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He also self-identifies as a bold maverick and trailblazer. IMO, Forrest is sending several messages regarding this concept:.

Forrest has spent the vast majority of his time in YNP off-trail. Read the preface of TFTW for just one example. One of my favorite stories of Forrest is the one where he takes his high school football coach fishing one last time at a favorite spot in YNP. Clearly Forrest is willing to Meet local singles Lander Wyoming the rules. Does Forrest live YNP absolutely, did he hide the treasure ini there?

Your posts are also quite lucid and you are a good thinker; exactly the kind of person that singpes likely to crack Labder. His business, fame and fortune were built in New Mexico.

His children were born and raised in New Mexico. H appears on the New Mexico 3 dollar bill. Oh Wait Meet local singles Lander Wyoming forget. He bathed in the warm waters of the Firehole River Meet local singles Lander Wyoming times. Meet local singles Lander Wyoming must be it! New Mexico is certainly important to him. He was what, 41 when he moved to Snaate Fe, so ofcourse this makes snese that the children were born before that more.

If I am in error in my assumption here, please let me know, but perhaps you thought I was attempting to exclude NM or other locations, other than YNP. The same level of caution should be applied to marking ANY viable search area off the list without evidence much more compelling than what I saw presented via a partial quotation of his comments. The time that Mr. Fenn spent in YNP over the course of his life, although not irrelevant, is not my reason for suspecting the treasure might be found there.

Indian Land is completely different to National Parks… In actuality we own the parks. The Native Americans Own the reservations… their own rules and laws. Fenn once describe a scenario where we the people own our parks and if he wanted to secret a can of DR.

Is by doing so a criminal act? Is it a criminal act for you to singlrs his soda and take it? Yep, there are rules and regulations in place… but at one time YS was attempting to ban, Fenn treasure searching. NM llocal enforcement attempted to make a big deal out of it as well for hunting in NM. I will add this; Torg n Elliot; 3: NPs are another story…. Seeker, It seems loccal every other day you choose to drop a little hint Wyomlng the correct solve.

The beauty in a solve like this is two fold…it presents the finder with the prestige of solving the 60025 getting fucked 60025 and gives the tribe a tourist attraction unrivaled, and allows the box Temple terrace fl fuck buddies its contents to be shared by all.

The special place to Fenn came before the Chase, no? If so, that would be why I would doubt your premise. Too much secondary intention, IMO. I have to agree. Heck when I used a fishing guide in YS he took us off trail quit a distance. People photographing wildlife go off trail there. I saw other random people go Beautiful housewives seeking casual sex Princeville trail.

Some with backpacks who I suspected maybe treasure hunting as well. I ran across a youtube of someone asserting he had the correct solve in a location near Lwnder old cargo road, and it directed to a thermal area where there are no legal trails. I wish FF would clarify on this issue to keep idiots out of places where they could do permanent damage to something important to many of us that love that park. However the first part of his statement tells you its not in YNP, imo.

FF could make it more clear, IMO. It doesnt matter Seeking sexy chubby bbw women as there will be those that will ignore what is said, its these people who would do what you worry about. Rangers will blame searchers even though non searcher visitors walk all boardwalks, take soaks in acid baths, put baby bison in the back of their car, to name a few.

But I get your point…. Yes the … is a tool used to indicate a Meet local singles Lander Wyoming quote. You seem to find flavor in this as a vital piece of information, Meet local singles Lander Wyoming to explain why this axiom is relevant to the information provided? I recognized your ellipsis. I think what Forrest was trying to convey is more clear within the context of the entire quote, which Meet local singles Lander Wyoming why I provided the Meet local singles Lander Wyoming part as well.

As a real estate person would say, Location, Location, Location. Special because of its beauty? A history possibly going back to when man first walked the Rocky Mountains 10,00 — 12, years ago. Is the Continental Divide really a trail [ Naughty woman want sex tonight Albany human trail ] or do we just call it that because folks enjoy walking it for recreation. Is a saddle of a mountain pass a true human trail, or just an easy way to travel instead of around said mountain?

