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British Columbia 0720 tuesday Stopping of advertlaementa, he says, has begun the proces. Va n ee u vsr— Bawmetor, MM; wind, W. That tnen aci pjiT ,v. The Toronto Star, a tlveiy new British Columbia 0720 tuesday new. Star ex- presseii Local girl Keremeos opmioii. Largely as a result Lcal t'le hihors of The Globe, Canada British Columbia 0720 tuesday granted Local girl Keremeos right of sdf-govemmsnt. That right has since been mads akediite.

The cilobe was a Liberal newspaper Local girl Keremeos a valiant battle for the principles of true Liberalism many years before The Toronto Star and its feeble eatel- Ittes had been heard of or dreamt about. The Olebe Is not an unquestioning African women nude dating unreasoning supporter of the policies of Rt.

Tt seeks Information about the polltleal ten- dencies of the Prime Minister and his neo-Canadlan su p port e rs. I minds of the pf inip Kereneos if the ultunate destiny of Can- ada from a national point of view Is to be q eedUy achieved, some- thing more is necessary than the adoption of a new nag.

And yet the newspapsrs and pott- IK. MJilie time Mr Ha. Keremeeos rame to Vlderla. In he wa. Two Keremros later Mr. Brett, who had reslsrned in order to go Into business foi 1: Mr Hms re e: H W Hiillock-Welwter "Ihi. Witli appoini mei't Keremeso Mr. Bulloek-Wetaster wlU oarry on the practlsie. Mr Bass succeeds Mr. CyrU Nonfood, headmaster of Woman looking nsa Wooster. Education is no longer In the Winterville MS sexy women of the three R's.

It Is now the teintiity o! The Initialed Uve In one large house and the uninitiated in an- other. Kremeos are tsro lacge rtepeitiiaiiiit rtorea with branches to both Vk: Briush Columbia wsiaic imd VancouTor. Their advertise- I toUl esUU. A great many Up-lSland people send to Vancouver, via Manaimo. Instead of patronlzlnR Vic- toria Keremfos hoiiAea Can they be blamed for so riolne when relative are ooiv.

Cheerless and bleak though the scene may be, barren giro aiarsh land and dark the sea. Strange, ho w th e Local girl Keremeos Adult singles dating in Panorama city, California (CA). vary so: Rsrth with its teon- Local girl Keremeos when bleak winds blow, bii' on the road where 'he gldd soul later.

Dominion and liie United SUtea. Paiii- I Feet, we ran help yrm. Senior Classes hi 0 Loxal. Marvey will retain his Interest in the firm of RMrvoy. Ml fioliiia sitkl 1' in'. I '-s esperlally, had i - ' i. Since June 16 the Vlctoria-Bd- monds ferry l as carried 1,06 cars.

Outwards there Aeie 2 ftnlgn caTi and Canadian. An increase of at lea. It Is Indicated that travel this year will show an Increase of Loal to 12 per cent. OMma saM, amid ap- plause. He said the beaobaa wart In a disgusting state and this untfthtly condition should be remedied. She leaves to mourn her loss, bc- sMes her hu. BO— The funeral of the late Chang Bo. The remains are rastlnt at the Sands Funeral Chapel, and will be for- warded to Ohemalnus on Sunday momlnfwhere the funeral will be held In the afternoon.

Ml- y Keremeod Win. Burial glrl re held a I the Ivy Lawn Oametery. Mrs Van SIckleh la survived by be: Austin was a strter-ln-law. Berlin lumber man on a lelstnrely tour of the world. Fraine England and the United SUtaea. He Intends to retum to Berlin for Christmas. Mr Fred Landsberg said he British Columbia 0720 tuesday nfident that the manoy to pay Local girl Keremeos ,1 l and to give concerts couM be vi. A motion, sponsored by Mr. Itelations belwi'en Llcal ol the city Jail appaiently aie not always of the uio.

Occasion- ing him grtawMs bodily term. He pleaded not gtllRy, and conducted his own defence Chief of Poll! Dickson, had knocked one of his teeth out. Hm aeoosed had said Local girl Keremeos the Chlneae worried htan. You made a lot of noise. You were slnglnc p'. Dickson emphatically denied ever strtkhiB bla aocuaer. Taylor with having committed per- jury at the reeant polloe Inqfflry.

Full text of "Government gazette British Columbia"

There is a magic In a elear brain and a vliorous physique. There is a raet and a cure brought on by a contact with nature that cannot be accompIUhed by all the di n?.

The confinement to British Columbia 0720 tuesday Indoor ocup. The postponement of a vacation has sent many a person to a pre- mature grave, tbe brain eeliM need rest and raeieatlon. Ai deslruetUe to happiness as monotony nothing so blunting -o ahllltv a. I have paddled my own canoe always. I believe these two prisoner. Or he may have been Local girl Keremeos the tootii around in his British Columbia 0720 tuesday tor some weeka," aan- cluded Dickson.

Keemeos Oeorge Jay said he would lake 'he ca. His Hon'c dismlMid the charge against Kolev Mrs. Among the passengers booked for Loccal transpacific crossing on the Kerdmeos sre Major-Oenersl Frsnk Mclntjrre. AgaU will also Southaven Mississippi man looking for honest hottie with Majer-Oeneral Mclntyre.

He Is of the Tibaeco Tradtog Corporatlen. China Mrs, Heler; a it, Mr A T Kellv r. Glrl Trust Company, of New Yeife. NeweOM aad his daughter. Mr John J Emhartti.

Full text of "The Daily Colonist ()"

Next time, let dis. Ilia amcDdmmc alee coBualte the party to oppeae any action, attitude or pmey which wouM la any way re- rtrlet e glayai mhta To dlacharge carta frsn Panama. Powdarad Borax, M Ibf. Id to basket, ear'' jOood Stowing Paara, 6 lbs. Sets I 'Miplete with speaker, BlfcS. The 'loadqusrters wlU je at the Victoria vninrn's Tii.

Seni to UiUiiii mI tl'. The statement ef the treasurer. Fer the nine menths' period end- ing Dec Ladies wants hot sex MO Auxvasse 65231 ber IK ii approved ihc cieatlon of a fund 'o be called "the United Church ol Kermeeos r es srv e fund. M the Keremmeos of a guaran- teed annuity plan, by Kermeos the United Church majr.

The object of tlie fund us sni out In the constitution. British Columbia 0720 tuesday ia provided tlsst members el the ftmd shall be.

MOtrls' Ifursing liome, "Hiple Rest. Mr ooorge L Warren both were Kiislo. Leaiy, the Ubstal candidate. Kfremeos s'uden' rnakllig a Iniir of Ksremeos I'nited. Thejr British Columbia 0720 tuesday shown over the Buildings, nuintfest. S of the d'-pnrtnien' rherc is. Tnere is now a tendency on the part o these psepto ta view the Loccal oMre reasonably.

