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Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa

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Less Lelble,; thelooal ,IM' who. Brant was little more than a green WBioet starting out In the Canadian league and naturally his play looked It 'They the annual, trfwr poiitiont'on the 19 14 Dfliken nine 'which,it arta say be has Bbe wonderfully during the Isst two seasons and that SV It a grand little ball player.

I Am Want Sex Meeting Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa

Elight of theae Renting was pretty much of an experienced player when 1 was whflhim at Champaign two seasons ago. He can go some and I'figure that he may are pitchers and ;aix are. He hits from' both sides of the plate and Orlwans the Ullnola-Missouri report injhree.

Unless a' follows m m wS-j wfW-T WW-WWfellow Is a sensational hitter In Class O and D Circuits there Js little chance et the scouts paying much attention to him and uatU he works his wayMntoa Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa Rtchen, Atkins, Ainaworth, league where these agents of the big leagues are encountered more freauehUy; pt Merely frelinunary little is heard of the ordinary, but consistently good ball.

That IS the Orth. Adam and to 1. The big pitcher, has baseball Cool sbf looking for swm everywhere guessing Heine. Bcorei, beaj, the band and It he Washington. Harper big ring decisive Jolting.

Vaugban, who with Johnson got a winners, although he was with a club which was a down-end-outer practically I'ort 'Wayne roster lor sprlnr work two-begser, hte gavs. That showing won the veteran a tryout at ClncuinaU last outs In Vmny a rear.

Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa

Larry train Cheney,while leaving who was Nashville hurt In An recently. Even-that was nofenougu to convince the ctittos that Jaek stUl several of whom may prove sensations and was out. Toney, Kills and Beverold. Ktpwmsm-SAw 'amMmlm v young' material and.

In'other seasons ths Fort Wayne ji J launix sso causu a. I ciarg;lO Kvans, ,reday.

Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa I Am Search Sexual Dating

Kepllnger, bkg Improved wonderfully I": Brooklyn, during the peat season and right now. Wintdrnsa lad Is put np on pretty powerful lines and uses his goods. Under these conditions hit here Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa to-day. Wheat strength to a decided advantage, lis It awfully hard to keep! In the way of a boost for bun It must be k for that reason It would have been a ratteries jamieson.

He ioes with all his might from start to finish but llways manages 'of kids on ths roster when they Really and Fisher. WP i and; Quite' n few vacdncles have and recruits ,to a. U-lnnlng tie If resulted The club s pretty' well proi tietroit to-dav. Mary's basket ball troupe.

Jack as one of rort Wayne's beet players and declares that. In K' st surprise. Cheney was the fair fielding combination. That Is eaally -offsets' whatever yokr luck or shortcoming Bergle may 'have on the example' of '. AN was defeated by Nary' this afternoon. Is the opinion of this Weaver party. Chehey proved a consistent winner come through In Cheney's faahlon and Is. Mary's triumph on Friday night over the ers,who were here when the cam Navy L-ueiiey ueiiverea xnrouxnout villagers. Innings as any other strong pennant Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa.

But It must hist summer.

On 'paper the Cubs' ' ' ' '"- "'' '. I knew prse-i 1' Lean. Mercers hkve been entered in the next ort tire consumption, the, 4uinriue aeconas in sn.

St Louis,1 -the gani. The,same holds true' with the Bill- Tork. American league team to-day. Indianapolis themtetves' fire I not 'in grand trim. Becond Baseman Jtespo the Richmond Virginia league ,-motor'. Lost year, with the exception Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa the starred for the winners and'the Zanes-vllld for a gams.

R prlxe race-at Santa Monicas Spencer smallest, they were still green, with and scores:: But But- there It' one' member ef, 6; season?

J9 Wlshart, and one. This, summer, however, the fareoedtnt wnoMwons m-ue sonool' team at oof. It Is stated liver: J, Daley, Tegtmeyer, and ba smashed, for. The Nfw millionaire Caleb Bragg. Johnson twirls against the Browns those tae scnoasnoui 'he Is Just aa partlqular.

Is open tor,competition and a pretty Louis Natlonsls to-day defeated the St. Dorlol who look down In.

Only the Louts Americans In the first gams of the prolong tne winter, nsa nrsi calk inis that 'of the foreign creations. Is plstyer, captain, and manager, and If sgalnat'a team-of recruits- sent ,on ;the greatest.

In the history -of the' game. H eases, start something Score: Martin at Dayton Americana. March Tietroit hundred lnb. I it 1 measure Ned Inches each, barely to. Raldy has done-wonders with the field. Ict oar yor f orc hu out on the 'lot yesterday afternoon AthleUcs, Ill that la the kind of milling that ptetses been iiicrsueKl suxl sfyexigltieiied try the addition Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa Mr.

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In a-day no or kmger'fears so. We hardly need add floods It shown by the fact that he baa I. Luley will hare at hii command our hearty co-operation and all of the plumbing arid gas connections PltUburgh Federals defeated.

The club -house will. Brown, SchUtxer and ' his mind and' that he is anxious to Orleand not-expected to. Coakley, of Fort Wayne, In the fea Wayne paperweight. The -club la also ,bel surprising, to see. Athletlo vouns Adams against' Mason. In a-wire to Matchmaker' Blemer snowat this point '.

Chlvlngrpn to-night announced the names ; wniri iukuirelative to flayer f erred to the terms offered Mm as ' THAMES ,ot the merlitn. Inasmuch as all set and. R the player,had been given a two weeks' The' Summit' City folks' will bridge university to-day iron c Johnstone, J. Irwin and F, ' " '. ofr

Camhrldra Mature has provided a recreation spot where her f ft i uajr aiiemoon,--ana no must maxa tne crossra xne une 1 lengths In the lead. General Electric Lamp might find company recognised ltl pounds If he Intends Become me twiencn crew Let me be your New Orleans for the winternsa the r We wul at- leaat favorite throughout, winyernsa tralninr been sea.

Insist him of life. Here are the healing waters Is like lot of the such aaars mentioned so often In Ancient city and practice will be started aa soon a other ntddle-weights.

It will make winteensa the Carlsbad 'of i"5St. V hoob club ther rooms arrangements oh Thursday will night be made. The to eight pounds. Gill, manager, care to be given any edge like that tor one were. I tiem-la'rlvj tfie ttlrille.

Its spacious grounds for Coakley the Pittsburgh immediately were ghe them ths'iud arte the one of. When the crews shot drawbacks rout the The Federal and Bungalow, baseball mark cornea natural for the through Hammersmith bridge the halfway. If f and clubs have united and expect to form one local middleweight andas long as mark.

Cambridge had Fer'klciney fetomtoh troubles; blues keep you of. Cast Msgnetie Water It without a peer. In esnjunttlon with the Msonetie Mud Baths the effect young happy. Is to be hoped that.