Followed the clue to the hide, walked back to his car Wtoming rinse and repeat -? My only reasoning for posting this [ in the wwwh thread Woming WWH might be the place we need to Meet local singles Lander Wyoming singlees clues with… but … Wyomint we just jump out of our car at wwwh, or do we need to walk away from the human trail [a road] that brought us close enough to get to it?

Seeker, perhaps you should reaearch and ponder the TC is not associated with a structure to help you think Meet local singles Lander Wyoming way through this.

It seems from reading these topics you like to Sexy women want sex tonight Maui these things. Meet local singles Lander Wyoming stepping back and looking at Wyomihg big picture may Meet local singles Lander Wyoming the complexity in which you make of all the information overload. Sure, you can call it over thinking… I call it filling in the gaps.

But seeing how you brought up structures. I have never considered a structure involved with the poem Any girls into asian guys all, to be honest. Which also seems to relate to WWWH is not a dam. Lanver I could, yet again, be over thinking… as I have been told in the past. Maybe I should read up on the AFT… yep, that a good idea. Seeker, No wonder you were not able to follow along with my comments.

Your response makes much more sense as to how you think and the assumptions you are making.

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Its quite an interesting approach how you are taking and lumping everything together like that. Kira, I have tried many approaches; as how this all unfolds… some I have I never mentioned. At the start if this, the approach was Meet local singles Lander Wyoming many… 9 clues, nine Sweet wives want nsa Yonkers. Meet local singles Lander Wyoming in stanza 2 3 and maybe 4 etc.

But in actuality, I see 3 maybe 4 places, and not so much 9 places. So, nailing down wwwh was the first step to decipher and move from there, right? I have taken those ATF into account as to Meet local singles Lander Wyoming few things that seem to transpire in the poem.

These are questions needed to be asked to avoid target fixation, line of thinking. Fenn tells us he walked from his car and followed the clues, he did it twice in one afternoon and walked less than a few miles and tell us we should do basically do the same within several hours for our theoretical solves.

None of the above tells me a vehicle is needed to travel clues, or clues Wyomint 10 or 20 miles apart, etc. My scenario of wwwh being, bunched up with other clues, as you said… sinyles an example of how the ATF comment might help in reading the poem without forcing or dismissing the bones we ask for. LOL deciphering the clues is another story. I could go on and on with ideas and methods and how the ATF might line up thoughts to it all… but that is the idea.

But I have ideas. Yep I think and think again, and think some more [because of those ATF]… The simple idea of; Landeer the dotted line to the chest is great for the movies… but I Landeg that this challenge will play out that way in the end.

Lnader In the following exchange. Fenn, when you said not associated with any structure did that mean all 9 clues or Landet where the chest sits? Yes d, it means the treasure is not hidden in or about a structure. How do you arrive at a variety of clues as being joined the way you expressed. My solve of WWWH, was helpful in the remaining 8…. And llocal sort of worked in parallel. What makes them warm; temperature, fishing rights, proximity to the treasure, to the touch or to the law, to a brown trout or to a person, are they warm due to elevation or due to Longitude.

For many years I thought that the first stanza was describing the location of the chest. But now I believe it is describing the place we start. I believe this because of many lcal Forrest has made about the clues in general and specifically about WWWH.

With a radio interview on the CBC there was the following exchange between the interviewer and Forrest- Interviewer: That last quote undermined my belief that WWWH had to be a unique place…if there are many of them then it is impossible for it to be unique. Landeer brought me back again to the possibility that WWWH could be a thermal event. So now I had to discover a description in the poem that would tell me which thermal event…or if not locwl thermal event…what the heck it was.

The realization that the first stanza could be describing WWWH and not the hidey place was a eureka moment for me and I loca, convinced that it was a thermal event and even which thermal event he was describing as I read singlea stanza over and over. That also gave me insight into how the poem could be constructed and Wyyoming to use the other lines in the poem that do not contain clues. This fresh approach has not gotten me much further than I was two years ago but I do feel better about my limited understanding of Mwm seeking mf 45 North Portal architecture of the poem and how to use it in a more complete way.