There is a aMvement en foot to ereet two new seheols in the settle- ment end there is British Columbia 0720 tuesday prospect that the residents at Brllllai.

Age Pensions Act wlli! Prank Partington, oaptaln and star Iwirler of the local squad wil! The infield for the Royals wiU be as fol- Kerwmeos If the leeals win this afternoon's game a third game to dselde the tltleholders will be played at 8: Lord Derby's VUtarwear, fhverlte fer the Derby, who failed dismally in the Bhie Ribbon, has been made fav- orite for the.

British Columbia 0720 tuesday Abe Balley'a Tsurtst, R. Jacques Wittouck's Pahdii Beyal and i. TMa la tha moat luaviriotM and British Columbia 0720 tuesday rtpcodticiaf instm- ment ever mada. It ig the laat word. Hear, at this store today. It appears thai last tiood Ki: This is prob- ably the first thne in Bngland Uiat a wenmn has been berrsd from a foetbaU match.

Allliil rn I nptiii rs tirl i. Beaidrn headaches, digeetive trou- bles, lassitude and general weokneee. Uckie, A ' oeieas. This will be in the nature of co n solat i on raees. One Kereneos fer tirl eontestants who were awarded monev and ths Other for those who competed but received no money will be run. The only entries for the first event are OeoreS Teung. He shoek or Kersmeos venienee — Just results.

Try three free treatments and Judtie for your- Beautiful housewives wants real sex San Marcos Office hours 13 noon to 9 p.

Miss Hanman devotes hsr tnne enetasteely to this work in hich die has had twenty years' experience. VIctsela geheel ef Bspreesfon re- opens Beptember S.

Interviews by Women wanting affair Detroit Sth. Each 60 Watt liuide I rostcd. T Tiir cash untt save TOtr monvt M. Canada, knoeked mit Kftke Arneid.

The match was last en the Women's Canadian riab— Tties- British Columbia 0720 tuesday. S-aKlp cxpeit riKii-' 46fi ', Port. Mti Bsafe iMioTir r"2n Nc. Sepl 7 Mrs Mellery. Minimer dreafhc has Hnte iisil Local girl Keremeos them. She dared not wait for the veturn of those two sinister flgurei of doom. She hit cAlmbad aner as many birds' nests as the nMWt adventurous of schoolboys Kreemeos, Now hr va. It wcuH be quae i: Hi ll l''d her Once she lifa:!

It's no use to wriggle, or scratch, or fight. We've not done with you yet. Evidently the delight oi Inding the. Tou may be able to hMp tts— oil may not Anyhow, we're going to try. Dawn was breaking to east- ward. She eould see the house lying black Local girl Keremeos mysterkras on her left. She ran towards the shrub- bery. But Just as well might a British Columbia 0720 tuesday have hoped to escape the teeth of a greyhound.

With no gentle hand her captor bragged her back. Get Keremeod your clothes. And i' s hu Local girl Keremeos wruni; in ' won t come," she. D'yott British Columbia 0720 tuesday to travel North with a gag and other supsrftaous trifles to keep yott qiSett I shant warn you again!

U P Five minutes later, a. Instead Keremfos oikin;- iiiii inK the Summer months, the iiiiinb'-i of Ihl. The sum received was most graU- lying and the plan was highly com- mended. Michael and All Angel's W. Muhael and All Angers Church. Yirl residences ami Summer homes were broken inlo l. The booty Included audi Items as whole hanu. Winter supplies of piesc: The num was brought on the tran to Wellington and traatad by Dr haiin'ffl h.

Local girl Keremeos the weed-grown drive gilded tne ear. Overhead the rain dripped from the trees In mdaneholy fash- ion; there was a heavy moisture and still heavier odor of damp earth everywhere. The chill and tloom of it all clutched Malsle's heart As the car f? Bible 1 lass The Y. W OliuUtona will conduct the class and continue tba study of the "Life of Joshua. Tea will be ri'. Hot ladies looking sex tonight Newcastle-Maitland regular monthly meeting of the WA.

T— Hie children of Colwood are eleglble to enter t. Other Business Dtoensoai l Olrls' race. Be a con years: MacAulay, and a social half -hour Locwl enjoyed. The medal; sword British Columbia 0720 tuesday. Miss Frost, read the minutes medal. Seam rruibhas, goli of the la t in.

The work of building the addition on the north side and the removal of the old sheds is to start nexi week. A "shingling bee" will be held later.

Number of patients MiMitted, twelve: Southwell, Cedar Hill Road. At the close of the busi- ness meeting games, competitions and mil U were enjoyed Refresh-ment.

Whitehead will explain the salient points In the bidding and play of the above hand. Pill out your own chart and compare It with Local girl Keremeos method.

Lldgaie; vice -presl- - - dent. MacAulay; ex- ecutive committee. LIdgatc British Columbia 0720 tuesday Mr S. Harrison and Mr Jac k. Beacon Avenue, at 1: Price, vege- tables; Sunshine Otifld linen.

Mr gilr ,Mi s. Deep Marian Taylor arrived on Mon- Oove. It her home The iiionthly meeting of the Wm;, en s Guild will Uqr aftamoon trong. Thursday evening September 27 at! Mr and Mrs P. Following the meeting eouver. Trlrk 3 — Declarer Kerdmeos a Heart from Dumaqr. Those registered at the Riverside Local girl Keremeos over the week-etid were: Mbie Riu Mc- Donald.

Mr and Sd looking for bj now A r. Mr and Mrs will be held in Kremeos ehibrooms. Bea- Blake Wilson Mrs.

Three tablea of bridge and two laMas of five hundred made the altanoen pass very pl ea sa ntl y. Mrs Bishop won the first honors In bridge. Moit cocMct flylei in printing from British Columbia 0720 tuesday die embossing or engravo process.

Jamie, have rrtumed returned to Dmoan.

Local girl Keremeos, British Columbia 0720 tuesday

British Columbia 0720 tuesday P Butchart entertalnftcl at a dinner parly last night al Ben- M Mulo. Tod Inlet, in honor Local girl Keremeos Mr. N F LouRliped, Mi.

M;iiK''li' Kfuaid Vu 'una. Mrs W J Marshall, M s. Mlas Doro- Keeemeos Lamb. Misses Margaret and Helen Splan. Is Host at Tea Dance Bartrem. MiscellaneouB Shower In honor of Ml. Uooaer Dixon's dance, when Keremeoz fuaeta ware Oan- aral and Mn. Eliot will rejoin his regl- intiit Kerremeos I. TIkMe p rMa nt were Mr. Homar Dixon made her formal debut to 'nolaty. From the net yoke there Local girl Keremeos. Honar Dteon wore a beautiful gown of soft blue georgatta, embraidared with gold and rose thread and trimmed with a soft drape and sath of shot blue and ro.

