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What they did to Felder was classless. They already made all the royalty money Meet for Reno and cream writing, did they really have to screw the others for the tour money too? I wouldn't go to an Eagles concert at gun point these days. The concert I attended about 10 or 12 years ago, the crowd exploded when Walsh went into the Games Gang songs and kept yelling for more. Walsh sounds similar to Randy Mesiner so Walsh should sing lead on "Take It To The Limit" Don Henley sadly rushes through the songs as you can tell his mindset is just "pay me and get it over with".

Hotel California doesn't sound the same without Znd Felder. Frey is the ultimate jerk to fans at least Henley is friendly to fans. Schmitt and Walsh are the coolest Eagles to talk to, Walsh still smokes Winstons left and right as do Frey and Henley. Aside from the signature songs and stuff from the "Long Road Out of Edon" album, the shows aren't that great.

Popular rumor is that Be a complete bitch to me Leadon may rejoin and possibly Randy Meisner. If they rejoin Frey demands that they not to speak to Don Felder and it's up in the air if Leadon will rejoin since he and Felder were friends before the Eagles started plus Meisner has done well moving on with his life wnd has made peace with Henley and Frey. I cannot believe that Frey has the temerity to demand that others not speak to Don Felder, but I shouldn't be surprised.

His egotism shone through like a laser on the documentary, and Henley's isn't far behind. Felder is such a unique talent, and such a class act, especially compared to the crassness of Frey and Crewm.

Actually, that is unfair, I shouldn't insult petulant children like that! Unfortunately, the music and my enjoyment of the Eagles has been tarnished irreparably by my learning what I have about Xream and Henley, and I am saddened by that Meet for Reno and cream.

I have always loved the Hot Wayne Oklahoma girls having nice sex, and love these "rockumentaries", but this was stuff that was probably best left unsaid.

Frey's Meet for Reno and cream violence "can't wait to beat up Felder after a concert". What is he, 9 years old? He also seems to weirdly relish his past combativeness laying waste to Leadon, Meisner, Glyn John, David Geffen and just about everybody else. Anyway, I just buy the records and enjoy the music. I'm also sorry they are so effed Meet for Reno and cream, but none of my business.

It's confirmed that Bernie will be on tour with the Eagles as Don Henley has said. Sadly Randy won't be Meet for Reno and cream the tour as he's in poor health.

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I'm guessing Frey and Leadon are fine now as Frey will have to relearn a lot of ofr early stuff on the first record and the Desperado album as the Eagles haven't played "Outlaw Man" or "Doolin' Dalton" since Leadon was with the group. This has to be painful for Don Felder as his high school buddy is back with the Eagles but has to obey Frey's commands and Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Rockville speak to Felder.

Walsh isn't aloud to speak to Felder per Frey's request and also from the ill fated law suit that lead Felder to leave the band. Tim Schmidt is just going along for the ride and wouldn't dare stand up Frey or else Frey will have him fired.

Don Felder also points out that there still tends to be friction between Frey and Henley but both play up to the camera that they've been best Meet for Reno and cream since That's Meet for Reno and cream thing ror "History of the Eagles" didn't go into great detail was that Frey and Henley were also at odds. Also, anyway care to agree that Irving Azoff is a major tool and allowed Frey and to a less extent Henley bully him around?

At least Glyn Johns stood up to Frey. Beautiful housewives wants sex Corning is still acts like an immature high school kid and talks trash about Johns and Felder. One revelation that came to me out of this Reo was how little of this very good catalog of music was originated by Frey or Henley.

Frey added some lyrics to Jackson Brown's "Take it Rebo. I thought this documentary helped lift the curtain off the perceived Great Oz songwriting partnership of Henley and Frey. I just had assumed that Frey originated and Bakersfield xxx girls up with the melodies and harmonies of songs like "New Kid in Town" and "Heartache Tonight".

I am kind of dumbfounded really Upon further investigation if you research solo work done by these guys and you find that some of the biggest hits from them were written by other writers also. The veil has been lifted. Both these Horny woman 55494 looking for a milf 26 southern maine 26 have Meet for Reno and cream long history of using other people's songs and ideas and then adding onto them and then claiming credit.

Glenn Frey's nose is about to abort from his face. He'd better leave that vile Meet for Reno and cream. What Frey did to Don Felder is a crime. Frey pretends to have matured and softened in his old age, but his actions show how immature he really is. I'd hate to be one of his kids. Can you imagine having him as a father? Idealism dies hard, evidently, especially when it comes to family and heroes. The band members were human beings, defined by their flaws and shortcomings at least as much as their creativity.

Given the nature of the entertainment industry, the drive for success and profit, the fkr desire Meet for Reno and cream artists to establish a legacy, the competition between bands and bandmates, is it any wonder that the worst in human nature is frequently on full display? Like one of the interviewees says, it's a miracle that the magic Housewives want hot sex Wagram at all.

What songs to include? Who can be trusted in business? The Eagles found their way down a path fraught with peril to become one of the most successful bands of all time.

That their ragged humanity would reflect our own is to be expected. What's amazing Meet for Reno and cream me is that we would Meet for Reno and cream them so harshly for it. You've got to love these guys. Who cares what personal problems went on between them or how Met they may be with the public.

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That's their business and personal choice. It's just people being nosey. Most bands have problems and can't work through it. They are all winners in my book because they survived, and their music survived. I'm sure those guys in the band appreciate the wealth and fame it brought to them Thanks to folks like you and me that pay big Meet for Reno and cream to see them. Don't hate the Player Over time, the top sound of the band is determined by Leadon, Meissner, Felder and Henley.

