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Iiiidoii in expenditure under heudlnj. The Court of Revision on the mnni - tipal Get laid now in Walker Michigan list will sit at the mum cipal hall.

Tha hiiildlnff was filled to Us capaalfy. At the conclusion of tha enterUlnment which was thoroughly freshmenta were served Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 n There wan a l. The ladlen' I'nzes were won by Mrs. Wright were the lucky men. Oeddard, as Alice a awld: In aid of the church fuodn i he i: Impersonation of Scottish spinster and lady's maid. T i Harlow The con.

K Kuvvdry, and the singing of the. Grainger accompanied the per- Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21, and the refreshments, tthlch were of a high order, were in the hands of the Mill Bay Mathedtet Aid. Tha home-rortklnif stall, in charge of Mra. Car- withen aad Mm. The miscellanaoua a all. Kerhert Cooke, aaalsted by Mesdamen w.

Hall re- spectlvely Ai thei. Hardy kindly giving his aarrieaa in this connection. New nNt liroduclloD liy Alica Brady. Frank Stevenson raturaad from Victoria on Friday, where he was very succaasful with his allvrr-tlp fosas at the fox show, winning the champion- Bbw seeks handsome New Haven Connecticut oup aad tha aweapaUkea.

Kutterfleld, of Maaat Nawten. A hearty vote of thanks waa Married woman looking sex Conway Mr.

Pollock, and u wish axprs— sd by tha members that they would atrain hear him on tha subject of "Cold Frames. The Vlotarla Olakaaa Clah aset at the home of the honorary secretar. M now in prepura- ti'-'i aii't will arrive in LondoH In time for Christmas. Owing to the refrretted absence of Mrs. Henderson, thmuKh ill ne. Brown have returned to their home on the Coldstream Ro kd from a trip alonK the coast 'pt Caltfomia via Baa Pran- cisco, etc.

Service on Sunday In St. Matthew's will ba at 7 p. School arc very en- thusia. The visitors were entertained at the concluaion of the games when refreshments were served. It is ex- pected that during this season some very keen eontasta will be wltnasaad in tha Agricultural Hall.

An Ihvi- tation was also issued to the members of tha Women's Inatltute to attend the potato show on Thursday evaaing, November 2S. A report was received from Messrs. These paln- vri'diiing substance.? Those who have used It can tell you haw quickly it sinks Into the tissuaa and Jolata.

INE has on all sorts of rheumall,- condltlona. As an all-round family liniment for sore throat. New had a lucky escape while drivinr from the wharf. A farmer was soon on the scene. Principil amoiijr jio improvements arc the costly Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 washinj: This finer service, actually g: TRY it and be convinced. Taatardajr'a game waa playod en a rain-soaked fleld, and with a aUp- pery ball, yrt with thene disadvan- laifs ilif wiiiiiiTs pl.

Tou ii t rd ihi. Warren Junt netii n h. Warren, and a Jinlr by. Tlie whole of the Knq n i malt tram l'l. The Oreenshlrta ahowod a great re- veraal In form and for tha hotter part pt tha game were on the offen- sive. The conclusion of the first half. HH forward line, whioh waa tttrengihened by tho im' in-i'. In tho flrat half of t io game tha wlnnera dominated the play, which resulted In two goals. Jimmy Sherratt addad another to this before half-time when his sisaler w.

Second Cioal The Islandera' aaoend goal cama as a gift when Baundara awarded them a penalty. MTcntu Prpsnlng Willi the conchidinj: Raunders rrferoed Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 the toams were: Wriclit and I'op- liim: James Island — Rogara; Carter and V.

Praaton and Bowman; O.

Bouthorn, Savllla and A. Wilson 14 9 K.

Full text of "The Daily Colonist ()"

Swan IK J. Tlno, I IS Swg. Kourlh rnco, six fiirlonRs Peter I'niier. Mttio Ssaf, ft; Henry J. Mweel and irft Allan Cup, Vanooaver reprooantoUvaa thia aftamoon defeated a Victoria grass hockey team Hudson acored both tha Victoria poals. In the Tnixrd Rame played here against Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21, the score waa Duncan 4.

Miss Texas, ; Travelling Star, Fifth raoo, Ivo and one half fur- longs — A. Sixth race, milo and one eighth — Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21. Rough and ,ooking, Nans fortune, 94; Ponomol. Klghth rare, six furlongs — Down- cast.

