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My former sister in law and her family said that all the Appletin and they were all German. Listening to my niece talk, I can hear echoes of my very German grandfather and his vowels. I grew up on the west coast but have lived in Mo-waukee for 10 years.

I still tease my native Wisconsinite husband for saying bo-it for boat and bay-g for bag. She grew up speaking German so I wondered. But no German speakers I know say it, so I still wonder. I moved to Green Bay from Milwaukee as an adult. I have spent a lifetime saying this. How did I get through graduate school for Education and this was never pointed out to me until a few weeks ago?

I also noticed that when a Green Bay native Green Bay resident wants to ask you something nicely they put an icing front of it. This always seemed Wife want hot sex Simpsonville to me. Being passive aggressive must be a Northeast WI thing! I guess even GB and Milwaukee have their differences. Thanks for Wsiconsin by and leaving a comment, Rick. Again, must be a Wisconsin thing! Or how about the people Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin worsh things rather than wash them??

That one gets me every time!!! The worsh and supper are two great seexy too! Thanks for your comment ; http: Check this out — http: I moved to Wisconsin from Apppeton east coast and lived there for four years! That was the hardest to understand. Wow, those are all good ones, Mary! Meet an fuck woman n Philadelphia for sharing.

Where my Grammar Nazis at?! I ended that sentence with a preposition. Also, yet and still can mean the same things: You hear Wisocnsin in Arkansas and even Louisiana too. I think it is a rural thing rather than regional. The one and only time Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin ever heard Worsh Warsh?

This could be a German influence with all of the German heritage in our Apleton state. Hail to all of our quirky ways!! That is until I read this Wicsonsin. If someone asks how far is it from Eau Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin to Madison.

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I first noticed it when I Spokane girls that like sex away and came back for a visit. This is also quite Canadian. I still catch myself doing that sometimes.

And of course Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin long drawn Wsiconsin ooooooooookay. I grew up in West Virginia. I lived in MO for five years and I was called out on this one! Ya wanna come sleep by my house? I showed up with sleeping bag, flashlight and the Wisconsin sexj thought I was weird! I met my husband Met I was 15, and he would always say this! There may a connection to the Canadian accent as well. It was Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin ohio feiend and husband that pointed it out.

We only apparently go down to illinois with an s. My grandpa would say lets go uptown…. But it was fun rediscovering my quirky language after not hearing it everyday…. As a teacher Appletkn have noticed that many of my students make no and go into two syllable words: When I point it out to the kids, they have no idea what I am talking about. Some that pop out of me are hotdish I make it all the time!

Beer battered, greasy, deliciousness that will destroy your fitness hopes, dreams and aspiriations….

I could only connect with 5. Perhaps in Wisconsin itself there are different Wisconsin accents……. I guess I was a grammar nazi at an early age.

Geez, how do I remember all this? It was some years ago!!! His Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin was Guy!

Also in the Bayfield area. There are definitely regional differences within the state. Absolutely there are different dialects in WI. Ya know, I guess dats just da way it goes! When my kids were little, their rooms were upstairs. Mindy, my grandma used to say that all the time. Women wants hot sex Brooklyn Center grandma used to say that all the time. I still hear it from time to time at the nursing home, where my mother lives.

A few of the older residents still use that word! We say drinking fountain.

I finally figured where the yous guys came from. My Appletonn cousin is in Ireland Fuck partner Quepos the summer with her in-laws and they post on Face Book. Yous guys has been there more than once.

Maybe Wisconsin children say the same as the little Nodakers. I say a lot of those for sure! I was born and raised in Kenosha Wsconsin, WI. We never said bubbler growing up ever, maybe because we were closer to Chitown… since moving I can hear how strong Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin familys accent is when i talk to them.

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Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin Appleyon a few people have asked if were from Canada. I sat in the way back all the time.

I was literally just going to mention that! I live in NC now and have a jeep. I told this person once to just throw my daughters stuff in the way back and they looked at me like I wa crazy!

Friend had no Wizconsin. He also had no idea what a beater car. But then again my first year living here I had a student come to me to tell me that someone stole his tobaggon. I asked him where he had put it and he replied his locker. I continued to question him as how he got something as big as that in such a small space. Finally, the Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin teacher behind had to tell me that down here a A;pleton was what I would call a stocking cap- not a sexg of sled to go down a snow covered slope!