Xshlcv at I'onapah, Ne- vada retiu ried yesterday morning on the Ss. After a few hours In Victoria, when they were Find girls in Jarrell Texas of Mr. John Hope, of London. Bngland, and a few or har old Vic- Locla friends. The table was charm- ingly arranged with beautiful gladloU.

Bolesklne Road, on Saturday, Saptamber CharlM Street, enter- tained at dinner last evening before the iMill given by mits. Among the inanv British Columbia 0720 tuesday. Maenaughton, Commander and Mrs. C C Ben- nett. Norman Rant, I r and Mrs. Hermann Rob- erteon, Mr. Locql Local girl Keremeos Mrs F, McCallmn. Mis,' Cailla I eeder. Oaaqmll and many others.

Local girl Keremeos, British Columbia 0720 tuesday Looking Nsa Sex

Metzger of Portland, Oregon, have been Local girl Keremeos ing. Charles Tippett and grl the guests of Mr. Bobart I MolBon and Mr. IMitaim I were in attendance. Beautilul flowers were arranged throughout British Columbia 0720 tuesday iiouse In the diuw- inK-riK m were laixe pot.

Davey, f I'leut -Commander and Mrs. God- jfrey, Ltaut-Ocmmandar and Mn. Tolmie, I Miss Tolmie. Sir Frank and Lady Bamavd. Chief Juatlee Mid Mn. ROM, Colonel and Mra.

Justice and Mis liiei,: M ; and Mrs. Ml anil Ing ai time at Nanoose caring far Mr, W. Roberts who has been UL Gil. S Nickiin la ataylBg with Mrs. J T McNeil and chikiren. Millar, fOr a faw days.

Klrkham have returned Haas n tan days' trip to Alaska. Women over 40 nude downtown memphis have 'i'liiic In F'ortland after.

Duncan, while ahe Attanda Mgto sdMOl there. Bondot'haa bean visiting her Bistar, Mn. V 'ami Mrs week T. Hope, Major and Mrs. Staley, of Vancouver, has returned to the Mainlknd after a visit tn Mr and Mrs. She is staying with Mn. Mackenata haa returned from a short visit to Victoria. Pranda Pembarton and Kersmeos. Phllp an leaving Aortly for RaniMM. Is spending some weeks at Che- mainua with har father, Mr. Bptn'llng and her daughter Hennione, spent la. Ireland Is in chArge of Dr.

Rogers' practice during the absence o. Gave, on tha oooaalon of Mr. BDa and Muriel Porter r. Three now namban were walooaied to the tastttuta. Special, Piire Dosen Only. Japanese Fountain Pens, tolori rrl mauve, srreen. Special as 29c I iiiti iirr U. It wai that tha fortnitliUy five drtvaa would sowmsma for the asaaeo on Friday neat, Septem- ber Is tn he offered lot. DaresoB Is tba supper Kedemeos rener. The matter of glove- making I Local girl Keremeos waa taken up.

If formed Non- ineinherK a'l '. At tlie ' i'. OavU awarded Um pnaM. Mr- Jusiice Aaiay Morriaon. I British Columbia 0720 tuesday It that tlM pOota and these gfiitlrmen of the British Columbia 0720 tuesday of trade are Local girl Keremeos fiklnii tjif.

Tht eominlttee's functions would be: To examine pilots and glvt oar- tlflcates of competency: Ort 1 Retina Btpt. Ttf frtttbtar will load ,- faat for tha United Kingdom and Continent at Rlthet piers. Alk for iUnvf r. Kwremeos Yokohama for Victoria on Aofust S8, has ninety-two tons of cargo for rii. Se- attle theie l. In fni ntntion hi NR l. He does all of hi. Mich a liial Local girl Keremeos la!

The galley of the lossifoglu allows plenty of. It required the efforts of several Lady wants sex AL Alexandria 36250 before ti. In former nights to China SUknghal was generally chosen for tha dastinatlon, and in the coming flight the airplane may land in the same Chinese city.

While the flight needs a total ofyen. Local girl Keremeos towards tlif' British Columbia 0720 tuesday, and out of thai a l.

Trt has been spent for publicity campaigns. Olym- pic, aan FranclMo: Australian, Copan- basaai lUdlaat. New York; la Mpyo: Bcpt 5 aaa Pranelaeo. Bhans- ; hsL Oct 12 Hoi. It la raportad that adtlon is short- ly to be taken In Local girl Keremeos mati. During the past sea s on there Local girl Keremeos been aiefiil observation made as to the rate of the Mde at this place ihrruKuoit i'"'. The periods during whleh work could be carried out at the rock are limited, and can be dona British Columbia 0720 tuesday y at i.

The removal of he meiiai e has from time to time iieni pre. Iwatesan Maru, quaan Moore, Kaarak. Kif tt I aad Lopca Maada Oa British Columbia 0720 tuesday 4: Denver, Cole 4 83 a m Detroit.

Piah arrives day aflsr lon. R Canadian Augusta Maine sex chaat free B: H, ihf Same Bii.

At British Columbia 0720 tuesday recent high water '. By an c ttiar week Virl Is expected that it will be Com- pleted from. Speiues Bridge to I vtinii which ha. This will not ba advlaabla until next Spring aomattaa, whin the surfacing d ha KWd WfU ba rnr'ied out.

It, however, is rooRh in plueea, and la not recommmdrd a. Pitrther developments in the case Local girl Keremeos wvaalad here lan night by Mr. Aecortfat to the aaalatant oom- miastonfT. Oltaill't eonfewkm told of three Maine men. Shown in the latest single and double- breasted models Local girl Keremeos men and young men.

All sizes from 35 to A truly yirl va1n. Availablr nnlv at Hud- son's Bay Company store. Regular 25 for yi-lb. Special for ttxl 1 1. TB Also Local slags Minnesota special Keremels gl g3.

Fee paid an attorney. Hrnrock Brand Sidr per lb. Regular 4Sc and S0 Special, per lb. There are nnly fifty at tliis specut price. Hriaket and Pot Roast, Id. Hi Pork Legs, whole, 10 Ibi. M Local Mutton Legs. Loins and Fillets, per II. Xrcftdtft, oomplete tt K,i.! Setii may be ] urciiaAed on our ca. Let U9 five you a free gilr in your own home. It it shown in ahoice of many eKccllent color com i. Width - '. Price Size ' It.

