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The entire internet at your disposal and you spell from your pock-ridden ,cock weathered asshole. You can be the president of my fan-club; ha-ha-ha. It is commonly spelled both ways, idiot. Did you look it up?

Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina Look Couples

Is that all you got? You forgot a hyphen after Hot woman seeking real sex East Peoria, since we are now editing one another to death. They like to say the holiday is racist. Celebrating it is a fun way to piss off liberals. Unless, of course, they helped to define Sweet woman looking nsa Greeneville they are being offended by, then the opposite is true.

Malaysia is the official, most widely used,correct and current version. Being a good father and providerorganised, efficient and health conscious is only gets you in the door.

Google spiders websites which are often mispelled and sometimes on purpose, and Wikis are created by regular citizens, not experts or editors. Reading portions of this list of comments is like watching a Seinfeld show…. How Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina you stand the stench of your own putrid arguments?

Completely lacking in masculinity, honour, and honesty, to the point it even grosses out his fellow traveler feminists: This one is dead on! White people have such huge egos and great sense of entitlement! They also love playing the victim! My mom will just kvetch if she hears you talk this way. Why is Paki offensive, if it is part of the proper noun Pakistan? There are plenty of whites who will knock your block off if you called them black.

Although, these same white people think most other whites are pussies. Anyhow my boss had the temerity to tell me to go do some work. I thought that was what we had the illegals for? In the process of working I lost my Dudley Do Right wrist watch and hurt my back of course. No woman in world history has ever loved dick.

If women actually liked penises they would have posters of penises plastered all over their condos. They would surf cock on the net, often before 10AM. The problem is that, while he may have been white at some point, at Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina point he has crossed over into a new specie entirely. No doubt about it. Jewish businessmen hire illegals at their businesses, as much or more than do white traitors.

To the jew however, I doubt very much they feel like traitors, since the are mostly anti-White anyway. Whites are the victims of the anti-White nationalist movement in this countrythat seeks to kill of Whitey collectively.

I hardly see that Whites act like victims. Blacks support illegal immigration, even though it hurts them the most, solely because their hatred for Whites trumps everything, even their self-interest. White countries have been ruined by non-Whites, so yes Whites are victims, but most roll with it all.

I have no idea then why he sticks with the neocons. The last I knew Matt was married with two kids. Well, as it was explained to me, Matt had made a personal discovery and followed up on it, to the effect that Matt was Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina Katie. Knowing what a goof Matt had always been, and with my tongue lubricated by several glasses of wine, I was unable to disguise my hilarity at this news.

Being a white male, my theory is that white women are Ladies seeking sex Overton Nebraska more likely to take offense that white males. You have brought more racism and friction to the USA than have ever before existed.

There is anti-discrimination for every white subculture out there!!! Look at Samoans, they were never fat Married wives want hot sex Willowbrook they became Westernized. It is not pleasing to the ear.

Are you actually serious? His voice is terrible too. Kind of like the mirror image of their SAT score excuse. The question is whether to be offended by the article or some of those remarks — — —. You are Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina flat-out failure of a father Girl from middle asia even put Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina son in such a position in the first place.

Delivering infants, serving in the military, and being married for a long time are not unique qualifications for political honesty or insights into human morality. For the record, there are no true Republicans left, if any ever actually existed. Although if by chance you did get your ass kicked Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina an angry dwarf, it would make great Youtube. I take that comment quite literally.

Just not often enough, like most other men in relationships longer than 15 years. I personally liked Harpo best, his photo he sent to Salvador Dali after Dali sent him a barbed wire harp was brilliant: Keep going- and gun for that Pulitzer: Whites are far less prone to crime than the non-white races, with the exception of Asians who commit less crimes than Whites.

Those are the facts. Even in a state like Minnesota with no history of Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina or oppressing blacks has a huge disproportionate black prison population. What are you talking about? The world en masse is suffering only from overpopulation, not from overabundance of minorities. If anything, whites in America suffer without immigration because how can they then compete with China?

I prefer the challenge of not being prejudiced and therefore morally, intellectually and and socially lazy. With a name like whitey, I know all of this is probably a little over your head… on second thought, best for you to stick with only the whites. I, on the other hand, will continue to be inspired by the white people that surround me, as well as the Persians, Asians, Trinis and blacks. Do you have a better list?

People who know these kinds of things are professional racists. Professional racists and academic race-studies professors are the real racists, and they are non-whites pushing anti-White bigotry under the disguise of scholarly study.

But wait until they read the Navajo did this to the Hispanic that lived there at that same time. There are only like 2 or 3 places in the world that can lay claim to this type of makeup, Toronto being one of them, and Hawaii being another one. Now when was the last time you heard of a hate crime Lookin for a chill down to Denver female or lynching in Hawaii? When everyone around you looks different, you learn to appreciate differences and realize the triviality of racial prejudice.

Just a little food-for-thought for Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina few racists kicking around in here…. When Canada was White, it never suffered from racism, but today the country is riddled with it, and managing and controlling it has become the job of a huge government bureaucracy.

PS Go try to convince China that they can help their economy and exports by importing millions of Nigerians, Pakistanis and Mexicans. Whites need to look at Japan and Tokyo. Does anyone consider these places to be devoid of culture and all that? Jeff, you sound like a pretty honest guy. And kudos to you for instilling good old-fashioned family values. So why should I feel so personally ashamed and responsible for what happened to your son? The way there are badly behaved white people who poorly represent your race, the same can be said of black people.

People will behave in accordance of what is expected of them and are hugely influenced when given a basic economic advantage from the beginning. Throwing money at Missy Elliott will not magically turn her into Gwyneth Paltrow at this stage in her life; conversely, Traci Bingham will not suddenly turn from a Paris Hilton-type into ghetto fabulous if hers gets taken away.

Just something to think about before making your own, more subtle, albeit equally prejudiced remarks. Have I encountered racism in my life? Yes, of course I have.

Do I hate white people? No, of course not. Because anyone with an above-average IQ understands the value of the individual.

Black people like myself often get offended if a racial description is given where none Horney local girls Basdegirmen warranted.

Statements like this will blatantly irritate me because it a reminder of how race-conscious some people can be. That is what makes our city unique. I am a proud Canadian, but there is no denying the reality that Toronto is an island unto itself. Anyone who knows anything knows that racism in Toronto is on the rise with the level of multi-culturalism. Did they vote for it?

Also, no abstinence-only education. Whenever a state adopts that policy teen pregnancy rates go up. Always has been, always will be. On the other hand, ignorance like yours is poison. Mixed race marriages on the rise http: Keep in mind Canada is known for its ethinically diverse cities, but the majority of Canada is rural and white. So where do you think these marriages are happening? Totally different bag for us men, but you knew that.

Canada has the highest immigration rate in the world because the women are fat and they like the attention they get from primarily male working age immigrants. Stop talking out of your ass and get a life. You might want to consider your points the delusions since they really are just ideology, with Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina facts to back them up. Oh, and one more thing, Einstein: Go get some fresh air. And if you want to know about Toronto, come down to the Eaton Centre Women seeking casual sex Avilla Missouri see it for yourself.

Just check your smartass comments at the door. But once again, does any of this concern you? Same thing goes for most studies. Vitamins are good for you; vitamins are bad for you.

They need a new batch of news everyday to keep shut-ins like you entertained. I am Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina black female in a relationship for the Hot wives looking hot sex Pittsburg year and a half with a white male who works in the IT industry.

You make assumptions because you are stupid. Your name gives this away. However, I welcome your stupidity. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to prove Free chat lines in sacramento lack of intelligence of the ignorant among you. But the real reason I have to go is that I have to go to bed, I have work in the morning.

Shall I assume you have gainful employment? That would be short-sighted of me. You sit on the internet all day and evidently night as well. America, and think this will happen by way of strength in non-white numbers. You can sleep soundly tonight. Just look at S. Africa during the apartheid. Whites will always own the country. If these idiot white liberals have to live around regressive minorities, they tend to MOVE OUT of the neighborhood fast, if they cant take it over.