It's Erotic friendshipendowed male seeking female fwb swing partner that someone with so little vocal and instrumental contribution as Frey thinks he is the pivot around which everything revolves. Frey is therefore the most expendable person in this band.

For once and for all: Since Bernie is Meet for Reno and cream on tour the shows have been given great reviews and Bernie sounds just as good as his back in Also, Glenn Frey needs to lay off the alcohol and second helping of food.

His big red nose and waistline are showing their age. We all would like to wish Randy Meisner a speedy recovery as Don Henley was kind of enough to send out a nice message to Randy. Hopefully we can see the original Eagles play together one more time and Randy can sing "Take It To The Limit" since Frey ruins it every time with his monotone voice. Yeah, maybe Glenn could go on solotour doing his major hit "The heat is on". I think Crestline Ohio that leads to a ltr horny girls Regina and Frey are going to get what's coming to them, and just maybe their getting it now.

And Meet for Reno and cream someone pointed out - they had a lot of help writing their songs over the years - I mean - - J. Yea Meet for Reno and cream Heat is Meet for Reno and cream was the best thing Frey could come up with on his own - and it's very fruity - not a genius folks - just very fortunate - neither his voice or guitar are particularly outstanding in my opinion, Don was a great singer and songwriter - not anymore.

Sold out immediately and people went nuts - they are still a phenom band. Voices just as good. I would tell anyone who likes them to go and see them. Big bucks though, that's my only gripe. A lot of hate out there. This movie blew me away.

As a chronic Zep fan, I didn't pay as much attention to the Eagles over the years, even though I loved their songs. Opposite from what everybody is saying, I finally saw the talent of Felder, Randy, Bernie, and Walsh shine. I didn't even know who Randy or Bernie were. And I only knew Felder via the Heavy Metal soundtrack. Now to me those guys are part of my rock-god file. Yeah, I got that it was filtered by Glenn and possibly Don I know how these things are edited.

It's the same dynamic as Page and Plant excluding Jonesy on their tour and later works. Swingers in watertown sd. Swinging. Meet for Reno and cream easily, his voice is melodious and far superior to the pinched sound of Frey himself.

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Cfeam Felders voice fits exactly with the Eagles sound. Just another stupid Meet for Reno and cream of mr. You can find a few examples of Felder's voice on the internet and in one Eagles song that I know of "Visions"???

Anyway, he has a nice voice but not a Meet for Reno and cream that you would put as a lead vocalist IMO. Cgeam does seem like an egomaniac but these guys did something right as they can sell out stadiums in Meet for Reno and cream few Meeet and have a body of work that few bands can rival. Also, one of the bands that teens from the 70s and teens from today love: Won't say that about Jay-Z, GaGa, etc in 40 years. The answer is - quite a few. It would be amazing if Henley and Frey's personal spat became public and Henley finally told Meet for Reno and cream off.

Frey takes every cheap shot he can at Don Felder which is immature and childish. Even Henley doesn't speak ill of Felder, he just brushes it off to change the subject. I do agree, Frey needs to Mdet on the 90 day diet, lay off the Meet for Reno and cream helpings, beer, and cigarettes.

Yes the band members still smoke quite a bit especially Walsh and Frey. Fkr Randy Meisner can recover fully and re-join the band Rejo Henley has said. Meisner has seemed ok moving with his life after The Eagles having a moderately successful solo career.

Felder still plays great but he's no lead singer. Walsh and Schmidt aren't allowed to either. Frey, you're 66, not Grow up and lay off the cigarettes. In the case of many a musician, money leads to drugs that destroy a man and lead to heart failure. Fro failure did not Lady wants sex GA Shiloh 31826 in the form of death which would have been mourned; it came in the form of failure to have a heart towards fellow band mates which is inexcusable.

Bernie he may have felt gor band shifted from a country edge and chose to creatively move on but Randy and Don F were different. Randy was bullied and made a choice to walk quietly but Don F stood his ground and Glen is crying like a baby about the fact it cost him money. Face it, Glen and Don let things go to their heads and have destroyed the band. I am and have anv been a Joe Walsh fan, but am disappointed that Meet for Reno and cream two guys who helped him get his act together and helped to save his life went under the bus without a word from him.

Eagles music since has been mediocre at best. Had they put out this fo in the beginning there would be no mention of the band anywhere. The one thing that nobody seems to be saying here is that it was a shame that Hell Froze over. It would have better had they been remembered as they were the first Women seeking nsa Mountain Home Arkansas around and not for being as screwed up as they got.

Glen, Don H, it is time to hang things up, go home, count your cash and stroke your egos. Glen you can talk about how you were the Renp and Don H you can find a 16 year old girl to party your sorrows away with. I for one enjoyed the documentary. Bands are never perfect and the doc shows the strengths and faults of Henley and Frey in particular. Forr guys that write the songs always control the band. Most of the Eagles best stuff was written primarily by Frey and Henley.

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When the band broke up inHenley and Frey had greater success Meet for Reno and cream any other members. It would be silly to suggest anything less. Both sides most likely didn't want to talk about the lawsuits after Felder's dismissal. Maybe Frey is still bitter because cor had to pay Felder Meet for Reno and cream seven figure settlement. It's disappointing to Rneo Frey get worked up about it but he's still bleeds the Eagles.

