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I Want Teen Fuck Want a woman to give me a hard spanking

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Want a woman to give me a hard spanking

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I enjoy movies and hanging out. Please respond if you are within the age range of 46 59.

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Want a woman to give me a hard spanking

I never tire of watching this. This is how I'd deal with you Nadia.

Thanks, as always, for sharing. Totally agree with you Kelly. This is how a spanking is delivered in my house. Beautiful girl, beautiful body and great spanking! Great seeing her tits bounce when she is spanked.

Hard spanking -

Love the face shots too. It's a real spanking.

After the spanking she needs to get fucked! Lovely bum, just right for a pure spanking.

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Now it needs an equally pure fucking! Tasty teen blonde cutie: She got a very prolonged spanking which left her very red loved the positions he spanked her in plus she is so very pretty Very cute girl with a lovely red ass at the end.

JavaScript is required for this website. I like the spankee to stay still, bottom presented, even thought the spanking hurts exquisitely. Clenching or squirming results in extra strokes for each incident. The extras strokes are given either with a more painful implement or extra hard.

Getting Spanked As Needed

For example, if the spankee is taking an over-the-knee paddling and clenches their buttocks, they might be told that they have earned five extras. If they are recalcitrant and wiggle again, another five extras are assigned. When the paddling is finished the disciplinarian announces that ten extra strokes have been earned. These are either given extra hard with the paddle or with a more painful implement perhaps a cane or whip.

So the number of strokes that the spankee is sentenced to does not include extra punishment strokes. Spankkng spanking starts with a light paddling, which stings and reddens the bottom, but does not cause numbing. This allows the caning which follows to be fully appreciated.

The effect of the caning is mainly on the surface and leaves the bottom sore and welted. The paddling that finishes the spanking is given on the sore, red welted bottom, making it hurt more.

The pain of the spanking builds up steadily so that by the end we have a well punished boy or girl, but the spanking is not unbearable. The last twenty strokes with the brush or paddle are given very hard.

If the spankee is not actually crying at this point they should at least be crying out with each stroke. This spanking might start by the disciplinarian sending the spankee to their room to undress to their panties here panties refers to both boy and girl underwear.

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After five minutes the disciplinarian goes to the bedroom where they find the spankee naked except for their panties. The disciplinarian gets the ruler paddle perhaps a ruler paddle from the Hansen Paddle Spankig and sits on the side of the bed.

Ready Nsa Want a woman to give me a hard spanking

The disciplinarian takes the spankee over their lap and administers twenty strokes with the ruler paddle across the spankee's pantied bottom. The disciplinarian then orders the spankee to get up, pull their panties down and return to their lap.

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Twenty strokes are then given with the ruler owman across the bare bottom. The ruler paddle hurts and stings and perhaps the spankee clenches their buttocks twice while taking their bare bottom paddling with the ruler paddle. The disciplinarian informs the spankee that ten extra strokes have been earned.

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The disciplinarian grips the spankee tightly with their left arm and administers ten additional punishment strokes, very hard. The spankee is then ordered to move the ottoman to the end of the bed, kneel on the ottoman and bend over the end of the bed for their caning.

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The spankee feels exposed, bottom presented, as they wait for the disciplinarian to get the rattan cane. The disciplinarian administers twenty strokes, hard across the spankee's bare buttocks.

Want a woman to give me a hard spanking I Ready Sex Meeting

The disciplinarian caresses the spankee's bottom, feeling the cane welts, allowing the spankee to catch their breath. After a few minutes another twenty strokes with the rattan cane are administered, a bit harder this time. The spankees bottom is getting quite sore and is red and welted. The disciplinarian gets the carbon fibre cane like the one sold by The Fugal Domme, or perhaps a nylon cane.

Do All Women Need a Hard Spanking? – Dark, Dangerous, Delicious

The disciplinarian caresses the spankees bottom and hare them of how much the carbon fibre cane hurts and warns them of the consequences of not staying still during their punishment.

Ten strokes with the the carbon fibre cane follow. The cane strokes hurt as much as the disciplinarian promised and the spankee cries out with each stroke.