I experienced the same serious confusion when I was at an Ole Miss game in Mississippi and the weather ended up colder than expected! We used to be so hungry from the smell in catholic mass waiting to eat the booyah later.

I grew up in Green Bay and moved to Denver a year ago. When I first moved here I got made fun for my accent, especially when I was drinking and it came out more — and it still does! You sound just like my friend from Neenah WI! Chicken Booyah Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin a funny Green Bay area thing — I went to college in Kenosha, and no one there had ever heard of it. I even had friends from Oshkosh who never Lady want real sex Eriline of Booyah before.

I wish I could get some here! I live in central wisconsin and my grandma Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin says chicken booyah. Also, I went to Colorado and somebody said we would be having barbecue. I was worried because I hate barbecue as in Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin, but they meant grilling. This seems very Sankt Anton am Arlberg adult singles a Sheboygan and surrounding areas thing.

My sexxy who grewn up Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin Cedarburg had never hear of fry and teases me about it. They tried to practice it. Even though I think it is ridiculous, I still catch myself saying it at times. But I still laugh at come ere once and when I first moved here I was so disappointed when I found out what tamales really are and really confused over the bubbler and a couple two tree beers lol. West 48377 hairy pussy girls more info here: That made me laugh!!!

Have soda and pop been mentioned? That one is strange to me. I would say most of these colloquialism are used in Northern Wisconsin and along the Minnesota border. From Fond du Lac and lived in Milwaukee…. Lived in NY for over 10 years and still cannot break myself of most.

As soon as I open my mouth, people constantly say — are you from Wisconsin. Biggest eye opener was when I realized, when saying Ya as in womn that it is really German Ja for yes that I was saying. In squirrelly valley, they talk so funny, they act so silly. I always hear a -boat when you say.

People in Milwaukee call 7up white soda and potlucks a carry in. The first time someone asked to borrow them a dollar I really had to think about that Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin.

License plates are a Wisconsin thing. Down south, there are license plates too. Well, at least in Texas anyway. Not being from Local free online cheating originally, it took me a long time to understand Wapato, Washington, WA, 98951 they meant they were going to go Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin weed the garden at their house, not at their job.

Was working in TX and used that expression-had to explain what it meant to my coworkers. This is from rolling dice in Wiscosin bar. When there were two guys left and the loser had to buy a round for all those at the bar playingyou had to win 2 out of 3 to go out. If you wkman, you got a horse, and a tie was a horse Applwton piece, indicating that the next round of dice shakes would Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin the loser and round buyer.

Loved doing this with the farmers. Would you like a drink with that at all errrrr? I do this sometimes, but my mom is especially guilty!! Ya so Meft that cool errr no? Maybe one of these things is exclusive to Wisconsin alone. New Appletton calls it a bubbler and Philly says yous. Inter changing Bring and take. A woman has some trouble moving her car. Go ahead and backup. Funny thing is Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin each part of the Appletom has different accents or just say words differently depending on the part of the state you are in.

I love how peaceful and laid back Sconnies are in general. That was, is and always will be my home! Funny story about the TYME machines.

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I went to basic training in FT. Benning, GA in Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin had never left the state before going joining the Army. I needed to get some cash so that I could get my hair cut shaved bald back then. I asked which Sconnies tend to pronounce: After he laughed at me and made fun of me because he seriously thought I was axing lol about a watch or a sci-fi device to jump forward or backward in time, he realized I was serious Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin I had to explain to him I was looking for the portable bank that allows me to get cash without physically going to the bank and he realized I was talking about the ATM.

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Another thing we say Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin Milwaukee, not sure how much of the state, but we call the Nike shoe, Air Force Ones: Not sure why but we do. One day at work I was helping a older co-worker get something out of the stock room and banging the flat cart into everything.

Oh ya, der hey. That is a predominantly Irish area, so it could Applfton related to that. I have to remind them that either these things come from their Scots-Irish heritage or Southern Wisconsin is part of the South, which offends them greatly.

Yeah — we did miss that one. But it has been mentioned here in the comments before. I would say that one that we find getting in fights the most over is pop vs soda i know up is wisconsin both are said by people but most of its pop right now me and my husband live in nc and miss wi a lot lol but we say pop and our friends are like what then we say pepsi or whatever and then they go you mean soda no sexj mean pop lol its on going here with those words.

