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He went very quiet in fact. He was obviously wondering how he could get a closer look at me. At the station he switched off his engine and immediately turned around. I already had one long en pointe leg out of the cab door and my micro-micro-mini-dress was unintentionally ridden right up showing everything, or rather, that there was nothing under it, right to his face. The little flash he got given of the tight What i wanted to say girl-lips of my girl-slit stunned him completely.

As I wiggle-strut-walked away with my curled-up-whip carrying escorts, I continued to blush with him shouting after me telling the whole world my real name. His out loud crude musings continued as I wiggled and strutted and swayed into the underground station, accompanied by cameras and crew, still filming my humiliation.

A passing American latched on to what seemed to be going on, and pronounced, since he was witnessing the very opposite of behaviour he expected in England, something akin to: That amused Jackie as I continued to wiggle my painful way before her and my other tormentors.

I would never have dared join the laughter. I was in great pain. The walk to the underground station platform was a long way for me to wiggle en pointe in my stilt-booties. My constant enforced tip-top-toe was now hurting my shins, the front muscles of my thighs and my superbly arched back. I was wanting to stop walking: Jackie would have none of that: Of course it hurts. It's supposed to hurt. You stop when we say stop and not before or after, unless you want to be whipped! My right leg was cramping.

And the way my body was forced to sway and wiggle Naked Pomona girls sexually and sexily had another consequence beneath my rough denim micro-mini-dress. Every step caused my lovely pert firm nude free flowing breasts to Lonsdale AR single woman. That was also deeply enjoyably sexual and sexy for all the onlookers.

But for me it was becoming another source of pain as my pretty soft rose-pink nipples constantly rubbed against the inside Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral the course cloth. They were becoming very sore and were throbbing. On this hot humid London June Saturday as I wiggle-strutted along, tiptoe-ended stilt bootie ballet-legged en pointe stepping, in public torture and humiliation, the girl-sweat glistened on my exposed body and ran in droplets in my cleavage.

Passing male commuters stared at me, bumping into each other in their eagerness not to take their eyes off my legs and my bum.

Then two older women, well past their full flower days, talked about me close-by as if I were stone deaf. They Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral to the way I was dressed and asked how anyone could be expected to wear booties such as I had on: I wiggle-walked another extremely painful ten yards.

Chat to local hotties was blushing bright crimson. The humiliation of my public display as a Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral sex toy and the cruel bondage that had made me Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral incredibly sexual and sexy, and my pain, had got me aroused once more.

My nipples were throbbing and peaking, and between my thighs the lips of my girl-slit were wet with my musk. Jackie knew how it was, even without hearing my sexy little gasp as my girl-juices lavishly lubricated the insides of my girl-centre and my clitoris began to pulse.

I was abandoned to my sexiness. I was submissive in submissive heaven and hell. The torture of wiggle-strut-walking on super tiptoe, my big-toes crushingly loaded with all my pounds, in total uncertainty of any grip on the ground of the tiptoe-ended pirouette stilt-booties, was excruciating now. My calf muscles were locked, my slender ankle sinews agonisingly painful as they had fought now so long and continuously to stop the tiptoe toe-ends of by torture booties Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral my ankles.

I was in agony. Three young men getting off the train saw me and began falling over each other in their astonishment at my wonderful girlness. Jackie had a chat with them as this train pulled out.

It was obvious that the talk was about me, but that I was not to hear what was said. I was ordered onto the next train Hot ladies seeking nsa West Jordan pull in. I tried not to show in my face how much I longed to sit down. The two pretty girls escorting me manoeuvred themselves, either side of me, to one of the two side—on bench seats in the carriage facing-inwards.

I sat carefully, so as to ensure my micro-micro-mini-dress' hem did not rise too far, but I was still showing thousands of square miles of wonderful strong girl-sweat-shiny nude thigh. I thought I could rest. But then I looked up. On the opposite bench was an old man and two of the three young men from the earlier train. The third young man wanted the old man's seat but the old man wasn't going anywhere whilst he could Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral his eyes on my delectably ballet dancered shapely legs.

When it gets moving, you're going to part your lovely legs. The train doors were sliding closed. I eased my lovely bum to the edge of the bench and, deep-blushing-pink of face. I looked hard to my right as if I were taking an interest in where the train was going, whilst, agonisingly slowly parting my nude thighs wider and ever so slowly wider.

I turned my head back forward when I was aware than my outer girl-lips had opened and my inner pink ones were exposed to view. The two boys had their eyes out on storks, attention totally riveted. The old man gawped open-mouthed licking his lips. I hung my head, chin on chest, tears welling at my utter public shame. I was being mentally raped as they gorged their eyes on the moist pink inside my girl-centre. Our station was next. I was bidden to rise. My legs refreshed by the chance to sit, I was in less pain as I stood en pointe in my cruel tiptoe-ended stilt-booties again, to wiggle-strut my sexy bum out onto the platform.

The cameras continued to take in everything for the public that would eventually buy the DVD and videotapes. Even my crimson-faced pink-inner-lips gynaecological humiliation had been secretly filmed.

I was aware that we were waiting for a chauffeuse's driven car to take us all to Jackie's mansion where I was to be the centre of attention in the rest of the weekend's entertainment. That much I did know, but what was still to be done Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral tame me was not revealed.

Surely now I was girl-tamed. I had submitted totally. My tiptoe-ended en pointe pirouette punishment stilt-booties had me imprisoned. Constantly under threat of being toppled by the one-inch-wide tiptoe-ends taking my tenuous ground grip away, with the all but certain consequence that I would break an ankle leg or thigh, I could at least surely not be more controlled.

But my being controlled, indeed imprisoned by my stilt-booties, was not the same as my being girl-tame.

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Jackie and my tormentors knew that were I released from my punishment booties right there and then, even after all the torture I had suffered Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral them, the wild-girl element in my still not girl-tamed nature would soon come to the fore once more. Jackie began to make an announcement to camera as the other camera drank in my wonderful girl-sweat glistening body:.

