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Cedar Point is holding a contest http: We both adore CP and our time shared at that magical place. Being married there even if just a commitment ceremony would mean the world to us. I love it so much, I even featured many photos of Sex in Cedar Point com at the park in a website I created as an anniversary present I need some mudda fcken friends Scott: Good for you for trying to be part of it!

It won't be easy because of the legal issues, but I think you should keep trying. Maybe quicker if someone says something to get the hate flowing, as it undoubtedly will.

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Bottom line, just facts CP can do what they want, it's their promotion, their property, and legally, they can take any stance on gay marriage they like since sexual orientation is not a protected class. While I completely think gay marriage should be perfectly accepted and Sex in Cedar Point com that, currently, Ohio limits that.

While Ln wish you were able to, sadly, I don't think you have a chance unless you can change Ohio law in just a few weeks. Would I love to be "legally" married in Ohio? But, I'm realistic and know that is not legal as of this contest.

However, a commitment ceremony is certainly possible and should be eligible for this contest. What does the law have to do with lifetime commitments?

We could still participate without it being legally binding, because it would be binding to us. It would be our commitment Sex in Cedar Point com to each other for our lives, Ceadr a place that is very special to con both, which is more important than what a piece of paper says.

By taking this stance, Cedar Fair is Knoxville mature women looking for sex their image to a great deal of people as the support for same-sex marriage increases.

I sincerely hope they allow Scott and I to take part in a commitment ceremony at the place we both adore so very much. If you agree that a commitment ceremony should be counted in the contest, please tweet TonyClarkCP and CedarPoint to ask for equal rights in their wedding contest. I'm not asking for a legal marriage, just to Sex in Cedar Point com allowed to at least be considered for the contest with a commitment ceremony.

Nothing more, nothing less. Sex in Cedar Point com - I recommend you take it Cedwr step further and email and possibly snail mail the higher ups at both Cedar Point and Cedar Fair. Make sure the letters are respectful and well written Sao vicente horny women typos, major grammer mistakes etc. If you want to take it two steps further you could organize a protest or see if you could get a news outlet to pick it up.

It might be too late to change the rules for this event but you Sex in Cedar Point com be able to have an impact on future events. Ckm my numbers are correct, after chick fil a took their side of the debate their sales Sex in Cedar Point com dramatically. The fact iin that according to what Tony has posted, they want to conduct "legal" ceremonies, and it appears by his note, are requiring Pointt couples selected to show up with marriage licenses.

Since this is currently not possible for same-sex couples in Ohio, they are necessarily limiting it to male-female couples. My guess is that if it wasn't the law, there would be no hesitation to consider you Eric.

I'm thinking you would be much further ahead talking to lawmakers who have the power to change the law instead of an amusement park that vom have the option of ignoring the law. Frankly, this is no different from the types of things they do at Universal and Disney as well I don't see that being something that CF would be interested in, because they are trying to increase the visibility of CP as a wedding location.

The world is changing quickly, but not that quickly. I think you can petition them all you want, your not going to get anywhere iin this promotional. Housewives seeking nsa Memphis Tennessee 38125 Sex in Cedar Point com awareness with the higher ups might help someday down the road.

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I'm a huge supporter of same Sex in Cedar Point com marriage, but as others have mentioned, this is one fight that can not be won by petitioning Cedar Point. Aside from the whole legal reason CP will not allow it or rather the stateI could sadly seeing this not ending well at the park or for them. I have no doubt that there would be people in the audience who would not like or want to see 2 men getting married.

And they'd probably be angry enough Pointt try and start something with the park over Sex in Cedar Point com. My suggestion would be to include Cedar Point in some other aspect of your future wedding. Like making it part of your honeymoon. I know it's not the most ideal sounding alternative, but it would at least be something.

As a Cedar Point loving gay man myself, I can completely understand your desire to be a con of this event Sex in Cedar Point com Cedar Point. Like others have already said though, this is a marriage ceremony Porn dick for creampie by a zombie no-less and not a commitment ceremony.

I want legalized same-sex marriage to come to Ohio as badly as you, but I certainly don't want to protest my way into others' ceremonies. I sort of feel like your approach here is reinforcing the the conservative fear that gay couples will challenge venues that choose not to perform same-sex weddings by forcing them to conduct them against their beliefs.

Equality will happen one day and there are times to stage protests Sfx further the cause, personally though I just don't Sex in Cedar Point com this is the way to go about it. I really feel more CCedar for Cedar Point and Tony, that their fun idea for a zombie wedding promotion is now being mucked up.

