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The journal contains slave records, details of sugar production, records of daily operations, and reports of conflicts between slaves and overseers and between Barrow and his overseers as well as reports of fugitive slaves.

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Slave records include slave lists, birth and death records, and mention Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes illnesses, tasks assigned, and items distributed to them. This collection is most useful for studying the complex relationships between plantation owners and their overseers and the relationships between overseers, field slaves, and slave drivers. The journal also serves as an excellent source of information on slaves, containing extensive slave lists, accounts of resistance and punishments, and details of tasks assigned slaves.

It provides only limited information on R. Robert Ruffin Barrow b. He was the oldest son of Bartholomew Barrow d. William lived with Robert until his death in Robert Barrow usually referred to as R.

During the Civil War, he organized a company to take the frontier posts from Federal garrison, and after being promoted to lieutenant colonel, he commanded Fort Belknap and Camp Cooper in north-central Texas. Papers include correspondence muster rolls, battalion reports, general orders, special orders, account papers, diary reminiscences, and autograph books. Correspondents include John P. Lubbock; and Confederate Generals Henry E.

Batchelor also managed several other plantations and served a term in the Louisiana State Legislature, Batchelor and two of his brothers served in the Confederate Army.

This collection consists of the papers, bulkof Albert A. The collection includes personal and business papers, correspondence, diaries, and account books pertaining principally to local events Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes the operation and management of several plantations in Pointe Coupee Parish, including Bella Vista Plantation, Lakeside Plantation, Phoenix Plantation, Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Plantation, and Normandy Plantation.

Early letters among Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes family members describe conditions at Kentucky Military Institute and the Silliman Female Collegiate Institute and mention events such as African American slave insurrections in Natchez, Mississippi,and military operations.

Several letters describe Civil War battles including the Battle of Kernstown, Virginia, and the battles of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Chancellorsville, Virginia. Letters of several soldiers document service in the 2 nd Louisiana Infantry Regiment.

Wana Olinda naked local women Plantation Records,Iberia and St. Landry Parishes, Louisiana, Location: Description of the Collection: This collection consists of a two-volume plantation journal of Francis Dubose Richardson and others, apparently including overseers, about Bayside Plantation, Iberia Parish, Louisiana, andand a plantation on Bayou Mallet, near Opelousas, St.

Landry Parish, Louisiana, Entries, made on a daily basis, consist of brief comments on sugar growing, plantation life, the condition of slaves Naughty wives looking sex tonight Newton other plantation workers, brickmaking, fuelwood cutting, foodstuffs, and livestock.

There are references to the division of labor between men and women and to social life and customs in the Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes. Entries in December relate to moving from Bayside Plantation to Bayou Mallett, and there are references to contracts with freedmen in and There are also short personal financial and supply accounts and other brief notes appended to each journal. The Richardsons were given assistance at Bayside by other Richardson and Liddell family members, most of whom are referred to in the plantation journals by initials only: Liddell Richardson died inFrancis DuBose Richardson sent their youngest daughter, Margaret to live with relatives.

Their other children, Frank Liddell Richardson fl. Landry Parish, Louisiana, in response to Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes arrival in the area of the Union army. The Richardson children visited both the Bayou Mallet and Bayside plantations at various times during the war, as did friends and relatives.

Both Confederate and Union forces operated in the area, and inmost of the plantation slaves sought refuge for a time in New Iberia. When the war ended, attempts were made to contract with freedmen and other labor to work on Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes plantations, with varying success. He commanded the military camp at Port Hudson, Louisiana, when it surrendered to Union forces on 8 July This collection consists of one item, a telegram, 9 Septemberfrom Gen.

The telegram relates that the Union ironclad Essex passed Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on the previous day, and Beall requests permission to send one of his artillery batteries Women want sex Culpeper Baton Rouge to replace a damaged battery.

Description of the Collection. Taylor Beatty of Thibodaux, Louisiana, was a Confederate military judge, sugar planter, lawyer, and judge. He was the son of Charlotte Beatty and the grandson of Walker Reid b.

Items in the collection include a volume that belonged to Walker Reid, containing Kentucky land entries, genealogical information on the Belt, Berkly, Blincoe, Botts, Gaines, Newman, Reid, Ward, and Wigginton families, and spiritual reflections. Also included is a diary of Charlotte Beatty for documenting daily activities involving her house and garden and visits with her friends. Also included in the original collection, but not here, are eighteenth-century land grants.

Omitted materials are chiefly diaries of Taylor Beatty documenting his activities during the Civil War as friend of General Braxton Bragg, judge of the military court of Lt. Also documented are in years when he was a sugar planter in Louisiana and owned the plantations Dixie and Vivian, and a lawyer who attended court in Louisiana at Houma, Napoleonville, Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes, and New Orleans.

Diaries of Taylor Beatty [not included]; and Series 5, Typed Transcriptions of Series 2, 3, and 4 [included in part with Series 2 and 3]. The chief figure in these papers is Taylor Beatty ca. He was a Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes veteran, lawyer, and judge, and spent most of his life in Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

He married Fannie Pugh fl. Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes owned Dixie and Vivian plantations. Charlotte Beatty also lived in Thibodaux.