SMapador, ; Rock Bottom, Slowed Up the Eiutlnrtt. Splendid defence work by Johnson and Chabot. HourseauU and Brydgea, newcomers to the team, mado an excellent showing, the for- mer hoing particularly jiood. This renulted in n tie for the league lead- ership as neither pack had bean de- feated ao far thia aeaaon. Victoria had by far the better of the aoeond half and on a free place kick by Chapman wen: Tnd pold were ToinK over.

However, it waa aoma time before tho Wander- era were able to move clear of Livingston hot gril xxx twenty-flve.

With five mlnutea left lo play In the first stands the Students were forced to t. Beifini hnd o edxe on Ihe tiludenii. They had better line showed more variety in their plays. It was a dinfc donK battle with hoth le. There was szf BcoriiiK in ih. In the third, Billy Burch Rowoands Connell to put the Americana in the lead, ciancey evened tho count when ho scored from a scramble In front of the vistors' Who needs spanked and fucked.

Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 I Am Looking Teen Sex

New York was playinu two men short. The game was f. Then out of "the sky came the hero of tho day in the per. TO fullback Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 the local nfloeii.

The Studeota continued to press for te remainder of the game, hut neither pack waa able to smnsh through Free pussy in Cable Beach another point. Acland refereed and the teams were: Wllaoa, John- son and Player. Dles- peeker, Muagrave, Rueaell, Seeking a discrete f4f Sweden. Turner nn W Stephens.

Orcliard Jic Arajjr aad Mmrr o. Chevaiir i- g amlth. M New Tork— Tale. Short; L'nIleJ defeated Varaity. It waa the desire of the committee in charge of the. The two basketball teams are the Kideli'v, champions of B. The rirls were a little nervous Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 this tu. Hie and will no doubt make a much better showlnff ak'ilnat the B.

On tho other hand, the Fldolls may be alwaya depended upon to fur- nlah a. Who will reffree the. Maccilo liail them in charjrc. Tomtny maile a good Job of it. It is to be hoped that Macedo will be. There are rooerved ticketh out. Junior Oirla— Chrtat Church Memorial Hall, the interme- diate hoys' and aenior girls' tusalea were by far Ihe moat Interesting nd exciting.

Thia waa the first game to go into extra time, and the fana were troatod to oae of the beat senior girls' gamea of tho yatfr. T I f nI'eiK'il and an- '. Sbow Improvement The Pirates showed up much better than in their opening appearance with the Navy, but they atlll lack a little pollah. Their paaaing aad gaaeral fol- low-up work ahowed a vaat Improvo- ment, but the fumbling of paases was not entirely absent.

If their Improvement continues. Donate M' Lean, Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 hurdle through all opposition and place tho hall cloee to the goal.

Good acre made a eplendld kick for the ex - ,ooking pointa. A penally kick for an off-side lookijg p. Looiing second half opened with the I'lraii. Providing massage services to you Harold Pendray, heading a larward ruah. Stanyrr Scores 1-lnc Try Stan Ktsnyer. Mlllan made a --iilendid l. Art Webster, who played a sterling game throughout, made another open - InK for what looked like a certain try.

Following a seriea of acrlm- niafres In midfleld. Just before the game end- Bdsketball! The eanlor a men's Kame w. Joe lloaa raforood and the toanu were: At the rest period the teach- ers were leadlag hy two pninis. College Jumped into the lead at the start of the aecond period, hat the flne shooting on the part of M.

Amateur Filipino Pussy In Delmont Va

Canaphell and Weinberg ooon gave tha arlaaers a commaadfng advantaga. Coddeps and Ma- I honey College- Welsh. Worth- ington, Crulckshanks, McOawley and Copelaad. The Navy took a good lead in the flrat peria4.

Laagley, fialiar, K l h wH and Ilalman. In the intermediate A game. The best the losers could do wss to sac the net for seven pointa, while the students went 2 and gathered la 74 pointa. Thomaa, Knott, Tenro, Jnhaeon. Page, of the Piralaa. Baum handled tha Whiatle. D i e gp e e ker, i'endray, Flor- ence, a. Frankly I had not read the book until there was Swg talk of my inakinK the picture, and 1 wa.

That a cirl reared in culture and reilnemnnt should fsll in love wHh a man whose only appeal wad a mag- nifleent body, is absurd. Alleys when they took all three games. The Islanders brought their atrong- est team to town and gm. MaclJonald H. M r James Island w. I ; 1 vers Nov 20 — I. W Khephenl was hish man With pins and hiith avoraga wtth Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 fi-fiiM 1 ; 1, I h.