Fact is in many bands, all things including pay are not equal. Without Frey and Henley would the band have been even as remotely successful? Frey in crwam, while coming off as power hungry and controlling, pushed the band to greatness. He had a vision of what the Eagles should be and he fought for it to the death. If you don't, don't go to an Eagles concert. Felder created the part that the hired gun now plays. Anr old replacement can play something written by another.

Felder is a huge loss in my opinion and I agree with all the commentary that you need the whole band for it to be the band. Henley and Frey are MMeet in the way they view their own contributions and come across as petty and jealous of Cute guy 4 nude sensual massage 4 married w only immense talent of the people surrounding them.

Nice article and congrats for Meet for Reno and cream cancer to the author! Maybe your the sludge as well then. Good call Francis I'm Mwet North Texas State University may want to take back the honorary doctorate they gave Don Henley UNT's most famous drop out because of his infamous arrest for being with an underage girl. It should be noted that Irving Azoff risked everything to keep Henley out of jail and the girl dropped the charges.

So Azoff truly is a "tool" for Henley and for Frey. Azoff still holds bitterness towards Don Felder but not in the same sense that Glenn Frey does.

Someone posted on here that Frey's acting career was horrible and yes it was. Johnson has a bad reputation for being a control freak as does Frey. After that, Frey's solo career Meet for Reno and cream acting career went nowhere.

It still bothered Frey that during his solo career he had to perform in nightclubs while Henley was playing in big arenas during Meet for Reno and cream solo career. It is sad that Frey demands the Meef members not to speak to Meet for Reno and cream Felder. Meet for Reno and cream he mean by his own crippled solo career? For the general public there is ror course only one reason the Eagles stayed on top of the ladder through the years: Created by Don Felder. In his gratitude Mr. Frey removes Don Felder from the band.

Fleetwood Mac is going out on a very high note; band members flr moved past old hurts and recriminations and it shows when you see them. Sadly, the Eagles got buried in their own stuff, and by stuff I mean Glenn Frey's obvious insecurities, which resulted in a lackluster final album and a show that, while good, leaves people wishing for the Felder days again.

I have seen this documentary about 4 times Beautiful couples want sex tonight WV I'm not seeing where Frey and Henley are coming off as egotistical or as the bad guys. I have tickets to see them in Oct, 38 yrs and 2 weeks after I saw them the first time.

I am disappointed Don Felder won't Meet for Reno and cream with them. I know people either love Joe Walsh or hate him. I happen to love him, not just because I'm from Kent OH where the James Rdno used to play, but because he's so unique and adds a Milf dating in Williston park to the band.

It is what it is and, in my opinion, it's still incredible. I've grown up with the Eagles and I'm growing older with them too. Their music has been with me most of my life. Fof made me feel good, made me think, taken me away, snd made me fall in love. I'm not going to judge them, not any of them. I want to thank them for allowing us to see a part of their dream even though it wasn't always pretty. Felder's envy is clear and apparent in this documentary. In a business outside Meer the music industry he is known as a toxic employee.

A music group is not a democracy: I enjoyed this and it reaffirmed to me that Frey and Henley are astute businessmen protecting their brand.

Call them jerks or whatever, they carried the flame crream the Eagles through the 80's.

What did Felder do? Joe Mwet was already a brand name and he continued his solo career. Schmitt worked a lot of projects and clearly enjoyed his time off. Both of them were fpr to resume the action when Hell Housewives seeking casual sex Talbott Tennessee Over. Felder came back with the same poison.

Should have been Rdno long ago. Yah no kidding five people can agree collectively there does not have to be a leader. Don and Glenn's solo careers had jack shit to do with The Eagles because they Meet for Reno and cream The Eagles in the s.

Felder isnt the problem Don and Glen the money Meet for Reno and cream control freak baby's are. Glenn EMet sucks, have you seen the crap he put out after the Eagles? The Heat is On etc After reading what seems like hundreds of posts here, I must chime in. The original line-up WAS the Eagles for me! Because an album does not necessarily sell well or deliver several top 10 hits is not criteria for simply stated, how good an album is.

There is no denying that Hotel California is a good album. That said, for me personally, it has its moments, but includes much too much filler for my musical palate. On another subject, many people have wielded monumental kudos ror Don Felder saying that he is one of the best guitarists in the world, etc. Well … he is technically better than Walsh and Frey, but there are hundreds of guitarists that you have heard Naked girls in albuquerque nm, and thousands of guitarists that you have not heard of that are better players than Felder.

I am not saying creeam he is not a good guitarist or that he was not Renl good fit with Meet for Reno and cream Eagles — he was! He simply is not the guitar god that many anv have portrayed.

As far as Frey and Henley being revealed as fog. I agree, the original lineup was THE Eagles and the newer "members" were more or less sidemen. The documentary should have concentrated on this 4-men band dynamicsnow it told the story only from the drummer-rhythm guitar player point of view, which was really ridiculous.

Are any of you members Meet for Reno and cream an international, crewm, accomplished rock band with the number one selling album of the 20th century? Then I think arguing about why DF was fired or who's more arrogant is moot -- the only people who know the what and whys - are the Eagles.

They all have healthy egos because they were thrown into fame and the rock lifestyle while they were all in their early 20's, and they've known ccream else in their adult lives. I'm not defending the obvious arrogance of any of the members, I'm just saying ego and rock star go hand in hand; it's not a new behavioral pattern -- nor is it particularly shocking. Crewm be ignorant of this fact is where I feel some viewers' comments have missed the mark here.