She must have every last atomic Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral of wildness completely driven out of her. She must, for her own good, undergo more torture so as to break the last vestige of her will. She has not even begun to be girl-tamed yet. And she is still a million miles from being tame-girl.

She continued talking, as if in a documentary. Jackie was doing a wind up speech for the end of the first video of my torture:. We share your wish that we should girl-tame Katrina without harming her incredible beauty. But if she does not respond to the next phases we will have to have recourse to the last resort. My cunt was juicing as my humiliation and the emphasis on my helplessness at the hands of my captors was reinforced in my mind by this talk.

The camera was very close up on my features as the threat that I would be bullwhipped if need be, Sexy lady seeking group orgy lonely housewives in my mind for the first time. Ladies wants sex tonight Dallardsville I knew that Jackie would have it done to me too.

I gasped Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral sexy gasp as my clitoris danced pulsing and throbbing in my completely girl-juice wetted girl-centre. The more helpless I felt, the more sexual and aroused I became. And, if you leave cunt-juice on the leather, not only will you lick it clean but you'll have your sexy bum whipped! It Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral now four in the afternoon and, such was the slowness of my imprisoned en pointe wiggle-strut walk, I had been tortured and shamed for a solid two hours.

Was there to be no end to my suffering? I knew I would obey totally of course. I so wanted not only to be sexy, but also to be a good girl and be girl-tamed to become tame-girl. The cameras moved in to scan the length of my girl-sweat bedewed legs as I lifted the rear hem of my skirt to clear my spankable deep concave dimpled girl-sweat sheened bum hemispheres. The cameras also took in the horrified look on my lovely face as I peered into the car through the opened door to see where and how it was intended I sit.

Jackie's face had Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral grin of the Cheshire cat when she saw that I had seen the equilateral triangle of cold rough-hewn iron bar that was fixed on the seat of the car, lined up front to back relative to the car seat.

I obediently moved into the vehicle as I now knew how I had to sit. I manoeuvred my girl-lips astride this cold unrelenting punishment bar. My angel-face was watched with unmercifully cruel pleasure as I slowly relaxed my legs and took my hands off the seat so that the whole weight of by body was being taken by my supremely delicate little girl-centre. My outer girl-lips were divided either side of the triangular cunt-lip-divider and I moaned with the pain as my inner girl-lips began taking the full weight of my lovely body.

I sat all the journey through with my full weight on the cunt-lip-divider, and the microphones picked Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral my cries of pain as the chauffeuse seemed to purposely pick the roughest route so that she could thoroughly enjoy my suffering.

And suffer I did in extremis. I was ordered to sit bolt upright. I had Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral have my hands on my lap. I must keep my legs together and not take any of my weight on my legs. All of my delectable pounds of weight were thus forcing my most sensitive organ wide open so that the totally unyielding cunt-lip-divider sundered my even more sensitive and girl-soft inner girl-lips.

My delicious bum was nowhere near touching the seat. It was agonising, and my eyes ran with my tears as I cried Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral sobbed with the unbearable pain as my cunt was bruised scraped and hideously grazed by every turn and bump and every slide of my poor girl-lips up and down the cunt-lip-divider.

My horrible torture was only relieved by the copious girl-juice that I was excreting into my open purse: It came so freely and in such abandoned abundance because of the pleasure to my mind of being so humiliatingly brutally tortured. I was so relieved when the car stopped. I had been in absolute agony throughout the journey as my cunt was bounced and bumped and slid on the cunt-lip-divider that held my soft super-sensitive pink inner girl-lips asunder.

Jackie personally got out of the car Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral it stood at the top end of her mile-long drive, and opened the door where I sat. I uttered a cry of excruciating pain and grasped my belly as the circulation shot back into my bruised cunt lips when I took my weight off the cunt-lip-divider. I cried out in utter agony at the bittersweet end to that phase of my girl-taming. So terrible was the throbbing pain in my sex Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral I initially did no hear my next order until my pain reluctantly eased.

I fumbled dazed fingered with the buttons holding the straps on my denim dress. My assembled torturers Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral, as it's front fell to my waist and my wonderful firm pert breasts swung free.

I undid the waist belt. Dress and belt slid slowly over my deep dimpled girl-sweat sheeny bum to the floor round my stilt-booties. With great care lest I fall, I stepped out of their encirclement. Jackie threw my clothing in the car and slammed the door I had exited.

I stood before them all, naked: Without a further word Jackie and the girls got back into the car. The engine was started and it began to glide away. My pleas were worthless.

The limousine was picking Beautiful housewives wants real sex Springdale speed! I squealed with fear and begging, leaving me standing in the open air all but totally naked and still imprisoned by my punishment booties. I tried to smile in apology for my dreadful fear and weakness at being left totally bare but for my stilt-booties in the middle of nowhere to fend for myself.

I also tried to please because I knew I would be punished for calling out. As they walked back to me, I heard Jackie say mockingly: I knew that Jackie was High sex hookup girl college 18 holding something behind her back that a camera was studying. But it was not that that was brought to me next.

The girl that had put my booties on, had three different lengths of white silk rope in her hands and was fashioning a loop in one of them.

When it was ready, she passed that loop over my head and arms, leaving my arms free, down so that it was around my waist with its long loose end dangling on the ground at my rear. Her gentler companion now tied my wrists together in front of me. And then the bondage expert girl put rope Sweet housewives seeking hot sex McAllen my upper arms just above my bent elbows at the back of me, to pull my upper arms as hard together behind me as they would go given that my wrists were tied at my front.

When she had finished, my bound hands were at my belly I could only just move my arms. At that point she turned to Jackie. She pulled the white silk rope loop already around my slim waist, tight, and then passed the loose end between the cheeks of my bum hemispheres over my rear girl-hole, and then parted my girl-lips with it.

I gasped and moaned as she pulled it as hard as she could up into my front girl-hole before tying it off at my already bound wrists. Jackie inspected my cruel bondage.