Liberal whites are therefore, religious idealists. Oh, by the way, his father was a Nazi who died in the war, yet more reason not to pigeonhole people. My dad is not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, though he is a Reich. So basically, I support multiculturalism because my life as I know it would cease to exist had it not been for the glorious melting pot that is my city.

Yes, this is true. But these moronic white liberal nazis have no idea about racial reality, because the Jewish owned media doesnt tell them about it. Oh, have I lost you with the heavy dose of reality? Go google south africa crime, and pull your head out. Man, what is with the racism tonight? Look, all I can say is race relations vary from city-to-city. Where I live, interracial marriage is extremely common and race relations are pretty decent in comparison to other cities, especially in the United States.

Those without families and enough money to afford it buy condos within the city. It makes me really sad to see some of you speak this way. And yes, they did a study to back that up because some eggheads only care about that crap.

Man, it really left me almost in a complete state of disbelief at how much of a smug bastard you are. Men only take offense if you insult something that affects their egos. Why would they need to do this? This is why the government offers incentives to mothers to make babies, not because we need more pollution. You like Ron Paul, so you look for reasons to validate your opinion. Being offended on Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina of others? Actually Charlize Theron shot her dad dead in self defense when she was Um…I thought I would mention that just for the record.

Canadian women have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the world, check the statistics. It would never occur to a woman to reference a statistic, a study, history, or an analysis, when discussing serious matters. No, the female brain only seems capable of seeing global matters in terms of themselves, and can only express their selfish thoughts via whiney, completely unbelievable made-up anecdotal self-serving stories.

Actually, Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina might be a more appropriate term than African American. Living in San Francisco, I can tell you that hating George Bush has to be 1 for the white folks around here. Hey, check out this other blog I found….

I liked this entry. Notes the difference between Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina getting offended on other peoples behalf but not on their own. Also, I Portnoy, I will agree that Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina am racist, in fact all of us are racist, but refuse to admit it. We are all socialized in this hegemonic culture to be sexist, homophobic, classist, misogynistic, so thanks for calling me out and your take on professionalism racism is not plausible but interesting.

Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina free to reread the post, so that we can have a constructive debate. So thanks for being complacent.

Meh who are you? Thanks for being critically vigilant. Best wishes and thanks for the little back up there. S yeah I am fixated with these negative notions because of my socialization in the U. S or the world, but I am taking the necessary effort to challenge them.

To see the world beyond the viewpoint of a narcissistic, hedonistic, pessimistic individuals. Dude, I already posted two links, you are just too stupid to read them. And if you think my life story is made up, that is also because you are too stupid and micro-thinking read: Then I posted a link to an article published in major Canadian news outlets in April of this year stating that interracial marriages between non-whites and whites are on the steady rise.

From all objective standards that actually matter, diversity has only strengthened us. Why humour the mentally challenged? Hmmm, this is interesting. I once read Curvy build blond hair blue Columbia eyes girl the difference between European whites and American whites is that Europeans define themselves by their culture, their history, their education, their lack of fatness in particular the Frenchtheir language, Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina music, whereas American white people define themselves by their being white.

Well good for you. However, I do not agree that everyone is racist. Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina the older generation is a lot more racist than the younger generation. And just to really piss the racists here off, here is picture of George Lucas and his black CEO girlfriend:. Those whites with lots of money continue to buy Guy 4 black woman 55 31313 55 here in the nicer areas, otherwise if you want a house as opposed to an apartment, you have to go outside of the city, like my mother did to get a nice big backyard.

Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina I done that I would not have wasted my time discoursing with you. I would have known off the bat that you are a retard. People have no sense of moderation.

Talk about offensive—check out this guy: However, no one wants whites to feel guilty about the culture. Take The Sopranos for instance. No one wants whites to feel guilty for producing television like that.

No, middle-class whites move out of the city because property values surrounding the city are cheaper. Rich whites buy superexpensive houses here. In fact, any evidence of privilege equals automatic loss of street cred. The suburbs are still fairly expensive, just less so. Oh well…dehydration is a very serious problem, I tell you my friend. Take a nice little walk in any inner city in the U. I love how mild sociopaths like Portnoy project all their insanity onto others and assume everything is the way their delusional imagination thinks it is.

When it was a very white town presit actually had a terrible rep — boring, up-tight, falling apart, no personality -not the Utopia hysterics like Portnoy would have people believe. Equally, interacial couples should not be mistreated. Was that a joke?

Which basically amounts to gang colors whether you realize fufk or not. Now who needs a lesson in diversity? Your theories can be shot down in seconds if anybody took them seriously. No, what people are really doing when they read your posts is trying to Greenaood your mental illness.

And how do you come across? Hayward ladies and black cock a deeply troubled man who has no self-awareness. You have no conscious. You get an intense form of pleasure from humilation and sadism. There is nothing noble about you. Sex dating in Nelsonville main intention is to obtain power from those you percieve as weak, driven by extreme psychopathology, of course.

You also feel weak inside because you are weak. You have no fjck of your Carloina so you seek power from your race. Usually, white people in your situation project all of their hatred of an absentee dad to the big, bad black man. You are too weak to face your demons so you remain unconscious to the real evils in your life.

Also, you project every thing you hate about your father and your own race onto Jews. Just look up all of the elite political, economic and royal families of the west for proof. It incites hatred and ridicule toward an identifiable group, and a historically disadvantaged one at that.

Keep talking, faker, the more you Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina the more you show what a hateful little creature you are. My white friend just forwarded your website to me. And we know how you Asiatics love your goats! No, you just made 7 responses to Horny naked women in lincoln maine post; according to the rules, Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina over 3 is considered evidence of mental instability.

Climbing house prices is so unrelated to the topic at hand that it raises serious questions about your cognitive capabilities. Your suggestion that a picture of Greenood white guy with a black chick might Beautiful older woman want friendship Newark New Jersey someone mad is childish, made in bad faith, and Housewives seeking hot sex Hereford Oregon what everybody knows: So, you are Soufh racist, you are the mentally unstable one, and you are way angrier than anyone I have encountered on this site — pretty much what I expect from Toronto trash, as I said previously.

Portnoy, just about everything you say I disagree with and now I read this and am perfect agreement with it. No job and way too much time on your hands. Get Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina your lazy ass and do something for the world. That is, FOR the world. Sitting in your little room fhck with yourself and typing one handed is making you bitter and the rest of us ill.

Do something, anything, get off you probably large fat ass, pull up your pants, go outside and at least breathe some fresh air. Over half of white people who immigrated to America in the 17th and 18th century were indentured servants. Over half of white people who came here over two centuries were slaves, you ignorant cunt!

We will break you. We will defeat you. They are all cute when they are little, like puppies. But yes, some of them may be cuter. Perhaps this explains why Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina are taken care of by their parents until they can fend for themselves.

Portney, you are doing better, you actually asked someone for a Older man wants to makeout. Now that you asked for a fact, does that mean you are going to start using them?

That miserable, black piece of shit is you. It may look like poop, but it is you. Have a good day shit Caroolina. Please do a real easy search of worlds richest people. Yes there are white folks on the list. Soon enough the so called White people will be Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina minority in this country.

Already are in the Carolkna. Please Carolija make sure your points of facts really are. For the record, Greebwood was Mexican, dad German.

Look white, drink like a spic. White people love being offended for other cultures because white people fear being seen as racist. Also, the majority of white people are not rich. Yes, most Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina in america are white, but so fick most poor. More white people are on welfare in this country than any other race. White people can dance too.

Just look at the blonde chick in Girlicious. As described above the two bullies were dealt with decisively. Human nature is that we want to live with, work with and be surrounded by people who are as much like we are as possible, racially, ethnically, culturally, linquistically, religously, politically, education-level, etc. Societies that are homogenous tend to be harmonious. Folks, listen to me: When a non-citizen has a significant amount of capital to invest. Could be on some kind of sliding- scale, for example, 2-million dollars for a minimum of three years to 1-million dollars for six years.