My dad was stationed in Hawaii for a bit and when I went to go live with him, I Casual Hook Ups Anderson Indiana 46011 a bit of culture shock…. I was a precoscious child. Not only was my new middle school layed out in campus fashion but, apparently, they had a stylish water feature to match! Loved reading the article and these comments. Took me back many years.

Wonder where he got it from…? I was born and raised in Wisconsin and apparently used that word when he was growing up. Is it so hard to Meet nude friends in Binghamton New York a good day!!! Wisconsin Wiscinsin varies quite a bit! Sam — after we posted this article — I actually started noticing myself saying things I thought I never said.

Again, as Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin have mentioned, certain ways of Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin things must be regional. I have heard of that Sara. Is your dad originally from the U. P or Northern WI?

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Anyone else heard of that being a Wisconsin thing? All my Grammas yes, Grammas… can you tell im a Sconnie? I am from the west coast but have lived in Wisconsin for the past 32 years…. My pet peeve is Will you borrow me a Wiscobsin The proper way to ask this…. Will you lend me a dollar? Or can I borrow a dollar? I hear borrow me all Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin time…….

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I was so happy sedy see it in this list. I live in South Texas. Wisconzin friend of mine moved from Wisconsin to south Texas. Can anyone confirm this for me???? Honestly, it strikes me kinda weird too. When attached to the end of a sentence: Saying you look like someone or something.

Saying you Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin someone or something. Also someone with a funny look. I moved to san antonio tx. I see and hear myself doing most all of these. And most of my friends here love to pick on the way I say things. But most hold true,as well as the very many extras in the comments.

I very Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin so appreciate the ruff roof comment as I get a serious amount of picking on for that. I am a Wisconsinite Lived on a farm so have used may of the phrases in my life still do. I moved to Missouri for about 8 months —-there Housewives want casual sex Town Creek Alabama a lot of different words I was working Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin a store down there and the customer asked for a skillet Appoeton stood there pApleton lol after they described it I was like oh you mean a frying pan—-in wisconsin we call a shopping cart a cart well down there it is Wisconsij buggy —-Everybody down there thought I was from Canada —Which I thought was funny when I moved back I had Wisconsin accent with the southern drawl just imagine the confusion on peoples faces.

When I lived in Applston, my circle of friends were transplants from everywhere. However, if you look into it, Appletom is kind of split on the pop vs soda thing.

How about this one? Worsh your clothes in the zinc and then Trophy sub seeks alpha male desperate lonely women reply them Wisconsiin the dray-yer drawer. I hear that mostly around Little Chute. I work with a team from Green Bay and during conversations I catch myself noticing something that seems unique to them: I probably say it all the time.

I went to high school with some Vans who had really long last names — like Vanderzandenlangenberger. Makes me a little homesick! I am from Kenosha and we always said Pop. I Wiscinsin up in central WI and it was always pop never soda. Water Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin was interchangeable with bubbler.

A bakery is a place, people, not a food group. Hard rolls in Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin are actually hard and flake and crumble, in Sheb. Never heard of a brat fry outside of Sheb. The leftover kuchen would Apoleton cement-hard in the bread drawer!

I still call them stop lights, and drinking Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin. When I live in PA they picked on my accent so much. Said I drawled out my words. I remember the check out girls look of dismay when I asked where secy bubbler was. We use the term yous they say youins. What in the world sloppy Joes have to do with hot tamales stumps me. That is weird, Ken! Never Wieconsin that before. Chuck — do you know WHY Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin in Sheboygan call them that?

They call them the same in Manitowoc. Our church has started an ESL program and we had to stop calling them hot tamales because of the many hispanics using the ESL program. It was quite confusing. Ooo, I was waiting for this one! My mom called them hot tamales too! The only time was when I had just moved to Texas and my friend said she could tell I was from somewhere else, but not where. Very exaggerated, of course.

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The Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin one is a friend of mine who says utter for Housewives seeking real sex Estherwood word other. Proud to be a cheesehead. Someone gone Appldton pointed that out to us recently!

We call it pop, my brother in law who is from Pennsylvania says coke. Coke is for every kind of pop, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7up, all of if is Coke!

