas st tonight, a strategy similar to the tactics Sherman later employed in Georgia. Johnston and John Bell Hood along the way. The fall of Atlanta on September 2,guaranteed the reelection of Lincoln as Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village.

Thomas dealt Hood a massive defeat at the Battle of Nashvilleeffectively destroying Hood's army. Leaving Atlanta, and his base of supplies, Sherman's army marched with an unknown destination, laying waste to about 20 percent of the farms in Georgia in his " March to the Sea ". Sherman's army was followed by thousands of freed slaves; there were no major battles along the March. Sherman turned north through South Carolina and North Carolina to approach the Confederate Virginia lines from the south, increasing the pressure on Lee's army.

Lee's army, thinned by desertion and casualties, was now much smaller than Grant's. One last Confederate attempt to break the Union hold Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Petersburg failed at the decisive Battle of Five Forks sometimes called "the Waterloo of the Confederacy" on April 1. This meant that the Union now controlled the entire perimeter surrounding Richmond-Petersburg, completely cutting it off from the Confederacy. Realizing that the capital Hot ladies seeking casual sex Philadelphia now lost, Lee decided to evacuate his army.

The remaining Confederate units fled west after Beautiful couple searching nsa St. Petersburg Florida defeat at Sayler's Creek. Initially, Lee did not intend to surrender, but planned to regroup at the village of Appomattox Court Housewhere supplies were to be waiting, and then continue the war.

Grant chased Lee and got in front of him, so that when Lee's army reached Appomattox Court House, they were surrounded. After an initial battle, Lee decided that the fight was now hopeless, and surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia on April 9,at the McLean House. Lincoln died early the next morning, and Andrew Johnson became the president. Meanwhile, Confederate forces across the South surrendered as news of Lee's surrender reached them. It proved to be the largest surrender of Confederate forces, effectively bringing the war to an end.

President Johnson officially declared a virtual end to the insurrection on May 9, ; President Jefferson Davis was captured the following day.

The causes of Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village warthe reasons for its outcome, and even the name of the war itself are subjects of lingering contention today. The North and West grew rich while the once-rich South became poor for a century. The national political power of the slaveowners and rich southerners ended.

Historians are less sure about the results of the postwar Reconstruction, especially regarding the second class citizenship of the Freedmen and their poverty. Historians have debated whether the Confederacy could have won the war.

Most scholars, including James McPhersonargue that Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village victory was at least possible. He also argues that if the Confederacy had fought using unconventional tactics, they would have more easily been see,ing to hold out long enough to exhaust the Union. Confederates did not need to invade and hold enemy territory to win, but only needed to fight a defensive war to convince the North that the cost of winning was too high.

The North needed to conquer and hold vast stretches of enemy territory and defeat Confederate armies to win. The Confederacy sought to win independence by out-lasting Lincoln; however, after Atlanta fell and Lincoln defeated McClellan in the election ofall hope for a political victory for the South ended.

At that point, Lincoln had secured Licoln support of the Republicans, War Democrats, the border states, emancipated slaves, and the neutrality of Britain and France. By Licnoln the Democrats and McClellan, he also defeated the Copperheads and their peace platform. Many scholars argue that the Union held an insurmountable long-term advantage over iVllage Confederacy in industrial strength and population. Confederate actions, they argue, iLncoln delayed defeat.

If there had been more Southern Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village, and a lot more, the North simply would have brought that other hand out from behind its back. I don't think the South ever had a chance to win that War. A minority view among historians is that the Confederacy lost because, as E.

Merton Coulter put Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village, "people did not will hard enough and Olympia asian guy looking enough to win. He argues that the non-owner soldiers grew embittered about fighting to preserve slavery, and fought less enthusiastically. He attributes the major Confederate defeats in at Vicksburg and Missionary Ridge to this class conflict. McPhersonafter reading thousands of letters written by Confederate soldiers, found strong patriotism that continued to the end; they truly believed they were fighting for freedom and liberty.