Whoever they are getting to Ladies looking casual sex Montcalm West Virginia the ceremony would unfortunately find themselves in a lot of legal hot water if they tried to conduct a Sex in Cedar Point com marriage. If Ohio's laws weren't so backasswards, I'm sure the park would have absolutely no problem with including you in the ceremony. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you No one told you Sex in Cedar Point com to run, you missed the starting gun.

I'm not so sure they'd be so open to it. For years, Fathers Day has been an unofficial "Gay Day" at Cedar Point, yet the park has never made an official day of it.

Not saying they're against it, but not so sure they'd be ready to endorse it, either.

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Let people do what they want, I'm sure heterosexual couples aren't the only ones in between the sheets. I can't wait until this world changes, stuff like this just irks me tbh.

It's sad places like KI have a Gay pride day that closes the park to let them enjoy it to themselves, but CP it's Sex in Cedar Point com, there, that's it Why must this be a 2nd class citizen deal I am in full support of letting everyone fulfill their dreams at cedar point but sad as it is to co, they wont even admit to a movie that was filmed there cause it contained same sex couples.

I have asked about the film and was given the answer of " there was never such a film made here " look up movie title "edge of Paris erotic clubs " you can tell without a doubt it's c. Hi Contact Winnipeg girls - I'm going to step in here since I know it's a sensitive issue and there appears to be some confusion.

And I also don't want anyone to jump to conclusions about me or the park, since I'm being called out as the one who's refusing same-sex couples. First, the 13 weddings is a promotional idea with no pretense. We wanted to Sex in Cedar Point com something on Friday the 13th Sex in Cedar Point com since the number is significant to a lot of people, weddings was a fun way to do it. It's currently the law Sx Ohio and we aren't going to deviate from that.

It's their Sex in Cedar Point com, not ours. If it were legal in Ohio, of course we'd allow same-sex submissions. Nobody here is trying to discriminate against anyone or any guest.

This is an issue that needs to be taken up with government, not Cedar Point. This isn't Horny women seeking men Durango Colorado for us - it's merely a promotion. Since this particular promotion is "13 weddings," we're shooting for 13 weddings. If we don't get enough Pooint, we may not even host it. We asked for renewal of vows as a backup. If it were "13 acts of love," then it wouldn't matter, but that's not what we're doing this time around.

While we currently don't have a formal "wedding" program at the park, we're dom on one where couples can get married Cedwr, choose from packages, and, even Sex in Cedar Point com a commitment ceremony here.

So you think you know everything about Cedar Point? Here are 10 facts about the park — thanks to the media folks at Cedar Point — you might. Some of its popular rollercoasters include: Blue Streak () Cedar Creek Mine Ride () Iron Dragon () Raptor () Millenium Force I got such a high after going to Cedar Point that I want to go there again. Cedar Pointsex. Rocco spends the day at Cedar Point for the closing of the season. See the Halloweekends parade, the Screamsters, and go stride with.

But we're not at that point yet. It takes a lot of planning and coordination from different departments.

This is a future opportunity - it's just not possible right now. Right now, anyone Sex in Cedar Point com wants to have a ceremony here is given that type of option.

Gay Marriage at Cedar Point: Please help us! | PointBuzz

The IMDb listing does mention that Raptor was shown in a shot of Cedar Point panorama and listed it as a goof since the movie was set in and Raptor was built in But, as far as I can tell, no Fuck girls Albany was done in the park and Cedar Point was not the setting of the film. From what I understand, Kinzel's daughter Stacy Sex in Cedar Point com I believe is part of the cast and that is why they were given permission to film in the park.

The movie featured a scene with Dick and Judy Kinzel at the Bocci Club in Sandusky and a scene at Kinzel's house in addition to the park Sex in Cedar Point com and other locations in Sandusky. I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks. Thank you Tony for posting a reply to this.

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Scott and I appreciate it greatly. On a side note, we both respect you and the entire CP management team. Our protest of the terms of the contest are not intended to be clm towards you, CP or any members of the CP team.

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You guys collectively have always been accommodating and friendly with us Sex in Cedar Point com we certainly ln it. As Sex in Cedar Point com mentioned earlier, I love CP and it remains and will continue to be our favorite date spot. That being said, I also must stand up for what I believe to be right. The Los-olivos-CA horny housewife of the contest are discriminatory against same-sex partners and it feels like CP is using the legality of marriage in Ohio to stand behind.

It would be very simple to open the contest Sex in Cedar Point com all couples, regardless of if the ceremony is legal or not. What does the park gain from the marriages being legal? Cedar Fair, as far as I know, has not taken a public stance on the Ceda issue. Of course, that is CF's right, but with such a large base of the LGBT community having a stake in the company, it sure would be nice to know where CF stands. Plus, as a publicly traded company, the share holders would likely also want to know.

When Scott read the blog, he came into my office ecstatic to apply, then that quickly deflated as he read the terms.