Certain skills that we have Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina shortage of. When a non-citizen provides a valuable service for the U.

I have family living in N. Carolina, Brooklyn, and in Miami. The American branch of my family is very different than the Canadian branch.

My family is an Oreo mixed equal parts with white and black and when my aunt moved here from Haiti the first thing she did is start her own business. My family in the States is much more segregated. I think my city is the best situation, where the largest ethnic group is white and Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina is no dominant minority, Free sex in Louisville tx, the minority community as a whole is multicultural.

This is how to foster the most unity while maintaining the white culture that seems to be the bedrock of a prosperous city. Dunno mate, taking up an opportunity to mention Derrida is social death down my way my way being an Analytic Philosophy department — and rightly so. White guy who is smart, handsome and charismatic attends all black college, they vote him valedictorian. They love white people who prove themselves not to be racist.

I say this as a black person with black American relatives. Who even uses those words anymore? Portnoy, you talk like my grandpa. What Ladiies you, a Confederate Army veteran? The South lost years ago, my good man. Just had to pile on. And a compulsive masturbator? Hardly seems the right ethnicity for the screen name Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina a racist… But I guess you got the compulsive masturbator thing right. My dad has the last name Reich, meaning that yes, he was born in Germany, and my family, poor blacks from Brooklyn, welcomed him with open arms into the family.

As long as you show that you have nothing against them, why should they have anything against you? On a website with 28 million views? What I said would anger you for these reasons: You just keep talking about things places and cultures you know nothing about. If you knew anything you would know there is a huge online movement with no less than 30 blogs created by black women dedicated to the cause of interracial dating and specifically, their desire to participate in relationships with white menand this is causing a huge rift in the black community.

I am the consummate anti-racist, which Carllina explains my frequent participation in this particular post. You could Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina on for posts about how much you hate non-white people which you pretty much haveand I would take it to mean that you are an idiot, who just so happens to be white. I know better than that.

And before you say you never admitted it, you did by way of refusing to answer the question that was asked of you repeatedly: You only talk about Greebwood you know nothing about.

Not Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina anything of substance or value or subjective experience. Jess, thank you for your response. I am indeed honest-to-a-fault. Throughout my life it has been both an asset and a liability depending on the circumstances.

You certainly have no need to apologize for or feel guilty about the actions of others. But I understand what you mean.

The Hot girl searching relationship advice chat of this world embarrass Soutj. Any prejudices that I still have at age 49 are probably here to stay. Do a lot of american-indians wish that every other group would leave? Frankly, the 5-ormillion muslims in America make me nervous, however irrational that may be, but I know that the overwhelming majority of them want the same things that you and I do: None of them became criminals.

I put myself through college by first spending Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina years in the army and earning the G. Well what about all those jamaican-americans, and Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina You repeatedly accuse white people of being racist without any reason or cause. Because you have material motive to do so. A clever short term strategy; long term, not so much. Pretending for a moment you are sane, I have a great deal of empathy for black women in Canada with respect to dating.

This is an explosive situation. Inn, black women give me a stiff a boner as any race, honestly, but the more pertinent matter is that they — you — have a barely concealed hatred for white males; can you blame us for being apprehensive about dating black women? News flash, Madame GG: Despite our sordid history, I have mucho respect and gratitude to AAs. Straight talk is rare and they ho benefit from hearing what I just Greenwoov in any case the subject fick me.

When you were writing up this respectably thoughtful but depressingly melodramatic rebuttal to an innocuous humor blog, did you stop and guess how many people would make it all the way through your militant ramblings? I did, about fo through, and that guesstimation was zero, including me.

I was very offended this morning, on my drive in to work. I live in an all-white community, and I drive into a city and see this greasy wet back spic. I spun around and threw a bud can off his fucking head. Once in the country at the very Adult wants sex Stayton use some fucking soap and hot water. I say defend the U. To all you jew douchebags lick my balls. Why exactly would we want to be? OK, so in one rambling insanity-filled post, you have personally blamed me for all racial tension existing in America and any and all guilt whites feel for anything race-realted.

You have made the conclusion that I hate white males because I pointed out, quite accurately, that you and a few other posters here are racist, as you proudly, vocally and frequently declared as much. Nevermind Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina fact that my Greeenwood and the majority of my romantic partners have been white males and I intend on marrying my current partner who is a white Greeenwood.

Her statement is completely right — in another era, a woman just like herself would have been treated very poorly because she was black. She has stated on many occasions that she feels very fortunate to have been given the opportunities that she has.

I would say more but from here on out I will live by the following Iso a cute blonde Sucks for you bud…. This actually happened to me.

I am apparently a complete stereotype because I fit everyone of these on this site. Not really the descriptions, just the list, but still. Funny that this is a racial thing. I bet black people in Africa and elsewhere worldwide, exhibit Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina behaviors also, being that it must be an innate thing. My work here — exposing black people as the most racist people ever — is done. They seem to think that all blacks think alike- not realizing that this, in itself, is racist.

Yep, that about sums it up. We have since moved on while this supremacist fucktard continues to beg to be heard. Immediately after reading this, I spent two hours reading the linked Wikipedia article on Derrida so I would never be a victim of that kind of social death. Yeah, you wish that were true.

I tutored a lot of whites in Georgia in English composition. Conservatives are generally very bright people. Not just white folks, pretty much everyone. I told you before, when I see black street punks on the sidewalk they rarely even make eye contact with Whites at least the ones that have their shit together. But would Hitler support an amnesty for illegals?

When you think about it, the San Fran Whites really ought to applaud Bush for furthering their agenda. Why do you deny this? Sounds like Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina another racial issue in Toronto. Toronto had a terrible rap when it was White? Says who, a bunch on non-whites idiots? Tell the Chinese that importing a multi-racial Ladiew will be good for them, see what they tell you.

You are an idiot, you must not work in business. One Bladenboro NC cheating wives already clearly see the effects of the non-White population in the USA and our fading status.

USSR is now 15 ethno-states divided on race. We all know the story. They would probably be even higher, as importing in low IQ and impoverished people brings DOWN the incomes per capita.

Look Horny People Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina

There have been tons of stories about coeds who were busted painting swastikas, etc. University spokeswoman Tracy Schario says campus police found out what happened at Mitchell Hall by using a hidden camera. The student admitted responsibility Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina.

There Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina racist-related stories DAILY in the Toronto press, all tied to the level of multi-racialism the anti-white communist types have pushed on the city.

When you do, and choose schools and housing for a family, you will self-segregate based on race and ethnicity just like everyone else does including the clannish non-whites. Name one country in the history of the world where multi-racialism works in the long run?

Where has it been managed right? Provide an example, if you can. Mixed race marriages destroys the very diversity that you are claiming to celebrate. There are serious human rights issues in this world, yet we are all supposed to provide special treatment for people who have intercourse with their own sex? That explains your hate for those that are proud of their ancestry and like it that way.

It was selfish of your parents to put you in the position they have. There are so many hateful people of color out there, pushing for their race, etc. So many non-White racists and activists out there, but Jess will deny they exist. Go smoke some more dope, and get your ass fucked in a glory hole white boy fago, that sums you Vivian wetpussy.

Swinging., Bucky da bitch boy. Hey layabout get a job, you need not concern yourself with me. I would wager that you are on the Wellie and have been seen in the foodstamp line. I am not a racist, and you have not offended me, go work of your suntan.

Aww, and I though you guys woulda made a cute couple. Portney, You are a first class dumb fuck. A white trash dumb fuck. A blithering idiot dumb fuck, but nonetheless a dumb fuck. And, you are so fucking dumb that you keep proving to all, in case there is a doubt, that you are a dumb fuck. I call it a dumb fuck. Too damn dumb to shut up, and too damn fucked up to know why. Your college probably has a health clinic with some personnel for mental health.

You could be their poster child and receive all the attention you desperately seek. Especially when almost all Americans know how Iraq got sooo screwed by Bush making shit up Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina them and then just pulling out a full-on war on them. I only like the idea of offense in a sports setting anyway. My god, Utah women sex chat have no self-awareness at all do you?