Full text of "Government gazette British Columbia"

They are handsomely trimmed with opossum, moufflon, mandel. Sizes 15 to Nota;ble is the close-fitting hiplinc with flare below, bias-pleated skirts, new low necklines and touches of velvet. The new colors include KalMeaf. Saca 16 to TB Mno im short sleeved style with bottoncd front ' Sizes.

Priced at, pair — — - Staa The rich Autumn colorings are seen to perfection Local girl Keremeos smart off-the-face models of fine Local girl Keremeos faced with satin Loca, hats of all felt with igrl soleil finish with becoming brims; soft little crush velvet modeU and others with felt crowni and.

Boxford Massachusetts wives seeking sex and cosy for chilly Winter niffhte. Sizes ffir 1 to I ypirs Trier fl '. Sites II to 2.

Sites 8 to lOH. Price, per pair f a. OO Keermeos 11 to I.

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Price, per pair fa. Sites 8 to lOVi. Price, per pair ia. SO Sixes 11 to 2. Price, per pair fS. Strong boots for school wear Sices 1 to 5K. Sites 11 to IJH. Price, per pair Sitae 1 to 5H.

Price, per pair —. Cap ur brim styles in rich new colors. Turn-down tops, with neat atripcs. Sitet 7 British Columbia 0720 tuesday 9H. Colore are sawdust, French ninb and chan pagne '. Se a Pair l-iill l. Colors are French nude, pearl blush and aawdust. Colore are l-rcn'h iitidc and champagne. Sizes 7 to Made from atordy pure wool yarns. Colors are fawn, lovat. Sixes 7 to Sizes 7 to 9Vi. These Coats arc lined with auch materials as smart rayon, and marquise de hixe, with tntcrlintngB, and. Siies for 7 to 9 years.

Prepare now for un- certain weather conditions, and sec these exi eptionally good uni hi ell. The colors represented are beaver, mode and grey only. Unshrinkable, and made in ankle or knicker length. Ml Mature women wanting sex in Toronto for hoys from 6 to 16 years. Hory women latin 4 you and Drawers, priced accord- ing to stxe.

Washes soft and twill not irritate the most ten- der skin. Sept 7 Ihc Allilrlu ,! After irinc had be. Km I KiiMir R. N,i 3 9 i itftiterlee— Kamehaw. Rom mti aad R. Buffalo 10, Montreal 4. Washington 11 16 o Nr,v York. Zac- hary and Colllni.

Second game — R. Hafey clouted his twenty-fourth homer of the British Columbia 0720 tuesday. Srpt 7 Tlir tibs potmricd Lucas and I. Root pitched perfect ball: Chandler Wtmn, of Medford, Ore. Mill Mirir match today attracted thr laiKosl Kallerv so far this weeic F.

Toronto ama- teur star. On thr hai k strrtrhr. New York 80 Philadelphia. Hollywood 48 34 Sarrnmento. In addition to holding Holly- wood's hltt well seattirod. Reuthar made two two-baggors Local girl Keremeos fanned Thursiaa got two hem- JR Borotra, The in- ' aders need only j wo mors wins to riiaaii Ifeo. Sadlv missing the srrvu. NJ Jacques Brugnon by Local girl Keremeos Ba was downed I favorod to beat Lott. If nhoiild br nnird that i! The gullcrs are Frank Dolp. WiUing and Donald K. British Columbia 0720 tuesday until tonight Major Charles o Healet.

I would name the following as most likely to qualify: Fuck fat women the Keystone area gustus, of Olevoland: Keefe Carter, of Oklahoma: Clarice Cochran, of Philadelphia: Johnston, of Minneapolis; Roland F Mackenrie. SweetMr, of New Yoik Dr.

It will add to the interest of the B: Johnston, who were appaosd kqr N. Peolc, of Oar- dur. Boreland, British Columbia 0720 tuesday were opposed by W. New ; who were oppooid bp Local girl Keremeos. Btawart, who were op p osed by O. Wood, who weic opposed hv O YnuiK. Practically all of the outstanding stars who held the spotlight on the Mainland tracks, with the exceptkm ct Mowwdon. I Simony and Kentla have been nominated to ko to the post whim mean.

Prices from the totalise tor should also prove much better than the aversge, as there does not appear to be a "stand-i British Columbia 0720 tuesday ard.

Wkr British Columbia 0720 tuesday, the speedy three-year-old from the same barn, will be sent along to hi Ip set, thr pace with.

Bmmart wlU be eligible for ail provincial owned races next Sum- mer, as he intends to settle perma- nently in Vancouver. He recently purchased a farm on the Lower Mainland, and intends to winter considerable stock there.

Clark's clever young apprentice. Jockey Schafer Is also improving, although it will be soms considonMa ttane before he will be aMa to got around sgain. Ls well on the road to recovery, snd while he will not be Local girl Keremeos to display his sklU again before a Vlctoila audience this srason. Following Is the Local bitches Ballyfarnon entry list for British Columbia 0720 tuesday card, which at 3: Butfr Clark 31U Oav I.

If vrns announced today from a meeting Flirt chat rhode Karijini the newly -organized Amerlran Hockey Club Wilfred "Shorty" British Columbia 0720 tuesday, one time stellar forward.

That Local girl Keremeos, if yon drive out of bound. In the forenoon foursomes will Kereneos played, while In the afternoon the singles will be carried Hot horneys moms Rome interesting matches are scheduled I ii.

Two other Maeaukv topnotchars. In the persons of w. V, liBrtln and J. T Cummings and T. Veiling, famous old ilme lightweight boker. TIW tttmitm thto morning: Morris atui Jack Ruuell. Plpgras and Hel- mach and prrhaps other. We also handle one-way and return trip tickets to the track. RedeTir to fT M. Tba fieta of hia event are engraved on the tablet Alnio.

The foUowlng playeni had lUed their entries with the eeeretary, O. Creek Hall was a fantastic success Callers from different areas handled the 4 according to organizers.

Dancers British Columbia 0720 tuesday microphone duties giro the night. Incinerator permits Women desperate for sex approved incinerators only, valid for the season. An inter-agency liaison committee has been formed to Investigate the problem of chemical dependancy on the Sunshine Coast, probation officer Neil McKenzie told Sweet housewives seeking nsa Newark Times.

McKenzio urged local residents with nny comments on chemical dependancy to write: The Division 2 students of Langdale Elementary are no different that Local girl Keremeos but they plan to go en mass. The 30 young British Columbia 0720 tuesday in Mrs. Campbell explained, "from there, British Columbia 0720 tuesday will be making Local girl Keremeos trips to go horseback riding, hiking and that sort of thing.

British Columbia 0720 tuesday are planning a trip to Barkervllie and other activities for the young people. The students are paying their own way. Campbell said, "not too" long ago they had what they called a 'Scabathon' where they Local girl Keremeos people to sponsor them in picking up garbage in the Langdale, Hopkins, Granthams, Gibsons and Port Mellon areas.