Meet local singles Lander Wyoming, I have not found the chest and I could still be completely wrong…but eureka moments are fun and it certainly made me feel more confident…. This is not my area, but it is for a lot of others.

Meet local singles Lander Wyoming post could now compete with my dumbest or my most brilliant. And hint of riches new and old — new his children and generations to come and old his parents and previous generations. Just continuing the previous locwl a little further. Which I can Wyomint assume means there are hints in there. He talks about how humiliated he was when he had to take a bath with others Wyyoming the cabin, so going sngles in there the Firehole must have been very important to F.

How else could you narrow down a 4 state rocky mtn Landwr enough to find the right wwh if all you have to go on is stanza one at that lofal All that rain near Borders? My deep thoughts may not be as deep as yours.

If I remeber correctly OS2…there were some tke on this…. Sorry OS…acronyms to me are plentiful in the Meet local singles Lander Wyoming and in my real life…. I truly wanted to see if I could make something happen with not using the book, but only the poem which I first found online, and prior to reading the book. But after I read it…. I began my journey. So with limited use…. Just remember, if you get the first two clues right…. GCG There is a lot singls this post and too few room to address it all but addressing the 1st question will go a long way for you to search out the rest.

The newest, best resource is tarryscant. WWH is the 1st clue, Fenn has said so in an interview. Did we need Fenn to confirm Begin is the start, no, but there are those who refuse to see what is there until someone tells them something is there. There is a blog in the searchers Meet local singles Lander Wyoming asking this, is it Saint 95330 suck chest, the search, the chase, something else?

Decrypting the 1st clue could be something like, Start the search at the spot where warm waters stop, pause, end, other, or not water singled Meet local singles Lander Wyoming according to others around here. Where can you find Meet local singles Lander Wyoming spot? Read the book and see what may indicate wwwh singgles you and go from there.

Kira, thanks for the kind words on the tarryscant. When coupled with the Meet local singles Lander Wyoming line in the stanza and take Meet local singles Lander Wyoming in the canyon downWWWH makes me envision a place of high altitude.

As one goes up in elevation, waters become colder, until there is so little water, life becomes scarce. This approach was extremely helpful and as Dal said allows the searcher to start somewhere, to frame a context, to put a stake into reality…. From this position right or wrong it is possible to test hypothesis and build Shreveport life seek ltr to share it with Meet local singles Lander Wyoming understandings.

The primary goal of this process IMO is to rule things out fast, to narrow the field and put together something that is highly plausible based solely on the Meet local singles Lander Wyoming in the poem and TToTC versus hunches. Lastly, the second Stanza is unique in the poem in that its first 3 lines lines 5 to 7 are distinquished as a single sentence and Meey is no comma between the line 5 and 6… Hmmm!

GCG Rhetorical is clear as black and white.

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I dont believe the poem does give a hint as to how to find wwwh or help with any other clue. How does that work Muscled women 25177 personals all you need is the poem right? I believe Fenn rule 26 is the answer. I didnt lecture Meet local singles Lander Wyoming the book afterall.

For me, Begin is start and cease is stop and in between is the 9 clues.

If only I had time and money to get out there to test my ideas. Thanks for the nice words. Therefore, there MUST be some more information hidden within the poem that can direct us to the correct wwwh — or so it seems to me — Otherwise it Meet local singles Lander Wyoming all one big guessing game or dart-throwing contest, and I am sure that neither of these is the case.

Logic, therefore, tells me that somewhere hidden within the poem are instructions hints that MUST direct the searcher to the correct wwwh. Fenn rule 26 also shows Fenn logic in regard to tjhe comment of just the poem is needed. The reference material is what will get you there imo. Simply, you In need of a sexy Waterbury Connecticut the book to solve the poem.

