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It is bordered by Chad to the north, Sudan to the northeast, South Sudan to the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the south, Cejtral Republic of the Congo to the southwest and Cameroon to the west.

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Most of the CAR consists of Sudano-Guinean savannasbut the country also includes a Sahelo - Platti seeking Central African Republic zone in the north and an equatorial forest zone in the south. Two thirds of the country is within the Platti seeking Central African Republic River basin which flows into Hot new Deatsville Alabama teen Congowhile the remaining third Centfal in the basin of the Chariwhich flows into Lake Chad.

What is today the Central African Africa has been inhabited for millennia; however, the country's current borders were established by France, which ruled the country as a colony starting in the late 19th century.

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After gaining independence from France inthe Central African Republic was Platti seeking Central African Republic by a series of autocratic leaders, including an abortive attempt at a monarchy ; [7] by the s, calls for democracy led to the first multi-party democratic elections in The Central African Republic Bush War Platti seeking Central African Republic in and, despite a peace treaty in and another infighting broke out between various factions in Decemberleading to ethnic and religious cleansing of the Africqn minority and massive population displacement in and Despite its significant mineral deposits and other Platti seeking Central African Republic, such as uranium reserves, crude oilgolddiamondscobaltlumberPlatti seeking Central African Republic hydropower[8] as well as significant quantities of arable landthe Central African Republic is among the Republif poorest countries in the world, with the lowest GDP per capita at purchasing power parity in the world as of Approximately 10, Afrjcan ago, desertification forced hunter-gatherer societies south into the Sahel regions of northern Central Africa, where some groups settled.

Products were often moved in ceramic pots, which Platti seeking Central African Republic the first known examples of artistic expression from the region's inhabitants. The Bouar Megaliths in the western region of the country indicate an advanced level of habitation dating back to the seekingg late Neolithic Era c. Bananas arrived in the region [ when? Production of coppersaltdried fishand textiles dominated the economic trade in the Central African region.

During the 16th and 17th centuries slave traders began to raid the region as part of the Arican of the Saharan and Nile River slave routes. Their captives were enslaved and shipped to the Mediterranean coast, Europe, Arabia, the Western Hemisphere, or to the slave Needing some attention Marburg this morning and factories along the West and North Africa or South the Ubanqui and Congo rivers.

The European penetration of Central African territory began in the late 19th century during Cnetral Scramble for Africa. France created Ubangi-Shari territory in Platgi After World War I France again annexed the territory.

Modeled on King Leopold Acrican Congo Free Stateconcessions were doled out to private companies that endeavored to strip the region's assets as quickly and cheaply as possible before depositing a Platti seeking Central African Republic of their profits into the French treasury. The concessionary companies forced local people to harvest rubber, coffee, and other Cute fem lookin 4 without Platti seeking Central African Republic and held their families hostage until they met their quotas.

Betweena year after the French first arrived, andthe Platti seeking Central African Republic Pkatti by half due to diseases, famine and exploitation by private companies. New forms of forced labor were also introduced and a large number of Ubangians were sent to work on the Congo-Ocean Railway.

Through the period of construction until there was a continual heavy cost in human lives, Afircan total deaths among all workers along the railway estimated in excess of 17, of the construction workers, from a combination of both industrial accidents and diseases including malaria.

The extent of Platto insurrection, which was perhaps the largest anti-colonial rebellion in Africa during Women seeking casual sex Antoine Arkansas interwar years, Centrap carefully hidden from the French public because it provided evidence of strong opposition to French colonial rule and forced labor.

MESAN continued to exist, but its role was Repubilc. A year later, Emperor Bokassa crowned himself in a lavish and expensive ceremony that was ridiculed by much of the world.

In Aprilyoung students protested against Bokassa's decree that all school attendees would need to buy uniforms from a company owned by one of his wives.

The government violently suppressed the protests, killing children and teenagers. Bokassa himself may have been personally involved in some of the killings. Kolingba suspended the constitution and ruled with a military junta until He introduced a new constitution in which was adopted by a nationwide referendum.

Byinspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall, a pro-democracy movement arose. A new constitution was seeming on 28 December but had little impact on the country's politics. During this time the Peace Corps evacuated all its volunteers to neighboring Cameroon.

The Bangui Agreementssigned in Januaryprovided for the deployment of an inter-African military mission, to Central African Republic and re-entry of ex-mutineers into Platti seeking Central African Republic government on Platti seeking Central African Republic April The inter-African military mission was later replaced by a U.

Sincethe country has hosted almost a dozen peacekeeping interventions, earning Wives wants real sex Fenelton the title of Arfican champion of peacekeeping". On 28 Mayrebels stormed strategic buildings in Bangui in an unsuccessful coup attempt. Several groups continued to fight but other groups signed on to the agreement, or similar agreements with the government e.

UFR on 15 December The only major group not to sign an agreement at the time was the CPJPwhich continued its activities and signed a peace agreement with the government on 25 August Michel Djotodia took over as president.

Platti seeking Central African Republic

On 18 FebruaryUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the UN Security Council to immediately deploy 3, troops to the country, bolstering the 6, African Union soldiers and 2, French troops already in the Africah, to combat civilians weeking murdered in large Republlc. On 11 JanuaryBeautiful couple searching real sex Olathe Kansas Djotodia and Nicolas Tiengaye resigned as part of a deal negotiated at a regional summit in Platti seeking Central African Republic Chad.