You will continue to try and destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy to lift your weak self-esteem a few notches higher. My god, what did your dad do to you as a kid? Did he make you kill your hamster or something? You have the truth on your side, man! Narcissism, the driving force of the sociopathic personality.

Find hot grannies in west virginia want footnotes, and Edison New Jersey horny pussy from reliable sources and quotes from notable historians and academics.

Since your entire identity hangs on this belief, it better be good or else you will prove to all the Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina reading this just how psycho you are. I want a list of names of the elite families of the world and how they conspire to control western governments. Family by family with links.

I want proof that they are all Jewish as well. If you want to read about Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina issues, just go to: Western Whites created our modern civilization, so obviously they have something to complain about when the system is so bent on destroying Utah sluts hung low hangers for all, including freedom of speech.

Jeff, you are just as offensive as Portnoy. As I continue to read your comments, it seems as if you get off on letting your flaws i.

I beg to to differ!

They LOVE laughing at themselves — just not with you people around to join in! Stuff white people aLdies This is the gender which for decades refused to believe Liberace was gay. Are you that typical and ignorant? What does being an adult teach you about human nature? Are all red-headed Irishmen drunkards? Do all pale-skinned British have bad teeth and are all Europeans hygienically challenged? Are all I need to please my master married women Morristown Muslim and ready to start a jihad with the first infidel they come across?

Or Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina Independent adult ladiess from loveland one person or a group of people exhibit be because they are a product of their environment?

Its so obvious that its a race issue. What i dont get is why black people still like him, sure he Generous Flinders Ranges male seeks foot fetish great music, but im not gunna buy thriller again to give his perverted ass more money. Im pretty sure white people hate micheal, i do know black people hate him, but they forgive way Greenwoof damn often, if they didnt forgive so much, ln would be less violence in the world because if you forgive a killer, he will think its ok to kill again etc.

I dont know, micheal jackson is pretty damn white to me, and a women at that, so i wouldnt tell people they couldnt be anything Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina wanted.

Lil Kim is asian now……. Lindsey Lohan is a lesbian……. Joan Rivers is a mutant………. So im Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina sure black people can become white people, hell look at obama, he is so white he married a black women and even got every black person to vote for him, ands hes white.

The liberal guys on this site, try to appear to be a friend of the black man, but the liberals are worse than the racist guys. Its in a liberals best interest to keep blacks down, food stamps, public housing, public school, and on and on. The race pandering bullshit that has not solved anything in 40 years, give it up, time has proven you wrong. The only solution is to depend on yourself …. Liberals suck and are fucking useless bags of shit.

How many people have been murdered by illlegal aliens, or black criminals in the past 20 years: I would challenge you to argue with facts, not fantasy. So go listen to your free rap music and pawn over your black gangster websites if Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina wish, and go ahead and kill your white genes and pop out a little mud-man like Obama the Prince of Fools.

Not everyone wants to be the brood hen for regressive, violent, stupid see Africa races. Old DF Portnoy has no brain therefore no ability to do research so the only answer you will get is more of his rubbish. But most of Liberal Europe has National Socialism. I think Liberals want schools integrated with muds, or National Socialism as long as they can pull their kids out when it gets too dark.

My white boyfriend is a hardcore liberal. I think everyone should be proud of who they are. Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina always tell her that she should Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina pride in her other language, her country, etc. But there is a difference between pride in who you are and hatred for those who are different, and you are very obviously Carolija person who is full of hate.

Everyone here can see it. I SSouth never heard of a May Day rally until you mentioned one. Yeah, he is a psychopath eh? Here he goes again, thinking he knows more than the people who actually live here despite never having Greejwood here even once.

You can literally see the venom coming tto those black men who oppose it:. The bossip link was: Can we all make a collective effort? We can watch him and whitey implode due to lack fo attention. My grandmother is as conservative as they come, but she worked as a nurse in pre-Roe v Wade days and saw the botched abortions, and she only votes for pro-choice candidates.

Oh god, a Canadian, go figure. I hate being offended this website offends me. Blacks have created the dysfunctional environment in which they live, and expect Ladeis men to clean up after them. I used Tp very often be mistaken for being other Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina an African-American simply by my tastes, character, tone of voice, likes, dislikes, dress, style, etc, etc. I love Whole Foods, always have simply for the quality that for quite awhile was unsurpassed anywhere.

You see, I loved just wandering around seeing all the different and unusual stuff. I was in 7th Heaven! Who are, incidentally, racially identical to mainstream Japanese. This guy is not white, this guy is white, white is good. It makes your comments hilarious. Yeah, but Greenwkod is only the case because the whites in South Africa were fucking all the non-whites over beforehand. Speak for five minutes to any white college student and you will see this post is painfully true. If being a racist means that you believe that your race is superior to Ladiss others then I am not a racist.

The same research that indicates that the average white person is somewhat more intelligent than the average black person also indicates that the average asian is I THE REAL THING more intelligent than the average white person.

When they were my supervisor I had no problem with it. My hat is off to whoever invented the frozen pizza and the tv-remote-control; many thanx. Jeff, firstly, who the hell is Neuton? Are you on drugs or something?

Thank God for the remote control and frozen pizza? My hat comes off for the light bulb and K-Y Jelly. Is this the culture of San Mateo or Miami? What about Bangor and Rapid City?

Is the culture of the people in Denver mainstream? Maybe Taxarkana culture is mainstream. Which Cagolina is better? There are plenty of Greeneood on this planet who do not live in your so-called mainstream culture, billions to be a little more precise.

Nope, not on drugs. The reference to frozen pizza and the remote-control was a joke. Norman Rockwell depicted certain aspects of it. I suspect that you know very well what I mean by Mainstream American culture. And Jesse Jackson No floozy girls please im not desperate his in famous quote about hearing footsteps behind him, turning around and seeing someone white and feeling relieved is the typical black person.

My initial reaction was that white people are the hardest to offend. Then I read this… I Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina cracking up when I realized that the point was that they get offended on behalf of others.

Thanks for being the voice of reason. I see now that he was right! Another thing White Liberals hate, a heavy dose of Ladeis. This is why you get dirty looks in white rich liberal areas. THey dont want this to happen to them. But they vote for Obama ding dong, quite amazing…. The only people who are, as a race, naturally thin are the Asians.

The creator of this site, Christian Lander, Suth actually living Toronto and discussing the wire with his Filipino friend fuuck the idea for SWPL came to mind. The irony of the whole situation is kinda funny though…. No Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina wants to read some ass pontificating about some shit no one cares about.

Thats what happened here, you failed to say anything meaningful. Que Darwinism ni que la chingada. I have a lot of Gfeenwood border jumping cusins that live in Stockton. I have news for all of you. Those republican middle class people who moved out of LA because of gentrefication have company. WTF, it is just a scarf. It is not gang colors as suggested earlier Greewnood terroristic, Dr. Evil plots intent on taking over the world via munchkin Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina.

You know a lot about meth. You should give in and take some more one less Soutb you more of my kind. Is it scarry for you to know that we are 39 million and growing? Id be shitting my Caroliha if I fuuck you.

We are so not going anywhere. Being a good little liberal, would you mind if I used your bathroom? We Greeenwood her it was really dirty and she did nothing.

I thought that was pretty crappy for an Employee to Gresnwood like that…. Also, when she brought us our food she just threw our napkins down on the table like we Lzdies her. Ladiee thru Greenaood 2 cars in front. It was taking a long time. THEN she asked if Carolona wanted my change.

She walked away screaming the store told her to ask. fuci

horny women Greenwood, SC,

Maybe the store should give food out for free to Ladoes her con-artist ways. She came out with change for other car and said Have a Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina day. Almead-Genoa rd, She needs to be Retrained or she needs to be Replaced. Now, the other Lady working in the store, was way more politer. Placed order local drive in.

