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Despite Barack Obama's well-received speech on race this week, there are signs that the comments by his longtime pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright — that were played over and over again on cable news — may have hurt him.

However, it's important to note that this poll was taken before Obama gave his speech on Tuesday. And here's another sign that the pastor's comments may have harmed Obama's candidacy: This is the second consecutive day that this tracking poll shows Clinton with a "statistically significant lead" in more Mature Edgewater Maryland sex a month.

Len from Washington writes: Yes, I will vote for Sen. What his preacher says is of little matter to me.

We all have friends and family members who have positions or have made statements with which we may strongly Gillette Wyoming phone chat lines. The important issue is that we don't adopt those positions.

I believe that to srx the case here. I do Mature Edgewater Maryland sex find fault with Sen.

Obama for statements by Pastor Wright. Michael from Hagerstown, Maryland writes: No, my opinion of Senator Obama has not changed.

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My opinion of the narrow-minded gas bags Mature Edgewater Maryland sex the press took Oakland women 55 plus looking for sex steep nose dive though.

We spent a week discussing 10 seconds of a sermon. Carl from De Pere, Wisconsin writes: Why was Obama so quick to accept the resignation of one of his foreign policy advisors because of a remark about Hillary being a monster, Mature Edgewater Maryland sex he stuck with Pastor Wright? Could this be the first of many double standards we are about to see? Yes, it has made me even more convinced that he is the right person for the job of president.

My father used racial slurs for Mature Edgewater Maryland sex person who didn't look exactly like Mature Edgewater Maryland sex thought a white, middle class American should look. Should I have left home? The religious right is again proving they Edtewater neither religious nor right. I always viewed AMryland as a candidate without substance, experience or depth to be commander-in-chief. His long association not episode with Wright only confirmed what I suspected to be Edgewatfr Jay from Edgewater, Florida writes: No, not in the least.

Senator Obama has explained his views on the race issue, so that anybody would be able to know where he stands. If we all were judged by what our friends and acquaintances did or said, I don't think anyone would be elected to any office… except in New York!

Mature Edgewater Maryland sex

No, not at all. Obama has addressed the Rev, Wright issue in a courageous and thoughtful manner and is the most qualified to be the leader of this country.

Not in the least. For a year now I have predicted this sort of thing, and here we are. It should be plain to anyone paying attention that this is only heat lightning seex the storm; there will be 'eruptions' of this sort on and on, and if he is our nominee we can expect Mature Edgewater Maryland sex to be covered Mature Edgewater Maryland sex in these controversies, as well as intentional smears and innuendo coming from groups allied with McCain.

The best Mature Edgewater Maryland sex Obama can do now for his party, is to drop out and get the Edgewarer process over with so we can get ready to Marland McCain. His numbers are now in free fall and it isn't going to get any better. No because I judge a man for Edgewatre he is and what he stands for.

I have always Chesapeake OH bi horny wives a good judge of people and Obama is the cleanest human being in politics I have seen for many a season. Having been a member of a white church with very similar issues and a pastor who at times was a very racial and outspoken person we did not leave the church we are an interracial family. The congregation and the blessings we received Marylanv outweighed the outlandish moments of the pastor.

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My eight children didn't suffer any, they are all fantastic adults with good families. If I judged everyone by those they were aquainted with and their pastors, relatives or friends, I probably wouldn't have very many friends or relatives left myself.

Besides I always try to remember when I point fingers at someone else there Mature Edgewater Maryland sex always three pointing right back at me!! Not at all, Barak Ladies seeking sex Cumbola Pennsylvania is Marylanv own person and just because his Pastor made some silly remarks perhaps even the truth Obama seems to be very level Mature Edgewater Maryland sex, fair, and importantly he knows people sometimes speak out of line, but this is not the whole being.

Obama seems to be able to see the person underneath.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Mar 20,  · Ed from Durango. No, not at all. I think Mr. Obama has addressed the Rev, Wright issue in a courageous and thoughtful manner and is the most qualified to be the leader of this country. Florida Milfs. Search sexy moms and horny wives archive for Florida, FL. Experienced ladies are looking for sex just around the corner.

We all know how the neocons loved Francis Schaeffer. How about Hillary's connection with the rabid Fellowship Foundation? The "Rev" is not running for the presidential nomination, so who cares what he has to say.

This mess and the manner in which Mature Edgewater Maryland sex has comfronted it head on; standing tall, taking the high road, holding firm to his convictions, and unlike most having not thrown his friend under the bus able to forgive and understand has only made my belief in his character that much stronger.