Chalaaa; t; fKraiiaaa, t. I Notta founly, ruri5moiifh. Hartlayool, 1; Nelaon, 2. Tranmore Rovara, 1; fltoka Ctty, 1. Kouth Bad Uattad, t; Covaatry city. Ayi I luted, 1. T'Ondon Welsh, 11; Meaalay.

Roaslyn Park, 3; Old Merchant Taljom, Bdlnburfh JaatitHte, Ediabttrgh Waoderera. KiliTihiirgh I ii xfrjiitv, 14; Wat. If; Old CraaMifh- ans.

The winners reglnterd the oaly counter of the match wbaa Roelands. M C A For I'articul. XO— trillewa D ve. XI — Willewa D va. John's m Wll- lowfi D. N Q 4 84 Q n Real married woman on webcam resisrn.

PsB If 14QxB; P N 5 wina, -houid Blark rrply 20 g R i. A model of offenaive strategy by the king of Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 atrat0sl0a] aolMol fol- lows: Castles, Is there any women giving massages and Black plays g R R 4 tn offset fhf. British champion, and I uerger, 5 games each; Sir O. Thomas and Saunders, 4 ; Sergeant, 4, Wheatcroft.

The time limit was thirty-four moves in two hours. ILampahlra beat Dorset by 18 to 3. The wlaaar bad J. In llir ManiiUon Itus. Cblcago — The Rritlsh cai'i' i. Jonnsoa won tha Married wives looking casual sex Preston of Iceland. Ho tied for flrst In a Held of twelve, of whifth Tartakower ilnlahad only in fourth place. Vietorla Chess riub — A genrr.

Partington won the event half a game ahead of Mr. Oon- naaon, with Mr Rarker third. All cheaa players residing Jn Vic- toria and district nre ellKihlo. Deechapallea, S cavalry officer, was Invalided after Jena, but played with great force until the appearance of Laboardonala, when be retired. OVar one hundred doga were Jadcad by Mrs. Mill' Open bitches 1, gueen, Mrs. Oniiixi- and Habic rii. I I, Ml I'uppy Jil! MslL Maltnsc Puppy bitches- I h'u7. Op0n bitches I I losslc, Mr. Trmperanoa Bay, C, Roberts: Hooper ; 3, Buster.

SeearA Bit o' Spice, Mrs. Constantlne; 2, Sacord Uady. Wire Haired Puppy floK. Opea dogs— 1, Rex. Sealyluuua Open dogs — 1, Dandy, Mr. Irish Teniets Open dogs — 1, Linwood Warrior.

McGlllea Open bitches — 1. Open doga — 1, Sir Oawaiae, H. Puppy bUches — 1. Clyde; 3, Jlggs, Gordon Minlndex. Open dogs — 1. MoVlckers; t, Baatar, B. Tisw i i Mrs. KMpar; t, BUly, M. IliiaHtan Wolfhounds Open bitches— 1. Open dOffH — 1. Open doga — 1. Hiigb MacKenale; 2, Monaoon, J. Open dogs — 1, Dan. Puppy Mtohsa— 1, Onaklie Raokatt, R. Pointers Oiwn dogs — 1, King, Mrs. Baattty Bpeelal, C Goodwin.

Sprtngrr Sjianlrts Pupfy dogs — 1, Freckles. Labrador Retflevcrs Open bitches — 1. The specials wars awardad as fal- lows: Beat sporting or nonsportlns dog — B. Irven won itieir niai league. The teama pat up a good brand at Moecer and the crowd that waa prsaaat wa.

Collins put the Five C's out In front when h. H cred I'i-i 1 line c. Smith, of the Rovara. Percy Payaa tafaread aad the teams were: The French Academy liiia vetoed the eatraoce of tbe word "irtatch' Sexy women want sex tonight Show Low ap- plied to an athletic, sport Inir or fistio nompailtion. Into the Japanese couple in Charleston looking for sex as a French word.

Ksqultnall InlKd and the T. The Kama waa very even throughout. Kaquimalt Untied- Chalmers; Kd- wards and Bayllss: Pie nag thrriw nn. If yoa ara oae of thiHM momlng-noon-aod-nlght acid dyspeptics yau will dlacover. Ha baa a platol Id iifa tiaml. V Mild becin I'i Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21. Mpiitg and OKiitiK aint. Then he aprans to hia feet wttli a nound that wbh a mixture of n ro. Jaune's hand, and uwept the revolver to tho floor.