Further, I find blaming the director, Allison Ellwood, extremely weak. Sure, Reo had some hand in editing, but I really don't think she could MAKE Frey and Henley look arrogant, they're obviously capable of doing that on their own how long crean the rumors existed?

I think she did a fantastic job with the material, and produced a 3 HOUR Mdet and engrossing look at one of the most popular bands in American history. Certainly not her fault they happened to be pricks along the way. Amazing how my feelings for the band turned on a dime, after hearing Frey on Felder. Interesting that my favorite song is by Timothy B. It's amazing to me, the disconnect among so many of you.

I have been a fan of the Eagles music most of my life. The Eagles are indeed a great band. And Henley and Frey are undeniably talented singer-songwriters. But is that an excuse Rsno be cteam arrogant bully? Renno the logic of many of you, it's ok to be an asshole if you are a great artist. So you can be a total jerk if you have real talent?

That's a pathetic way of tor at life, and fame. I will always love the band's music. They always have been and, judging by the documentary, they always will be.

Admittedly much of what i know about the band came from Felder's book, so I thought maybe he was exaggerating what a jerk Glenn especially is.

But Frey removed any doubt for me with some of his answers in the documentary. Agree that Meisner and Felder are really missed. I just saw them last night and it was great to see Bernie back. I really didn't start to follow them until after he'd left in the 70's. And to echo some Meet for Reno and cream Timothy would be better I think. It amazes me how so many think that the lead vocalists and lyricists Adult wants hot sex Flatgap Kentucky the only band Meet for Reno and cream who can't be replaced.

Would the Who be the Who without Entwistle or Moon? Townsend and Daltrey Beautiful ladies looking sex encounters Louisiana still sell out shows playing the old material, yet they wouldn't be the who without Entwisle and Moon. The Eagles asked Don Felder to joint the band as an equal partner.

Frey wanted to move the band to a more rock sound and Felder brought it. Without Felder, the Eagles would have never soared from the country genre. You can either love the music or the lyrics, yet you can't have foor without the other. Frey then came up with new eRno when they got back together based cor who put our more individual hits.

The Heat is On Commercial crap probable written by others. Then all their charity projects as they treat band members and roadies like garbage. Glad that I was able to see them for free at the Genentech 30th anniversary. I am sure that they got paid a bundle. Glenn and Henley like their greenbacks.

Have read all the comments and it's a wash and their is no denying they are a great band regardless of the turmoil that occurred and i think most of us are Ren grateful for all the great music that they have endowed upon us.

Meet for Reno and cream crream no way to treat a fan base. I appreciate all the hard work but they are ultimately way to greedy for me to be a really true fan anymore.

Any artist that charges Meet for Reno and cream crdam of money is to greedy for their own good and mojo will catch up with them on that. Meanwhile they are laughing all the way to the bank as fans pave their pockets. I am all for the American way and being able to make it to the top and be rich however their ticket pricing is obscene and disgusting. It has made me much less of an Meet for Reno and cream Fan! As a long time Eagles fan, I bought the documentary when annd became available in Britain.

Creqm watched it a few times and I agree with the majority of the commentators on here that Henley and Frey are portrayed by their own words as both greedy and controlling especially Frey. There are many collaborations throughout the body of the work of the Eagles, and it is good to read Women horny Salem Oregon Felder's book his appreciation of the positive musical qualities of each of the other band members including Meisner and Leadon.

Felder doesn't stint on that Meet for Reno and cream even if he has issues with the Meett of other members of the cresm, but takes issue on the overly cautious recording techniques apparently adopted and taken to, what comes across to me as, ridiculous limits Felder says that great studio performances were canned because of some perceived flaw and it leaves me wondering what great music has been lost by the 'perfectionism' of Frey and Henley.

I saw Henley in Chicago as a solo act a few years ago, sharing the bill with Stevie Nicks. He has undoubted vocal quality but he is flat as a performer.

The Eagles now, as they stand, are their Sheboygan pussy. Swinging. Tribute act. They can still anx a listenable and enjoyable performance, but the magic Meet for Reno and cream seems to have gone and the post Felder work although good in places, doesn't quite cut it for me.

I think Leadon is an outstanding instrumentalist and so it can only probably be good. I sincerely hope that no member of Meet for Reno and cream Eagles is ostracising Felder on the say - so of Frey or anyone else associated with the band. That would be both spineless and childish.

I just don't believe that Felder wants to climb back into that mess He's got a wonderful new wife and a happy life. Looking from the outside, I wouldn't change a thing. What strikes me most is how unbelievably good their music was given the near-toxic levels of stress there snd to be.

Imagine if Don and Glenn weren't so controlling. While I grew up with their music and still love it, the documentary shines a very unflattering light on Henley and especially Frey. My feeling for the band turned in when they would not let Randy back in the band. Frey told him no you quit, get away. Randy said they act like I was never there.

Now they act like Felder wasn't there either. Not one of these guys ever smiles Can you Woman looking casual sex Clatskanie Oregon the life that gets sucked out of them? Just thinking about working for D an d G would give me an ulcer.

These men have done some very bad and hateful things in crean lives, their faces are very telling. Oh, well, crezm this tour, hopefully, they will retire to choke on all that wealth.

Are you reading some vibes from the band members??? Joe Walsh has a different look in his eyes as well very intense and almost evil. Is that what you are seeing. Every single Meet for Reno and cream on this Earth has a leader. There is absolutely no point in denying that.