She tugged on the Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral dividing my already extremely sore outer and inner girl-lips. I gasped at the pain. Jackie then produced what she had been hiding. Hidden from my eyes, she handed to the girl binding me, a pair of nipple clamps.

The girl who had bound me so expertly smiled at my fear. The girl who sought some mercy for me, again entered a plea on my behalf. Either she wears the nipple clamps for calling out without permission to speak, or she takes ten lashes for it. Which is it to be? Without a moments hesitation I chose the clamps, even though I had not yet seen them, deliberately hidden as they had been from my view. My torturer took great delight now in showing both the camera and me the vicious clamp she was about to fix to my nude left nipple.

The teeth in the jaws will then hold the tongues in your teats. I am told it is unbearably painful. But you called out as we drove away. I could not Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral away imprisoned as I was by my tiptoe-ended stilt-booties and with my arms tied hard behind my back, my hands tied at my belly.

The kind girl took gentle hold of my left breast and squeezed it while the other girl rubbed my nipple with the flat palm of her hand. I was, perversely, already so sexually aroused from my torture that my nipple was rock hard immediately.

The nasty girl took over entirely now. Then she held the end of my lovely left breast just behind the nipple with her fingers and thumb pressing so that the milk-hole in my pretty pink nipple was opened. I gritted my teeth knowing that I was about to be searingly slowly pierced. And yet the needle tongue was as yet only one-inch into me.

I continued to beg and scream as the needle was pushed into my Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral hole until at last the Piranha-clips horrible jaws, as yet unopened, were touching my nipple. I looked down at my nipple opening with the eyes I had shut tight at the horrible pain of having my milk duct pierced, and saw that the needle tongue was deep within my lovely titty. The camera moved in to show the trickle of bright red blood running out of my tortured tit tip.

I bore five-and-a-half-inches of needle deep inside my left titty already, as the piranha clamp's horribly toothed jaws were opened, the needle tongue given a last violent screamingly painful push to its full six-inches through my tit's milk hole, and the Piranha's jaws Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral closed so that its top and bottom teeth bit right through my nipple, holding the clamp to my nipple and its horrible six-inch needle tongue six full inches deep within my Ruleville Mississippi girls to fuck breast.

Tears coursed down my angel-face. I had never endured such pain in my life before. My nipple, indeed my whole left tit filled my mind with pain. And I screamed Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral begged all the more as the brutal torture was repeated on my right titty and its milk teat hole. But my titty torture was not over yet.

Jackie ordered that the end of my Piranha clamps be fitted with a weight. I was shown this device as it was also being displayed for the camera, and the second camera took in my face's stunned tear-stained expression.

The weight comprised two three-inch chains that would hold it hanging from my Women seeking hot sex Higganum piercing piranha nipple clamps. Between the chains, there hung a sealed one-inch diameter one-and-a-half foot long plastic tube half full of white coloured water — mock milk.

As already described it was a one-inch diameter one-and-a-half foot long straight plastic tube, half full of white coloured water, in mockery of milk I quite rightly assumed. Two metal bands through which the tube ran, and to which the suspending chains were fixed, were adjusted to space the chains at the same gaps as my tortured nipples, and a grub screw in each band tightened to hold the tube from sliding through the bands.

And then a demonstration was given, to show how rapidly the mock milk, the white water half filling the sealed tube, would rush from one end of the tube to the other at the slightest motion, never for one millisecond being still from motion from one end of the tube to the other, given the slightest impetus from movement.

The chains would be clipped through the purpose made holes in my Piranha nipple clamps. And thereafter, as my titties swung naturally, so this weight would swing to and fro pulling my titties down in turn and turn about, and Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral them uncontrollably from side to side as the water within the tube swashed from one end of the tube to the other.

Were I lactating, this pulling and swinging of my breasts would have milked me, through the hollow needle tongues than those that were six-inches deep in my milk ducts. The weight was fitted and even as I stood and breathed it began to swing from side to side and set my titties into a slow left right, left right, swing in rhythm, with downward pulling of each udder in turn, over which I could have absolutely no control.

It was as if my titties had declared their independence of me. Of course my breasts, naked as they were, Fromberg MT milf personals jiggle and swing divinely as I moved were I free of the clamps and the milker.

But the milker swung and pulled my breasts purposefully. It enforced a full side-to-side constant uncontrollable titty swing with accompanying pulling down of alternate titties. The swinging pulled on my penetrated and bitten nipples horribly painfully. As I winced and breathed deeply the swinging increased. I gasped and breathed harder, and my tortured titties swung side to side and were tugged down and sprung back up alternately a little faster and little harder still.

I gasped again and moaned as this torture and the knowledge in my mind that it would be never ending, wet my cunt with my girl-juice, and my titties swung side to side, side to side, up and down, and up and down faster and harder still.

Foolishly I winced with the pain at the pulling on my piranha clamped teats, and the rhythmic swinging of both my breasts side-to-side in unison, and the pulling down of each breast alternately increased yet more.

They finally drove off now and left me. I was left in the public Women looking sex Killduff air, stark naked, nude, without a stitch of clothing, exposed, savagely cruelly bound, vulnerable, abductable, rapeable, helpless to run or even move at more than the snail-pace that my imprisoning tiptoe-toe-ended pirouette stilt-booties would barely allow me.

I was terrified as I began Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral girly wiggling sexual sexy strutting pirouetted leggy titty-self-milking shuffle to the house a mile away. I wiggle-strutted along alone en pointe and frightened at all times that I must surely fall.

My arms were tied tight above the elbow behind my back, my hands in front of my belly. If I fell I would break my legs as assuredly as I could do absolutely nothing to break my fall.

I wiggle-strutted alone, nude for the whole world to see me. Naked, for them to see my superb legs: Was my totally nude bound body being ogled by eighteen-year old schoolgirls enjoying my torture and wishing they could feel me and play with my adult's tits and soft brown curly-hair Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral grownup's girl-slit? Was there a band of drunken men who would knock me over, completely helpless as I was and have their choice of orifices in which to use me?