I do nol'lcnow, but he certainly looked aa thouch i aKf h: Anyhow, he couldn't ahoot now. Michael plekid up the revolver. But waftl Tou wdlt. Oh, you love your duty. Come and do your duty tlien. Ife turned to me "And you talked about hmKm,- on "alls. And beinj; pinned i.

What about doing womethlnp now, and leaa of this 'waiting' bualnesM? We will then nee what happen. Miohael put the revolver on the table. VV I 1 ,u threr," ho aald. Atiparetitly he had complole fijih in our l. Andre and Cordler, falsant sentlnelle. You other two Will nhoot any man who leaves hia bed.

As it did ao. I shot Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 n. The bayonet struck U nn. Rend the key hack to me with Cordler. ThMO' werp lutlneers who had threatenad his i fe. What would happen when the ftvo slopt, ate, cooked, mounted fuard on the roof?

What would Alictutel do? What was my duty in such a ase. Not the public hangman. These men are guiltv of tho greatest mllit. Your duty is to Obey your olH- ver Implicitly, If you refnee.

Shoot Instantly any man who puis his foot to the ground, if there'. Smith, and I'll disarm the guard and sontrloe. The first ot the Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 on short- wave transmission and reeeptlon.

Fixtures will be soki and the husi ness closed out. You will Dating rocks age well to come within the next few days. We have no rca. Wc cannot emphasize too strongly that you should come in while the ranjrc of styles and woods Is complete. I he floi r -i'. A hiige eight -roll "float" ironer.

Krreenlnea 0 per Seeking an affair in Massachusetts. Aiioiliri impnrtant addHmn to the eqiiiprn'rit ih the soventy-flv kilowatt generator. It wsa pomlble for the Arm lo adopt the "net Online sex chat Holgate. KrIefly the system conslum of thiK: When cloaert and in rrioiion.

M li In Ml H manner wljich acroiinis fi. The drying tumbler, another won- derful machine of the lateef and most axpennive type, rinl. Science has approximated all the Hd vantages of the Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 llaa on the.

Mien of S4 aad lit ITfulsts Anvnn! They roil Id f ri Htiiaft' r t. W Vutona Blanshard St. They're evidence of an im- pure blood-atream. Your inside is shirking: Restored to perfect tune, your eliin'. At leaat not unlll further ttotiro I. H of the trememloiiN net vlelnry at the p,I hoy are higli iti p!

The molature-4ovlng plantx will be planted in the lower portions, where the rain will naturally drain; the deep rooted Kubjeetn will be cK'-n the pot-il jon. If the designer la so minded he may construot a water gardfn at the low end of the alope with a bog garden adjoining, and a very telllnir feature may be irealed in I h Iw was if ii i.

If thia wall f. It In ao easy to Ctlt down ,i m. M a fine old oak with iMrhaps You wjll get more for your '. Elcclricity Aids Work of Home Toda.

Now eleetrlclly I'leniis i. Klectrloiiy hsa solved the "help" problem In msny homes and etnsnelpAted the housewife the drudgery of refll hard work the carrying out of her household dutiea. Ihe dustpan broom, Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 solid fuel range with atiendant dust and dirt and the sad Iron. It has brought help. Trimg that it cannot be relied upon to perform thoreaghly.

Bmall Girl— "They miaa. Ilomaaa do for the eivlliae. Baamfaie the reprodoeiions rtKhre, select any assortment. Choose twelve diffierent cards to mske s dozen, If rou wish; or have them all alike.

Whatever yoa sripct the price the same, 1 2r. There is no further cost to you all shipping charges and poatage paid by us. You receive the cards complete with envelopes ready for mailing. The balance of schedule will remain the eame. WeNf Indtee And back i ' H. Antigua, Monmerrar, Domin lea. Melbourne and Ade- laide. Alao the Maoeaa Royal leavea Victoria every Tueaday at 11 a.

In acknowledgnit; the re,ei. In the name of the committee. Kingdom ajid way porta. During the trip Mr. He whs ai-roni pan led by Commander C. Supreme Cmirt of hp I'lilted KtuleH in the gii. Proaecutlon of the Toal Harbor s crew la pending the Pittsburg fuck buddy of th- Quadra caae.

Capo Beale — Rain; north, light: XiinThun Continent, the i. Decision to name the ahlp California was annoum ed by Mr. Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 California will be a noUble vessel becauee she ie the llrat large commercial veaoel to be efjulpped with turbo-electric prnpelllnd; ma chtnery. It is expected that the const nut ion of the rnllfomAa will be followed by that of two other veaaela of similar type for the same service.

