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I Seeking Dick Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress

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Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress

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It's better to be surprised.

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Domestic spanking, discipline and corporal punishment sessions resonate with me in a way that I cannot explain. See,ing really found my home once I found out there was a domestic spanking scene as opposed to a BDSM style spanking scene. Sometimes I feel the need to dish out strict discipline and at other times to receive a thorough spanking.

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I enjoy switching but do not necessarily have to take both roles in the one session. Sessions range from the naughty and playful through to the judicial.

As spanker I can be the strict disciplinarian, school principal, boss catching the employee with their hand in the till and many other creative role plays. I can also just be myself enjoying giving a good thrashing.

Traditional scenes are traditional for a reason. They tap into something pretty potent within us and meet a need that is difficult to put into words.

Sometimes its a bit of naughty fun and other times it is a stress relief or even a purging of the soul.

While my spanking stories tap into the fantasy of role play, in reality there is a much broader spectrum of spanking Beautiful mature wants orgasm Baton Rouge possible. Sometimes, Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress needs a strict, nonsense punishment and other times one needs a sensual build up of intense sensations… intention breathing to ride the pain into pleasure in wave after wave of impact… culminating in a crescendo of cane strokes that tip us over the edge into a blissful, float state of being.

Sometimes one wants to tap into the embarrassment of being punished klnkstress being put in place. Other times one needs to not so much role play, as to tap into a way of spanking that re-lives a formative moment… Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress has kinkstrezs be fetishisticly just so… So many lovely nuances to play with! OTK, hand spanking, taws, swich, paddle, strap, hairbrush, slippering, wooden spoon, petticoating, figging, lines, corner time and more.

My collection of equipment is ever-growing.

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I am open to new ideas so please do bring up your favorite scenario. If you enjoy spanking stories I have started a new spanking and discipline erotica Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress just for you. Some are written by me and others submitted by clients or z spanking enthusiasts.

More Spanking Images in the Discipline Galle ry. I just love being on the receiving end of spanking.

Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress

I am building up my experiences and loving it every step of the way. I am naturally a strong, intelligent, independent woman who just happens to thoroughly enjoy being spanked.

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I can be sassy, playful, pouty and sometimes a naughty little minx. I like the stings more than the thuds but can take both. Sometimes taking a sensation I dread is just the ticket leaving me ecstatic, floaty and giggly or even teary and a little sooky, but in a good way. Why do I like this? I also enjoy naughty games of cards or snakes and ladders where the loser of Seeeking round gets a spanking.

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Whether it is a serious or playful session, I am hooked! As much as I love checking the progress of my bruises in the mirror and enjoying them as reminders of fun times, I do work in a variety of areas where the appearance of my sditch is important to my income. This means all marking needs to be negotiated.

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Some times I am able to carry more marks than others. Spanking sessions are not the same kr BDSM sessions and different financial and practical arrangements apply. I prefer a leisurely 90min-2hr session and do not watch the clock.

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I let the play unfold as it needs to. We enjoy a cup of tea and a chat together so we can natter about all things spanking. Switch or me as Spankee: Here is an ssitch of spanking where I break with tradition and enter the more esoteric realms.

Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress Spanking naturally takes us to a place where the veil between the conscious and unconscious mind is thin. It naturally takes us to a meditative, trancy, floaty kind of altered state of kinkstreds that has the potential to be quite ecstatic and profound. I enjoy taking advantage of this opportunity by utalising techniques and skills drawn from tantra nauhhty other similar traditions to add fuel to that fire.

It takes the experience up several notches.

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It means that instead of accidentally stumbling on the ecstasy and moments of Mystery possible through spanking we intentionally go there and ride it proactively. Each person is different in how they respond to this and indeed each session with the same person leads to different experiences.

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Others experience this as a spiritual experience, feel re-booted on all levels, gain personal insights, growth and transformation. Still others commune with their personal concept of divinity and access an embodied experience of their own divinity.

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It almost always naugnty Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress a deeper authentic relationship with the self and often with our loved ones… in fact with all of Existence. For those already x inclined, we can utalise the rhythmic, trance inducing spanking of pleasure-pain in a ritualistic or ceremonial way, with a clear intention of what we are aiming to experience or explore.

We can add other techniques and forms of ceremony that take the journey deeper. Contact me to discuss and we can work out the best way of going about it for you.

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This session needs to be a 2 hour session give or take according to the natural flow and includes teaching you tools and techniques to naugbty on your journey and time to Seeking a naughty slave or switch kinkstress and experience the states of consciousness. Workshops and Tantric Spanking Circles: You will need to provide your own spanking partner or be partnered up for this one.

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Please join my mailing list to find out about upcoming events or contact me to organise a workshop in your area. From Left to Right: Electra Amore spanking Artemisia de Vine. Share Pinterest Facebook Tumblr Twitter.