She was the daughter of Walker Reid b. It appears that he moved to Kentucky from Virginia. This collection consists of one item, a hand-colored cartoon, undated, by Nathaniel Orr showing Gen.

Beauregard on his back in a rough stream of water blowing a bugle. This collection consists of ten items, correspondence,of P. A letter,from R. A letter,from John Johnson, a Confederate army major, recalls the condition of Fort Sumter, South Carolina, after sixty days of bombardment in the fall of These papers consist of transcripts and two original letters from the Civil War correspondence of Bectonphysician at Tarrant and Sulphur Springs, with his wife, Mary.

BellJames T. Bell, a first lieutenant, served under Capt. Hazard in the 21 st Alabama Infantry Regiment.

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About three Divorced couples looking xxx dating single moms dating Confederate officers were held there at the close of the Civil War. This collection consists of one item, a letter, 28 Februaryof James T. The letter is Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes to Capt. Described are the physical conditions at the prison, the weather, the medical facilities, the Confederate medical staff, and the illnesses rampant among the prisoners of war.

Mentioned in the letter are the Confederate surgeons Col. Steadman of the 1 st Alabama Regiment, Capt. Sessions of the 18 th Mississippi Regiment, Capt. Locke of the 53 rd Alabama Cavalry, and Col. Christian of a Virginia regiment. Helm, chaplain of the 1 st Tennessee Regiment, and Capt. This collection consists of three items and one volume, papers,of Capt.

Correspondence discusses complaints of soldiers who had not been paid and lists names of officers to whom John W. Bell had loaned money. Letters also describe economic conditions on local farms, women who brought their children to the camps in order to secure food for them, Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes women who worked as paid laundresses for the soldiers.

A notebook lists personal items and expenses of John W. Papers, [Texas] Location: These papers consist of a diary and memorandum book containing information about the Presbyterian General Assembly in as well as Civil War muster rolls and various financial, military, agricultural, and medical information. Transcriptions of letters and historical narratives primarily dealing with the Battle of the Salado are also included. Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes was a captain and assistant quartermaster in the Confederate Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Army.

This collection consists of eighty-eight items, papers, bulkof N. Papers consist Meet horny women Bluffton Indiana copies of official forms, routine correspondence from army personnel, and a few letters from soldiers. Requisitions, vouchers, and receipts for clothing, camp equipment, transportation, and medical supplies approved by Confederate States Army personnel and referred to Birge for payment during are included.

The impressment of cotton in Texas is discussed in two letters from Col. Papers in this collection relate to Blacka physician in Panola County, as well as to the Robb family of New Orleans, and they reflect the social, political, cultural, and financial activities of various family members and friends.

This collection consists of three items, receipts,of Capt. Barksdale, assistant quartermaster at Richmond, Virginia. This collection contains the correspondence of Bledsoewho came to Texas in Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes early s as a surveyor, practiced law in Austin and Dentonand was wounded as a Confederate soldier.

Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes

In later life he served as judge of the Twenty-seventh District and practiced law in Sherman. The letters Lettswworth Brownsville during the Civil War and Austin before and after it. This collection consists of the papers of Maximilien e. Boudreaux of Assumption Parish. There are records of advances made to tenant farmers and to laborers.

Seghers of the Confederate army. The diary provides only brief, irregular entries, January 1, to June 25, Expense Married couple seeking fucking orgy milf and planting records were entered in the book in andand additional expense accounts were apparently added in and The diary begins with a description of a trip Boyd took to New Orleans. Other entries concern the weather, visits to and from his neighbors, various trips he made by boat, and, in May, descriptions of the water level in a river, possibly the Mississippi, which rose and fell after a series Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes storms.

A typed transcription of entries made in, and is available. Seghers Papers and the Henry L. These Lettsworgh are open to researchers on Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes at the Southern Historical Collection.

Family members included Jacob Bradbury fl.

Madaline Selima Edwards fl. Chiefly consists of letters to Cornelius S. Bradbury, ; correspondence, financial and legal papers, and memorandum Serious relationship minded man 41 Aberdeen 41 of Charles W. Bradbury, ; and notebooks, containing essays, poems, and other writings, and diaries of Madaline S.

Legal papers include items relating to purchases of slaves, real estate, and a cottonseed manufacturing plant in or near New Orleans. Letters include descriptions of social life and customs in the various places of residence of the Bradbury family, descriptions of traveling through southern Indiana and down the Ohio Mississippi Rivers from Cincinnati to New Orleans, and reflections on their Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes by Charles Bradbury and Madaline Edwards.

Also included are three daguerreotypes, a photograph, and an ink sketch. The collection is arranged as follows: Bradbury moved from Canandaigua, New York, to Wices in about He married Sarah surname unknown Bradbury fl. Jacob Bradbury moved from Nouse, New York, to Montgomery, Ohio, in late ; the rest of his family followed in Lluisiana By many of the family had removed Sweet bbw sex date 4 Madison, Indiana.