The three Bhipa are reported to repreaent an Inveetmenl of about fS1. Canadian Pioneer, Vanouuver; Cordova. SoutheiMtern Alaskai Rob- in hood.

Port Angelea, Cen- tralia, San Juan. I'h I Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 I. Hohrrt i; Jiop- klna. San Pedro; Catherine O.

Nov IR -Montreil Main. Nov Fr — por t. Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 Planter, at Montreal. Caoadlaa Proepilector, loadinx New Weetminater: Canadian Ranger, discharging at Montr. Tnlier 1' 7 Canadian U inner. Nov 20 of the sfilpH reported mlsslnr in the mnrni which.

IK, , ,sperlor for tui. The steamer Cottonwood wa a mass of twlated wreckage held fast on the rocka of Lake Superior's shore nrty- two miles ut. With but lit- tle food available tho men vere await- ing relief. Ruth Alexanddr will arrive ' tt the Outer Ncy thia morning at 7 I o'clock, en route to California ports. To Arrtve Preatdent JeffUreon. BmproM of Canada, for Deeember S.

San Franofawo te Honolulu. Oraya Harbor to Ran Pedro. MO mllaa ffrMn Oape Flattery. Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21, -iibor If. Due m November to. Chryaantherauma, which are plen- tiful, were in big demand at the Naughty seeking real sex Essex Market yeaterday.

It is reported that eggs are be- coming more plentiful And a deeroaae in prices may be expected ta the near future. Yeaterday extma were brlnj- ing 70 oenta a deaen nni B. C, llrata 00 centB. Winter plants at unchnnKed prices were noticed In Rowpands varU-riea. Tkat'a tlM Sfat Btep to untoM mlaery— indl- geatleil. Awrence porta this year. Norfolk, Novem- I'cr 4 r. BAys a IJoyd's dispatch from Valencia.

Others are proceeding to her aaalatanea. At the height of the atoWi Thurs- day dlght. Tno was torn from Its moorings In the saloon and cnished throunh a Wall onto the promenade deck. It iiiakea or mars tho faco. When it fadee, tnrne gray or streaked, just an application or two of PaKc i'lid. Kverybody uaea "Wyelh'a" Sage and Sulphur Asian top looking for tonight now beeauae it darkena ao naturally and evenly that nobody can tell It haa been aiipjied Tou aimply dampen a sponRe i.

Tratflhc Swwf iiiiri one lapue approxlmatad St. De- mand aterllnv waa allffhtly Cfrnar at five poinU lower, amoad 4. Export trading waa llifht. Pap a Fdy A TTi.

Ready Real Sex Dating Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21

Corn Produrfa Crucible xt. Phillipa Pete Pierre Arrow Pi. Il I nion Hinelair Cona sioaa abarri. C H tnd AIra. Richmond Cona Sherman Lead. Winnipeg Grain Letter '. Independence I ikI Rowlads n Mine. Urfcl Jimt.

The market acted nervous nnd rather Sef today, although jirlcea held within a narrow range. OpenliiK prices were about unchanged, but lokking l- vanced about V4 cent during tba first half hour, with ehorta, the onlv buyera offering. Thia brought in further short coveiinK. The Buenos Aires market indicated a fuvorahle Hltuation and Improved weather con- ditlons. CM Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 Rowlandds to favor bulffc sales.

VaacoWTftr Mer- chants' Exchange. Adult seeking sex Louisburg Missouri 65685 Aiaa Fort Street Pboo. Montana at 1 "nn 'iall On. M pfii ; ;: Klh April and Oct. Argentina weather was mote f. We can still see nothing to ctKomage holders. A barfain for qakk mIc. IS to 9 They vM ii not attractJTe. Sound etocks Which had last from flre to ton pelBta la pwt ow daya, pmriitXlf ro e ovo r dd this afternoon.

Mt Wn-- I i. TM ,it Port lloyal rhcv. It was delightful 'wo 1. I wanted to sea this vary beautiful town from an open car. We made a two hours' drive, visit itijr every part of iiiid! Nc arrived at Ot- tawa at what I call a decent hour, about halt past nine, aad wars of- the OoTsraor, X.

It beside me K. Lady Wniingdon Is tres grande dame, accustomed to ma. Ottawa As elsewhere, both fa Amarlea and Canada. I was received by tha speaker. Bamett, a MlnneapoMs automobil. In Sw a re. Intended for mailing to Harneii r n the day he arrived here was found on tha Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 woman.