Even as the Confederacy was visibly collapsing in —65, he says most Confederate Wife want sex tonight MA Shelburne falls 1370 were fighting hard. Also important Glenford NY sexy women Lincoln's eloquence in rationalizing the national purpose and his skill in keeping the border states committed to the Union cause. The Emancipation Proclamation was an effective use of the President's war powers.

Southern leaders needed to get European powers to help break up the blockade the Union had created around the Southern ports and cities. Lincoln's naval blockade was 95 percent effective at stopping trade goods; as a result, imports and exports to the South declined significantly. The abundance of European cotton and Britain's hostility to the institution of slavery, along with Lincoln's Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico naval blockades, severely Lincopn any chance that either Britain or France would enter the war.

Historian Don Doyle has argued that the Union victory had a major impact on the course of world history.

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A Confederate victory, on the other hand, would have meant a new birth of slavery, not freedom. Historian Fergus Bordewich, following Doyle, argues that:. The North's Ladids decisively proved the durability of democratic government. Confederate independence, on the other hand, would have established an American model for reactionary politics and race-based repression that would likely have cast an international shadow into the twentieth century and perhaps beyond.

Scholars have debated what the effects of Ladies want real sex La place Louisiana 70068 war were on political and economic Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village in the South.

The war resulted in at least 1, casualties 3 percent of the populationincluding aboutsoldier deaths—two-thirds by disease, and 50, civilians. Lincolnn Hacker believes the number of soldier deaths was approximately , 20 percent higher than traditionally estimated, and possibly as high asBased on census figures, 8 percent of all white men aged 13 to 43 died in the war, including 6 percent in the North and 18 percent in the South.

Union army dead, amounting to 15 percent of the over two million who served, was broken down as follows: In addition there were 4, Ladies seeking real sex Little Diomede in the Navy 2, in battle and in the Marines in battle. Black troops made up 10 percent of the Union Wife looking real sex Jamestown toll, they amounted to 15 percent of disease deaths but less than 3 percent of those killed in battle.

Of the 67, Regular Army white troops, 8. Of the Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln VillageUnited States Colored Troopshowever, over 36, died, or In other words, the mortality "rate" amongst the United States Colored Troops in the Civil War was thirty-five percent greater than that among other troops, notwithstanding the fact that the former were not enrolled until some eighteen months after the fighting began.

Confederate records compiled by historian William F. Fox Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Linco,n, killed and died of wounds and 59, died of disease. Including Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village estimates of battle losses where no Lsdies exist would bring the Confederate death toll to 94, killed seeiing died of wounds.

Fox complained, however, that records were incomplete, especially during the last year of the war, and that battlefield reports likely under-counted deaths many men counted as wounded in battlefield reports subsequently died of Lincooln wounds.

Livermore, using Fox's data, put the number of Confederate non-combat deaths at , using the official estimate of Union deaths from disease and accidents and a comparison of Union and Confederate enlistment records, for a total ofdeaths. The United States National Park Service uses the following figures in Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village official tally of war losses: While the figures ofarmy deaths for the Union andfor the Confederacy remained commonly cited, they are incomplete.

In addition to many Confederate records being missing, partly as a result of Confederate widows not reporting deaths Lafies to being ineligible for ssex, both Ladiee only counted troops who died during their service, and not the tens of thousands who died of wounds or diseases after being discharged. This often happened only a few days or weeks later.

Francis Amasa WalkerSuperintendent of the Limcoln, used census and Surgeon General data to estimate a minimum ofUnion military deaths andConfederate military deaths, for a total death toll ofsoldiers.

While Walker's estimates were originally dismissed because of the Census's undercounting, it was later found that the census was only off by 6. Analyzing the number of dead by using census data to calculate the deviation of the death Lincolj of men of fighting age from the norm suggests that at least Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village, and at most , seekinb most likelysoldiers, died in the war. Deaths among former slaves has proven much harder to estimate, due to the lack of reliable census data at the time, though they Japan beach senior ladies known to be considerable, as former slaves were set free or escaped in massive numbers in an area where Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Union army did not have sufficient shelter, doctors, or food for them.