Lohely married Mary Anne Hamilton Taylor fl. The New Orleans directory shows that Charles William Bradbury resided on Estelle Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes between Constance and Magazine in ; inhe was an insurance broker with an office at the corner of Erato and Bacchus Baronne streets; in he was at No. She apparently became his mistress, and he purchased Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes house for her use in October References in the papers indicate that Mrs.

Edwards was raised by and uncle in Tennessee and was hose at his house, and that three of her children died in Clinton, Mississippi. Another connection to Charles W. Brashear and Lawrence Family Papers,St.

Walter Brashear was a physician in Kentucky before when he moved to St. Mary Parish, Louisiana, where he become a sugar planter and state legislator after acquiring Belle Island Plantation and other landholdings in the area.

The family of Effingham Lawrence d. This collection contains correspondence among members of the Brashear, Lawrence, wufes related Barr, Parker, Clay, Tilton, and Townsend families. Mary Parish, Louisiana; Louisiana politics, especially Sexy tall blonde in Charleroi the s; and various aspects of the Confederacy.

Letters from the Lawrence brothers in New Orleans to their relatives in New York in the s offer observations by Northerners on life in the south. Civil War Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes and the diary of Henry Effingham Lawrence refer in some detail to military operations and the effects of the war in St.

Mary Parish and, more generally, Luoisiana events throughout the country. There are also scattered financial and legal materials; miscellaneous writings, and other materials. Walter Brashearwas a surgeon, sugar-planter, an exporter of ginseng to China, and, beginning inmember of the Louisiana legislature. Though born in Maryland, he was raised and lived in Bardstown, Nelson County, Lonley, untilwhen he moved to St. Mary Parish Attakapas regionLouisiana. He acquired extensive landholdings in the area, including Belle Island Plantation, and what was known in the s as the Louisiaba of Brashear or Brashear Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes, now Morgan City.

Margaret Barr of Kentucky married Walter Brashear in The Brashears had at least six children: Lawrence was the son of Ann Townsend fl. Among his Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes were Samuel Townsend [fl. Brashear, became associated with the Brashear landholdings in St. Henry and Frances Lawrence had seven children, six of whom were Walter B. Five of loneky children were deaf-mutes. Frances Brashear moved Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Long Island, New York, during the Civil War and lived on the Brashear plantations with various of her wifew in her Louisiqna years.

Brumby and Simpson Family Papers,St.

Mary Parish, Louisiana; also Mississippi: Sarah had at least five brothers Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes three sisters.

Inshe married Richard Simpson d. A businessman, Simpson traveled frequently throughout Louisiana and Texas. Together they had four children. Although Sarah Brumby Simpson was the recipient of the vast majority of the letters in the collection, the insight they provide into her life is limited.

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Most illuminating on Beautiful ladies searching casual dating Elizabeth personal affairs are letters she received from her husband, discussing their children Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes finances.

The lives of her other siblings emerge more fully in the letters. They shared with her news of their travels, family events, and activities, and freely discussed their feelings and worries about family, political, and social events. Civil War letters provide information on troop conditions and civilian hardships, especially in Tennessee and Mississippi. The papers are useful for the study of a variety of topics, including family life in the ante-bellum and postwar South, the experiences of civilians and soldiers in the Civil War, and social and religious life in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes I Seeking Teen Sex

The Civil War letters are the fullest in terms of their emotional and factual depth. Sara Catherine was referred to sometimes as Sarah, sometimes as Sallie, and sometimes as Kate.

She had at least five brother, Arnoldus S. In Sarah Brumby married Richard Simpson d. Simpson traveled frequently throughout Louisiana and Texas as a business agent for several clients. Letters addressed to her show that Sarah lived in Knoxville Tennessee, inand in St. Petersburg, Florida, from until Hot Wayne Oklahoma girls having nice sex death in Her brothers, Arnoldus, studied Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes and became a physician in Holmes County, Mississippi.

Another brother, James Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes. In the s he set up a chair manufacturing firm there, being joined by his brother Thomas Micajah Brumby.

Thomas later left their partnership to set up a competing company. Her sister, Virginia Carolina, married a Mr. Wellons and lived in Marietta, Georgia. Emily Keswick VA milf personals in Fort Gaines, Florida. Talley, and her daughter, Eloise, married T. Another daughter, Pearl, remained unmarried.

No evidence appears about whether or who her son Richard also called Dick and Bud married. This collection consists of thirty-two items, including three volumes, papers,of Charles A. Items include personal papers, a diary, a record book, and newspaper clippings from a scrapbook. McEnery; a petition requesting Brusle to run for the office of mayor of Plaquemine; and a letter from the National Reconstruction Party addressing early Reconstruction problems in rural parishes and registration of whites in New Orleans.

His papers include a memorandum book, a Republican ticket list, survey field notes, receipts, legal papers, a muster roll, and other military papers. This collection primarily contains family correspondence and business documents Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes the Jefferson and Burges families.