Get order, check shortly after driving away, only to realize order Seeking a female who respects platonic and likes not complete nor was a receipt for purchase attached to bag as it more often than not is. After inconveniently returning and a longer than I cared for wait, was given cold fries and a less than full order. Requested receipt upon return. Initial order was placed at 2: Return to get remainder of order and receipt was completed at 3: Fo not serve what you as an employee would not eat or want served to yourselves.

A not so satisfied Cafolina. My wife and I love sonic coffee and tea. There was until or a Sonic across the street from my work on Pratt Ave. All the Sonics in Huntsville have good drinks and service but the Sparkman Drive location is great all the staff right down to the main.

She should be your model employee. Being self employed I can appreciate a company person she always charges me for Greenwold I get even if it just a cup of ice or extra lemon so you should be very proud of this young lady. My first job was a Sonic car hop in Oklahoma City when I Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina Being able to enjoy Sonic in your car or on the Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina is part of the experience.

I could do that Gfeenwood where. I chose to go elsewhere each time. I could understand this happening once because no car hops were available. Three Greejwood is a systemic issue. I just wanted you to know that your image is being harmed as being a drive-in is what sets you apart. I am not paying extra for the flavor and not getting a cherry. If you charge extra for something put the cherry in the drink. I am Gfeenwood longer spending my money at sonic anymore. This happens all the time.

I work at the sonic in dayton tn on rhea county hwy for Eddie. He is a pervert he has grabbed me made passes at me and is all the time saying sexual comments toward me. I really need my job and I love my job besides the fact of eddie. He will curse at people and call you everything in the book and so does his managers. Our restaurant is nasty no one wears gloves and nothing is washed properly and breaks well you get one is whoever is manager Lukes you.

If osha was to get called or the health department they would Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina fined. Someone needs to come and help us eddie is mean and makes me feel very uncomfortable. He has been sleeping with a 18 yr old who works there named hope and she Milfs from Pawtucket Rhode Island alot of special treatment because so.

Someone please come help us. Last night we stopped and ordered 2 burgers and a shake with fries. The service was aweful, the staff was hanging out with people in a truck talking and the burgers were dry and not what that were.

We enjoy Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina but last night the burgers were just aweful and Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina service was bad. Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina hope you could rectify that situation.

Be careful what you wish for. April of this yr the Sonice corp. Wind that blows the rain in on my covered deck. Talk about Soutth enviroment screwed!! Just last week I saw the drive-in order area is directly in back of me where my bedrooms are. Yes a puny wooden fence Greenaood being put up as we speak.

Too bad corporate greed took over common sense. Collegeport TX cheating wives truly hate those two dip? I and several of my friends have quit eating at Sonic due to the dumbass guys in the commercials. Please wake up and figure out a new way to advertise. Those commercials make Sonic look like a bunch of douchbags that have no clue. So I have Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina been told by the sonic on Montgomery Crossroads savannah ga that there icecream machine was broken for 2 months Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina and on.

Also they do the have what is listed on the sonic menu. I have made several attempts on face book voicing my opinion but nothing helps. Please light a fire under there Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina. I went through the Hot chat Oxnard through this morning in St.

Charles, Missouri and ordered a Coney Foot Long Chili cheese hotdog and the girl informed me that it would take 10 minutes to cook the hotdog. Wow, they tp not have very good Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina equipment if it takes 10 minutes.

I absolutely refuse to eat at Sonic because of your Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina. I really like your footlong chili dogs but not since these commercials have been airing. I even change TV stations when they come on.

I have lots of friends that feel the same. Those two idiots in the commercial are stupid. Last week, I visited Sonic Store in Apache. I left the window, and did not realize my mistake until almost 2 hours or more later! I went back to the Sonic, and spoke with the on duty manager. Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina Naughty wives looking sex tonight Newton lady who waited on me, Eva Myers, had valiantly tried to catch Mature women Douglas, hoping I would come back through and pickup my money.

The manager was aware of what happened, and told me that Eva was upset and concerned. Eva had already left for the day when I returned. The manager contacted Tto, and my money was returned to me within another hour! In our world today, it is a joy to know that a young person would have the kind of ethics displayed by this young lady! My sincerest thanks to her and I hope she receives proper commendation from your corporate headquarters.

You seriously need to get new commercials. I hate those 2 idiots in the car. If anything, it makes me never ever want to eat at Sonic. First, I had to answer several questions and once I did, I was told that I won these burgers but before Cadolina could claim them, I had to post Sonic advertisement on my Facebook wall, then send message to 15 of my Facebook friends, with this free offer attached to that message.

I did and I have a screenshot showing that I did. I also took a screenshot of this Sonic offer. If there was any way that I could attach my 2 screenshots, relating to this issue, I would, but this site does not accommodate photo attachments.

Went to sonic and found a mosquito in my drink. I ws done with my drink n was ready to chew on the ice opened my cup n there was the mosquito!

I have the picture to prove it. The mosquito was frozen onto the ice. Not sure if by the bug being in my cup or if Ladiws mosquito had some type of bacteria. I literally deem sonic as having the worst commercials in the last decade. My husband had a gold mouthpiece that I accidentally threw in the garbage, while we were eating at the location. I called back immediately, and spoke with a Jeffrey who I asked that he go and look for Souyh mouthpiece.

He stated he would send someone to go look for it. Jeffrey then Horny women in Philadelphia telephone numbers back to the phone and stated he located the mouthpiece. The following day came and the weather was incredibly bad, my husband was unable to get to sonic to attain his property.

Logan also stated how it will not be their responsibility if they do not find it. I am upset because I should have never been told that they would accommodate my requests if they were not gonna be held liable for a pretty expensive mouthpiece. I was told basically that you all excepted responsibility for it, then you all loose it again, then tell me you are not responsible, which is the biggest insult.

I would have easily rescinded my initial request if I was informed that you all would not been able to accommodate my request. I am very upset and will no longer be going to that location. Me and my boyfriend stopped at the sonic in fredonnia ks snd pushed the red button to order and we waited 5 min and Carollna one showed up to take our order thats ridiculous u shouldnt have to wait that long got very upset and left will probally not go to that one again was very upset we waited that long and in the extremr heat.

I was told by them that the drink I ordered for 0. I can order that same drink at any other Sonic even headed into Texas Suth 0. I asked why there price was so high and different was told each store had their own prices.

On the Nude Wombwell women it says large drink for 0. I order a large grape limeade each time at this place and Greejwood will bring out a frozen limeade each time and says this is what THEY are offering.

So I just drives off thinking they know what they are doing. I think it is time to replace,the 2 gay guys,advertment.

Maybe go with man and woman.

Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina

The one guy that the GM messes around with can do whatever he wants. Meanwhile, a black guy just got fired about a week ago for calling out of work Soutb he had to take care Greenwold his inn sister. I am trying to become part of Caroljna Sonic team in Caruthersville Mo. I loved the job, and I enjoy working in the food industry.

I was working in store Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina last year when I was jailed for old fines. I was told when I tried to get back on there that they do not rehire. Please consider me once again for employment. I will not let you down. So tonight I went to the sonic off of w. Stassney in Austin tx. And they were try to get me to pay again for two large drink and tater totes that they already charger me for!!!

All because they were short staff and the mangers Crolina Julian told them to charger me again! Why is Carolinw when you apply for a job they give you Grewnwood run around i live in summerfield florida and i tried getting a job there dur to the fact that Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina significant other works as a car hop there they told him that they cant hire me.

But its not right that the hiring manager has a younger sibiling working there. Is that even fair? Hope that you can take a look at the sonic in stamford tx.

Try are fjck your sonic franchise a bad name. You can pull up n be the only car n have to wait 20 r 30 minutes for your food n 9 times out of 10 the order is wrong. My cousin Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina blanscet works for sonic n I know he is proud of this company. I hate the idea that I will quit going to sonic use to love eating there but sad to say fucj get better food at allsups than you do at sonic in stamford tx.

I dont think that was fair and the manager had a bad attitude At that. Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina a employee at sonic in Quinlan Ladiex got into my personal car and was smoking marijuana and now my car smells bad and had to have a local officer to surch and remove Grefnwood I am shocked Ladjes this can happen at a place were my kids eat who is going to pay to have my car clean.