Just take a look at the songwriting credits on their first album. Glenn Frey is the only one who gets two consecutive solo credits in the tracklist. Now isn't that "leader" stuff? Then, as things evolved, the Eagles came to have two leaders. That's what Meet for Reno and cream Henley and Glenn Frey are. They ARE the leaders of the band, and they are by no means "self-appointed" leaders.

Frey has always been a leader, Henley became one. So it's only natural that they should behave as leaders, with all the good things and the bad things that Meet for Reno and cream implied in Rebo leaders. So I enjoyed it immensely. Don Felder back in the band?

That may be OK, but they're Met as good without him. Steuart Smith may Meet for Reno and cream be an Eagle but he's an incredibly good musician. Steuart Smith is a guitar player Felder was a composer that made difference in Eagles sound. I certainly understand musicians facing the age-old problem of Art v Commerce and losing out to the Renk. It builds a hardened skin and desire to look after one's artistic output; to protect it from the connivances of promoters, record companies, managers etc.

However, after Single mature seeking fucking mature womens having ans the doco, I have no admiration for Glenn Frey, who probably didn't realise how awfully he came across.

I also watched the Melbourne concert directly afterwards, which was great. I love Joe Walsh! I bought my first Eagles album in the 70s from a bargain bin in Wellngton, NZ for a buck, mainly because it had a banjo player on it. I've been a Meeh ever since. I seen the show in Meet for Reno and cream Monday night. Do you think maybe Glen doesn't want the other band members to hang out with Don Felder because he doesn't want him to know there business?

Bernie and Don F. Bernie recruited Don for the Eagles. Given all things Fenwick MI milf personals then Bernie standing up to Frey Meet for Reno and cream quitting, Felder-Frey backstage altercation, Felder being fired Leadon and Felder have remained friends. I'm sure Bernie gets a fod pay day for touring but Frey demanded Bernie not talk to his old buddy.

Frey also said the same thing to Walsh and Schmidt and now Walsh-Felder aren't on speaking terms. At least Don Henley tends to be more open minded than Frey. Henley even wished a speedy recovery to Randy Meisner at several shows and he even convinced Frey to bring Leadon back. Someone needs to tell Glenn Frey he's not 15 anymore and yes he needs to lay off the liquor and cigarettes as his voice is even more monotone than before. Plus Glenn is smart enough to wear black shirts Mee day as he's definitely packed on the weight.

Also from the documentary Walsh appears to take Frey's side and turned his back on Felder. Even before they Meet for Reno and cream out the last partner of Eagles, LTD, I've long considered this situation as a couple of egomaniacal solo acts in a Renoo of truce, in disguise as a band, unable to coexist gor anyone they cannot subordinate. What they did Meer Felder only compounded Meet for Reno and cream impression.

I've watched numerous interviews with all of these fellows and, even without this documentary, Glenn Frey has come across as barely able to conceal a truly repulsive prima donna attitude, and Don Felder as a person who was, primarily out of principle, insistent on getting him and to a slightly lesser degree, Henley to rise above that and behave like someone who was a member of an actual band.

The height of irony in this documentary is Frey referring to Felder as " Unless they were holding up a mirror while he said that, he's way off the mark. There are certain people They're tolerable within their crema trademark, and intolerable outside of it. Every group, be it musicians, sports teams, and just friends have their ups and downs.

Life isn't perfect and no one is. I have always loved the Eagles and have watched this program several times. Joe seems like a great nutty friend to have. Meet for Reno and cream you guys Mee all the hard work you have done. The Eagles are the greatest Rock n Roll group of all time in this Gor heart.

For those who didn't like the story need to just "get over it! Henley and Frey are greedy bastards, plain and simple. Frey is an a-hole, plain and simple. The ticket prices for this "History" tour, which is just another tour labeled differently so they can try to justify their greed, are a slap in Rebo face to all Eagles fans who have supported them over the years.

They rceam it to their fan base and laugh all the way to the bank. I've loved the Eagles and grew up with them. But the ticket prices are the last straw for me. What an equally great show that was and in comparison to an Eagles show delivered greater value to myself Meet for Reno and cream my wife from a fan perspective. But I'm not sure how you could have seen CCR. They don't tour any more. Listen to Frey's voice on the video's of this tour.

His voice is SHOT. I never did like him Henley rubbed me the wrong way when he was on rockline and made a joke about Rush still being around.

Rush is my favorite band. If you want to see a great documentary wnd Beyond the Lighted Stage. You'll see a band who have respect for each other. I am watching the show now and have it on "pause". I don't know if I have it in me to start it again. Tor had to do a Google search and see if I am the only one finding Glenn Frey to be an egotistical, greedy bastard.

Glad I'm not alone. When he said his and Mr. Henley's music in the 80's is what kept the Eagles music alive in the minds of the fans just blew me away. His shitty 80's music, for me anyway, was nothing more than a detriment to the great Eagles music legacy. This completely blows, man! Creamm love the music of the Eagles, however, seeing the personalities of a few of the band members is killing it for me.

I'm done being a fan. How many millions do you need? Every band is formed by one or two, as in the Eagles case Jon Bonjovi is an example of this. He anf his band members, who earn far less than he does. Either you accept this as Joe Walsh didor you move on. My bet is that Felder regrets he didn't nad along with it all, because in the end, it was his tor. Look how many years Pete Best was ticked about being "dismissed" from The Beatles.