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Jefferson family materials include personal correspondence of John R. Coorpender Jefferson; and their daughter, Mattie S. Most letters were written during the Civil War and concern camp life as well as family and community affairs. Walsha lieutenant in the Tom Green Rifles Louuisiana later a state land commissioner.

Burges family materials include correspondence of William H. Burgeslawyer and state senator ; his third wife, Mary Lou Mamie Jefferson Burges; and their Loujsiana. One letter contains a firsthand account by W.

Burges of the Battle of Fredericksburg, This collection consists of sixty-one items and one printed volume, papers, ; of James B. Letters,from Cable to his mother mention his work as an orderly at Oliver Hospital, Lauderdale, Mississippi, during the Civil War. A list of omission from James B. Caffery Family Papers,Iberia and St. Mary Parishes, Louisiana, Location: This collection includes correspondence of the Caffery and Richardson families of Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Prominent family members include Bethia Liddell Richardson d.

This Lettwsorth chiefly consists of personal correspondence among Caffery and Richardson family members. Most of the Richardson family papers are dated to and cover topics such as sugar planting, purchases and settlement of land, and family activities. Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes bulk of the Caffery family papers fall between and Their letters are chiefly about family activities, but Donelson Caffery also wrote about politics in Louisiana and Washington, D.

There are letters written to Donelson, while he was a senator, congratulating him on his stand on the gold standard, two letters from Grover Granny ar soo hot, and letters concerning Democratic party matters.

Francis was a sugar planter and also served Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes the Louisiana state legislature during the early s. Bethia Richardson married Donelson Caffery in Caffery was the son of Donelson Caffery fl.

After the death of his father, his mother Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Watson McKerall. Donelson Caffery attended school in Lettsworhh, Louisiana, and St. He later studied law in the office of Joseph W. Walker and at Louisiana University in New Orleans. After completing school he apparently began sugar planting on Bayou Cypremont near the Gulf of Mexico.

Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes

Bethia and Donelson Caffrey had ten children. He was transferred to the 13 th Louisiana Regiment and fought in Louisianq battle of Shiloh. Later he was made lieutenant on the staff of Brigadier General W.

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Walker and remained in that position until the end of the war. After the war Caffery began to practice law and continued in sugar planting. He became involved in Louisiana politics and in was elected to the Louisiana state constitutional Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes. In he was elected to the state Senate and that same year was appointed to the U. Senate when Randall L. Two years later he was reelected and served until the expiration of his term Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes As a senator, Caffery opposed free silver and the war with Spain.

He died in The exact location and number of plantations owned by Donelson Caffery is not known; however, it is believed he owned at least two, Haifleigh and Bethia Plantation, both of which were located in St.

Biographical information was taken from a sketch on Donelson Caffery by Eugene M. Violette in the Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. Stevens, provost marshal of Vermilion Parish. This collection consists of two items, an application and memorandum,concerning the discharge of French citizens from the Confederate States Army.

The application, 6 Augustof Solomon Cahan requests a discharge from the Confederate States Army and states that he is a French citizen.

Included is a memorandum, 28 Augustfrom headquarters, District of Louisiana at Alexandria, stating that an application for discharge of a French subject presumably Cahan has been denied.

This collection consists of a letter, a diary with transcription, family notes, artifacts, and photographs relating to the career of Bluford Alexander Cameron as a sergeant in the Confederate Army and to the history of the Whitsitt and Cameron families. Carter and John C. Miller were deputy provost marshals, Confederate States Army. Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Ruggles was Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes native of Barre, Massachusetts.

A graduate of the U. He married into a Virginia family and on 7 May resigned from the U. Army to enter Confederate service. He was commissioned a brigadier general on 9 August and served at Corinth, Mississippi, early in the war Lady wants real sex WV Glenwood 25520 Albert Sydney Johnston.

He held several district and departmental commands during the course of the war and was appointed commissary general of prisoners, Wives looking casual sex Milam March This collection consists of one item, a letter, 13 Julyto Brig.

Daniel Ruggles from A. Miller, deputy provost marshals. The letter contains requests for troops to defend the parishes and for the planting of batteries along the Red River.

Included Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes correspondence, financial papers, Swingers Personals in Whiteclay orders, muster rolls, a deed, a certificate, and a broadside.

Chalmers, James Ronald Letter, Mss. James Ronald Chalmers was a Confederate general and a postwar U. He was a district attorney and a member of the Mississippi Secession Convention. As colonel of the 9 th Mississippi Infantry, he commanded at Pensacola, Florida. In Februaryhe was promoted to brigadier general and served with distinction throughout the war.

Braxton Bragg was Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes graduate of the U. Military Academy and veteran Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes the Mexican American War, who retired and became a Louisiana sugar plantation Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes before joining the Confederate States Army.

Bragg served as major general, Department of Alabama and West Florida, 14 October —28 Februaryand in a number of other commands during the war. This collection consists of one item, a letter, 3 January [ sic], to Maj. Braxton Bragg from James Ronald Chalmers. It acknowledges on behalf of the officers of that unit the receipt of a barrel of golden syrup from Mrs.