My general manager has been editing the amount of tips I make. When I first started keeping up with my clock out slips that say the amount of ruck and tips made for the shift etc. I confronted her about it and she kept trying to make me feel bad about not being made minimum wage in tips. I work Gfeenwood a small location where making minimum wage in tips is almost impossible.

Very unprofessional gm, who after the fact has treated me terribly. Every little Souh is my fault and Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina am constantly being yelled at for random things. My paycheck is again short, and my gm is giving me the impression that I will be fired if she has to pay me more.

Honestly, cant wait to find a new job. My experience working for sonic has been unprofessional and just Caroliba terrible. The other managers Grernwood work there have always been extremely kind to me. Also it is not just Hot lady looking nsa Chichester who the gm is disrespectful towards. This is ridiculous and I Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina go to whatever lengths to get this problem addressed.

I am trying to become a team member again with sonic. I have yes experience in all stations n sonic is shorth in Alexandria LA on mc Arthur… I was hired but sent home when note stated for non rehire for in incident over 8 years ago at the fcuk sonic on 28 east… Lady wants sex GA Shiloh 31826 help remove.

I was hired at a Lafayette store three years ago with no problem n was trained for final station the kitchen… Looking for part Laddies work n to help out.

How long does it take for an employer to send your w2 from Houston to Dallas, should not take almost a month. I have called numerous of fucl to get it delivered to me in the mail. OR we will let you know if we mail it or fax it?

I no longer stay in Houston, i have too much going on to go out of Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina to take an unnecessary turn around when its as easy as to get it mailed to me. However, you, Sonic did just that last year and so far, this year. What part of January 31st do you NOT understand????? It does not take 2 weeks for a W2 to leave your office in OK to get to Carolins Someone is NOT doing Grsenwood job!

One day someone is going to take Cwrolina up in court! Then what are you going to do? This is absolutely ridiculous!!! They were all raw inside. You could squeeze the batter out of them. My grand babies tore off the bread and ate the winners.

I spoke to a manager named Kaleb about the situation. He told me to bring them back and he Carolins give me freshly cooked ones. Again to no avail I received more raw corn dogs. I phoned Sonic on Tunica Drive in Marksville, Louisiana with another complaint about those raw corn dogs. I spoke with a female who would not give me her name so I requested to speak to another manager. I then spoke with Kalevala who again wanted me to bring the corn dogs back for some more fresh ones.

There is no reason for serving raw corn dogs to any one. Please see to it that they stop this practice. I asked him how often they give raises.

He said like every six months to a year. Yet in the whole time he has been there, he has cross trained Horny women in Clayville, RI been very dependable but has only to see a quarter raise. I always eat there. Their food is always hot especially on night Uniondale IN bi horney housewifes. Perhaps a little to hot.

Are other less experienced fuxk getting paid Laddies Are big bosses only worried about their bonuses. I just thought I would ask that question since I used to manage at fast food? He is about Soutu put in his 2 weeks notice, But Sonic will lose a highly valuable employee.

Today store worker Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina accused my son of stealing. My son Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina worked Sunday and he was off on Monday. Nothing was said to him about him being short. Now 4 days later you have missing money Greenwoo you claim he was short. The next time you accuse a minor of stealing make sure you have proof and all the facts since you Dion personally were not there. If your manager made a mistake or took the money himself then make him own up to it and pay for it!

My son Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina not the one that counts down the end of the shift money you guys are! So he has no reason not to believe you when you count him down and say oSuth is your tips. Ruck, your claim days later does not sit right with me and sounds a little unbelievable.

News flash, do better and hire others! Hello i have had several bad experiences with the Sonic Drive In Address: I contacted the corporate office and was sent a bad experience coupon. I took the coupon to the same location and they messed up my burger again the exact same way. Well i came in to work today and My co worker surprisingly handed me Free indian adult Ferguson Kentucky phone chat same bad experience coupon Sputh i took to this location and it has my name and address on it, she said Gionvanni whom is the manager gave it to them all balled up because they messed up their order.

I am so thankful that this was given to somebody i know which was some kind of coincidence. Can you please address this and FYI that location is terrible. Not sure where to start. My son was working at the sonic in quinlan tx Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina Dec. My son mom pick him up around So my wife called the store to talk to the manager and she told us that no one know anything about him be drunk. Now are the big problem with that they had the Rum at sonic from around 5: My son personally seen a cook which was when he was being trained.

Drop food on the floor and still cook and send it out to people. Watched a manager cook a cheeseburger with a XXXXroach on crawling on the table where food being prepared. I going to do everything I can Caorlina make sure that sonic gets closed down!!!!!! Or new owner and manager and staff. Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina for your time. This part time Ladiew has asked a shift leader for marijuana as I overheard.

He is disrespectful extremely. Wrongly accused people of stealing. Also manangers in this store make them pay there own cash when the drawer is short money!

TIm Young, Alex, jess, Sierra danny and frank though are the best!!!! Yes, I was an assistant manager here at the sonic in Ellisville, MS. The new general manager, Mrs.

Debbie Young accused me of this matter. Besides this, when I was working there, just the abuse that went on with everything was outrageous and constant griping and complaining about everything.

It is a new store that just got rebuilt and it is nice. Even after she fired me, I still had people contact me, stating how rude she still is and the abuse is still going on. Everybody wants her gone. Something needs to be done about this and taken care of soon. According to everybody, they want her GGreenwood of there now. Thank you so much for reading this.

I worked the morning shifts. The store manager was really great. She always worked with her employees. The night manager though, Jeff, was constantly making racial comments and sexually harassing the employees. Others just belittle and talk down to the employees. During the night shift they wanted to cut labor, so night crew would take hour breaks.

During the day, we almost never were allowed to take a break until a couple days before the end of the month. Sonic is breaking Texas Labor Laws and it has been seen by the store owners, but they could care less. We the kitchen were constantly being screamed at to cook things faster when they were dropped the second it came on Any house wives. Then, we would get yelled at to bag the food while all of the car hops were standing around talking, and had nothing else to do.

We had to bag while they talked and we still had a full screen. I was called Carolnia, that I would never go anywhere, and that I was going to Carolnia off welfare- all of these things Grernwood said in front of the whole store. Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina the other employees. Cindy and Kay are amazing to work for. They talked badly about their employees and they talked badly about their customers.

So, great team work, Sonic! After seeing the way the other stores look and treated it crazy,but they under different owners that explain it to.

Dis man make They even rushed this Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina to get a car so they can Lafies and put him on paper as the Gm,yea right he got a Gm tag but in the computer still an Asst Management. I say take them to court and as long as you got that proof in your messages asking for your money all this Ladies seeking nsa Mildred Montana 59341 they gone have to back pay you for all this time you been running this store.

The store get nothing no pizza parties,no Christmas Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina picnics no nothing. Lxdies it is they play ppl on there money but do you know they made them keep this place open for hours and continue to serve ppl when the water was out yea nobody could wash there hand dishes or nothing they all about they money gross. Sometimes I hate to know how they really feel about an all black store. I had s ver unpleasant experience at a Sonic drive thru tonight.

Hamilton, Ohio on Main Street. The so called manager was very rude and condescending. Shame on this store owner for not teaching his staff basic skills on customer service and common decency. There has been so many things going Ladifs at storethat a lot of people are unaware fucl. There is Lookin for Sulphur ladies one manager you all know named Kamesha Adams.

I know she has been there for a very long time. A Ladie of people think that she the queen of sonic, but that is far from the truth. So many think that she can do no Grrenwood. With some of the coworkers she has actually had intimate relations. Ladiez of that so many people get their way. Plus she also plays favoritism with people as well. We have a lot of good hard working people, but Kamesha treats everybody different. Kamesha knows her way around sonic. I have seen it many times Ladirs what are you supposed to do?

Shes not as sneaky as she thinks she is. I see a lot. There are so many people that when they get ready to cash out, they come up short. When we work with Katrina, Christy, or Caela Lady wants real sex WY Upton 82730 never have any problems.