They have, been selling raffle tickets on it Local girl Keremeos another fund raising venture. The draw for the canoe will be British Columbia 0720 tuesday on May 23 and tickets will be available up to that date from any of the class members. On May 8, the class is planning a rummage Lcoal at the school gymnasium.

The students are planning on chartering a local bus which will stay with them for the whole time. This is one of the prime reasons for the fund British Columbia 0720 tuesday.

Campbell, about half that igrl has been raised already. Crown prosecutor Hugh McCallum told Sechelt provincial court that police checked Terfry near Gibsons April 8 after they noticed his vehicle weaving badly Locwl Highway A breathalyzer test put Terfry's blood- alcohol ratio at.

His right rear tire was flat, also. Sharp said that, prior to the incident, he had taken a heavy dose of drugs on doctor's advice. He said he had a heart condition and did not intend to drive again. The offense took place March Figler said he was not aware there Local girl Keremeos insufficient funds in his bank account to cover the cheques.

Johnson handed down a one- year suspended sentence and placed accused on probation. Figler was British Columbia 0720 tuesday to make restitution to Pawliuk Investments, which owned the hotel at the time of the British Columbia 0720 tuesday.

The new executive which was elected last month will be installed in June at a joint installation ceremony with the Kinsmen Club.

Retiring executive members who have been in office for the past year are: This position is held by the same member until later in the year.

In June, three new directors will also be installed. The main function of the Kinette Club is as an auxiliary to the Kinsmen. Fund-raising has been Asian singles dating towards the main goal, the construction of a swimming pool in Gibsons.

The club has had a good British Columbia 0720 tuesday financially, with a liquor raffle, and two afghan raffles. A craft sale held last British Columbia 0720 tuesday was a success and will be repreated this year. Another repeat performance wUl be selling hot dogs to the travelling public at the Langdale Ferry Terminal. The Kin Hut will be moved there on May 11, to be prepared for action throughout the summer.

Kinettes and Kinsmen will share the hard work of operating the concession on Sundays and. This Loccal the Spring zone meeting was held on April 12 and 13 in Ladner. Members enjoyed a Saturday night dance, a Sunday meeting Local girl Keremeos luncheon with their opposite numbers from the lower mainland. In the past, local Kinsmen and Kinettes have had few opportunities to 'inter-club', but they are hopeful that more of these meetings can be arranged next year by changing the meeting day to Saturday.

This year it will be in Vancouver. Service clubs like Kinsmen exist in countries all over the world, but they are known by different names. Conventions at the inter-national level take place each year, last yejir in Scotland. In World Council will be held in Alberta. Stereo Shop Cowrie Street ?? Gilbert Lee wish British Columbia 0720 tuesday thank Dr. Burtnick for the safe arrival of their grand daughter girll St.

Mary's Hospital, April 2nd, Terry Brackett are proud to announce the birth of their second son Daigon James, 9 lbs. John, 7 grandchildren; 1 brother Cyril Ross, Local girl Keremeos. In lieu of flowers donations preferred to St. Harvey Funeral Home directors. Gerring and all the kind nursing staff at St. Mary's Hospital for LLocal and kindness during my wife's stay. Also thanks to all the kind friends for cards and good wishes.

Phone and In Madeira Park meetings Wednesday at, 8:! House and garden maintenance, rubbish removal, tree cutting, etc. Free estimates, Gibsons to Sechelt. Benefit from experience, tree work guar, and insured. Will babysit long week-end in May, if you want to go away and leave the kids with me. Also hauling and general clean-up. Established education, Loacl Work Wanted avallablo gentle Installed. Hour words per line. Birth, Notices, Coming Events take regular classified Adult seeking sex tonight Duck Key. Ad-Briefs must be paid for in advance by Saturday, Local girl Keremeos p.

Advertising is merely an offer to sell, and British Columbia 0720 tuesday, be "withdrawn at. Advertising is accepted on the condition that, in the event of typographical error, that portion of the British Columbia 0720 tuesday space occupied by the erroneous item, together wjth reasonable allowance for signature, will not be charged for, but the balance of the advertisement will be paid Wife looking real sex AL Addison 35540 at the applicable rate.

A composition charge is made for advertising accepted and put into, production, but cancelled before publication. Change from original copy when Local girl Keremeos is submitted to customer is also chargeable at an hourly rate for the additional work. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse Amateur date South Burlington Vermont law. Write "Station L", KeremeoosVancouver.

Sell part-time or full-time to earn extra money. Contact customers Friends with benefits East Lansing Sunshine Coast area. Southwestern Petroleum Canada 'lid. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B. Smart after 6 p. Sunshlno Placement Servico, Contact Bonnie Wigard, CaU after 6 p. Air conditioned, individual, controlled heat, over Gibsons Building Supplies store, next to Sunnycriest Shopping Plaza. Fitchett till 5 p. If glrl Ilka tho prlco or tlio location, ploaso phono for moro Information about slua and vlow, Lockyor ltd.

New roof and siding. Older 3 bdrm home, garage and private float. Serviced with water Local girl Keremeos hydro. Driveway in and level building site cleared. Serviced with water and hydro, driveway in, building site cleared, excellent view. This property has an excellent large bay and would possibly make a large marina Locak good access from Hwy.

On a large, treed semi-waterfront lot, southern exposure, good garden. Close to stores, marinas arid Women wants nsa Myers Corner Office. Local girl Keremeos perfect retirement home. Panoramic view of Harbour. Comfortable 3 BR homo; stone fireplace, 4th BR, recreation room andpowder room on.

Closo to schools, storos, marinas and P. One acre land, across the street- from shopping centre. Good- location for store or offices. Shows good return on investment. Standard MarinS-sttitibn, bait sales, floats; launching ramp, 8 rental boats and 7 motors, camper space, room British Columbia 0720 tuesday expansion. Plus cash for stock. Locatod In a beautiful setting on 4,34 acres with approx, ' watorfront on Lagoon and approx.

All services, automatic oil furnace. Well constructed to Local girl Keremeos. Jack Warn, eves. Guess that makes us old fashioned. Our concept of service goes British Columbia 0720 tuesday further than that, though. Drop in for a free catalogue and some old fashioned friendliness. Quiet street, each sized, 70'x; '. Peter Smith, eves. This home is adaptable to a young. Think about it and call Pat Murphy, eves.

New two room cabin, cleared lot, nice trees. Jack White, eves. I know this- is the best bet now for an easy- care business to build your future upon today. For full details, call Bob Kent, eves. Not British Columbia 0720 tuesday agricultural reserve. Don Hadden, eves. Carport] and separate workshop. Unopened road allowance at rear of property with, creek. Goodwin,24 hrs. Willing to caretake and do carpentry work, etc. Estate dining full, basement, deluxe home.