Chambers, Rowland Diaries, Mss. He practiced dentistry in North St. This collection consists of seven volumes, diaries,of Dr. The diary for describes his activities in Vicksburg, Mississippi, including the siege of Vicksburg, beginning with the events of 26 May and continuing through the summer until the withdrawal of Federal forces. Coverage of the siege continues in December with the resumption of the Federal campaign through June The collection also includes a diary of Augustus Lattz of Company H, 76 th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, which contains entries concerning the activities of Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes regiment, 10 January July This collection consists of diverse items connected in some way with the Civil War.

The material concerns both Union and Confederate soldiers and has Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes points of origin. Predominant in the collection is a Civil War biographical file containing personal letters to Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes from soldiers, as well as a few official letters and documents and a few papers not related to the war.

Among the items included are financial records of Looking to get real sex tonight at adult xxx etc River and Railroad Transportation Office of the Quartermaster Department of the Union Army in Little Rock, Arkansas, including transport of troops, supplies, and refugees; the diary of a Union soldier of the Fifteenth Corps; stereoviews of the siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana, May 27 to July 9, ; conscription and exemption documents; and Special Field Order No.

Johnston] and for the country east of the Chattahoochie River. Included are correspondence, a diary, military orders, requisitions, commissions, election Local horney searching free sex clubs, financial records, stereoviews, and poems.

Clarke, Powhatan Diary, Mss. He served as aide-de-camp for Brig. David French Boyd served as captain of engineers on Gen. This collection Germany adult companions of one item, a diary,of Powhatan Clarke. The diary records Dr. Frost, his impairment by rheumatism, and his return trip to Louisiana in the hopes of conscription and a more sheltered service.

Landry Parish, and traveled alone through Lafayette and Fun gentleman for a nice lady parishes to procure salt for Ulster Plantation.

Entries record distances traveled each day, expenses incurred for repairs to the wagon and food, conditions of road, and names of people met along the way, as well as mention of the salt works at Lake Bisteneau, Louisiana.

Entries describe exchanged prisoners and discharged soldiers and Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes rental of his wagon to the Confederate States Army quartermaster at New Iberia, Louisiana, to haul lumber and build a road to Avery Island. The volume was later used by Col. Confederate Military Report, Mss. This collection consists of one item, a Confederate military report, 25 July Confederate States of America, Army.

Georgia Infantry Regiment, 17th. Company E, Muster Roll. The muster roll Naked women Lansing il signed by Capt. This collection consists of one Looking for discreet clean fun, a list of officers employed in the office of the provost marshal, Confederate States Army, Richmond, Virginia.

The list, signed by provost Isaac Howell Carrington, is dated 5 April These troops served under Brig. This collection consists of twelve items, unsigned muster rolls, ca. Maylisting the field, staff, and band members from companies A through I and K of the 8 th Louisiana Cavalry Regiment.

Included is a printed plan showing positions of officers and men in formation for dress parade. The Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, was printed in a seven-volume set between and as Senate Document No. Serial Set, 58 th Congress, 2 nd session.

The Journals of the Senate, 1 st Congress of the Confederate States of America, are found in Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes 2 1 st and 2 nd sessions and volume 3 3 rd and 4 th sessions. The Journals document the proceedings of the open, secret, and executive sessions of the Senate, which were held in Richmond, Virginia. The Journals of the Senate, 2 nd Confederate Congress, Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes found in volume 4 1 st and 2 nd sessions.

The Journals of the House of Representatives of the 1 st Congress of the Confederate States of America are found in volume 5 1 st and 2 nd sessions and volume 6 3 rd and 4 th sessions.

The Journals of the House of Representatives of the 2 nd Confederate Congress are found in volume 7 1 st and 2 nd sessions. The Journals document the proceeding of the House, including both open and secret sessions. The collection consists of twenty-two items, muster and payroll,of the 16 th Louisiana Infantry Regiment.

Items include rolls of Company D, signed by John W. Oliver, July December The 24 th Louisiana Infantry Regiment was activated in early After several engagements, the unit was garrisoned at Camp Bisland, near Bayou Teche, later Company K of the 24 th Regiment was commanded by Capt. Lewis during most of and During his absences, 1 st Lt. Losee was the senior officer.

Swinger groups copperas cove tx collection consists of one item, a descriptive list, 26 Novemberof the Crescent Regiment, created at Camp Bisland and signed by 1 st Lt.

These materials, which were collected or written by Dailey bornconcern the history of Karnes County and include land records, pioneer reminiscences, photographs, maps, automobile registrations, and school rosters. Church diedteacher in New Braunfels and Karnes County. This collection comprises personal and family papers of Dashiellphysician, Confederate soldier, and editor of the San Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Herald. Married housewives want sex tonight Brighton and Confederate soldier and as civil engineer in Central American road and railway constructions Included are legal papers, diariesaccount and memorandum books, a scrapbook, newspaper clippings, and a sermon.

Martin Parish, Louisiana; Location: This collection consists of financial records, legal documents, political materials, correspondence, diaries, memorandum books, and time books of Alexandre DeClouet and his family.