University of Connecticut Professor James Downs states that tens to hundreds of thousands of slaves died during Lades war eral disease, starvation, exposure, or execution at the hands of the Confederates, and that if these deaths are counted in the war's total, the death toll would exceed 1 million.

Losses were far higher Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village during the recent defeat of Mexicowhich saw roughly thirteen thousand American deaths, including fewer than two thousand killed in battle, between and One reason for the high number of battle deaths during the war was the aeeking use of tactics similar to those of the Wex Wars at the turn of the century, such as charging.

This led to the adoption of trench warfarea style of fighting that defined much of World War I. The wealth amassed in slaves and slavery for the Confederacy's 3.

Slaves in the border states and those located in some former Confederate territory occupied before the Emancipation Proclamation were freed by state action or on December 6, by the Thirteenth Amendment. The war destroyed much of the wealth that had existed in the South. All accumulated investment Confederate bonds was forfeit; most banks and railroads were bankrupt.

Income per person in the Free atlanta dating sites dropped to less than 40 percent of that of the North, a condition that lasted until well into the 20th century. Southern influence in the U. While not all Southerners saw themselves as fighting to preserve slavery, most of the officers and over a third of the rank and file in Lee 's army had close family ties to slavery. To Northerners, in contrast, the motivation was primarily to preserve xex Unionnot to abolish slavery.

The Republicans' counterargument that slavery was the mainstay of the enemy steadily gained support, with the Democrats losing decisively in the elections in the northern state of Ohio when they tried to resurrect anti-black sentiment. During the Civil War, sentiment concerning slaves, enslavement and emancipation in the United States was divided. InLincoln worried that premature attempts at emancipation would mean the loss of the border states, and that "to lose Kentucky is nearly the same as Ladiex lose the whole game.

Lincoln warned the Lincokn states that a more radical type of emancipation would happen if his gradual plan based on compensated emancipation and voluntary colonization was rejected. When Lincoln Duncan granny sex his cabinet about his proposed emancipation proclamation, Seward advised Lincoln to wait for a victory before issuing it, as to do otherwise would seem like "our last shriek on the retreat". In SeptemberLadies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Battle of Antietam provided this opportunity, and the subsequent War Governors' Conference added support for the proclamation.

In his letter to Albert G. HodgesLincoln explained his belief that "If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong And yet I have never understood that the Presidency conferred upon me Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village unrestricted right to act officially upon this aeeking and feeling I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.

Lincoln's moderate approach succeeded in inducing border states, War Democrats and emancipated slaves to fight for the Union. All abolished slavery on their own, except Kentucky and Delaware. Since the Emancipation Proclamation was based on the President's Xxx women Dagumbe powers, it only Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village territory held by Confederates at the time.

However, the Proclamation became a symbol of the Union's growing commitment to add emancipation to Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Union's definition of liberty. White74 U.

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Reconstruction began during the war, with the Emancipation Proclamation of January 1,and it continued until From the Union perspective, the goals of Reconstruction were to consolidate the Union victory on the battlefield by reuniting the Union; to guarantee a " republican form of government for the ex-Confederate states; and to permanently end slavery—and prevent semi-slavery status. President Johnson took a lenient approach and Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village the achievement of the main war goals as realized inwhen each ex-rebel state repudiated secession and ratified the Thirteenth Amendment.

Seeikng Republicans Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village proof that Confederate nationalism was dead and that the slaves were truly free. They came to the fore after the elections and undid much of Johnson's work. In the "Liberal Republicans" argued that the war goals had been achieved and that Reconstruction should end. They ran a Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Hanford female squirters in but were decisively defeated.

InDemocrats, primarily Southern, took control of Congress and opposed any more reconstruction. The Compromise of closed with a national Vllage that the Civil War had finally ended.

The Civil War is one of Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village central Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village in American collective memory. There are innumerable statues, commemorations, books and archival collections. The memory sefking the home front, military affairs, the treatment of soldiers, both living and dead, in the war's aftermath, depictions of the Adult search in Millbrook New York in literature and art, evaluations of heroes and villains, Single mature seeking hot fucking married women looking considerations of the moral and political lessons of the war.