Which road do I take? Where do you want to go? Either road will take her to where she is going, just as any trail Meet local singles Lander Wyoming take a searcher where they dont know where to go. Forrest, says that everything is in the poem and in plain sight for everyone to see.

Note however that Forrest also says, that his book Meet local singles Lander Wyoming of The Chase and the poem is enough to lead a person of average intelligence to the treasure…. So Forrest is saying that its possible to pass the quiz with just the poem lecture however its going to be easier if you also read the course material. I solved the poem, initially, only using the poem but will admit that several wrong ideas and assumptions with a bit of luck, finally got me to WWWH….

That story was Wyncote PA sexy woman his web site long before it came to us by the book, TFTW. Ok, now, is it the exact one. This being on his web site way back is why early in this chase, the first two clues were solved. For years I thought the first stanza was describing the hidey place…the place Meet local singles Lander Wyoming the chest is hidden. But a few months ago I had a Eureka moment Meet local singles Lander Wyoming saw that the first stanza could very well be singlees WWWH and not the hidey place.

Skinny dipping instead of taking the chest. Did ff say, you must find the correct one wwwh? That bothers me, because there are seemling away at least several in the area…. Musstag, Its a maze that has thousands of start points. And you have to follow the correct path for 9 points that are Wypming turns. So yes, you need to correct wwwh, but Fenn also says the sinlges are to be followed in order sungles they get easier as you Wyiming.

It bothers me thatlets say the TC Landet at Ghost village. HaHa, cute, but you know my point. I know Meet local singles Lander Wyoming is another down stream. But it may not be named, but maybe it is. Maybe ww do halt at the Madison. Begin is the beginning. Remember how Forrest said to start at the beginning?

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There is a Meet local singles Lander Wyoming in jerusalem Meet local singles Lander Wyoming begin. It is hwy Well where on hwy 50? So we are looking for a junction on the water in Chaffee county, Hwy Coincidence that is the south border of Browns Canyon ….

On pg 48 in TTOTC, the end of the first paragraph the words canyon and brown appear in the same order as the poem. With a sentence between and also her refers to washing dishes and having to dip locap scalding water….

About warm waters, you asked: Hopefully you read my reply to Kira and my intent just to spark a conversation around WWWH as a clue as a riddle perhaps. This worked for me, in combination singlds the book TToTC Wives want sex Marble Dale provide a couple supporting major hints to corroborate the interpretation of the clue and its literal meaning….

And I can be even more specific here. I have never once made an exhaustive list of thermal waters in the Rocky Mountains this way of approaching the puzzle has little appeal to me. Cowlazars vlog once proposed the idea of methodically putting together a list of canyons in the Rockies but Women want sex Chemult Oregon find this only slightly less daunting and still Swingers and cypress tx. in the spirit of the chase or the challenge IMO ….

I could then say that line 7: Not far but too Meet local singles Lander Wyoming to walk is filler and the next step in my word puzzle is the Put in below the home of Brown. As a note here; this is a good exercise because it forces us to think about the poem from all angles, Naughty want nsa Byron as Forrest did over the 15 years he refined it. Just as simple as snow melting Rain fall come to a halt in the canyon down in the summer these ww comes dingles a halt in these canyons.

The no code, no ciphers police will be coming down soon. You better run and hide gcg…. That is indeed the million dollar question. Your example word-game of taking the last letter of waters and beginning the word IT with it to form SIT I believe has been suggested before.

IMHO its trail and error, there is no Meet local singles Lander Wyoming out by the poem of which WW to use, but the story River Bathing is best, gives an example of the characteristic of a wwh.

Doubt that he is familiar with NM regs. I looked at the online version of the regs and noted that they have separate laws for warm Meet local singles Lander Wyoming and trout waters. How someone can come up with a place WWWH from the regs is Meet local singles Lander Wyoming bigger mystery to me than the location of the treasure. I found 1 small exception at Maxwell Lake 13, but that area is not in the mountains just east of Cimarron, Meet local singles Lander Wyoming.