Alexandre DeClouet owned and operated several plantations in Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes. Martin Discreet lunch friend, served in the Confederate Congress, and after the Civil War was active in the White League, Horny women in Acomita Lake, NM semi-military group that opposed civil and political rights for African Americans.

For example, an October 15,entry describes a Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes and political rally held by African Americans. The collection concludes with a series of time books for and — These time books record the names of laborers, total days worked, the daily wage rate, and the total amount paid by DeClouet to each Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes.

A one-item collection of one letter by DeClouet follows, beginning at Frame of Reel 6. DeClouet, Alexandre Letter, St. Memenger, secretary of the treasury for the Confederate States of America. The letter recommends W.

Taylor for a position in the Treasury Department. Delmer, Alexander Telegram, Mss. This collection consists of one item, a telegram, 1 Junefrom war correspondent Alexander Delmer to the New Orleans Times.

The telegram Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes the circumstances of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the persons involved, and the murder trial. Papers,Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. Reel 14, Antebellum Southern Plantations.

Devereux was a hardware merchant and banker of New Orleans, Louisiana and a Confederate veteran. Despite being named for John G. Devereux, this collection documents little of his personal, business, or military life. Better documented Sexy latino a tu placer the papers are the activities of Stephen and J.

No connection between Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Van Wickle and John G. The collection contains military and business papers of John G. Devereux, and correspondence and financial and legal papers of Stephen and J. Grant; muster rolls; items relating to Confederate prisoners; a list of slaves used as laborers; and other items. An bill of sale for slaves and a list of slaves are included. Miscellaneous Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes of interest are a transcription of a speech by Louisiana governor Henry W.

Allen, ; a ledger of a cotton press and cotton press association, presumably in Pointe Coupee Parish, ; and a biographical sketch of Martin Luther Smith. The extensive account books and papers the Van Wickles kept while filling the office of sheriff of Pointe Coupee Parish provide an excellent opportunity for examining the tax and legal structure of the parish.

They also offer a good source of information on land and financial disputes on the Louisiana frontier. Plantation accounts kept by J.

Van Wickle, both for himself and Valerien Ledoux, offer insight Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes sugar planting and financial relationships in Pointe Coupee Parish. He may have been the son of John Devereux fl. Between at least andthe younger Devereux operated a hardware business in New Orleans, supplying local planters, businesses, and institutions with metalwork, tools, and plumbing supplies.

With the outbreak of Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes, Devereux entered the Louisiana Artillery and assumed the rank of lieutenant. Upon his promotion to major, he became assistant adjutant general to Major General Martin Luther Smithcommander of the Confederate 3 rd Brigade. One document oLuisiana that he served as executor of the estate of Thomas Jefferson Cooley in He married Sarah P.

He also served as a Watch porn and suck cock and legal agent for Valerien Ledoux d.

Evidence suggests that he was also himself a sugar planter. The papers of Thomas J. Devinelawyer and statesman, pertain to his appointment as district judge, his work as a member of the Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Committee of Public Safetyhis work as Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes States judge including the confiscation action of Confederate States Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes America versus Unionists John Twohig and J.

Included are five manuscript documents, an envelope, and a typescript volume of correspondence and military and legal papers. Correspondents include Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Generals David E. Secretary of State William H.

Dixon was a merchant of Downsville, Union Parish, Louisiana. He served as a sergeant in the Louisiana Infantry, 12 th Regiment. This collection consists of eight items, papers,of George M. Items include articles of agreement and letters of George M. Dixon to his sister, addressed to A.

The letters from a Confederate soldier describe campaigns in Mississippi and Louisiana, including the battles of Vicksburg and Port Hudson. Dixonson of Methodist minister Thomas F. He Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes a soldier in the Confederate army, serving in Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia. He became a schoolteacher in Columbia, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana, after the war. This collection consists of fourteen items and nine manuscript volumes, bulkof William Y.

Items, andinclude steamboat schedules, ; a biographical sketch of John Wesley Dixon, ; and photographs of Centenary College, undated. Topics covered by the diaries include daily activities in army camps, ; transportation of troops by steamboats, ; diseases among soldiers and civilians, ; and the involvement of African American Federal soldiers in fighting at Port Hudson.

A list of omissions from William Y. Omissions consist of Volumes Doke, Fielding Yeager Papers, Mss. He served primarily in Louisiana and Arkansas and was assigned to a board for the Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes of beef for the Confederate army, This collection consists of fifty-four items, papers, bulkof Fielding Yeager Doke.

Items include letters from family concerning home life and the departure of Missouri youths to California, ; letters from fellow Sex club san diego.

Swinging. concerning the Atlanta campaign, skirmishes, and deaths of Missouri natives, ; and letters from friends, and Military papers include orders of Doke and other soldiers, receipts for damaged ordnance, and an inquiry concerning an absence without leave. Financial papers include a daily statement of gold received by Bill McKana and brother for prospecting, ; a statement of account with a merchant, ; a promissory note, ; and documents of land sales.

Included are correspondence, diaries, memorandum books, financial records, land records, newspaper clippings, the plantation records of John B. Walker, and the diary of William F. Durnin, James and John Papers, Mss. Helena Parish, Louisiana; also Mississippi].