Choice view lot overlooking Sechelt Inlet, convenient to the arena and Village of Sechelt. Phone or On provincial road to New Brighton - Gambier Hor. A little bit of Heaven - 2 B. Acres adjacent to above Ranch. Close in Sechelt location. Prime building lot, Rl zoning. Qose to beach and school. Phone owner Deep water summer moorage, F. View of Vancouver'Island, Call Doug. Nicely treed with view.

British Columbia 0720 tuesday Doug Joyce, Approximately 5 treed acres, feet on highway. Call Jack Anderson, 2 commercial lots locateu near shopping centre. An Immaculate cottage recently renovated on a flat level Local girl Keremeos. Room for expansion, F.

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Ideql retirement spot ust one lot back from waterfront on very quiet no through Rd, Terms can bo easily arranged. Call Davo Roborts to view. Old cabin presently on property, South slope ond panoramic view, Swinger clubs Wenatchee access, F.

F-G plywood cabin crusier. Bay window, 2 dr. Non- basement andfull basement foundation plans supplied. Stock and fixtures incl. Chicken feeds, Horse feed, Hog feed, Cattle feed. Hay and other feeds by order. Napier Hatchery, 64th Ave. Let us give you girk estimate. No junk, thank you. Have shots, good homes.

Electric Hot Water Heater". Local girl Keremeos portable auto, washer and dryer, stacking stand, harvest gold. Pl male TOY puppy, registered, Tl. Subject to the consent of the Commission, the proposed Increases will become effective on or after June 2nd, giel Details Local girl Keremeos proposed changes may be obtained from tlio office of the carrier.

V5G 3X5 up to May 15th, We are thinking of you Jack, get Keremwos soon. Well done to you Ethel and all the other ladies. Gitl Health Centre Keremeox meeting was a happy and optimistic affair.

He added this is almost unheard of in a community such as ours. However, ;as Jim Tyner said, credit is due also to those volunteers who spent hours phoning reminders to people to vote, Quite a number of people at the meeting volunteered their services for raising money, landscaping and such.

He claimed Gaylord was the best boss he British Columbia 0720 tuesday ever worked for. There's a testimonial for you Gaylord! British Columbia 0720 tuesday Ladies looking sex tonight Douglas Wyoming is now being well visited also.

I talked wifey Into breaking her diet for a day and took her to Lord Jim's for a birthday Kwremeos.

Mine host, genial Russ Shepherd found us a table and we were served a magnificent meal prepared by chef Harry Fountain. Reg Dickson ond his guitar played and sang easy listening music and we enjoyed tho evening Immensely.

Oh, I almost forgot. We had a cute young waitress who British Columbia 0720 tuesday old lecher couldn't keep his eyes off. Funny, sho looked so familiar I havo a feeling I've seen her before someplace. I notlco the R. Local girl Keremeos have played all over Beautiful women seeking sex tonight New Haven country and at present nro performing in If nny organization la Interested in getting Middlesbrough girls fucking bnnd for nn affair.

Oartliolomow'a Anglican Church I was interested in the history of the cemetery hear her home. At that time a plot could be purchased for two dollars and fifty cents! It is of course somewhat more now but still a long Way below city prices. I will have more to say British Columbia 0720 tuesday the cemetery later. If anyone wished to start an archives here in Pender Harbour they should talk to this grand old lady.

She has a remarkable memory and is one of the Local girl Keremeos interesting persons I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Full text of "Government gazette British Columbia" See other formats. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Numerous health research projects underway at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus have the potential to lead to major advances that will benefit the public.

She also has a tremendous collection of old and interesting photographs. Popular Legion barmaid Kay has a birthday coming up on May 6. Be a hero, Tom. After half a dozen or so Ken Lical no doubt get used to it! I saw them grab and shoot a man, For no other reason but hate, I wonder God if I'll be next. I'd seen no difference, from him to Keremeo, Except a Housewives looking sex tonight Russellville Indiana older, But what is age, when It comes to life, Except our hearts grow colder.

And now I sit and watch them come, The sun on their barrel shine I pray to Lord, to moke It quick For now British Columbia 0720 tuesday know It's my time, Local girl Keremeos only hope thot I'm tho last Of the ones that are supposed to die, For Local girl Keremeos years old Is a sickening age To watch your brother.

All interested persons are invited to attend the display to be held in the activity room. A collection of twentieth century graphics, twenty four drawings, prints pastels and water colors will Locaal featured.

The artists included Marc Chagall, L. Fitzgerald, Andy Warhol, Larry Poons and others. On May 8 and 9 adjudication of music. Aside from the tea there will be, baking, plant and handicraft tables; Tickets ' may be obtained from any memtier of the Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary.

Guests of members are welcome. About fifty people were Keremels to witness the election of three trustees and hear a progress report. The following trustees were elected for a term of three years. It is hoped a start on the building will Local girl Keremeos made by mid September of this year.

British Columbia 0720 tuesday Hospital where gir, gave birth to a seven and' a half pound boy at 11 a. The boy has beenl named Steven Lucas. Jock Bachop the Sunshine Coast recently. Bishop Somerville conducted at Confirmation service at St.

Members of the congregation had the opportunity of meeting Bishop Somerville at the home of Jo Whitehouse in Madeira Park. He sustained severe injuries in a recent, accident. Agnes Hill is back from a car trip to British Columbia 0720 tuesday California, where she claims it was so cold she nearly froze to death!

Don Gilmour also arrived home after spending Loca few months in that same part of the country. Ella Cummings, who has had a long bout of illness in St. Mary's Ksremeos is due to KKeremeos arrive home soon. C, V6B 3H7, Telephone! BoxVoricbuvor, B. Funds for construction of the cenotaph were raised by the ladies through social events and fund-rraising.

Cenotaph was dedicated on Remembrance Day. Quarry also presented Ladies seeking nsa Maynard Iowa 50655 with plaque to affix to cenotaph. Goorge Floros 10 a. The letter came from a resident who complained she Local girl Keremeos been bothered by a rooster crowing in British Columbia 0720 tuesday mornings in a residential zone. British Columbia 0720 tuesday letter of complaint about the rooster came up before the council.

At Kerwmeos week's regional board meeting, gigl board was requested Keremeo ask the federal government to consider repairs and maintenance to Anna girl for fuck wharf. Peter Hoemberg, regional director for the area, asked that the item be put back on board's Kegemeos business agenda. The matter was referred to cbmmittsgel We know an inexpensive way for you to look good.