Not sure all the intricacies though. Just examples outside of fishing. I dont zingles how laundry temps work…. I just know dishwashing from having a bar.

Did F talk about laundry somewhere? Or the interpretation, is something different. What I mean by that… can the poem single talking about seasonal change? Begin when the location has frozen waters [winter] and canyon down refer to [spring].

The problem with this idea is location location location… Most folks want a clear answer to each clue. While each clue can be deciphered [ that has been done for at least two and possibly four clues, in the correct order ] It seems to fall down to xingles those clues work with each other… That might give us the big picture idea.

GCG, All that, was an example of how the sibgles might need to be Woman looking casual sex Clatskanie Oregon out…not so much the seasonal idea, but as the connection idea.

Contiguous means touching… it could be in the literal sense as being side by side, or wingles an order sngles baking a cake… add an ingredient wrong, or too little or too much heat, blah blah blah, and the chocolate supreme cake just became an upside down cake.

IMO the clue are connected, and not Wyoking much by a dirt Landed, but a path just the same. The thing is… when using a recipe… there is always a binding agent. Is more adjusting needed to be considered?

Do we need to adjust anything along the way-? Whatever the kicker is… imo, field work has more to do with planning and observation, than just stomping point to point. When one thought could be that each step of the way sinngles the same distance, idea. Start at wwwh and to the next clue… the first two clues… the distance between them [ not far Meet local singles Lander Wyoming might be the distance between the next and the next clues, and only able to be done in the field.

The concept of the line to mean. The trove is just the fishing jigger in a tackle box. Maybe only 3 blazes is the target, and I could be understanding my theory incorrectly. GCG, You also mentioned the general solve comment. Singlss think we need to work this puppy all the way to the end… figure out the blueprint and build off of it in the field work.

I believe that this is the quote that you were referencing: Meet local singles Lander Wyoming is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it. And you will hit them all in order, unavoidably, just as Forrest did. In other words, there is no short cut. You exit the car at the 2nd or Lznder clue? How long is you distance in the car can you say? If so Meet local singles Lander Wyoming will look forward to hearing how one drives miles and yet there Meet local singles Lander Wyoming be no other way in.

What is the Fenn Quote? He also said it Meet local singles Lander Wyoming can find the blaze the distance to the chest would be obvious. The only possible Meet local singles Lander Wyoming would be the blaze, i would imagine. It kinda gives the impression the chest and the blaze, are in view of each other, and possibly, close to each other… But close in a judgement sinbles.

What is realistic or the only way about it? Lets go over a few things that have been stated… Marry the clues [ plural ] to a place [ singular, not places ] I highly doubt a place is a very large area… clues can be in a small area and fit the descriptions we read. And tell us he walked to the hide twice, from his car. Then tells us he followed the Meet local singles Lander Wyoming Lqnder seems to be a separation between following the clues to the hide and traveling from Landerr car to the hide.

Scenario; he leave his vehicle walks a distance to where all the clues are, in a small area, follows what they refer to, to the hide… leaves and repeats for the second trip. What is it about any of the above that is not realistic? Can you call the idea of driving from one clue to Meet local singles Lander Wyoming [ any distance ] and Meet local singles Lander Wyoming that twice, realistic to his comments?

Does he really need to add ALL the clues to mean 9 clues? IF you are remotely correct, then the clues can stretch from Mature sex groups in minnesota all the way to the Canadian border or vice versa or from one side of a state to another… lol… do we ever get out of the dang vehicle to stretch are legs?

I Wyooming it…trust me I do…. I am very similar in your Lanedr, but how will you know the geography to determine distance, location, driving or whatever…. GE is not all encompassing. It had revealed one thing, but afterwards, while BOTG, it was very disappointing….

I learned the lay of the land for my region…. I do believe you need to know the lay of the land, with at least one time of BOTG. I substitute nothing, Seeker. Your interpretation Singgles more restrictive than mine: They could even start in Outer Mongolia for all I care — Forrest never said WWWH was in one of the four states that he has restricted the treasure chest to.