James and John College student seeking older lived in St. This collection consists of twenty-four items and seven volumes, papers,of James and John Durnin. Papers include correspondence, bills, accounts, clippings, sheet music, and miscellaneous items documenting the personal, financial, Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes military activities of the Durnin family.

Correspondence includes Civil War letters by James Durnin describing mustering into the Confederate army at New Orleans, September ; Camp Chalmette and the Confederate fortifications, December ; and fighting from camp Woodville, Londly, between the towns of Clinton and Liberty, September Papers also include an order for James Durnin to report to Capt. These papers relate to the family and career of Edwardssoldier, attorney, judge, and politician.

Included are family correspondence during his service in Company J of the 17 th Texas Cavalry in the Civil War, legal papers dealing with his law practice in Nacogdoches, the constitution and by-laws of Loujsiana Dialectic Society of Nacogdoches College, and the genealogical research of his Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes, Leila Edwards Akin. Materials include certificates, land grants, speeches, a plat map, Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes, postcards, a diary, tax receipts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal papers, notes, memoranda, and architectural sketches.

John and Thomas C. During the Civil War, E. John Ellis served as captain in the St. Ellis enlisted in the Confederate States Army in and served as a captain wiefs the 18 houuse Louisiana Cavalry Battalion. John Ellis entered into law practice in and in was elected to the U. This collection consists of papers, bulkof E.

Papers consist of lohely, legal documents, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and business papers of three generations of the Ezekiel Parke Ellis family of southeastern Louisiana. Politics occupy a large portion Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes the discussions in the correspondence of Civil Hous correspondence,of E. Letters of concern family matters, travel, and Reconstruction politics.

A list of omissions from E.

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Ellis Family Papers, Mss. Omissions consist of Folders; Folders end, ; and Volumes Ezekiel Park Ellis of Amite, Louisiana, was a judge and a Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes of the Louisiana legislature. His sons, all lawyers, were Thomas C. This collection consists of items and five printed volumes, papers,of E.

Ellis are addressed to his wife during travel to various courthouses in Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Florida parishes of Louisiana. Letters of the s are chiefly by E. John Ellis and Thomas C. The bulk of the correspondence consists of Civil War letters from E. A few letters from Stephen D. Ellis, also in the 16 th Louisiana Infantry, are included. Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes letters are mainly written by Thomas C. Also included are typescripts Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes a few slave bills of sale, Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes, certificates, newspaper clippings, and memoranda concerning members of the Ellis family.

A related collection is E. This collection contains letters by Ellis to his wife, Mary, concerning the maintenance of the Wifees household and his business Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes an attorney Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes Halletsville, Texas, with the bulk of the material relating to experiences in Louisiana and Arkansas during the Civil War.

He conducted business in New Orleans and had interests in the cotton market in the s. This collection consists of items and eight volumes, papers,of William H.

Financial papers include slave bills of sale; bank drafts and notes; documents of land ownership, including the sale Sweet lady seeking sex tonight Atlantic Beach land in St. Helena Parish; promissory notes; ponely receipts for court costs, furnishings, interest payments, wages, and statements of account. Military items include orders, passes, prisoner parole forms, and receipts of pay and clothing, The diaries contain some addresses and cash entries recording pay and expenses.

A memorandum book,contains poems and entries concerning military duties. A list of omissions from William H. Omissions consist of Folder 10, Printed Items, and Undated, including three pamphlets concerning religious matters in New Orleans.

Introductory Materials, correspondence, November 7, —February 4,and Undated. Receipts, November 19, Faulkner, Lee and Faulkner, Johnaphene S.

This collection consists of correspondence and reminiscences of Lee and Johnaphene Faulkner. This collection records the names of officers, number of men in companies and their origin, inventory of arms, and remarks concerning the Twenty-second Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes, Texas State Troops, under Brigadier General William Graham Webb, Crestview nude women the early years of Lettswroth Civil War.

Also included are directives from headquarters printed separately and clipped from newspapers. This collection includes Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes and legal Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes relating to Feris. Also includes material on the Battle of Woodsonville December 17, Foster, James and Family Correspondence, Mss. The lonrly resided at Hermitage Plantation near Natchez.

Both sons served in the Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes army. Foster died of Lokisiana received during the Grandma hookers Fredericton ca campaign, Foster served in Company B of the 10 th Mississippi Regiment and died in This collection consists of items and one volume, papers,of James Foster and family.

Letters from his army training camp near Memphis, Tennessee, describe his captain, William T. Martin, and his unit, called the Adams Troop. Letters from various camps in Virginia Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes camp life; a railroad wreck of cars bound for Richmond; a hospital in Ashland; the efficiency, membership, and size of the Adams Troop; picket duty; the activities of couriers; Confederate currency; and medical attention offered by women in Richmond to Confederate soldiers.

Battles and skirmishes mentioned in John S. The formation of the Jefferson Davis Legion from the Adams Troop and other companies from Mississippi and Alabama and the activities of the Washington Artillery are noted.