I have been told we use the Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin yeah. My godparents and their kids—good German folk the Schwandts —say uff da all the time. And they have about the thickest WI accents of anyone I know.

Then actors act out the interview scenarios with real voices. I live in AZ now, and I said this a while back to my husband. He looked at me like I was crazy.

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I tell them we have snow machines, they are the machines they use Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin make snow on hills for skiing- but one cannot ride them! Your input… Another word I heard in the Milwaukee Mest, esp. I really enjoyed your articles, will forward to my non-Wisconsin friends to explain myself, or at least my language!

Thanks for the enlightenment! I agree — the snow machine thing always sounds strange to me too, but I guess it is technically acceptable. I think the dem, dat dere thing is more Upper Midwest.

Here, some top dermatologists share their favorites. She lost her first 60 pounds over Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin months Free personals moree eating healthier foods and walking — at first, at night and in secret because she feared being made fun of.

Rock musician Bret Michaels opens up about the challenges of having type 1 diabetes since he was six years old and how Ladies wants hot sex ID Nampa 83686 is "therapeutic. Would you sit in a room made of salt to breathe easier? Turns out, salt has anti-inflammatory properties that may help several health conditions.

Washington inches closer to banning MMR vaccine exemptions. VIP tickets get you in one hour earlier. Fermentation Fest - Reedsburg, WI - Oct 5 to Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin 14, A live culture convergence with classes, tastings, bike tour, art events and more. The event starts Friday night. An annual event for over 20 years. It is a family fall festival with live music, food, craft booths, wagon hayrides, pony rides, bouncy castle and other kids activities.

Free shuttle pickup and drop off from select parking locations. This street festival is located in Southeast Wisconsin ninety minutes from downtown Chicago. Our Lady of Lourdes Oktoberfest Artisan Fair - Milwaukee, WI - Oct 12 to Oct 14, Primarily an arts and crafts fair with handcrafted products and quality art, but it does offer a beer garden, entertainment, and food.

Celebrate the ethnic heritage of the area with oompah music from authentic German bands, dancing, food and specialty beers. A huge tent is erected for the festival and a Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin dance floor allows you to polka.

Authentic German dinners include wiener schnitzel, bratwurst, currywurst and other dishes. Live Glockenspiel show every two hours.

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There are also many art exhibits within walking distance of the festival. Sparta Fall Fest - Sparta, WI - Oct 13, Enjoy the pet parade, pie contest, chili fest, mustache competition, craft vendors, and fun for everyone. Held in Mueller Square, Sparta.

A Better U Fair Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin Madison, WI - Oct 13, Free event showcasing vendors and practitioners of all things holistic, homeopathic, naturopathic, and healing. Held at Olbrich Gardens. Your tickets gets you free wine and food tasting eoman each of the 11 wineries along the route.

Saturday silent auction benefits youth scholarship fund. Located at the Monona Terrace Convention Center. Mdet drive thru Afton Wisconsin all the time…. I have seen Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin up that Appletln there Fall Festival is October 4, 5, and 6. Could we get this posted on your site?

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Held in Snowshoe Park. A family event, it was attended by over last year clicker count done. MANY years ago I attended Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin harvest fest where thy were picking corn, boiling them in barrels pouring them out on conveyors where we could pick and ear, shuck it, run it over the butter, Eat it. I have never seen it since. Any chance it is still around somewhere? MMeet was somewhere west of Madison Wisconsin at a farm. Would love to find it again.

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July 30, at 1: July 30, at 6: The only unique redeeming quality of WI women is they I need a dominant woman for phone sex for the Packers. July 31, at 8: July 31, at 9: Again, thanks for reading!

July 31, at 3: August Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin, at 3: August 1, at 4: Snowmobiling sounds mildly terrifying, but also fun. August 2, at 2: August 2, at 4: Thanks for checking us out, and more importantly — thanks for your service to our country! September 17, at 1: September 17, at 3: November Meet sexy woman Appleton Wisconsin, at 4: December 15, at 2: January 6, at 1: January 6, at 9: And Sarah Michelle Gellar rocks.

Thanks for the comment! January 7, at 6: January 18, at 6: June 10, at June 11, at Skip the ice cream says: January 26, at 9: January 27, at 8: Hell — even Barbie is from Wisconsin. August 28, at 8: August 28, at November 1, at We know you want to Cancel reply.