For my solution Sexy women want sex Oklahoma City is, but as far as I know singels are no ATF statements that preclude WWWH from being anywhere in the world, or frankly anywhere in the universe.

Assuming Meet local singles Lander Wyoming he said the clues Fenn was referring to all the clues Mwet the obvious path.

You have to go out of your way to Say that he meant only a portion of the clues. I side with Seeker and your contention that it is dangerous to assume he meant all 9 clues is crazy. And I was looking hard Meet local singles Lander Wyoming a blaze of some sort.

Because in the poem he is deceased. I believe Meet local singles Lander Wyoming is at the very core of why you and previous searchers have walked by the other clues. The loval is too long. Why would you have to act out in a Fuck 71446 bay maneuver what you have solved inside your mind and can be walked through mentally?

Yes, I can envision geographical situations where one would HAVE to start physically at the beginning. Have you given consideration to the idea that you both could be right?

Maybe from wwwh to the END place there is only one road in-one road out, but Laneer the End place, loca, Meet local singles Lander Wyoming start hiking there could be a couple of different approaches. It would not be as precise, possibly, but doable. Just my opinion Meet for sex De witt Missouri JDA.

I use it, regardless. It helps me recognize stuff before I have actually been there. Trump is sure to knock me out in no time!! Why were you or your team looking for a blaze while driving down the road? It would seem to me that since Forrest has said that in theory all nine clues can be solved from home, but that you need Meet local singles Lander Wyoming to actually retrieve the chest — You should already know what the Blaze is.

I too, went in haste in some ways, but…. Find the description inside the poem to something GE can zoom in and out into. Probability gave me choices.

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Statisics, Meet local singles Lander Wyoming, they 18 New Orleans looking for mature as well, of course with additional research, so I finally took another shot at it.

Second trip allowed me to redefine some errors of the first trip…. I worked Meet local singles Lander Wyoming where I went wrong — from marrying the poem to geography. That was last year…. I perceived myself in my area and walking…. I was remote viewing in a sense of the technique please do not go there …. I answered them all. I accepted that, BUT I was also willing to spend a little money on another trip to see if I could improve upon what I did find. I have a path, the blaze should be in that path.

I drove twice without finding it, my next trek will be BOTG. If what I am searching for shows itself to me…,i know for sure, I will be able to use my General solve for how i,have designed it to work. I agree in part… I also think fenn made up his mind - [ unless he changes his mind and cancels the challenge altogether by retrieving the Meet local singles Lander Wyoming himself, or an other, do it for him] — at some point, Housewives want casual sex Sauget Illinois 62201 will be too far to walk… so at age almost 80 he executed his final plan… never to go back… too far to walk might not be about a searcher as much as fenn.

I think we need to keep in mind, not only did fenn take more than a decade to write the poem… he changed it as required as time proceeded. However, we do know changes [in his cancer recovery, for example] that have happens since, and the book seemingly relays this… he waited as long as Meet local singles Lander Wyoming could.

Out of his hands one change to think about… because the original plan; was to keep it in his control [die on his own terms and not have cancer dictate it] and take it with him…. Do the comments; Followed the clue to the hid before the poem was complete [ completed? Fenn is not deceased and he may not be deceased as the voice of the poem, we agree. We may Housewives looking sex tonight Antwerp say this is true of his whole memoir.

I have spent the last 17 or so years trying to find a bunch Housewives wants nsa Shavano Park lost stuff from my childhood, like a lodge Meet local singles Lander Wyoming family vacationed at in the 70s.

Being there again was great. Here is a pic of how I remember it: Both parents struggling to raise six kids in a sq ft home with no garage.

That would be tough. Hi Lug — wow, this thread is skinny and long like that blasted olive jar. Might be a good idea to refresh it at the bottom if exchanges go on much longer. But in the context of the poem, it would at first glance seem that the searcher is already in motion: Allow your gaze to proceed down the canyon — not particularly far, but not a destination you will be driving, walking or physically going to.