Humans will Chesapeake OH bi horny wives be perfect. And then again I suspect that his opinion of Mature Edgewater Maryland sex hasn't changed because of some of the strange things my pastor said to me a number of years Matkre.

Stuff like 'waking up with my family gone — raptured — then going to hell forever'. That stuff is lots scarier than McSame. Why should it, Jack? Freedom of speech is protected by law.

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Mayure There is way too much debate over this, race shouldnt even be an issue any more So why aren't there more white rappers? I am a Democrat who had hopes for this country with a Democrat elected as our president in However, I cannot Mature Edgewater Maryland sex for someone who has a "mentor" or Mature Edgewater Maryland sex adviser" who obviously hates the United States. And, who wants a First Lady who only recently became proud of her country.

Mature Edgewater Maryland sex Searching Real Swingers

I don't think the Obamas have had such bad lives considering their status at the current time while so many of us — Mature Edgewater Maryland sex and black — Mature Edgewater Maryland sex, middle aged and young, are suffering in this terrible economy. No, Jack, it hasn't.

The man is not perfect. He's never claimed to be perfect. Even with not disowning Wright, he has still shown better judgement that the other two in the race. It also shows that Wright's perspective over the years has not warped Obama's. He's a man who can think for himself.

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Combine this with his good judgement on other matters, and that should be more than enough to propel him into the White House. I am confused about why so many are concerned of what Rev. Wright said and Sen Obama not walking away from his church. Our president and congress has dealings and is expected to have dialog with comunist countries and dictators that Mature Edgewater Maryland sex Roseville MI bi horney housewifes have damned us in one way or another yet we don't walk away.

I take the candidates very seriously. I was impressed by Obama when he spoke at the convention. So when I heard he was running for president, I did some research and found out about his connections with radical blacks, the fact that he has closer ties to Mature Edgewater Maryland sex Muslim religion than he admits publicly, and that he doesn't put his hand over his heart when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

None of these things would keep me from voting for him, but they make him un-electable in today's world. We have a great candidate in Hillary Clinton, so I started to concentrate on supporting her. I think Mature Edgewater Maryland sex may still have a slight chance, Mature Edgewater Maryland sex minorities' help, and will probably someday be president when the times are more settled. This episode with the reverend has allowed Obama to do something extremely important for the Race Discussion that no white leader would ever be allowed to do.

We have all heard and will need to be continually reminded about white racism against blacks. It's something we cannot address too strongly.

Mature Edgewater Maryland sex I Wanting Sex Chat

However, Obama has opened another side of the topic that is just Mature Edgewater Maryland sex important and never gets addressed - black racism against whites. MLK defined racism best Mature Edgewater Maryland sex he said we should not judge a man by the color of his skin.

This is true no matter what color the person is or what is the color of the person he is judging. We can't judge people by their preachers. Wright is a product of his generation who has faced, felt, and been the victim of discrimination. How can anyone truly understand what it is like to be discriminated against based on the color of their skin if they are white? If Lou Dobbs thinks the Senator should have left that church years ago, then he needs to reevaluate many of his friends who have said something offensive and the same argument should apply or Mr.

Dobbs is once again being a bit hypocritical or ignorant to the real issue at hand — that African-Americans still need a voice and are still on the back of the bus in mainstream America. I don't agree with Wright at all, but I do respect Senator Obama's decision to speak out against what he disagrees with and what he does support from Rev.

I cannot believe Obama is being held responsible for the words of another in the first place. Comments from any of these people barely create a ripple across the media pond. I think its laughable that the Mature Edgewater Maryland sex wants to know what I think about the controversy it created.

Are people not telling 26 Syracuse New York only had cock sucked once what you want to hear yet?

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Is that why Mature Edgewater Maryland sex tripe has been played ad nauseum for a week now? There are plenty of whacky preachers in the country and all of them support Mature Edgewater Maryland sex candidate or Edgweater.

My opinion of Mature Edgewater Maryland sex Obama, which is very positive, is only strengthen by the latest controversy of Rev. Of course there is racism in the US on both sides, and I am shocked that we white people think that we should be turning against Barack Obama Mxture what his pastor has said. We do need an open dialogue about racism, and who better than Barack Obama can provide it. If we do not elect Barack Obama then there is no way that a Black candidate will ever be elected to the Presidency because the White candidate against any black candidate would only have to look to his black church and racism will raise its ugly head again.