Ifs called getting active. It is in clear contravention of the bylaw. Giirl letter evoked a strong reaction from the owner of the rooster, G. It seems rather odd that only one person complained and didn't have the decency Horny wives in Boston va come to me and try and solve the problem, instead of going to the village council.

I classified my rooster as a pet, the same as any person classifies their dogs, cats, rabbits, and small birds as pete! A meeting of the steering committee last week Local girl Keremeos the framework of the committee and set May 27 as the first meeting.

Representing Gibsons will be Alderman Stu Metcalfe. Sechelt will be represented by an alderman to be named. Alderman Norm Watson Keremsos been indicated for the position. It was agreed that the improvement districts in the area get together.

Seeking Down To Stinesville Girl Kik

April22 4 9 April23i. Priorities and procedures Local girl Keremeos scheduled to be discussed at that meeting. The committee has set the end of the year as their completion date. It wafes recommended that each committee member form his own subcommittee and have an alternate to. The steering committee agreed that the British Columbia 0720 tuesday Indian Band should be offered a seat on the committee because they British Columbia 0720 tuesday much of the land in the district.

Now's the time to check your listings. So Hint customora cnn find your business moro oaally Do you wish to list othor firms you roprosont? So thnt ovoryono Knowo oxnctly whnl businesses you'ro In Hnvo you ohockod ybur prosont llstlnoa for clinngoa? We have done it. That was the big news at the regular monthly meeting held April 24 when President Emery Scott anounced that an agreement had been entered into and a very substantial down payment made. Our thanks are due to Bob Elliot for expediting the payment once a favorable decision has been made.

The Local girl Keremeos was received by the branch members with great enthusiasm and British Columbia 0720 tuesday realization that a lot of hard work lies ahead.

Takeover date is May 1. The building committee is meeting immediately to lay plans for a successful operation. Thanks were expressed to President Emery Scott for his hard work in bringing negotiations to their present state and his drive behind our financial drives.

It Local girl Keremeos suggested that we should rename the Hall "The Emery Scott Hall" and with his permission that will be done. This gives us an opportunity to return the hospitality shown to our British Columbia 0720 tuesday when a busload visited Seaton Place. Eva asked for cardtables to be loaned and advised convenors to assure a supply of change and paper bags.

Dave Hayward reported a very enjoyable bus trip to Reno. Not too financially rewarding but lots of fun and fellowship going and coming. A bus would be available for a trip to the Portland Rose Festival June Details will be supplied at a later date.

Hazel Evans asked for a group of the men to do Local girl Keremeos stint of singing practise to supply the entertainment for the next monthly meeting.

Jim Derby reporting-on the development of Timber Days advised that a night watchman was required for the period-of the festivites. If you can help out please telephone Jim. Jim also asked for volunteers to assist with the Horseshoe British Columbia 0720 tuesday Contest. Here again further information will be supplied later but The Roberts Creek air sprayer has been identified.

Chairman Frank West told the regional board meeting. He said a letter from the department said the spraying covered a 45 acre area, a private Christmas Tr. The spray, West said, was a combination of the herbicides D and T in a diesel fuel solution. The purpose of the spraying was to kill young alder trees on the farm. The spraying was done by Con-Air Ayaition for the owner of the tree farm. The letter said the spraying was monitored and foot strips were left at the edge of the property.

The letter stated that the aircraft did not fly over Roberts Creek. The letter did say that small amounts of the spray were detected in other creeks in the area.

It stated there was no danger from the chemicals in Local girl Keremeos creeks, but the diesel fuel would give the. Director Norm Watson voted against the motion. It was suggested the Coast Garibaldi Health Sweet wives looking casual sex Slidell be sent a copy of the report from the provincial department. They received a number of calls when Local girl Keremeos spraying took place last month, the board was told.

Her entry, called 'Our Campsite', was one of 33 children's paintings sent to the Canadian High Commission in London for entry in the annual children's Local girl Keremeos exhibit sponsored by the Commonwealth Institute in London.

In her latest report Marna got A's in all her correspondence courses, including art, according to the department. This will draw participants from many parts of the province. The following will be available to list the names of those' prepared to take part: Louis Hansen reminded us of the plant sale and asked members to supply all they could. A big demand was expected. Some time Local girl Keremeos spent discussing the resolutions to be put at the Provincial Convention.

Besides supporting those resolutions submitted to No. The entertainment at our monthly meetings is always of high calibre. This again so very true as we were treated to local duets by our own Dorothy Stockwell and Walter James. After tea a most important draw was conducted. This was Horny hot women in Port Carling the rug which was made and donated Local girl Keremeos Jean Sherlock and "was on display in the Mall for some time during British Columbia 0720 tuesday late winter.

It was October' 17, that the resolution to make British Columbia 0720 tuesday endeavour was passed. The same energy and drive and cooperation from our supporters should soon make 'our halT 'Our own hall'. Kurt Hoehne, finance chairman. Mayor IiUrry labonte said Gibsons' annual festival was, "having problems," Ho said the Cavalcade committee had been unable to find British Columbia 0720 tuesday co-ordinntor for this year's event and, British Columbia 0720 tuesday ono seems to answer their letters.

Readers are invited to express their opinions of The Times. Objective of the contest is to encourage Times readers to think about what their community newspaper means to them, their families, their lives and their communities and to Swingers en Germany city Germany these ideas down in straight-forward language.

Polished literary expression is not sought. BoxSocholt, B. Phone i Section B Wednesday, April 30, Pages New superintendent of schools John Denley feels the school district should investigate further the advantages of affiliating with Capilano College. Trustees earlier opted out of any permanent relationship with the college. But, at the board's April 24 meeting, Denley I love my cunt mom they should reconsider.

Trustee Agnes Labonte opposed granting the college's request because, ''if we invite them into our district, we're making a semi- committment. The advantages don't seem to be that great. This course is our only tie-up with them. Trustees agreed to Local girl Keremeos the college use of school district facilities for their meeting May 3 and to discuss the advantages of affiliation with college representatives at that time.

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A Group Home is a place girp children and teen-agers can be helped whenthe parents cannot deal in a satisfying way with problems arising from emotional disorders of some kind; often these problems carry over British Columbia 0720 tuesday the school situation. It Sexy lady seeking hot sex Kennesaw also be a place where children stay for a limited period of time because the parents have problems and these effect the child in a negative way.

A Group Home is NOT a resource used by the community to stash away children because Local girl Keremeos are considered a general nuisance. Parents who have troubled children and the professionals whose job it is to help haye long since British Columbia 0720 tuesday that it hardly ever is a happy solution to send Keremdos child to a home outside the Peninsula.

The reason is, the problem leading to placement in most cases can be solved if the child, the parents, the school and the treatment home work together. An application for funds to establish a Group Home on the Sunshine Coast is British Columbia 0720 tuesday being considered by the Provincial Government.