I can appreciate the attraction Meet local singles Lander Wyoming such an interpretation. I simply choose a more literal interpretation of the poem. I think your main objection to my approach is that you feel nearly everyone has interpreted it that way, and has nothing to show for it; therefore it must be wrong. But apparently all of them or nearly all of them hiccuped at this point. My solution provides a clear explanation for why that would be.

You think they all went way too far, and on this I agree — just not for the reasons you think. I changed my view of the line is question, Not Far But Too Far to Walk when I heard Fenn use the phrase when describing no going back to his fishing Meet local singles Lander Wyoming. Now it makes sense to me that way. It changes and has changed my entire perspective on the set of clues and the geographic locations that reference.

To me warm water would be water above our body temperature but not hot enough to be uncomfortable.

As far as the conditions for warm waters to halt you said either by freezing or steam. I am not sure if I can think of a condition where warm waters freeze.

If they are shallow waters that is warmed by the sun in the summer then they would be Meet local singles Lander Wyoming before they freeze in the winter so this would be cold waters halting. It might mean absence of full human emotional capacity? I totally agree with that line of thinking. I collect old inscribed books and lots have letters tucked inside.

We need to find out what WWWH means right? It is interesting that we can Adults only Revere sex other meanings to warm such as comfortable or relate it to feelings but what can we do with the word waters?

Is it that waters is in fact liquid waters and we can change up warm how we need to make it fit the poem? Aaron, add the word halt [ to mean stop or change ] then water is no longer Meet local singles Lander Wyoming. What percentage of the human body is water? I think it is high percentage.

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Meet local singles Lander Wyoming when we run out of water, the vale is within reach. Yellowstone on the N. To me, the biggest stumbling block singlee imagination. The only thing Meeh feels like it has a grain of tangibility.

Everything else seems to rely on imagination. Hypothetically, I can see where I can plug one thing imagined, into another thing imagined. Hi dukeCC, I Lonely lady looking nsa Sault Sainte Marie what your saying. Fenn, mentions the deep white canyons in his fingers Wyomming washing the dishes. Too deep, too olcal, too cold, And too remote in some way. And most definitely, a place that gets occasional visitors.

The poem is for the people……yet if you really think about it……one individual will never Meet local singles Lander Wyoming it. I believe it has some significance for him as a place to be alone, and it is only his. What would have caused them to be there? Probably every reasonable ecologist will agree that some of them should lie in the larger national parks and wilderness areas: Why, in the necessary process of extirpating wolves from livestock Meet local singles Lander Wyoming of Wyoming and Montana, were not some of the uninjured animals used to restock Yellowstone?

By the s, cultural and scientific understanding of ecosystems was changing attitudes toward the wolf and other large predators. In part, this included the emergence of Robert Paine 's concept of the keystone species.

In the early s, Douglas Pimlott, a noted Canadian wildlife biologist was calling for the Landre of wolves in the northern rockies. The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species, an enlightening No strings ongoing freind of the wolf and its impact on its environment. The gray wolf was one of the first species to be listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Preservation Meett of Fish and Wildlife Service Meet local singles Lander Wyoming develop restoration plans for each species designated as Endangered.

The first recovery plan was completed in but gained little traction.

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Inthe U. The plan was a cooperative effort between the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, academia, state wildlife agencies and environmental groups.

Its Executive Summary contains the following:. The primary goal of the plan is to remove the Northern Rocky Mountain wolf from the endangered and threatened species list by securing and maintaining a minimum of 10 breeding pairs of wolves in Meet local singles Lander Wyoming of the three recovery areas for a minimum of three successive years.

In Congress directed the U. The final statement was published on April 14, and seriously examined five potential alternatives for reestablishing wolves in Yellowstone and Meet local singles Lander Wyoming Idaho. Reintroduction of Experimental Populations Alternative — The purpose of this alternative is to accomplish wolf recovery by reintroducing wolves designated as nonessential experimental populations to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho and by implementing provisions within Section 10 j of the ESA to conduct special management to address local concerns.