The house seeming to get further away as I must wiggle-ballet-strut walk in my enforced limited step every twist in the path. And yet one part of my torture was both a failure and a success. If the rope parting my sex was to chafe and hurt me, it was a failure. But if it was to arouse and lubricate me it was outstandingly successful.

My torture had made me extremely Wife looking real sex San Francisco, and the silk rope in my girl-slit was sopping with my girl-juice.

I wiggle-ballet-strutted nude, alone, in frightened en pointe sexy steps in my stilt-booties with the mockingly cruel milker swinging my titties violently from side to side, for fully an hour in the gaze, unseen by me, of the telescopic camera lenses, and the glare of Sweet summer sun, until at last my sweet girl-sweat lathered beautiful body reached Jackie's house, the place where I, girl, would be tortured Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral girl-girl: With sweet girl-sweat trickling in rivulets down my nude body, I at long, oh so long last, wiggle-strutted onto the ladids in front of Jackie's superb country house.

And I stood, totally exhausted, my legs shaking with the strain of my cruel mile-long hour-long stilt-bootie en pointe wiggle dimple-bummed strut-walk. Even as the masked guests gathered round to ogle me, my milker, piranha nipple clamps, and binding ropes were being removed. As the needle teeth of the piranha clamps were released from biting as they had right through my bare nipples, and the six-inch tongues that penetrated my milk-holes were slowly pulled out, I openly cried tears from the pain and the relief from pain that hit my poor tortured breasts at one and the same time.

I felt such love for my torturers at that moment that I seekinf do anything they wanted from me. I was sure that I momentarily experienced girl-girl and thought I must now be girl-tamed into girl-girl and thus tame-girl. I, of course, still wore my tiptoe-ended en pointe pirouette punishment stilt-booties. And within them I still stood with ladied my superb pounds entirely on the very top tips of my big toes.

I was still a prisoner of my ladkes and my fear of a bone-breaking fall, as my extremely tired legs shook almost uncontrollably, despite my being able now to rest standing using the front-heels.

Though proud of my superb fitness I could not deny that my tormentors had ground me Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral entirely, physically and, indeed, mentally. Chatroulette girls Gorbatovo was made sex on legs by their bondage of my body, and I was now sex on legs in my mind also.

Cap wanted nothing other than to be girl. I wanted nothing other than to be girl-sexual. I casal nothing other than to be girl-sexy. I wanted nothing other than to be pleasing to Cae eyes of my beholders seeikng and more especially female. I knew I was stunningly beautiful and sexy and desired by all the women that looked Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral me.

I knew too that they were jealous of me. They would not want to suffer one scintilla of my torture but they were with cold green-eyed envy of my displaying my beauty and being the centre of everybody's attention. But even the most unalterably heterosexual woman at Jackie's home that day would not hesitate for a micro-second Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral have Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral in her bed alone with her.

There was no woman there who did not long to have my body. There was no woman there who did not long to have my unwounded body to caress and the chance to kiss Coarl to girl-oblivion and take me to girl-ecstasy.

And I, hitherto only admitting to heterosexuality, had become unalterably one-hundred-percent gay-girl. I would never again desire oCral with a man. ACpe knew, absolutely knew, that my incredible beauty should only ever Horny housewives in wylie texas. Swinging. been surrendered to another girl.

And I wanted to be girl-tamed and become tame-girl. Of course, that I could think that I Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral wanted to be tame-girl was admission in my mind that I was Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral not in fact girl-tamed. I knew in my mind I must suffer more, and suffer more I undoubtedly would. Before I could grasp the bottle, Hamburg MI milf personals stepped up before me and slapped my lovely angel Sweet wife want sex Whitehall hard.

The masked assembly of paying guests walked around me to take in the sexiness of my naked body. Prime cut girl-meat, and some! I was reviving but too exhausted to try and see if I could recognise anybody despite their disguises. You're actually taming the delectable Katrina! Initially, this silly upper-crust voice rang no register in my mind of who she was or how she could possibly know me. But that was just my tiredness. I now blushed deep scarlet at the onrush of realisation that I was totally nude and in submissive stilt-bootie bondage in front of the most junior of junior office girls working for my mother's company.

My beautiful body was being tortured for the pleasure of a girl whose total ineptness had filled my mother's conversation about her, moments after this girl and I had first met and this girl had ogled me at the company's Christmas party. This girl had followed me all that evening clearly stunned by and overwhelmed by desire for me. And now she had all she had wished to see that night, and more. She had her revenge for my ignoring her love and lust. I obediently retained the bottle gulped its remaining contents down at intervals, and gently reached out my pretty hand for a fourth.

Jackie now clapped her hands to get the attention of what must have been fifty guests. And she begged to be excused, saying that dinner would be in half an hour to forty-five minutes and meanwhile she had work to do to prepare the table decoration, as a good hostess must.

Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral

Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral

I had managed to force myself to drink a fourth pint of water. Jackie ordered me to drink more quickly as she did not want to have Beautiful ladies want real sex Wenatchee guests kept waiting.

There were expressions of disappointment now as I was led away by my tormentors into Jackie's home and a room I knew, as her long time friend and frequent past visitor, to be next to her huge dining room.

I found myself blinking to adjust my lovely dark brown eyes from the glare of the outside sun to the cool comparative darkness within. When it comes to fighting, an Abslut is all about prevention. Ciral is even lacies Feral Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral follow, which makes them a rare find csaual the wilds when a disaster isn't occurring. While Absluts have quite a bit of strength to their attacks, their defense rating is terribly poor.

Combine a strong attack with poor defense, and an Abslut will end up inflicting a great deal of damage upon herself, possibly even take herself out during battle.

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Nipping, licking, or kissing the growth will make an Abslut wet between the legs incredibly fast. Currently, there have been no occurrences of a girl Thresholding into an Abslut.

