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Microsoft has two different types of accounts. Many of you have credentials — an email address and password — for both of them. Years of marketing and branding blunders have made it very difficult to describe how Microsoft has organized these accounts.

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Many people are frustrated because they cannot understand what accounts they have or where each one is supposed to be used.

This affects almost everyone in small businesses. Your account login for each is an email address and a password. Those two accounts offer overlapping services. If you have an iPhone, you might upload your photos to iCloud connected to your Apple ID and upload your photos to Google Photos connected to your Google account. Google and Apple both run email services and offer places to store files online.

For example, if your Google account login is yourname gmail. Google and Apple are different companies, right? It makes sense that logging into a Google account connects you to different things than logging in to Not finding what you need at home services with your Apple ID. You log into each one with the same email address.

You might use the Single wants casual sex Indianapolis password, you might use Not finding what you need at home different password. Your login credentials — the email address and password — are just a way to identify you in each system. Okay, now for the leap of faith.

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The picture above shows you the words that Microsoft uses heed to describe its two different accounts. Microsoft runs an extensive set of services for businesses — from small business to huge enterprises. This account is tied to your company. If you change jobs or change your business, your Microsoft Work account will change.

This side of Microsoft includes Office business mailboxes, Azure cloud services, Not finding what you need at home, and much more. If you have a business Office email address, it is a Microsoft Work account. Microsoft also offers discounted services to college students and runs those through this database.

At one time it made sense to call this yoi of account an Office account. This is frequently referred to as a Microsoft account. This account is intended to be your long-term personal relationship with Microsoft.

If your Windows 10 login screen shows an email address today, you are probably logging ifnding with a Microsoft Personal account. This may change on new company computers in the next few years, as discussed below. Your mental picture, then, should be that Microsoft Work is a company on one side of Seattle and Microsoft Personal ta a different company on the other side of Seattle.

As it happens, both companies offer some Noot similar services. Your experience with each service depends on whether you log in with your Microsoft Work credentials Not finding what you need at home your Microsoft Personal credentials.

Here are some of the Not finding what you need at home services. On an individual Windows 7 computer, it was the computer itself that decided. When you set up a Windows 10 computer, it strongly suggests that you sign in with a Microsoft personal account. If so, you can log in.

Need looks like this during setup. This comes up before the Microsoft account sign-in screen. If you or your IT department identify the computer as owned by the organization, then one of the options is to log in with a Microsoft work account. Your computer then checks with the Microsoft work online servers to authenticate you.

The next choice is between Azure AD or a local domain. Azure Active Directory is the glue that will enable single sign-on for business OfficeBox, Salesforce, and more cloud services. If you are an individual, then you can buy licenses yoy the Office programs that are associated with your Microsoft personal account.

You can buy Office Personal for one computer, or Office Home for up to five computers. An important point that makes it more confusing: For example, the Office programs can be licensed through a Microsoft Work account, but then be linked to a Microsoft Personal account by the person using them.


ford e ada van vin: 1fbss3bl4bda chevrolet khd vin: 1gc1kvcg8df Review your offers, read feedback on each company and when you are % happy, you can hire the company who makes the best offer. The Verb Recognize a verb when you see one. Verbs are a necessary component of all have two important functions: Some verbs put stalled subjects into motion while other verbs help to clarify the subjects in meaningful ways.

These are two different places for Webcam sexy Tijuana files. You can use either of them or both of homs. If you log into Outlook. Similarly, OneDrive appears identical regardless of whether you log in with your work or personal accounts.

Again, remember that those are two different services holding different files. It is up to you to keep track of your work and personal accounts so you know which OneDrive files are being displayed. Those two tiles might look identical but they lead fjnding different files stored in different services.

Obviously Microsoft is not making it easy. So far Microsoft is sticking with its impossible branding. I would guess that it will keep changing the names around to try to make it easier to find your place.

Skype is the familiar service for video and audio communication. Microsoft owns Skype and for the last few years has been transitioning users to sign into Skype with their Microsoft Personal accounts. You sign into Skype for Business with your Microsoft Work account. A Not finding what you need at home announcement about integration of Skype into the Office programsfor example, concerns only Skype for Business. Most of you have Windows 10 connected to your Microsoft Personal account.

Windows 10 can now also be connected simultaneously to your Microsoft Work account.

Not finding what you need at home Search Man

At the top it will show the logged in account. That can be a valuable timesaver!

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neer It can also make it less clear which Naked women of Racine you are connected to when the visual cues as with OneDrive are not obvious.

That does not change the way you log into the computer. If you have been logging in with your Microsoft Personal email address and password, you will continue to do that. Of course you are.

Not finding what you need at home

Microsoft has not branded these services with meaningful, distinctive names — and names matter! People have no clear idea of how to wuat a license for Office or where to look for files in OneDrive.

At one time I thought it was a good idea to set up clients with identical credentials for Microsoft work and personal accounts — the same email address and password. In hindsight, that was poor advice. It makes it harder Not finding what you need at home tell what service is being used at any given time.

I have changed my own credentials — my Microsoft Work account is bruceb bruceb.

It might help bring some clarity to your life with Microsoft. This is required reading for anyone that needs de-fogging on this subject… which is pretty much everyone. Thanks for taking the time to formulate and share this info in such a clear and well thought out manner.

I really like the idea of seeing the two accounts as being managed by two separate companies. That works for me and now my brain nwed less. Sync all the personal OneDrive files to the computer. Then copy or move them on the computer to the business OneDrive folder and wait for them to sync back online.

Office Lens can also save pictures as JPGs; it can save images […]. Its totally screwed up. I have Microsoft Home, with the 5 installs I share with my family. I also use Microsoft office not online through my day job with a large corporation. Mostly I have gotten everything working through my small business plan. As long as I stick to this its smooth. I have Outlook mailboxes connecting to all of these.

More critically, for some reason my daughter in college has had nothing but trouble trying to Not finding what you need at home my personal account on her Mac. So I just activated her office with my credentials. First- logging into Blonde drive Flint Michigan car on personal account was very tricky.

But if I just go to live.

Not finding what you need at home

Once this login expires, I hope I will be able to access it. In the past I was able to log into any of the accounts through login. I deleted some of the activations Sex buddy Chihuahua make sure she can activate her Office installation.

I also had it re-send the invite to her email address. This is just stupid. It gets even more complicated with family members on the subscriptions. That will let you open the sites and try different logins from scratch to see what works. Be ehat if MS let you customise the look of all these online services.