Miscellaneous papers include letters and items relating to the burials Lettswlrth John S. Foster, lists of things made for soldiers, a military pass issued to James Foster, an oath of Woman wants sex Longdale taken by Kate Foster to the Confederate States,photographs of members of the Foster family, and a narrative description of John S. A diary kept by Isaac G. Foster, May-Augustrecords his experiences during the Atlanta campaign, detailing troop movements, duties, casualties, and skirmishes near Atlanta.

Comments on Confederate military leadership and on the death of John S. During this period, the commanders of the companies were Capt. Pullen, Company K; Capt. Wingfield, Company G; Capt. Torraen, Company E; Capt. Hilliard, Company I; Capt. Rauhman, Company A; Capt. Franc Whicher, Company B; Capt. Williams, Company Wiffs Capt. Vick, Company A; Capt.

Favrot, Company C; and Capt. Inthey were consolidated with the 30 th Louisiana Infantry Regiment for the invasion of Tennessee and Loujsiana with the 13 th and 30 th Louisiana Regiments and the 14 th Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters. They surrendered at Meridian, Mississippi, in May This collection consists of eleven items, muster rolls,of the 4 th Louisiana Infantry Regiment.

The muster rolls document payrolls of various companies in the command for the pay period of August-October An additional muster roll for Capt. This collection consists of two items, letters,of J. This collection consists of the papers of the family of Lettwsorth T. Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes include correspondence, lonrly, a Hillsboro Cemetery Association membership list, legal documents, certificates of election, Confederate veteran material, poetry, and newspaper clippings.

Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes collection contains correspondence by Freeman and materials relating to the attack Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes the Texas State Treasury in This collection includes family and military papers, chiefly through Antebellum papers concern family affairs, agriculture, politics, and epidemics, and a description of Mount Vernon, Virginia; numerous Civil War letters written by William Dudley Gale while serving as general staff officer under generals Leonidas Polk and Alexander P.

The recollections written by Katherine Polk Gale contain much information about the Polk and Gale families and the disruptive effects of the Civil War on life in Mississippi and North Carolina.

The diaries of Frances Devereux Polk consist of only brief daily entries and memoranda chiefly regarding personal Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes family matters. While a staff officer in the Confederate army, William Dudley Gale wrote a large number of letters to his wife.

There is a sketch map of the Nashville battleground and also typed Louisinaa of two Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes letters written in January William Dudley Gale fl. He joined the Confederate army as a staff officer Loyisiana his father-in-law, General Leonidas Polk, in the fall of The family resided near Nashville, Tennessee, after the Civil War. Thomas and Ann Greene Gale has at least two other sons: Gale and Josiah R. Other Gales mentioned in these papers include James G.

He graduated in but, having converted to the Episcopal Church, resigned his commission from the U. After traveling and living with Frances in various places from Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes to Louisiana, Leonidas Polk was made bishop of Louisiana in He became a sugar planter, utilizing a large number of slaves inherited by his wife from the Devereux family of North Carolina.

He also helped found the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, in Inhe was appointed major general in the Confederate army; Art student Ilford friend etc inpromoted to lieutenant general.

He was killed during the Atlanta campaign on June 14, Frances Devereux Polk rented a house in Asheville, North Carolina, during the latter half of the Civil War, and afterwards lived, much of the time, with her daughter Katherine Polk Gale and son-in-law William Dudley Gale, near Nashville, Tennessee, until her death in Prominent family members include Tobias Gibson d.

This collection includes correspondence, a few financial hhouse, and miscellaneous items. The correspondence documents the period before the Civil War when the Gibson children were in school at the Phillips Academy, Yale, and traveling in Europe. One of the sons wrote about opposing views of North and South on slavery. After the Civil War, the correspondence chiefly documents the lives of the Humphreys family Giant hot grannies Duncanville monday 1130pm their efforts to improve their financial situation.

Letters from family and friends describing their activities are also included, as are a number of letters written by Randall Gibson on family and Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes affairs.

Series 1, ; Series 2, ; Series 3, ; Series 4, ; Series 5, ; Series 6, ; Series 7, ; and Series 8, Undated. Humphreys of Kentucky; and her Louisiaha, Joseph Humphreys. Tobias Gibson and his wife, whose maiden name is not given, probably moved to Louisiana from Kentucky, and maintained close relations with relatives and gouse there. He was a planter and owned plantations named Live Oak and Oak Forest possibly the same placeand another plantation referred to as Holly Wood.

Their children, in approximate order of their age, are listed below: Preston, who studied medicine and was a planter, had a wife named Elodie and a son named Preston.

There is not much in the papers about Preston Gibson, who died sometime between 7 Apriland 13 Februaryand there are only brief references to his wife and son thereafter. Randall Lee, the best known member of the family, served in the U. Lettsworth Louisiana lonely house wifes of Representatives and the U. He was born ingraduated from Yale College inand studied law at the University of Louisiana late Tulane.

He became a brigadier general in the Confederate Army and after the war practiced Hot Girl Hookup Sulphur Louisiana 70663 in New Houuse.

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