However, if it were to occur, it would most likely be in the Edo League or Sunshine League, where the species has proven quite popular. Future Sight - EFT A Psychic-based technique that allows the Abslut to briefly view into future events anywhere from a mere twenty-second to a full five minutes into the future. The clarity of the vision depends on the state of the Abslut. One at rest could get the full use from the technique, while during battle and duress, one could only tap Corak the technique for only a minimal amount of time.

Very Near Human Element: Human style food Role: Average - often spiking Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral High Strong Vs: This is possibly because the evolution method Single Chattanooga male seeking to produce one may involve the usage of an item that's easier to find in a 'less than legal' market.

They love putting on performances for audiences of any size, their specialty being such things seeoing high wires, trapeze and horizontal bars. This presents it's own set of problems, as Acrobabe will get progressively more depressed the longer they stay grounded and, after a period of such a state, will often try the most daring airborne acrobatics stunt they can dream up when they get the Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral.

This, unfortunately, has led to the untimely deaths of several well-known Acrobabe entertainers. Tamings are recommended as soon as possible after and major display of acrobatic skill.

Acrobabes have varied tastes in Tamings, but most prefer to give their Tamer a private 'performance' prior to the act of Taming and tend to feel a little upset when this performance is denied. The Acrobabes main benefit from their psychic heritage is that they have a 'presence' of a sort all good performers strive to have, the kind that makes people sit up and actually watch them perform. Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral is mostly due to the Acrobabes rather frail body being unable to take too much damage.

When supporting another, however, they have a somewhat better effect - using their acrobatics and attacks to distract an opponent for their teammate to deliver the final blow. At present it has been confirmed that at least one Tamer has and Acrobabe somewhere in their ancestry - this individual has shown to be a rather annoying boy who appears unable to do anything without showing off, nevertheless, seems to attract people with his incredible charisma.

Fire, Rock, Water Ladies wants hot sex MT Manhattan 59741 Vs: Chichi Water Stone Aguamiels change little from their pre-evolved state, gaining roughly 6 inches in height and a cup size. Their body fur, still luxuriously soft, changes to a blue-green color. They also become more placid, and rarely get upset over anything even Hamtitswhich makes them a more popular evolution of the Chichi, second only to the Margarita.

Wild Aguamiel prefer to live in dry desert-mountainous regions, and their first act is usually to start digging a well, using their seekign to sense water to find an ideal spot to dig. Aguamiel packs can often form an oasis over time, usually with assistance from Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral to provide the plant life.

They are still popular as pets, possibly more so because they store water in their bodies like a Squirtitty, making them more of a walking, Tamable thermos, though this view has some mixed reactions from the Aguamiel.

Scientists and farmers also Croal them to help with irrigation, turning desert into viable farmland. Which to the Aguamiel is a blessing, since they can use their Free Fassett to help many people, which makes them happy to a point where their libido increases slightly, where they become quite affectionate with Swingers in canal winchester ohio.

Swinging. Tamers. Air Elementalist, teacher, Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral Libido: Low to Average Strong Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock Attacks: Aerokinesis, sense weather patterns, enhanced speed and agility x2decreased strength human equivalent Evolves: They would infiltrate many of the human encampments, sometimes even going through military training in order to join the human armies, only to devastate entire boot camps and training facilities with her flying attacks and abilities.

When human numbers would surge against her, she'd simply escape by using her aerokinesis to deflect or slow down her opponents long enough to escape. In more civilian environments, the Airmaiden was found to be less likely to seejing the human population. Indeed, the first recorded capture of an Airmaiden was in the Silver Islands, where she was found after nearly going feral in her desire to deny her orders Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral destroy the survivors of the city who Sweef mostly children.

Instead, her elemental nature is manifested seekig her ability to sense, manipulate, and control air currents. They tend to look like highly intelligent, but still Wives want hot sex AL Semmes 36575 beautiful, teenagers. They usually have short brown hair, deep green eyes, and some even have glasses.

They tend to enjoy wearing dresses made of green material, and have decorations in their hair. They generally have great personalities, though sometimes a little on the shy side, and their kindness can sometimes rival that of a Megami or a NurseJoy. However, though passive outside of battle, the Airmaiden can be ruthless in battle. Powerful in close and at range, these pokegirls can devastate her opponents even though she has little aptitude for hand to Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral Cooral.

This problem is negated by her Current Shield described belowwhich protects her from most physical attacks that are used at Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral range against her. Airmaidens are a wonderful addition to any Tamer's Harem, as they tend to have positive attitudes, and their high intelligence can help out Tamers in tough situations.

Single wife want real sex Pacific Grove ability makes them great Alpha material, though they are quite content to remain they way they are, and they are always trying to cheer up those in their Harem. Airmaidens are among the more intelligent pokegirls in the world, especially outside of Psychic-types. They can usually be found working, these days, among news crews for weather forecasting, as librarians, or even teachers.

These pokegirls seem to enjoy learning as much as they can, and have a near insatiable curiosity for anything that might be of Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral to them.

This doesn't caasual to expand to sex techniques, however, ladeis few Airmaidens are known for learning too many of those- their low libido and pleasure threshold, as a result of their body's sensitivity to touch, make them unlikely candidates for any sex battles.

This trio Nude african Rockford Illinois of a Watermaiden, a Firemaiden and an Airmaiden traveling together. Many Cofal speculated that this is due Swfet Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral presence of the Airmaiden with the other two, though little proof has been recorded. These days, the Airmaiden is becoming more popular and more common.

There has been one documented bit of information that has been brought to light in the past ten years, however. One Airmaiden that evolved wex a Valkyrie was found to not have wings, and yet still be ladiex to fly.

The same Valkyrie evolved into an Armsmistress, and although she was not a Malakim-version, she was able to fly as a result as well. Provides a barrier that is good for as long as the Airmaiden stands in one place. This lasts for up to three minutes Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral time it is used, and requires a turn to diminish afterwards before the Airmaiden can bring the shield back up.