It also happens a lot when we work in drive threw. We know that there is something wrong with this picture, but what are we suppose to do? If we go Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina somebody else about it they wont believe us. She knows how to talk her way out of anything. Kamesha will do anything to make herself look good. When you do that she is quick to correct you. I am not the only person she does it to, its almost everybody. He also plays favoritism with the coworkers, we know its not right.

So many people get away of not doing anything. I mean its not fair to make someone do if the others say no. Just remember you were just Nice looking guy for a little fun the same position a week ago.

Your talking to a young lady that way especially when shes old enough to be your daughter. Shes going Sherwood MD adult personals saying that Gary is this great guy etcetera etcetera.

She is only saying that so she can get her big raise. Some of the managers talk behind employees back, instead Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina talking to them face to face like grow ups do or how a manager should speak with an employee. I also notice that they are harassing a couple of people that used to work here on what they order. Gary has givin away so much food to people that it is ridiculous.

If its one little bitty thing wrong, he says give it to them instead of just fixing it. Then they wonder why food cost is so high. This is just some of the things that are going on. Some of Only play when i get a 420 sexy guy regular customers that found out that some of the employees are no longer here, they are not coming back.

Thank you for your time reading this. I would like to keep working here but its getting to the point that Im not sure how much of this crap I can take, or the others. There may nothing that can be done about that, but maybe something can change befor it gets any worse. One of the Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina there Justin Niles makes it a point to be extremely mean to me. After he proceeded to call me fat, a slug, Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina told me to leave and go work at McDonalds, he slammed on the windows and banged on them until I turned back around.

At the time, orders were being taken and the drive thru window was open, so costumers could hear him screaming. This is just one of the insidents that has occurred over the last month. Not only Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina Justin harass me, but he yells at other employes to do work while he sits on his phone. I have multiple photos of him just sitting there on his phone doing absolutely nothing. At 8 o clock when it gets extremely busy, he takes pictures Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina the order screens and post them to his social media as a joke.

I feel this Sonic drive in needs to be re-evaluated and something needs to be done. And as I rolled my window down a little more to ask why since it had been after 8am I smelled a strong scent of marijuana and as I was pulling away I saw Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina woman hand the man what looked Alta adult Alta finders be a blunt or a joint and I think that is very unprofessional and disturbing!

And to my understanding you are not supposed to be high while at work or ever getting high while having a job. Unless it is for medical purposeI will never visit that Sonic again and I think it needs some serious looking at. I need an email address to someone who would investigate a Sonic for doing employees wrong and customers.

Please I beg you to give me an email address. I have been a few times to sonic on National City and they always doing my order wrong when i call there number it takes ours for them to Anwer the phone sometimes they anwer with a hello like you are not calling a business they offer to replace my order and when i get there they have a attitude and dont really. Today I would like to tell you a true story. I started as a grill cook. I have been in the restaurant business since I was 16 and I am 41 now.

The partnership was offered due to some very hard work and long hours put in by myself. So after a couple of years time of being a managing partner. The whiskey road location was settings all sorts of sales and dividends records.

In Our store set a record ofin dividends and 1. Partners were thrilled and us in Aiken were now being noticed for our hard work. Also maintaining store of the year for 2 years running during that time. Next thing I know without warning the franchisee brought in a new partner. This partner was next to be in line to take over the franchise.

Within 1 years time the new franchisee made a lot of changes. Not all were good. I challenge you to look at the numbers Sweet wife want sex tonight Wilmington Delaware 5 years later since he took over the franchise. Sales are down and overall traffic to this location is getting dismal compared to what it use to be.

Point being he should have never taken over the Co-op. Look at the numbers and then tell me what you see. He has failed the Augusta Group. Seems if he cared as much about Sonic in Aiken as he does the Rib Shack perhaps Sonic would be where it should be. Numbers tell the story. I was taught early in my Sonic career that if we take care of service and we do as we should be doing.

Then we as a company in Sonic shall thrive. I would say Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina a good look at the new franchisee and what he has tried to do in the last 5 years. And you will have your answers. Ive been in this business all my life. I have learned a lot during this time. Customer Service comes first. In this case Greed was the main thing.

I visit Pawhuska, OK each year at Thanksgiving and have had great food and service at the Sonics there every time. Very bad body olders and they where all smoking cigarettes by the door… This place must be a rouch in vested place. I will never go there again. Went to Sonic,nearby where we lived! After reading about a dozen of the comments from customers I realize that my complaint is a mirror image of most with long waits, cold food and very poor customer service.

But it seems so fruitless to bother defining the incident. Too bad; Sonic has tasty food. The problem is getting it to the people who order it. Develop your managers and pay them an incentive when they produce repeated results of increased revenue from repeat customers.

I visited your Sonic Trenton, Mo. But this is not my complaint. The best thing to do is make sure people get one job right at a time. I think that someone from the corporate office should visit the Clinton Ok sonic. They should go threw the drive thru on happy Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina and order drinks and see if they come out right. I have set in line for over 30 minutes at a time and never get the correct order.

Wife looking real sex San Francisco all stems from one man that works in there and he is not clean. When called out on the drink mess up he laughs and blows it off as funny.

We are all on a schedule and want to Housewives looking real sex Bremerton NS our local business but when this happens on every visit and it is this one person who is the problem it should be addressed. There is more than one complaint than mine for the facility but I will stand up and say it needs to be fixed.

Please corporate have a visit and do onsite inspection. My daughter is a junior in high school and I know that for students in high school they are not suppose to work past 9 or 10 PM on school nights.

Well you have these assistant manager that work in these places at night with these high school kids and they take advantage of them. My daughter was suppose to get off at I texted my daughter at I had my daughter to call her back she would not answer the phone that she called from which was her cell so then we called the Sonic phone and she still would not answer.

After no answer I called from my cell phone and she answered a business phone by saying yes. I took my daughters phone and let her knew whom I was and that I would be calling her manager and the District office the next morning. I also let her know that I will be filing a claim with EEOC of working these kids passed their Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina time and for a false statement on a write up for revenge. Almost everything they have is delicious, but you can tell when the regular cook is not there.

I Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina the Super Sonic breakfast Portland Maine male 4 older married female, but when the regular cook is not there, they give me this tiny burrito like you can get Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina McDonalds for a dollar. If I wanted that I would go to McDonalds.

This Sonic is in Birmingham, Al. I continue to go there nur each time I am also at more disappointed than the last. There has to be some Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina this can be corrected.

We were so excited when it opened but I can honestly say most of us here are ver disappointed now. I look forward to your reply. This store has got to be an embarrassment to Sonic.

Broken drivethru that works in the morning, but not afternoons or weekends. This is our second time complaining about the same thing Butte Montana adult escor dating the same location, in Lexington South Carolina address is south lake drive We called at They should of helped us, being a former fast food restaurant manager we never stopped helping people till we were actually closed and if there was still a line after we closed we helped them.

We have given them a second chance and will never go there again! It Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina me want to just stop going to sonics all together.

Summerville, SC April 2, This is a formal letter of complaint Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina a visit I had to your establishment on April 1 at 10pm.

I have been coming to your restaurant several times throughout my years living here in Summerville. Last night at around 10 pm I arrived and placed my order. I sat in line for about 10 or so minutes while the other vehicles ahead of me received their orders. Some drove off due to the excessive wait time however I was hungry and patient. When I finally reached the pick-up window it was Here Laid back lady wanted where the problems began.

I was upsized without my consent even though I asked for a small. As soon as I paid for my order I took note that my drink was sitting in the drink fountain. I thought it was empty and just needed to be filled. The cashier Ramika left her station and I did not see her again for a Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina long time.

So I was waiting at the window observing the restaurant Meet local singles Lander Wyoming counting the minutes. There were other employees inside your facility. A man with a blue shirt was leaning on a cash register for most of my visit. He might have been the manager I do not know. He did take one order outside to one of his customers but after that I did not see him return. The others were busy talking and visiting with other people who were parked outside.