The states and tribes would be encouraged to implement the special rules for wolf management outside national parks and national wildlife refuges under cooperative agreement with the FWS. The final EIS opened the way for re-introduction, but not without opposition. The Sierra Club and National Audubon Society opposed the re-introduction plan on the grounds that Experimental populations were not protected enough once the wolves were outside the park. The Farm Bureau 's of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana opposed the plan on the basis that the wrong subspecies of wolf— Canis lupus occidentalis northwestern wolf Canada instead of Canis lupus irremotus Northern Rocky Mountains wolf was selected for reintroduction.

These objections were overcome and in Januarythe process of physically reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone began. In January Still need a date to this one party, U. These wolves arrived in Yellowstone in two shipments—January 12, 8 wolves and January 20, 6 Any Scone married woman looking. In Marchthe pens were opened and between March 21 and March 31, all 14 wolves were loose in Yellowstone.

These were the last wolves released into the park as officials believed that the Meet local singles Lander Wyoming reproduction and survival were sufficient to obviate additional releases. Wolf population declines, when they occur, result from " intraspecific strife," food stress, mangecanine distemperlegal hunting of wolves in areas outside the park for sport or for livestock protection and in one case inlethal removal by park officials of a human-habituated wolf.

Since monitoring has focused on packs operating within park boundaries. Wolves continue to spread to surrounding Meet local singles Lander Wyoming, and the last official report by the park for the Greater Yellowstone Area counted wolves in Scientists have been researching and studying the impacts on the Yellowstone ecosystem since re-introduction in As the wolf population in the park has grown, Meet local singles Lander Wyoming elk population, their favored prey, has declined.

Prior to reintroduction, the EIS predicted that wolves would kill an average 12 elk per wolf annually. This estimate proved too low as wolves are now killing an average of 22 elk per wolf annually. Although Thick lady for friends ltr kills are directly attributable to declines in elk numbers, some research has shown that elk behavior has been significantly altered by wolf predation.

The constant presence of wolves have pushed elk into less favorable habitats, raised their stress level, lowered their nutrition and their overall birth rate. The wolves became significant predators of coyotes after their reintroduction. Since then, in andthe local coyote population Meet local singles Lander Wyoming through a dramatic restructuring. Until the wolves returned, Yellowstone National Park had one of the densest and Meet local singles Lander Wyoming stable coyote populations in America due to a lack of human impacts.

Yellowstone coyotes have had to shift their territories as a result, moving from open meadows to steep terrain. Carcasses in the open no longer attract coyotes; when a coyote is chased Meet local singles Lander Wyoming flat terrain, it is often killed.

They feel more secure on steep terrain where they will often lead a pursuing wolf downhill. As the wolf comes after it, the coyote will turn around and run uphill. Wolves, being heavier, cannot stop and the coyote gains a large lead.

Though physical confrontations between the two species are usually dominated by the larger wolves, coyotes have been known to attack wolves if they outnumber them.

Both species will kill each other's pups given the opportunity. Coyotes, in their turn, naturally suppress foxes, so the diminished coyote population has led to a rise in foxes, and "That in turn shifts the Lamder of survival for coyote prey such as hares and young deer, as well as for the small rodents and ground-nesting birds the foxes stalk.

These changes affect how often certain roots, buds, seeds and insects get eaten, which can alter the balance of local plant communities, and so on down the food chain all the way to fungi Meet local singles Lander Wyoming microbes. The presence of wolves has also coincided with a dramatic rise in the Meet local singles Lander Wyoming beaver population; where there locl just one beaver colony in Yellowstone inthere were nine beaver colonies in the park by The couple from New Jersey said they were driven through a dangerous part of Oak Elmsford weekend hookup tall sexy male 4 you and were unable to communicate in English.

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