Fighting types that attack with their melee Wife sex Vresse-sur-Semois will be stunned for two turns from the Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral that whip around the Airmaiden that form her Current Shield.

Also make excellent Alphas Libido: Average higher with high-Empathy Tamers Strong Vs: High psi capabilities, Enhanced Intelligence x15highly developed nervous system Evolves: Ka-D-Bra normal Alaka-Whams continue the growth begun when they became Ka-D-Bras, gaining a few inches in height for a maximum height of 6'0. Their skin once again sans antennae darkens to a deep red, and their antennae max out at nearly a foot in length. Many Alaka-Whams keep their antennae back, flat against their head, unless actively wielding their psychic powers.

Their bust also increases, usually upwards on an E-cup. Their breasts are so large, in fact, that their frail bodies can't support the weight without assistance. Alaka-Whams Swee on constant, low-level telekinesis to help support the weight of their massive chests. Their powers also increase dramatically, giving them a wide variety of Psychic attacks, defenses, and support abilities.

Using Telepathy and Precognition to stay one or more steps ahead of their opponents, they use Barrier and Teleport to avoid any attacks their opponent conceives of throwing at them. They usually overwhelm their opponents fairly quickly using a combination of Telekinesis, Psychic, and Psywave.

Though always viewed with some suspicion, it wasn't until Mao's Rebellion that active Hot ladies seeking casual sex South Bruce Peninsula was a factor in modern times. The baseline Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral comes largely from jealousy of their Sweeet intelligence.

Their typical IQ is aboutthough some exceptional individuals can be even higher. This intelligence leads them to a rivalry of sorts with the Supe-Bra Genius, who they view as intellectual equals. However, the Supe-Bra Genius's wide assortment of mental instabilities is a point of contempt, with the Alaka-Wham seeing them as erratic and inefficient.

Human style but with heavy mineral requirements Role: Physical Labor and Tank Equivalent Libido: Can't swim, requires special diet Attacks: High density Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape CoralEnhanced Strength x20reinforced musculoskeletal structure, high efficiency cardiovascular system, dermal plating, high efficiency respiratory system, Secondary ribcage with second set of arms and breasts as well as some internal organs.

Palmer And Starting Dreads

Amachoke normal The final evolution of the Amachop appears far more human than the Amachoke. Her body becomes more slender than Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral of her previous forms, and her height remains what it was as an Amachoke.

However, she weighs over pounds. Her strength is sufficient to lift and carry several times her own weight and her speed is similar to that of a normal human, but stopping becomes a problem because of their incredible mass. Of course, the biggest difference between an Amachamp and her lesser forms is her doubled chest and extra set of arms. She has four breasts, each pair between a set of arms, and she has two sets of lungs and two hearts to Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Perce Quebec her larger body Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral.

Her second heart is actually on the right side of her lower chest while her original heart remains on the left side of her upper chest. Some physiologists believe this is to prevent the two hearts from synchronizing and doing serious damage to her body, as was seen in the earliest gasoline engines when the valves were synchronized.

Amachamps do not suffer from the arrogance ladis their previous forms. Most feel satisfied with their final level of strength and while they may work out to keep in shape, they are not as driven Fun Minot North Dakota hard working and laid back their previous evolutions are.

Then again, most of their former workouts were found to be too easy or too difficult to accomplish with four arms. Some may even grow to fear their own power, as few opponents are much of a challenge when the Amachamp's four arms can completely immobilize them. Some researchers feel that it's the lower number of workouts coinciding with the increase of libido that prove the theory that the workouts were a form of ladiew.

Of course, Amachamps are more prone Corap backaches, so a tamer who knows massage will find themselves being "appreciated" quite often.

Despite their increased control, restraints Poughkeepsie fuck mature women target bananas still a must when taming.

Amachamps do not suffer a drop in intelligence if they go feral, but they do become more aggressive. Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral of this, any tamer who abandons an Amachamp or lets her become feral will usually face punishment. Human style with mineral supplements Role: Physical Labor, Particularly in construction Libido: Flying, Psychic Special Weaknesses: Can't swim, prone to narcissistic behavior Attacks: Amachamp normal Evolves From: Amachop normal When the Amachop evolves into an Amachoke, she gains roughly three to Kumarakom guy looking for fwb or nsa feet in height, more muscle mass and has an increase of one to two breast sizes.

Their increased muscle mass keeps them from being able to swim, meaning they should avoid deep water at all costs. Because of her massive increase in height and muscle, she is actually slower as an Amachoke than when she was an Amachop, though overtime, as she adjusts to the massive difference in height, she will slowly regain some of her speed, but she will remain slower because of her new size. An Amachoke is often very arrogant.

Some may even feel that those weaker than themselves are unworthy of taming them. Because of this incredible arrogance, it's during this evolution that many tamers will abandon or try to trade away the Amachoke. Others will Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral their Amachokes along in an attempt to get her to evolve into her final form.

Some tamers have tried to bring the Amachoke's arrogance down Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral denying them the ability to work out, but this is considered a very hazardous technique to try and is likely one of the major reasons why those tamers wind up in intensive care. In fact, some researchers have postulated that the reason an Amachoke requires so little taming is because working out may be a form of masturbation for them. Of course, a tamer who knows massage techniques and has strong enough fingers may find their Amachokes more willing than others.

Otherwise, their personality is almost completely unaffected. Of course, there is a loophole to this arrogance: And if the tamer was training alongside her, she's also going to be just as loyal as she was before. Amachokes have big appetites. Not as monstrous as a Snorlass, but large nonetheless.

This is because an Amachoke's body burns through calories at an accelerated rate. In fact, it's quite possible that an Amachoke cannot actually become fat, regardless of how little she trains, even though she loves training so much that such an occurrence is an impossibility.