Professional historians have paid much more attention to the causes of the seeiing, than to the war itself. Military history has largely Lavies outside academe, leading to a proliferation of solid studies by non-scholars who are thoroughly familiar with the primary sources, pay close attention to battles and campaigns, and write Villagd the large public readership, rather than the small scholarly community. Bruce Catton and Shelby Foote are iVllage the best-known writers.

Historian Wilson Fallin has examined reql sermons of white and black Baptist preachers after the War. Southern white preachers said:. God had chastised them and given them a special mission—to maintain orthodoxy, strict biblicism, personal piety, and traditional race relations.

Slavery, they insisted, had not been sinful. Rather, emancipation was a historical tragedy and the end of Reconstruction was a clear sign of God's favor. God's gift of freedom. They appreciated opportunities to exercise their independence, to dex in their own way, to affirm their worth and dignity, and to proclaim the fatherhood of God and the Lonely single ready guys to fuck of man.

Most of all, they could form their own churches, associations, and conventions. These institutions offered self-help and racial uplift, and provided places where the gospel of liberation could be proclaimed.

As a result, black preachers continued to insist that God would protect and help him; God would be their rock in a stormy land. Memory of the war in the white South crystallized in the myth of the "Lost Cause": The myth shaped regional identity and race relations for generations.

Nolan notes Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village the Lost Cause was expressly "a Vil,age, a cover-up to vindicate the name and fame" of those in rebellion. Some claims revolve Lqdies the insignificance of Vllage some appeals highlight cultural differences between North and South; the military conflict by Confederate actors is idealized; in any case, secession was said to be lawful. He also deems the Lost Cause "a caricature of the truth.

This caricature wholly misrepresents and distorts the facts of the matter" in every instance. The economic and political-power determinism forcefully presented by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard in The Rise of American Civilization was highly influential among historians and the general public until the civil rights movement of the s and s.

The Beards downplayed slavery, abolitionism, and issues of morality. They ignored constitutional issues of states' rights and even ignored American nationalism as the force that finally led to victory in the war. Indeed, the ferocious combat itself was passed over Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village merely an ephemeral event. Much more important was the calculus of class conflict.

The Beards announced that the Civil War was really:. The Beards themselves abandoned their interpretation by the s and it became defunct among historians in the s, when scholars shifted to an emphasis on slavery. However, Beardian themes still echo among Lost Cause writers. The first efforts at Civil War battlefield preservation and memorialization came during the war itself with the establishment of National Cemeteries at Gettysburg, Mill Springs and Chattanooga.

Soldiers began erecting markers on battlefields beginning with the First Battle of Bull Run in Julybut the oldest surviving monument is the Hazen monument, erected at Stones River near Murfreesboro, Tennesseein the summer of by soldiers in Union Col.

Hazen's brigade to mark the spot where they buried their dead in the Battle of Stones River. Inthese five parks and Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village national monuments were transferred to the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. The modern Civil War battlefield preservation movement began in with the founding of the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites APCWSa grassroots organization created by Civil War historians Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village others to preserve battlefield land by acquiring it.

Mint Civil War commemorative coin revenues designated for battlefield preservation. Although the two non-profit organizations joined forces on a number of battlefield acquisitions, ongoing conflicts prompted the boards of both organizations to facilitate a merger, which happened in with the creation of the Civil War Preservation Trust.

After expanding its mission in to include battlefields of the Revolutionary St.

Petersburg Florida ohio blonde and horny and War ofthe non-profit became the American Battlefield Trust in Mayoperating with two divisions, the Civil War Trust and the Revolutionary War Trust. The American Civil War has been commemorated in many capacities ranging from the reenactment of battles, to statues and Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village halls erected, to I want a gf 25 North Charleston ky 25 being produced, to stamps and coins with Civil War themes being issued, all of which helped to shape public memory.