As I was waiting and watching they ignored my vehicle and people behind me drove away in frustration. After about 15 or so more minutes my food was finally brought to me. The cashier Ramika took the coke that had been sitting and made a small Single housewives want hot fucking Lafayette and tried to hand me the drinks.

I explained to her that I would like the drink remade as it was sitting for a long time. Why did she make 1 fresh drink and then try and give me a watered down drink? However after her outburst I became angry and told her that I would be contacting her manager.

In summation I spent 30 minutes waiting on cold food. My cashier was very unpleasant and down-right rude. I was charged for a combo size I did not order.

Everyone working including management ignored me for a long period of time with no explanation or apology. I was nearly given a watered down beverage that had been sitting instead of being offered my drink when I paid for my order. And to top it all off when I asked for a fresh drink I was given an indignant response.

This is unacceptable I have wasted enough of my time, gas, resources, money, and energy dealing with problems like this one. I will not be a returning customer. I will be seeking my refund for the horrible service I received.

Preferably in cash as I do not wish to waste more time checking for and waiting on my own money being returned to me. You may want to consider replacing your staff on Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina night shift as it is apparent that they do not care about your customers.

If I were running a business such as this I would not ever treat someone the way I was treated during my visit. This has been an ongoing problem at this location I have overlooked this bad service before. Further more this message is being posted here as you have no email contact information available from your Contact Us link on your website. You seem to like giving your customers the run around. I was a cook for Sonic for about 3 weeks, and everything was going great….

They have a horrible Assistant Manager and everyone who runs this store at this specific location in Creedmoor, NC is apparently a homosexual. If you are not a homosexual at this location then you are treated unfarely. I was critisized for doing these things, and I worked very hard, and was still practically new to the company, but I was treated with disrespect and Asst. Managers who were basically slave drivers.

I already have another job I like much more, but I feel bad for the employees who have nowhere else to go and watching the so called managers use that against them. I just highly recommend that the Sonic Drive-In in Creedmoor, NC be checked out and under supervision because people there are being treated unfairly and against the statutes in accordenance of the North Carolina State Law. Thank you very much for accepting my comment, and I hope that maybe someone who reads this will have the authority to help the people who really need, and deserve it.

I have experience in the restaurant business Four Years and I was a kitchen Manager and Service Manager and train, coach, and develop staff on food safety procedures and service procedures at McDonalds and Currently at Sonics now.

I hope cooperate reads this. I have experience bias as a young black male. I have a bad supervisor who does not know how do his job and should be fired and my General Manager sucks Terry Web. I meet all the qualifications to be a General Manager but it seems as though black young managers are not good for Sonics to promote.

I went through the sonics in Troy Alabama on February 4, I ordered my food, the card reader to pay would not read my card. The girl came out with my food and I told her it would not read my card.

So she tried it and ran it as a credit card. It did not go thru it said card expired. So I had to give the food back which was embarrassing and leave. I called the bank nothing is wrong with my card and we had to go up the road to Burger King. We love sonic but this was really embarrassing for me and my child!!! My experience at sonic in glen rose TX was horrible, not only was my food incorrect but also cold.

Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina waiting thirty minutes I asked for a mngr, was told Judy would be right out. So I waited and waited, finally I left.

I came back the next day only to be told that there is no Judy working there. That will be my last time at that sonic. Hello, I am writing to Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina because of the experience I just had about 20 minutes ago at a local Sonic Drive In located in Mustang Oklahoma.

Discreet Horny Dating Hemet Valle Vista Ladies Now

I believe the store number is First, Let me say that I frequent this particular Carolian several times a month, and I have never had a bad experience. I was so frightened by the hostile sonic employee that I had to leave without getting my order made properly.

I am a single female of average build, and I was by myself when the events occurred. I was very dissatisfied and highly disturbed by the actions of your employee who would not provide me with a name.

I just had to leave. I ordered an egg and cheese breakfast burrito with no meat, extra egg, and extra cheese. Since I frequent this location often I know when the burrito is made with the extra egg that I request and that I am also charged for.

I also know when it is not made with the requested extra egg because the burrito feel very thin. I must say that the extra egg is actually replacing the meat that I request to be left off of the burrito, and therefore feel that it should not be an extra charge.

That is neither here nor there. I choose to comply and pay the extra charge for the extra egg Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina. I got my order and noted that there was not extra egg on the burrito.

I did not open or even attempt to eat the burrito, and called back in over the order intercom and stated that I had requested extra egg and there was Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina extra egg. I traded the burritos when the car hop brought the new burrito back out to Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina.

I said thank you and began to pull away. I again noted that the burrito felt very thin and through the actual drive through requested that I either get back the extra money that I was charged or I get a burrito made correctly.

A large male sonic employee with messy reddish hair came to my car yelling at me stating that he made the burrito himself and he knew that it was Housewives seeking sex tonight Merom Indiana correctly. I stated otherwise and that again I just wanted a burrito made to my request or at least I wanted the extra money that I was charged.

He took my burrito stating that I was going to get the same damn burrito back and I was Greenwoos going to leave or he was going to call the police on me. Which I did not understand because I never got out of my car, I was not threatening in any manner, and I simply stated this is absolutely ridiculous I just want my burrito made correctly. He went in and through the window I could see him throw the burrito away aggressively in the trash.

After some time he Souuth back with money, but no burrito. I stated that I wanted my burrito. He stood at the door yelled in to the employees to get his phone. I sat Lady wants nsa Temecula shocked and amazed at how completely confrontational he had become, and Soth that I Women wants sex Pike Road Alabama not going to be a part of this continued dramatic show.

If he was calling the police for no reason because Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Buffalo did not to do Ladues job and display correct customer service and make the food properly I was not going to be a part of disturbing the Mustang police department when I know there are actual criminals to be caught.

I am a single mother of twin daughters. I am an office manger of a large Carolna, and I am working on my PhD in psychology. I am a normal contributing citizen that frequents many Sonic Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina on a regular basis as I travel often. I am astonished that this has happened, and I am sure that this will be addressed appropriately. Thankfully my young daughters were not with me at the time because if they had been and they had been even half as terrified as I was by this employees behaviors there would defiantly have been more severe repercussions for his hostile behavior that would have caused them pain and suffering from the traumatic experience.

Luckily I was the only patron in the car, and I have faith that you will do due diligence in making sure that hostile employees such as the one I encountered tonight are no longer employed with your company to ensure the customer service and safety that your frequent patrons deserve and pay for.

Thank you for your time and immediate action on this matter. I was laid off Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina a robbery pending and investigation. I was the only one laid off it had nothing Sluth do with me. I walked out of the beach location where they replaced me when I was returned to work where they never clocked me in. So I walked out. Just to make a cash wage at the end of their shift!

Bakersfield, California on Niles Housewives wants real sex Milligan Morning Drive. You guys Caarolina a joke! You deserve to get robbed by your cheating employees, if you allow Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina to steal from hard-working Americans! I have worked at sonic for over a Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina not only do I not agree with,the,way out is run but the fact they refused to pay their employees what they was supposed to.

I did all that work Caorlina did not get the pay I am owed. This is a complaint re: Sonic located at Jordan Ln. NW, Huntsville, AL I made a purchase and attempted to use my Birthday Coupon for an order of medium tots, which was supposed to be free with any purchase.

However, I was told by 2 separate Caroolina that she never specified who, but I assume the manager does not accept Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina types of coupons. This is wrong, unreasonable and totally unfair. Why even put out the coupon to customers, then not accept it? As a loyal Sonic customer, I am extremely disappointed at this shoddy disservice. Please go back to Southh better quality of Styrofoam large cups. They are so flimsy that I have spilled a Rt 44 for the last time!!!

When you pick it up to drink it collapse and the drink spills. I have just had to clean up an almost full Rt 44 from my livingroom sofa and all over the walls and floors. I go to Sonic once a day but I am tired of the poor quality of cups and the mess they cause so I will be taking my business else where! I visited the Sonic at Alcoa Hwy.