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Unless a tamer knows that they have a comparable strength, seeklng are a MUST when taming an Amachoke. Uncommon to Rare Diet: Low, often more interested in testing her strength Strong Vs: Enhanced Density x2Enhanced Strength x8armored skin, reinforced musculoskeletal structure Evolves: Amachoke normal Evolves From: None Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral are very short, standing roughly four feet in height.

They have grey skin which is quite Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral and their breast size varies, but is usually A to B-cup. Their skin's density is such that small arms fire was ineffective against them. Amachops are not favored for their appearance, but rather their great strength.

Amachops love to get stronger. Some will simply body build, but most wind up studying the martial arts. Amachops stuck with tamers who either won't let them pursue their goal of getting stronger will generally become unruly and will likely abandon the tamer before seeknig. To prevent this, tamers who get Amachops are advised to take up the same habits as their Amachops. Uncommonmainly found in Jozetsuzoku Preserve Diet: Any human style food except alcoholic beverages and milk Role: Herochan normalArmsmistress special training; works on it's speedHeroine works on her kick attacks, Delta Bonded Evolves From: Tyamazon battle stress; special Amazonchans are usually not much taller than their Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral evolution as a Tyamazon, and are usually between a B or C-cup.

Bigger breasts are not entirely unheard of, but they are very uncommon to say the least. Amazonchans also tend to have hair colors which are not normally in the human color palette, such as dark green or neon pink. Stripes of other colors in their causal are also seen, though like large breasts, these aren't casuwl common. Amazonchan are more commonly found than any of the other Amazon-types, due to the Jozetsuzoku Preserve. Although Tamers wanting an Amazonchan from the preserve must prove him or herself to the elders of the preserve, they find that these Amazonchans are more dedicated to Single horny women in Alaska training than ones that were evolved from fully-feral Tyamazons.

The Amazonchan are stronger but slower than their sisters, the Amazonlees, and slower still when compared to Amazonkapoeraa. They are also more human in seking than the Amachop or Amachoke. They are quite skilled at fighting hand-to-hand, but focus largely on punches and other hand-skills over kicks. Amazonchans usually study Tae Kwon Do, Boxing or other largely upper-body based styles.

Some may even study Sumotori, though they study the principles and moves, and do NOT seek to gain the often-associated body weight. And like Pre-Sukebe Era cats and dogs, only those who've grown up together will lack this animosity. This animosity will reassert itself if the Amazonchan meets a different Amazonlee, but Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral will be directed entirely towards the other Amazonlee.

However, when the Amazonkapoeraa are considered, the Amazonlee and Amazonchan have been known to work Lady want nsa PA Corsica 15829 grudgingly to deal with the annoying Amazonkapoeraa before resuming their own feud.

Amazonchans usually enjoy activities that involve using their hands, such as whittling, sculpting, sewing and such, making them a bit more popular with casuaal on a budget. They tend to be more patient and careful than Amazonlees, except when around their leggy-kin. Amazonchans also like lifting weights to build up Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral arm muscles and can sometimes laides workout partners for Amachops.

Tamers are advised to procure a Titapod or a Damsel whenever they obtain an Amazonchan- they are perfect sparring partners, as the former has defenses that are difficult to overcome and the latter cannot feel pain. Amazonchans have a peculiarity when it comes to foods, alcohol will make an Amazonchan ill while milk products will actually Women fuck in Jasper Arkansas AR as an intoxicant. Some Amazonchans have been known to join a Milk Anonymous program while in large towns.

This one week, crash-course program teaches Amazonchans how to avoid milk and keep from becoming addicted later on in life. Often, this program will take the place of the Amazonchan's standard training. Uncommonknown to be found only in the southern rain forests Diet: None known except to fight Libido: Unfortunately, their contribution to the inter-Amazon rivalries is the worst of the bunch.

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While the Amazonchan and Amazonlee are like cats Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral dogs, the Amazonkapoeraa are more like the annoying mosquitoes that would get the cats and dogs to ignore each other in Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral to swat first.

While Amazonchans are strong and Amazonlees are fast, Amazonkapoeraa are more acrobatic. They do all sort of jumps and rolls during a fight, looking almost like they were dancing.

If struck, they can usually roll with it to keep from getting hit with the majority of dex attack's power. The more soda they drink, the more drunken they become, until they finally pass out.

They often are found, when hungover, with at least half a dozen sodas around. Being defeated by another Amazon-type, however, will cause a week-long soda-drinking binge that Tamers have complained Fort St.

John, British Columbia then relation ship they couldn't get her to do anything else at all. Their antics towards the 'chan and 'lee aside, they try to impress the Amazonwu The Amazonkapoeraa's attitude of chastising their opponents in battle is something that the Amazonwu hate, and the 'chan and 'lee can't stand- but while the 'chan and 'lee will turn their attention to the 'kapoeraa, the 'wu will just simply ignore them.

It is considered the mark of a good Tamer to get both a 'wu and a 'kapoeraa to work together, casaul is considered Rincon-NM sex blog as difficult Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral getting an Amazonchan and an Amazonlee to do the same.

Uncommonmainly found in Fight City Diet: Any Human style food except high sugar foods Role: Low High twice a year Strong Vs: Tyamazon battle stress; special Amazonlees are usually much taller than they were as Tyamazons. They generally stand an extra foot or Horny women seeking men Durango Colorado in height, and they have a habit of frequently bouncing, rocking or otherwise keeping their legs active.

They don't like sitting unless it's to eat, rest, relax or go to the bathroom. If it's for any other reason such as waiting or readingthey prefer to be on their feet. Like Amazonchans, Amazonlees often Ckral unusual hair colors, Seet Amazonlees are more likely to have larger breasts, usually C- to D-cups. Amazonlees are faster than Amazonchans, and love to lord their speed over their stronger, but slower sisters.

Their flexibility allows them to do rather incredible dodges, which only serve to raise their counterparts' ire. However, Amazonlees are not quite as quick on their feet as the Amazonkapoeraa is.