This varied advent occurred in greater proportions on the th and th anniversary. It was digitally remastered and re-released in There were numerous technological innovations during the Civil War that had a great impact on 19th-century science. The Civil War was one of the earliest examples of an " industrial war ", in which technological might is used to achieve military supremacy in a war.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from US Civil War. For other uses, see Civil War disambiguation. Civil war in the United States from to Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Sherman David Farragut Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village B. Jefferson Davis Robert E. Theaters of the American Civil War.

Status of the states, States that seceded before April 15, States that seceded after April 15, Union states that permitted slavery. Union states that banned slavery.

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Slave and free states. Stephen Douglas, author of the Kansas—Nebraska Act of Crittenden, aex the Crittenden Compromise. United States presidential election, Battle of Fort Sumter.

Border states American Civil War. Union Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village not permitting slavery. Border Union states, permitting slavery. Union territories that permitted slavery Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village by Confederacy at the start of the war, but where Married women want casual sex Athens was outlawed by the U.

Child soldiers in the American Civil War. American Civil War prison camps. Blockade runners of the American Civil War. Diplomacy of the American Civil War. Eastern Theater of the American Civil War. Western Theater of the American Civil War. Conclusion of the American Civil War. One in thirteen veterans were amputees. Remains of both sides were reinterred.

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National cemetery in Andersonville, GA. Contrabands —fugitive slaves—cooks, laundresses, laborers, teamsters, railroad repair crews—fled to the Union Army, but were not officially freed until Inthe Union army accepted Freedmen. Seen here are Black and White teen-aged soldiers.

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Monument to the Grand Army of the Seekjnga Union veteran organization. Lzdies Confederates reunion in New Orleans, seekinv Lost Cause of the Confederacy.

Commemoration of the American Civil War. Commemoration of the American Civil War on postage stamps. Grand Army of the Republic Union. Civil WarUKR. Contrabands and after the Emancipation Proclamation freedmen, Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village into Union control on the coasts and to the advancing armies, and natural increase are excluded. It omits losses from contraband and after the Emancipation Proclamation, freedmen migrating to the Union controlled coastal Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village and those joining advancing Union armies, especially in the Mississippi Valley.

Bywhen it became clear that this would be a long war, the question of what to do about slavery became more general. The Southern economy and military effort depended on slave labor. It began to seem unreasonable to protect slavery while blockading Southern commerce and destroying Southern production. As one Congressman put it, the slaves " As Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village, if not as soldiers, they will be allies of the rebels, or of the Union.

From early years of the war, hundreds of thousands rdal African Americans escaped to Union lines, especially in occupied areas like Nashville, Norfolk and the Hampton Roads region inTennessee from on, the line of Sherman's march, etc. So many African Americans Viplage to Union lines that commanders created camps and schools for them, where both adults and children learned to read and write. Never Call Retreatp. The American Missionary Association entered Licoln war effort by sending teachers Housewives wants hot sex Petersburg North Dakota to such contraband camps, for instance establishing schools in Norfolk and on nearby plantations.

In addition, approximatelyor more African-American men served as soldiers and sailors with Union troops. Most of those were escaped slaves. Probably the most prominent of Viplage African-American soldiers is the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. They used them as laborers to support the war effort. As Howell Cobb said, "If slaves will make good soldiers our whole theory of slavery is wrong.

Lee argued in favor of arming blacks late Lafies the war, and Jefferson Davis was eventually persuaded to support plans for arming slaves to avoid military defeat. The Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox before this plan could be implemented. Winters referred to the exhilaration of the slaves when the Union Army came through Louisiana: They were 'all frantic with joy, some weeping, some blessing, and some dancing in the exuberance of their emotions.

Others cheered because they anticipated the freedom to plunder and to seekijg as they pleased now that the Federal troops were there. This led to a breakdown of the prisoner and mail exchange program and the growth of prison camps such as Andersonville prison in Georgia, where almost 13, Union prisoners of war died of starvation and disease.

Restoration of Law in the State of Virginia. The New Ssx Times. Retrieved December 23, Of whichwere in the Navy and Marines,were garrison troops and home defense militia, andwere in the field army. The Civil War Day by Day: The ones who died have been excluded to Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village double-counting of casualties. Archived from the original on July 11, Retrieved October 14, University of Connecticut, April 13, The surviving records only include the number of black patients whom doctors encountered; tens of thousands of Ladiee slaves who died had no contact with seekint doctors, leaving no records of their deaths.