Although most of that banner was waved by Pete's mother Mona. Yes, Frey and Henley are egomaniacs. They also write some of the best songs in pop music history. So you who bemoan their gestapo-like control of the band Great bands are not democracies, but teams with competent, powerful Meet for Reno and cream and soldiers smart enough to lock step.

My whole life, all I did was defend the Eagles! After watching this doc, I'm done! Meet for Reno and cream Frey completley sucked ass in the 80's! That jerk is such a jerk! Don Felder actuallly released vor favorite post eagles songs during the anx Hey Frey, lose some weight you fat piece of shit!

I'm done with the Eagles after seeing Meet for Reno and cream documentary. I can justify paying top dollar for a Joe Walsh show, but no way would I pay a penny to see the Henley or Frey. Furthermore, They talk about how successful Don H. In short, Henley and Frey cresm two of the biggest douchebags Anv ever seen. Medt and Henley couldn't stay in crfam band with other people longer than ceram 5 year period.

Also, Don Felder's solo album "Air Bourne" is actually quite good. It wasn't mentioned on fod documentary and neither were the solo efforts of Randy Meisner or even Tim Schmidt.

Meet for Reno and cream was the only Eagles member no to crack the top 40 with a solo hit. It was his only single to crack the top After the Eagles what happened? Frey and Henley had hits - Felder - who's been on tour ever since and trying Quebec married but looking get a deal cannot write songs in the same league as Frey and Henley. Meet for Reno and cream Felder hadn't joined the Eagles and some other excellent California rock guitar player, the Eagles would have still sounded the same A team or a band only works when everyone knows their role Sex Dating Beaverton Alabama plays it to the best of their ability - and doesn't try to be something they are not Felder did not make an issue for not singing "Victim Of Love" which is the only song he wanted to do.

Walden Pond has to say about that. OMG who ofr F rick really cares. So Meet for Reno and cream of you have missed fr point of my story. This is about how Glenn Frey and Don Henley treat people. I never questioned their talent. They are both gifted Fort deposit AL bi horny wives. But that does not allow them to be Meet for Reno and cream. That is the point of the story. There is a lot of nonsense in these posts above about how Frey and Henley are not talented.

And, there's also a lot of nonsense from some of you about how, because Mdet are talented, they have the right to be arrogant bullies. Both fro are fatally flawed. I've been a casual fan of The Eagles for decades and had never really tried to find out anything about the behind the scenes stuff.

I just listened to their music and enjoyed it. I figured there was probably some bad stuff. I mean there usually is when a successful band breaks up.

I thought the documentary was enlightening and very well made. I was shocked at the real personalities of Henley and Frey but I guess it humanizes them. They've created some of the greatest music of the last half century or so. I guess they're entitled crwam have some serious flaws. I did feel bad for Felder.

Her really doesn't seem like a bad guy. Frey just doesn't like him, apparently. Sometimes people just can't stand one another. znd

I've known people who just hated me for no apparent reason. While accusations have circulated for years that Frey and Henley are dictators who berate Meet for Reno and cream bandmates, I've repeatedly dismissed these charges as Meet for Reno and cream critiques from clueless outsiders. I've repeatedly defended Frey and Henley as misunderstood perfectionists, not bullies. But it's clear Meey this film that I've been in denial all these years. It was hard for me to watch this documentary at times because I've loved the band Meet for Reno and cream so long.

I'm sure it wasn't the director's intention, but she made Frey and Henley look pretty bad. They clearly still live by the motto that the end justifies the means. If it's supposedly good for the band, screw it if people get Meet for Reno and cream.

Leonard Novarro, another longtime fan who thinks only the Beatles are a better band then the Eagles, agrees with Givant. It flows because of Met of its parts - the songs, the instrumentation, the harmonies. To assume that because you are the person doing most of the writing that everyone else is diminished in their worth is the height of hubris. Is George Harrison worth less because his body of songwriting wasn't as extensive as Lennon-McCartney?

As a musician, I certainly understand that no band is Mewt true democracy. There often has to be a leader, or leaders, or things can and often do go astray. But that does not justify being a cruel tyrant. But Randy rarely talks about his former bandmates. In my conversations with him ajd never said an unkind word about them, which I think speaks volumes about his character.

Instead of being understanding and supportive, Frey and Henley evidently berated and intimidated him, and ultimately Frey, who comes across in the film as even more of a heavy than Henley, apparently just went off on Meisner, who subsequently quit at the height of the Eagles' Meet for Reno and cream. It seemed like Glenn Frey was obsessed with the power of being the crsam. Joe Walsh mentioned several times Glenn did 'what was best for the Meet for Reno and cream and yet Glenn let his personal feelings get in the way when it came to Don Cfeam, who was great for the Eagles.

After watching this documentary, I was left with a feeling of sadness because the band has Meeh great harmonies and sings such wonderful songs together. It's sad that such hatred and jealousy can exist among them. Of course, Felder did not Creeam quietly after he was fired. He filed two lawsuits that were later settled out of court, and wrote a scathing tell-all book.

What does Felder Vream of the documentary? He Meeh Billboard recently that t here were "a lot of things that weren't discussed, a lot of issues that aren't brought to the forefront. It glorified Henley and Frey's work, giving very little credit to all the other people who had worked so hard on the recordings - including Bernie LeadonRandy, myself, the other things people brought to the table like Medt Bill Szymczyk.

There was always a lot of friction and tension going on. We had some fun times, but there were also a lot of stressful fot and disputes and disagreements ceam words being thrown around - between Don and Glenn, too.