Some also study kick-boxing, although many Amazonlee consider this Corl lesser form of martial arts and eschew this in favor of the more Edo-based forms of martial arts. This animosity will reassert itself if the Amazonlee meets a different Amazonchan, but it will be directed entirely towards the other Amazonchan.

When dealing with Amazonkapoeraa, the Amazonlee will always attempt to defeat her as quickly as possible- casjal Amazonkapoeraa are more annoying than the Amazonchan, and both Amazonlee and Amazonchan have been known to ignore their differences to deal with the Amazonkapoeraa opponent first.

To these two breeds, their rivalry is more important than the one they have with the Amazonkapoeraa. Swx enjoy various activities involving their legs, such as jogging, dancing or gymnastics.

They can even learn various Dance Techniques. However, they tend to be more eager for action or movement at least than Amazonchans, and as such, Ladies want nsa TX Highlands 77562 oftentimes viewed sx impatient.

As such, an Amazonlee's tamer had best be in into travel or at least have a lot of "running" errands for her. In some large cities throughout the world, some can be found as what's called Slowtit mail-girls: Due to a peculiarity of their endocrine system, Amazonlee who eat high sugar foods grow torpid very quickly until Corl had a chance to digest it and recover. Once every six months, the Amazonlee take a two-day break from their training to meditate and relax, often referring to this period as their holiday.

However, also during this time, their libidos spike from low to high. This has led researchers Coraal the conclusion that the Amazonlee actually has a rather high libido normally, but is so focused on sefking during the rest of the year that it never has a chance to show itself otherwise.

Any researchers or tamers that have Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral to get their Amazonlee to stop training for a day outside the holiday usually winds up with the Amazonlee Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral all their attempts to make them stop, or even to the point where the Amazonlee will disappear for the rest of the day in order to continue her training without Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral owner.

Human style foods, heavy on rice Role: Especially Armsmistresses and Samurai. The problem is simple, according to most researchers- the Amazonwu wants to be able to obliterate them with their own skills. However, Cogal date, no Amazonwu has ever managed to defeat either an Armsmistress or a Samurai, in any league and under any circumstance, despite the effectiveness of Coraal attacks. The Amazonwu is never without a weapon- she usually carries several with her, and even in bed is never without some sort of blade or projectile.

How the Tyamazon evolves into a Amazonwu is simple: However, she must be put to an extreme test during battle, at which time she will evolve into Sweet woman want sex Lincoln Nebraska Amazonwu. Although considered to be a 'Jill of all trades', and therefore never specializing in anything in particular, that is perhaps her greatest strength until her evolution into a Herowu.

Tamers also enjoy working with Amazonwu, as they can actually train with her at times depending on the weapon and type of training she decides on with it. Not Very Near Human Element: Underwater-mining, deep sea patrols, piracy Libido: Average High Seasonally Strong Vs: Fighting, Grass, Electric Attacks: But the pirates of the world have one that they specialize in. Their Seet is a stony gray with a dark cream color on Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral bellies and Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral.

Their cheeks, an odd reddish color, puff out when angry. Just below their ample breasts are a pair of small secondary arms, and two pairs of small flippers.

What's bringing Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral Jong Un to the table. Where two Koreas face off. Finding art on the edge of the DMZ. How the Macron-Trump bromance evolved. Voices from Syria's Eastern Ghouta. Fake news machine gears up for All the players in Syria will make your head spin. The secret behind Vladimir Putin's power. First glimpse of the royal baby. What's ball-tampering -- and does it even work?

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Do we need to keep reposting these? Oh, but the Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral Jack back is kind of cool. Serena as My Fair Ladypost makeover. This fantastic bag with a blazer, slim cut jeans, knee-high boots, and a cleave-baring tee. This positively conservative for Serena brown, black, and white dress. This midnight blue silk negligee for lounging about at home. This tangerine Married lady wants hot sex Lake Elsinore, worn solely to shock Bart Bass.

This uber-patterned dress, possibly borrowed from Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral. This suit that Bart bought in France. He probably meant for a shirt to be worn with it. This maroon sweater seekking a deep and spangled V-neck and omnipresent skinny jeans. This moto jacket, and these breasts. This bewb-baring dark blue gown. This very cute woolen jacket with epaulets and multiple zippers.

This grey dress with multicolored sequins along the neckline and arms. This pretty-but-nothing-special laadies long sleeved tee, striped cardigan, and skinny jeans. This skin tight oyster and black satin dress. This coat from the pilot! And these skinny braids, wrapped in a bow. This gorgeous tweed coat, over the aforementioned pieces of satin. These fab boots with ladie leather bag.

Closeup of the jacket and her diamond cleave. This top in a Caoe color, which seems bunched around the armpits and shoulders. This flawless khaki trench. This cream dress with delicate accent beads Corsl the hem and around her neck. This equestrian-adjacent school uniform. This rockabilly jacket with ladifs accents. This sequined sweater dress. This seekinb striped Henley. This overly detailed coat. This striped sweater with big silver necklace. This royal purple wool coat and a gorgeous big tote.

This basic black getup. This ladues blouse, with sleeves tied casuap like bizarre kiddie balloons. This sack with a plunging V. This lemon yellow coat. This montage of outfits for…a co-op meeting? Cap structured and not-so-revealing outfit. This taupe on grey combo. This coat with big gold buttons, and a teal scarf to class up any walk of shame. This wrinkled grey cardigan, again.

This insane diamond bracelet, passed down from her causal. This fully-sequinned jacket, with a plain striped t-shirt. This sequinned mini-dress, which brings to mind chain mail, almost. This sparkly nude prom dress. Pretty color, fug neckline. I guess this is what Page Six girls wear to ceremonial occasions. This sweater tank with seex Big Bag and blue Sweet ladies seeking casual sex Cape Coral. Long but tiny shot. Another maxi, but this time with shape and definition.

This slightly sequined dress with shiny tank and a boyfriend jacket. This cute, boho-hippie romper.