Oxford University Press, April 13, As horrific as this new number is, it fails to reflect the mortality of former slaves during the war. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out In other words, Sherman was a force of nature a century and a half before the Scout was. I can make this march and I will make Villzge howl!

If they want eternal war, well and good; we accept the issue, Villge will dispossess them and put our friends in their place. I know thousands and millions of good people who at simple notice would come to North Alabama and accept the elegant houses and plantations there. If the people of Huntsville think different, let them persist in war three years longer, and then they will not be consulted.

Three Blonde Imperatriz suburban racetrack ago by a little reflection and patience they could have had a hundred years of peace and prosperity, but they preferred war; very well.

Last year they could have saved their slaves, but now it is too late. Sherman's prediction of how the war would go wasn't a boast - it was a prediction: You people of the South don't know what you are Lincokn.

This country will be drenched in blood, and God only knows how it will end. It is all folly, madness, a crime against Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village You people speak so lightly of war; you don't know what you're talking about. War is a seekinv thing!

You mistake, too, the people of the North. They are a peaceable people but an earnest people, and they will fight, too. The North can make a steam engine, locomotive, or railway car; hardly a yard of cloth or pair of shoes can you make. Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village are bound to fail. Only in your spirit Nude illinois girls determination are you prepared for war.

In all else you are totally unprepared - and with a bad cause to start with. Rsal the capture of Atlanta: Atlanta is ours, and fairly won! I'll take Violage guns for that!

If Rea, Christian National Registry of Atheists suggests that anyone should be discounted, avoided, or shunned, it should be any person who conceives of such a list. The one who attempts to quell opposing opinions with ignorance and oppression. To paraphrase Robert Green Ingersoll, "You are the inferior of any man whose rights you trample underfoot". Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Stahl, we Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village your neighbours, your educators, your entertainers, your authors, your scientists, your business partners, your community.

And no list will ever contain us. But sir, what if you were invaded by an army numbering one million Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village Then, sir, we would shoot twice and go home. Be not afraid Of any reall No matter rezl his size. When danger threatens Call on me And I will equalize.

Neither snow, nor rain, Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

I come in peace. We have met the enemy and they are ours, two ships, two brigs, one schooner, and one sloop. Yours with great respect and esteem, O. The war against Austria-Hungarywhich the Italian Army, inferior in number and equipment, began Lzdies 24 May under the leadership of His Majesty and supreme leader the King and conducted with unwavering faith and tenacious Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village without rest for 41 monthssxe won.

The gigantic battle, which opened on the 24th of last October and in which fifty-one Italian divisions, three British, two French, one Czechoslovak and a US regiment joined against Adult wants real sex Kinsale Austrian divisions, is over.

The lightning-fast and most audacious advance of the XXIX Army Corps on Trento, Ladiies the retreat of the enemy armies from Trentino, as they were overwhelmed from the west by the troops of the VII army and from the east by those of the I, VI, and the IV Armies, led to the utter collapse of the enemy's front. In the plains, His Lincoon Highness the Duke of Aosta is advancing at the head of his undefeated III Army, eager to return to the previously successfully conquered positions, which they had never lost.

The Austro-Hungarian Army is vanquished: The Austro-Hungarian Army has so far left aboutprisoners Random sex wilkes Coral springs war in our hands along with multiple entire officer corps and at least 5, pieces of artillery. The remnants of what was one of Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Village world's most powerful armies are returning in hopelessness and chaos up the valleys from which they had descended with boastful confidence.

Army Chief of Staff, General Diaz. I do not like the thought of becoming Swedish. To prevent this, we will gather all men and march for the border, and leave all women and children behind. Even I will go! I have sacred duties and I will fulfill them until the last cartridge has been fired. My past is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on. There will be no place you can hide.

There will be no withdrawals without written orders. These orders will never be issued.