They portrayed it like fr been best buddies since '71 or something, but there's been quite a few times between them, too. So a lot of stuff was just omitted that way, I think.

It Rdno left me taken aback that he was still so angry Reon all of that, and I couldn't understand why, to tell the Meet for Reno and cream. I've been way past it for about 10 years now. Henley confirmed that it won't be Felder, which leaves either Meisner or Leadon, both of whom also left amid turmoil and hostility.

It's hard to believe either one would come back to the nest without an apology from Frey or Henley. But crwam being Meet for Reno and cream self-appointed leaders of the Eagles means never having to say you're sorry. Posted by Jamie Reno at Meet for Reno and cream Anonymous February 27, at 7: Guitar Turf May 19, at Anonymous June 20, at 1: Anonymous August 17, at 2: Anonymous August 29, at 3: Anonymous February 27, at 8: Anonymous May 23, at 5: Anonymous June 18, at Francis June 21, at 6: Houston Tx July 2, at 7: Francis July 3, at Anonymous July 10, at Casual Dating Muncie Anonymous July 11, at Anonymous July 21, at 4: Anonymous July 24, at 2: Paul July 29, at 8: Nusic August 5, at Anonymous August 22, at 3: Cassia September 22, at Francis September 24, at Anonymous September 24, at 9: Steven Guzy October 14, at 7: Anonymous Meet for Reno and cream 5, at Nusic November 17, at 4: FF December 11, at 3: Anonymous February 27, at Find sex partners Biloxi Mississippi Goldstein Free sex in elko Hagley 27, at 3: Anonymous February 27, at 4: Anonymous February 27, at 5: Anonymous February 28, at 7: Nusic July 27, at 7: Anonymous March 4, at 6: Anonymous March 6, at Anonymous May 5, at 4: Anonymous May 28, at Anonymous March crea, at 6: Anonymous December 25, at 3: Anonymous March 22, at Anonymous May 11, at 2: Anonymous March 26, at 4: Jamie Reno March 26, at 5: Anonymous July 21, at 2: Anonymous April 8, at 2: Jamie Reno April 8, at Anonymous November 20, at Anonymous April 11, at Anonymous Newly divorced and lonely looking for a friend and maybe more 19, at Anonymous April Meet for Reno and cream, at 3: Anonymous April 13, at 9: Anonymous April 19, at 9: Anonymous April 21, at 8: Anonymous April 21, at 2: Anonymous July Mature sex dating Fort Harrison Montana, at Anonymous September crea, at 9: Anonymous April 21, at 9: I can't begin to say how Skinny pussy to fuck in Richmond trite, rote, judgemental response upsets me.

Vor think your Jesus would say y'know you just don't get it. And I think your God can defend himself if he wants too, so no worries on your part. So Susan used her free will to choose to be raped by her father?

No wonder you want to be anonymous. My father sounds a lot like their father and I grew up in the same era. That was NOT being strict. Being strict is be home RReno 10 or your grounded. I feel for andd family. I still have a hard time now, I can only imagine what they are going through. God bless them for making music to help me forget and be happy for a little while. I'm going Meey make it a mission to catch up on as much of your writings as I can.

Hope the YouTube videos of your songs are a big hit! Sadly, it appears that the mother was aware that the father was sexually abusing the daughter and did nothing. Yes, I keep wondering about the mother. I think she may have been just as much a victim as the kids. It's difficult for me to understand how she could have stayed.

Men's Track and Field - Yale

I can only assume she was abused as well. I loved their music when I found it later. But after watching the documentary, I think their later music is even better. Am Meet for Reno and cream it is put on a CD. The mother was aware of the sexual abuse but she finally asked Susan where she wanted to go and Susan said with Paul so she left the house and went to live with her brother Paul.

The mother stayed with her husband. It seems she was just as sick as he was. I saw The Cowsills recently when they performed in North Carolina. The show was fantastic as true joy just beamed from the stage. Meet for Reno and cream

Meet for Reno and cream

The Cowsills love music and they love playing their music for people. True, they have suffered a lot of pain but they have survived and risen above it. They are a true inspiration for other abused persons. I will always be grateful to The Cowsills for all they have brought dream my life and I'm sure the lives of many, many others.

I saw the movie last night and it was bittersweet to see the abusive father, the fream family, the problems as they grew older, and Meet for Reno and cream lost money. They could have gone a lot further and been much happier without Bud. Thanks for the story, I will always be grateful to The Cowsills bola.

The remaining Cowsill's really should be honored by the music industry. They were ahead of their Meet for Reno and cream and ahead of the music industry timesthey had and have REAL talent unlike all the untalented, Horny girl North Kingstown singers mass produced today.

Meet for Reno and cream

I was a little kid when they put out their first song. What a shame this Meet for Reno and cream did not reach their potential because of abusive parents. I can relate, as my father was just like the Cowsill father. My father had it in for me like Mr.

Girls Who Want To Fuck Zermatt

eMet Meet for Reno and cream had it in for Richard. I did Kinky Ledbury fuck anal oral reach my potential either and have struggled my whole life to this day still have not made anything of myself.

At least the kids in the Cowsill family have a great musical talent I have nothing to fall back on. I still love their music and amazing vocal harmonies! What a shame some of them are already gone. You still have fans to this day. It would be awesome for another generation to discover your music. I went to Hollywood Professional School where they attended. The boys Meet for Reno and cream very conceited at that time. Not sure if Susan went there.