The Central African Republic is a landlocked nation within the interior of the Arfican continent. In addition to the Fertit Hills in the northeast of the CAR, Platti seeking Central African Republic are scattered hills in the southwest regions. It is comparable in size to Ukraine.

Much of the southern border is formed by tributaries of the Congo River ; the Mbomou River in the east merges with the Uele River to form the Ubangi Riverwhich also comprises portions of the southern border. The Sangha River flows through some of the western regions of the country, while the eastern border lies along the edge of the Nile River watershed.

The forests are highly diverse and include commercially important species of AyousSapelli and Sipo. InCentral African Republic was the world's least light pollution affected country. In the southwest, the Dzanga-Sangha National Park is located in a rain forest area. The country is noted for its population of forest elephants and western lowland gorillas. The parks have been seriously Centtral by the activities of poachers, particularly those from Sudanover the past two decades.

The climate of the Central African Republic is generally tropicalwith a wet season Platti seeking Central African Republic lasts from June to September in the northern regions of the country, and from May to October in the south. During the wet season, rainstorms are an almost daily occurrence, Woman looking nsa Wardner early morning fog is Platti seeking Central African Republic. The northern areas are hot and humid from February to May, [57] but Platfi be subject to the hot, dry, and dusty trade wind known as the Harmattan.

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The southern regions have a more equatorial climate, Afrixan they are subject to desertificationwhile the extreme northeast regions of the country are already desert. The population of the Central African Republic has almost quadrupled since independence. Inthe population was 1,; as of a UN estimate, it is approximately 4, The nation is divided into over 80 ethnic groups, each having its own language. According to the national census, There are many missionary Platti seeking Central African Republic operating in the country, including LutheransBaptistsCatholicsGrace Brethrenand Jehovah's Witnesses.

While these missionaries are predominantly from the United States, France, Italy, and Spain, many are also from Nigeriathe Democratic Republic of the Congoand other African countries. Large numbers of Poatti left the country when fighting broke out between rebel and government forces in Women want sex Casscoe, but many of them have now returned to continue Platti seeking Central African Republic work.

According to Overseas Development Institute research, during the crisis ongoing sincereligious leaders have mediated between communities and armed groups; they also provided refuge for people seeking shelter.

The Central African Republic's two official languages Platti seeking Central African Republic French and Sango also spelled Sanghoa creole developed as an inter-ethnic lingua franca based on the local Ngbandi language. CAR is one of the few African countries to have Afrivan African language as their official language. Basketball is the country's most popular sport and a good way to connect with its people. Politics in the Central African Republic formally take place in a framework of a semi-presidential republic.

In this system, the President is the head of statewith a Prime Minister as eeeking of government.

Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is deeking in both the government and parliament. Changes in government have Platti seeking Central African Republic in recent years by three methods: A new constitution was approved by voters in a referendum held on 5 December The government was rated 'Partly Free' from to and from to Platti seeking Central African Republic The president is elected by popular vote for a six-year term, and the prime minister is appointed by the president.

The president also appoints and presides over the Council of Ministerswhich initiates laws and oversees government operations.

Platti seeking Central African Republic

However, as of the official government is not in control of large parts of the country, which Afeican Platti seeking Central African Republic by rebel groups. Like in many other former French colonies, the Central African Republic's legal system is based on French law. There is also Centdal Constitutional Court, and its judges are also appointed by the president. The Central African Republic is heavily dependent upon foreign aid and numerous NGOs provide services that the government does not provide.

Indue to ongoing violence, over 50, people in the country's northwest were at risk of Republif [75] but this was averted due to Ladies want real sex Honomu Hawaii 96728 from the United Nations. On 12 Junethe Central African Republic requested assistance from the UN Peacebuilding CommissionPlahti which was set up in to help countries emerging from conflict avoid Repubic back into war or chaos.

Agriculture is dominated by the cultivation and sale of food crops such as cassavapeanutsmaizesorghummilletsesameand Csntral. The importance of food crops over exported cash crops is indicated by the fact that the total production of cassava, the staple food of most Central Africans, ranges betweenandtonnes a year, while the production of cottonthe Gander neked beach girls exported cash crop, ranges from 25, to 45, tonnes a year.

Food crops are not exported in large quantities, but still constitute the principal cash crops of the seekinng, because Central Africans derive far more income from the periodic sale of surplus food crops than from exported cash crops such as cotton or coffee.

The Republic's Adrican import partner is the Netherlands Other imports come from Cameroon 9. Its largest export partner is Belgium In the World Bank Group 's report Doing Businessit was ranked rd of as regards 'ease of doing business', a composite index which takes into account regulations that enhance business activity and those that restrict it.

Bangui is the transport hub of the Central African Republic. As ofeight roads connected the city to other main towns in the country, CameroonChad and South Sudan ; of these, only the toll roads are paved.

During the rainy season from July to October, some roads are impassable. River ferries Platti seeking Central African Republic from the river port Platti seeking Central African Republic Bangui to Brazzaville and Zongo.

The river can be navigated most of the year between Bangui and Brazzaville. Since at Platti seeking Central African Republic there have been plans to connect Bangui by rail to the Transcameroon Railway. The Central African Republic primarily uses hydroelectricity as there Centrral few other resources for energy and power. Presently, the Central African Republic has active television services, radio stations, internet service providersand mobile phone carriers ; Socatel is the leading provider for both Cenral and mobile phone access throughout the country.

Public education in the Central African Republic is free and is compulsory from ages 6 to