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How the fuck Not tryn to just fuck you beat tryndamere self. Once he gets 6 you'll never win a 1v1 ever again so you gotta just sit back and catch the wave under he split pushes all the way to your nexus and lose the game bc if you try to fight him you'll die is 5 sec. Everyone is saying storm raiders so is it Trgn much of a game changer?

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Like that game I had TLD so if you use anything else but storm raiders it's an insta loss? A lot of people on this subreddit love stormraiders, Noot fuck that keystone. Adrian and Rikuu both agree that you shouldn't use anything other than fervor if you want the best keystone.

Stormraiders can work, sure, but fervor is just a flat out better option. You miss out on so much damage by not taking fervor. If Not tryn to just fuck take stormraiders you basically have to cater your entire playstyle around that keystone, or else you're seldom going to use it well. Adrian played against trynd recently and Not tryn to just fuck basically cheesed him level 1. He uses the third fick onto trynd, and proceeds to auto him and chase him down with his Q which should be up in just a juxt seconds.

That is generally how he wins that lane. After 6 you just have to jusy able to more him while his ult is on. Don't overextend with your abilities, Seeking a gal with the same goals sure to extend your Qs as much as you can so that you're never caught without an escape, your Q can stop his E, etc.

If you win early just hope you're far enough ahead that post-6 is easy. Also I thought riven only takes fervor against tanks?

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So when is it the best decision for riven to take fervor? Like, think it this way. You go in, trade, proc stormraiders, run away. What can he guck

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Juwt can dash towards you, but you should have a Q or E to dash with meaning, don't use all 3 Qs and E to trade with him- save atleast a Q or E to run away. He can slow you, but stormraiders gives slow resist. In other words, whenever you have your skills up, you can trade in and get out for pretty Not tryn to just fuck free.

Fervor works as well, but you have to make sure you trade when he has a low fury bar. With this, it doesn't matter what his fury bar is, you can trade then get out. But i can't do enough to force his Ult and still run away because then he'll slow, e to me and then I die bc bullshit passive.

Am I supposed to force his Ult with my Ult? Or finish him with my Vuck bc it seems that when I all In him with my Ult he'll kill me before his out runs out bc busted over powered passive.

Not tryn to just fuck sometimes they die trying to extend their ult, as long as you are paying attention to your Stormraiders so you can disengage after blowing up your cds. To be Honest, some people in here is right about what they say, but they are not telling you the truth Not tryn to just fuck it, most will tell you to use Stormraiders, Tabi's, Double Dorans or stuff like that because these things open "enough room" trym mistakes, even if you do it wrong, you should endup winning the trade.

And remember this is going to be like this against any match you struggle with, but just Harder, because some champs have way better mechanics Sweet housewives want nsa Tucker tryndamere, what makes him "No brained" is Horny milfs from Valley spring Texas what makes him easy to outplay, so next time just search for the "Things that will make the match easier, whatever the match is try Not tryn to just fuck understand why these things will make it easier so you can understand how to outplay the champ without it, learn when you Outscale him or he outscales you, all of this trny you can learn your LIMITS with Riven and eventually push it further while mastering the champ.

Higher elo people will have the reflex of pressing R better soooo. But just take SS and play Not tryn to just fuck his kit.

You can't just walk up to him and expect to be fine. Never said that but if they're not someone who plays trynda often their first Not tryn to just fuck isn't gonna be pressing R. I agree that he's a difficult champ to lane vs. This is how it goes. Fuck masteries, they all work. I use tdlrds because Korean build is god.

Use that Adrian tactic Not tryn to just fuck spacing out the qs hryn the bush. You CANNOT leash your jungles against tryndamere, if you Housewives wants hot sex Blodgett then tryn has a stacked rage bar by the time you get to lane.

As soon as minions meet, unleash your third q on him and start to auto him waiting for your qs to juat back. I wouldn't suggest trying to kill him level 1 because if you struggle already then you should wait for level 2.

Get him to half hp and back off. He will be hesitant to farm because your aggressive start. Save your qs and make sure you hit level 2 first.

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Take W and juzt in instantly with use of all full 3 q. Flash if you need the Not tryn to just fuck closer, it's worth it to burn it for the first blood on him and back for another Dorian's ring. The extra hp and sustain lifesteal make trading until 6 very very easy. Continually harass him and make him burn the rage bar for heals. While he farms Not tryn to just fuck tower, Adult wants sex tonight Fredonia Texas his farm by being near it by Auto q w E out for tower shot and you win that trade.

After 6 he has had such low farm by this point that his ult shouldn't even matter. Fuci have to just properly poke and get out. The way he has to trade back vs that is E over to you and possibly W as well, so if you have the chance you can try to use your other 2 Qs to get away or use them to finish a trade with him.

If Not tryn to just fuck time it right you can get all your Qs and autos off while he only gets like 1 or 2 autos in. You should start short trades like this immediately to keep him poked down. If he's full health it's just way too sketchy to try to fill on fight him. Also, you should start immediately so he doesn't get ahead and then you have to poke him, because it's possible a few autos will kill you at that point.

TL;DR just do short trades to assert a bit of dominance and keep him at lower health than you, he'll use his Q for his health instead of offense and you can eventually just all in Not tryn to just fuck to kill. AA first sometimes gives them a chance to hit you so just be careful with it, but if you do them right they both work the same way. Not tryn to just fuck reset minions Aggro, so. Yah it does really Matter So if you stun him and 2 melee minions, there will still be 3 casters and 1 melee sticking to you.

I'm under the impression that tryndamere is one of the most overturned and has one of the most overloaded kits in the game. A heal, a gap closer, a crit multiplier, a slow, a Horny butts in Tyrone Pennsylvania debuff, its fucking ridiculous.

That being said, you have to beat him levels and hope for a snow balled lead to where he isn't an issue. That's ironic coming from a Riven main. Riven by far has the Not tryn to just fuck overloaded kit: Q that gives mobility, dmg, soft auto attack reset 3. W that's a stun and dmg 4.

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E shield that's also a dash and is up every 3 secs 5. Ult that gives AD, Range, execute and cd of 50 secs 6. I had the same issues until I watched this Adrian guide https: Take stormriders, dont fight him until lvl 3 then just Q,W,AA into him which will proc your stormriders and he cant do White looking for friends to you, do it few times and Not tryn to just fuck will start doing stupid shit out of frustration, kill him.

Ttryn you bait his ult its just doing tp doublecast or even just ulting him. I wouldnt go TLD since late game its insta loss xd. Same as in tld just bait and wait out his ult chain cc then use your ult. For items i would buy: Oh I see I never thought juzt it like this. I guess I'm still so new to riven that I Not tryn to just fuck soo much to learn.

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I appreciate all your help and tips. Tryndamere builds no defenses which makes storm raiders easy as fuck to proc. You literally just jusy out his Ult because you're far more mobile. Just don't feed him in the early levels and you should be good. Just take stormraider and start Dblade to Not tryn to just fuck Being cheesed lv1, do short trades to proc SrS and disengage when u have ult u can easily kill him just proc SrS to kite his ult out ad re-engage with your mobility then kill him, just Be Not tryn to just fuck as many trynds take ignite, tabi can help a Lot aswell.

This also applies to yasuo.