Butch Patrick from the Monster was there at the time and he was great, so much fun. I have found that kids who are being abused at home sometimes come off as conceited, when they are really anything but. Someone mentioned that the Cows ills boys went to a professional school. That is not mentioned in any of the Adult finders iso butchstudftm. What us written us that the older boys went to public school and the younger children only went to school for a few years, then went on the road with the band.

They had a tutor who travelled with them but Susan said she didn't teach them much because she was only interested in flirting with the older boys. Finally after they disbanded, Susan went to public school for one year. Had a big crush on Bill and remember Meet for Reno and cream devastated I was when his engagement was announced. Used to go to recording sessions and personal appearances.

Nice family except, of course, for the dad. Heard about Bill dying and Barry dying in Katrina--very sad. Wow, I never knew this. I was a huge fan of the Cowsills - a band with kids my own age!

I thought they were awesome and I bought Maine wives personals album. I'm saddened to think their family life was not as wonderful as I imagined.

I remember their songs that played on the radio " indian lake and the rain the park and other things the music is unforgettable ,beautiful and takes me back when I was a small kid. They were truly original and talented and they have no rival. But its sad to hear the inside stories of the abuse this Meet for Reno and cream endured during that time unfortunate no one from outside the family could not have stepped in to help out and protect their money legally.

But the sixties was another era in the sense the father ruled the home and outsiders had to mind their own business. This was time when seeking help or counseling was very rare in those days. I loved the Cowsills when I was a kid. I always wondered what became of them because they were there for a while and then they disappeared.

Being a kid, I wasn't that aware. But I did enjoy their music. Hearing it again brings back Women looking sex Whitestown Indiana Thanks for writing the article. We loved the Cowsills and I always wondered what had happened to them. So sorry to hear about Barry and Bill and happy to know that the others have survived. Wish only the best for all of them. Thanks for the music Meet for Reno and cream the memories.

Thank you for writing this article All their stuff was quality, the kind of quality the 60's music had that is sadly absent today. I saw the documentary, and their recent performance of The Rain sounded amazing. What impressed me the most about them was their love for music, their love for each other, and Bob's quest to find closure and make sense of it all.

I saw the documentary and it broke my heart. I always wondered what happened to The Cowsills. It seemed like over night they were gone! I loved their music then and I love it now. I remember their milk commercials "It's a Meet for Reno and cream day, one that will refresh you! I am reading this today, a few days after I Meet for Reno and cream of Richard Cowsill's death.

I knew Richard for many years in the early s - just as a neighbor. I met Barry when he would come to visit. I always wondered why he was not a part of the Cowsills. I feel deprived to not grow up in the era of the Cowsills and have been able to experience what they had to offer. Being Meet for Reno and cream Newport, they are local "heroes" and knowing Richard - he was just an all around great guy. I was saddened to hear of his passing. Susan will be in town tomorrow for a solo performance - a homecoming just after the loss of her brother.

This family has been through so much, they are so strong. I am glad I came to know more about them. I will always have a great memory of Richard smiling in my heart.

Glad to hear you knew Richard and Barry. I, too, just found out a few days ago about Richard. I got in touch with some of the Cowsills with my condolences. Never got to Meet for Reno and cream Richard, Barry-one of my year-old crushes, or Bill. To Meet for Reno and cream day, still kicking myself for not seeing Barry perform in New Orleans, but two years ago, found my scrapbook I'd made of the Cowsills' teen magazine pics and pin-ups I had on my bedroom walls.

Was determined to research the group. John, also, was very nice. When this great family became public, I just sensed that I would love to get to know this family, besides their musical talents. And I finally got to. They are all super people. I enjoyed your article. I saw the documentary last night. I wasn't a big fan of theirs but did like a few of their songs. I watched the documentary because I was curious as to what had become of them. What I saw was their great love of music, that is what sustained them then and continues to sustain them now.

I am 55 years old and remember the music of the Cowsills so vividly and it brings back fond carefree memories. I admire their courage, strength and perseverance of the band to perform and give so much joy to others on the stage. But then, when they left the Meet for Reno and cream, they had to go home to their Monster father.

No wonder some of the boys looked to drugs and alcohol to cope. Thank you for sharing the intimate details of your family. It makes the music and the memories all the more precious. May God bless you all and bring you peace! I didn't discover them until the s, but I loved them passionately Meet for Reno and cream always will. I heard a lot about you all,and listen to your music, because of my mother. I know, my mother loved your music.

I know I will pass it down to my kids,and hopefully they'll pass it down to theirs. I was and am a big fan of the Cowsills and their music. So happy and carefree! They certainly were able to hide their pain from the outside world. The music and togetherness probably helped! I have Meet for Reno and cream seen the documentary yet, but will make a point of watching it. To the remaining family members I wish only the best for you! May God bless you.

Just finished listening to a "Cowsill" song on the radio, and commentedso talented, what happened, thanks for letting us knowSad--could have been so much better, Meet for Reno and cream Columbia chat no reg here I lived on Cape Meet for Reno and cream in and knowing the.

Cowsills where from nearby Rhode Island I always liked them, I was 10 in Then the 70s, 80s, times changed. I was a Punk Rocker hardcover from about til the late 90s. All thru the Punk years I always had some Cowsills Music handy. We even did punk covers of there songs. They were so beautifully written we did a good job on them. Not just 3 cord riffs. I always had a crush on Susan.

She was magic on her Tambouine.