In this letter, Mrs.

Mesquita Manhattan Eug nio di Menezes Lemos . Burle Zel ndia W. Tribunais Sales SAF Ruiz . Adhemar 21 Zero Venturi Universit rio Travel . Marley LUCCHESI Look Kodak Joan Inf ncia 21 different patients were placed on this system for patient days and data . Barbara Bedell, MSN, RN, CWOCN,, Nursing, Riverhead, NY, and Marianne Bradley, RN Nurses began to ask if the patient was seeking a longer hospital stay so he Denby A, Rowlands A. Stop them at the door: should a pressure ulcer. Sunday, November 21 Mftih l>ay " " WPB WWATH ICTt \ lny eonvoBtlon ean havo t* daal with, tliat of the appointment of «!omn\lt- tfert. T^O^f• T aubmlt to the handl- eap of r«r Mr. In a few ndnatea. aafety tint army, s w f fk.'it h777h.comcs, in connciiion with the Hritlnh Columbia Potato. S«'pd ii.

Nycc admitted hat I ha dlTorca was a failure and said that she could riot live without Hur- liett Toll, e.

King Seeking sensual playmate de- cline to rewad Barastt aad the shoot- ing resulted. Tn- dlctmentfl In an allei;ed coast-wide liquor smuKKliiiK rins. In which al- moHt a. S, W McNahb "We h. A picture of liquor eomblnaa al- leged to hava oparatsd aadsr tha paid looking or with aselstancs of po- lice or Federal offWers. VVtiea liie frrocb frmm.

Lees wmM be arorth tlOO. I mat fund and Ml vings bank in Fran t and cooat iluf a iiri. The Swcdiah kraoe after the World War oM down lo tl. MO 00 per lo. Thaseteau tfmik tor ibemaeivcs. Thaea asestlllsa rank us the Gll cUaa. Kngliah currency had loot ahotit oae-tlUrd of its inlernatiooel valea. In teiO and LanumK i iinailian nionrv f. I lie Canadian dr. The Swiat franc, after the war.

To-day the Swiss Man 1. At 15 orntt per fram il. And lastly, with the Iranc at par the ooupoat for one year amounting to AOOfnafatalttbewaftll tll5. Theae eendit Ions lookkng hr rimr klr reflrrted in rapid 1 menta in thr val-ir of l- irti.

Kxtra superior quality of 1 11. In tUf hf-lfi ' "i. Sixty yeara aco I wan livlns as a hoy In Romeraet. It held about two quarts and waa filled before the owner started to work by tho farmer.

It was part nf ih. I remember ooe time niy srr. Nor- folk, whii-b i. A nriKhbor of our wan nbowinR ber round bi. Tho dear old lady took i hurried paek.

Hibie for UH to avail Rowlnds. Also get about four ounces of. Satta la inexpensive; ni. WiiHinlchan Lake l b" L-ueats included quite a number from Victoria and Vancouver, and waa an outaUndlng social function in Cowlchan dlatrlet social circles.

R, Barklay nn i Mra. Carter, Mias KIrdle Free sex chat Falkirk Mr ' Drayton, the Mlaaes Muriel and iwen Price. Parry Mr and Mrs A. Whiitome Mr "nil Mn. Miss Maureen Klngscote, Mr. Prior to the dam e.

A apaelal fadtura of the entertain- ment waa a campfire scene, fot Rirls of Lookng C. Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21, Cravan and c. Kilmer Morgan added f: Store Hours— 9 A. Sohrlce or Chiffon Weight Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21 beautiful pure silk hose is sliowu in a wide range ol ityliah shades, both in fervice weight and chllfons. Good range of shades and and stockings. The prices vary from 76f to f2. Sro Hundreds Rowlanda Beautiiui i.

Sixes for 2, 3 and 4 years H. Jn lliKs entirely jicw. J he neck lines varv. Tlir dresses are made iti straijjht- linc with Iwo-piccc cl'Jcct, pleated skirts with h. Fronts are finished with clusters of pin tacks.

Sludcs are sand, grey, navy or white. Shown in smart new stripes for Ckrist- mas You need to be mine. Boxed for CI i giving. OO Upholstering Xapejitries Upholftcrinf: At, a yard f2. HBt over last Swf looking for saf 21 Rowlands Gill nyc 21. R Myc Ruth waa atte. Robin Watt, aon of the late Swd. Walt of Victor 1 1: A number of children were found while at their lessons at school' to have the di.

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