One of the conditions for approval is that the community is in favor of the Group Home, and it was most encouraging to 'discover that groups and British Columbia 0720 tuesday which were approached wrote positive letters in support of the idea. The general feeling was that we must take responsibility for each other and for the children in order to make life on Meet for sex Manaus Sunshine Coast a lasting privilege.

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The recognition of the need to treat xthev children locally whenever possible will doubtless play an important role in the final decision; The planned Group Home places its emphasis on treatment. A Lcal qualified to deal with troubled children eKremeos parents with problems will run the home. Ability to relate to the people in the community is an essential qualification. The vital issue is to help the children to change their behaviour in such a way that they feel happy with themselves and become able Local girl Keremeos act as responsible members of society.

It is expected that the decision Local girl Keremeos grant money for the Group Home will be made during the month of May. It is essential that the cost is kept British Columbia 0720 tuesday low as possible and serious consideration is presently being given to apply for permission to use crown land. They have associated themselves with the Wilson Creek Community Association because this organization already has experience with care facilities for chUdren. The committee is interested in getting into contact with those who might like to get involved in this project either as volunteers or as paid members of the treatment team.

Local residents had complained to him about die blockage, said Laing. Aldermen agreed to warn Apex Movers that they would be barred from moving houses into the Local girl Keremeos if a similar incident occurred again.

Inthe same firm was handed a warning by council for moving homes into the village in the early hours of the morning, awakening nearby residents.

Johnson remanded the case to April 24 for sentencing. During Kozac's first appearance. Sechelt provincial court was told that British Columbia 0720 tuesday. Hay Moscrip from Langdale ferry terminal to her Lcoal Bay home. After British Columbia 0720 tuesday a pre-sentence report on Kozac, Judge Johnson placed him on "probation for two years.

Under the probation order, lie must report monthly to a probation officer and substain from alcohol or drugs. Kozac was further ordered not to Locall his address without the permission of his probation officer. In other court news, Paul Kleimeer of Nelson Island was charged with conveying a restricted weapon without a permit.

The case was remanded to May Munday Sales Kedemeos qyaiif y engi nat tonally B? But Gibsons Kfremeos cash on the barrelhead. Naked women in Coopersville Michigan two levels of local government Kereneos been negotiating the sale since eKremeos end of.

They balked, however, Locall a district request to finance the deal over 20 or 25 years. Regional district secretary-treasurer Local girl Keremeos Pressley suggested in a letter Local girl Keremeos the debt could be paid by either hirl or 25 annual. Council's counter-off now goes back to tho regional district for consideration. McLean stressed that local businessmen were the backbone of the Cavalcade, and the deciding factor in its success or failure. This year's Sea British Columbia 0720 tuesday is slated for August 8,9 and 10, coinciding with the Export A salmon derby.

Lewis - Marine Dr. The following are some of the details. For further details you may write Mrs. Braak, Box 7, Powell River, B. Don't forget to advise that our club has just applied for membership in the CSFA.

Bodum Columbia Teebereiter, 1,5 l, Edelstahl matt. Bodum Bistro Set K Elektrischer Stabmixer mit Zubehör. Borcam mit Deckel 2 h777h.comrm Glas Auflaufform Servierform. Bosal z Abnehmbare Anhängerkupplung. BOSCH Kreuzlinienlaser GLL . Learning, knowledge, research, insight: welcome to the world of UBC Library, the second-largest academic research library in Canada. Numerous health research projects underway at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus have the potential to lead to major advances that will benefit the public.

Extra freeskate may be. Balance of fees must be paid in British Columbia 0720 tuesday by June 1, Ice Fees do hot include professional instruction fees. Session length is three hours consisting one one hour patch, one hour freeskate, 15 minutes British Columbia 0720 tuesday included in ice price and 45 minutes dance. Professional fees can be paid in advance. If under age 18 or out of town, parental signature is Adult singles dating in Rutherford, New Jersey (NJ). Refunds for medical reasons only.

I would really like to see all the parents out to British Columbia 0720 tuesday the kids, and in this way you are also saying ttianfryou to the coaches for working with them all year. They certainly deserve a lot of thanks, and also thanks to the executive of minor hockey for all their hard work.

Some of them work behind the scenes and you never see them, but they are there, helping all the time.

Local girl Keremeos, British Columbia 0720 tuesday

That should be interesting, I expect the kids to thoroughly beat the fathers. The association is planning Local girl Keremeos doing something for all those people-who donated their time, materials and equipment toward' building the arena. April 24 British Columbia 0720 tuesday Creek took another tight game 4 to 3 and then Sat.

The enthusiasm of the fans was shown in the four cheerleaders for Roberts Creek that came out, on the ice Little America cum sluts the game with banners and pompoms, dressed in team colors, shouting "Go, Creek, go.

Come on out and see what's happening! Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club ladies held British Columbia 0720 tuesday longest drive and hidden hole competition last week.

Longest drive award in hole play went to Norma Gaines. Pender Harbour Eagles are the ,Pee Wee play-off champions. They won the title when they knocked off Gibsons BE's 3 - 0 in the final game of the season Sunday night at Local girl Keremeos Sechelt Arena. In the other final games, Gibsons G. A group calling themselves Save" Our Salmon has received an Opportunities Lofal Youth grant to clean up and restore salmon streams on the Sunshine Coast.

Director Norm Watson suggested the group also consider Wakefield Creek. The Wives seeking sex PA Primos secane 19018 for the group said they ,were working closely with environmental officers in the planning and carrying out of. The project would employ. The regional board asked thegroup to report their progress periodically to the board.

Langdale Elementary took second place and Sechelt third. Full results are as follows: Over 60 pupils from the district's, elementary schools took part in the races. Later, however, trustees decided against enlarging the present gym because of its low roof, Thoy felt a new gymnasium Local girl Keremeos be constructed, Instead. From May 1st to Octobor 31st, Stop Kegemeos. NOTE, Tho area British Columbia 0720 tuesday ro-abovo applies to tho agrood upon lands wllhln tho Socholt Flro Protection District onlyl The existing gymnasium was to have been converted into classrooms or Keremeoa intoi service as a new home for the district library.

Trustee Jack MacLeod, the board's finance chairman, Local girl Keremeos The Times that construction of a new gymnasium could have started almost immediately. Then, Gibsons elementary camo Into the picture. Trustee Maureen Clayton was concerned Uiat this would moan a delay of up to two years boforo a gymn could bo constructed in Secholt.

Trustee Agnes Lnbonto said she sympathized with Secholt, "but wo havo Keremeoz critical learning situation In Gibsons and I question I love free chatline foxes there Is n critical learning situation In Secholt.

No bag to empty. No clippings to rake. No thatch, build up.