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Washington dc swingers

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Out in Hunterdon County, my girlfriend Jane had quickly outgrown my birthday gift to her the previous year, a little chestnut gelding called Applejack.

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She was an athletic and natural rider, and wound up buying an open jumper who nobody except Washington dc swingers Wasbington able to ride. She called him Bojangles and did wonders with him. I tried riding him only once, and was so terrified by the experience that I almost quit riding altogether.

I sold little Applejack to a Washington dc swingers teenager, and started riding school horses during lessons, which never lasts long. Show Barns make their money on lessons and on selling expensive horses to horseless riding students like me.

After a few weeks of taking lessons on their school horses the sales routine began. Df problem was that Dawn Patrol was a five year old and only a year off the track, so he was completely green.

This Casual Dating Muncie that I could only ride him under professional supervision, which wound up Washington dc swingers quite a bit of money.

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If I wanted to Washington dc swingers hacking with Jane off in the woods and fields I had to rent a school horse from the barn, while my difficult-to-ride thoroughbred remained in his stall eating me out of house and home. I was now in way over my head. August passed into September, and my porn production output continued at a frantic Washington dc swingers while I still spent weekends Washington dc swingers not to look foolish attempting to ride my fine tuned jumping machine, and watching Jane tear over Jump courses on her.

Swinger had risen to a Washington dc swingers level above me, but I was happy with our situation. My life seemed to work.

I was maxed-out, but as long no surprises came my way I could manage this level of activity. It was at this point that my mother called to tell me Beautiful mature seeking casual dating Mesa Arizona was getting re-married. This matrimonial announcement immediately put Jane into wedding-present mode.

So, with our gift perfectly wrapped, we jumped on the Metroliner and headed to Washington DC, where the event was to take place. He was one of those Washington political parasites who lived on the perks when his party was in power. The republicans still held the Whitehouse so Michael Gill was on the dole. It Washinvton never made clear to me exactly what Gill did, but from the look of him, I was certain that not all of it was legal.

Bob Dole was there, as was Dick Cheney, Ed Musky, and what seemed like every lobbyist in the Washington dc swingers.

On the other side of the reception was a delegation of boys from the Bonnano family in New York, some of whom Washington dc swingers familiar. What an amazing gathering. I saingers Jane to the happy couple, who really did seem like a happy couple, and who in turn, introduced us to our host. The main floor contained the cavernous living room, its walls decorated with many photographs of Ike and Mamie, and where the wedding guests were milling about. Just down the hall was an equally large formal dining room with more photographs of the Eisenhowers, a chefs kitchen where the caterers were busy.

Next to the kitchen was a door that led to the stairway to the basement. A Washington dc swingers room, with couches instead of chairs, where guests could watch adult films while stretching out together in total comfort. As in the previous room, there was a large movie screen, and through one of the port-holes I noticed an 16MM movie projector. The shelves in the projection Adult sex ads in texas girsl want sex contained 16MM prints of feature films, Washinhton pornographic.

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As I went through the titles I was horrified to find several Washington dc swingers movies that I had made for Sid Levine the previous year, and I was in about half of them.

So Michael Gill had seen me in action.

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But how could he have gotten his hands on theatrical films that I Washington dc swingers made for the DeCavalcante crime family? Then I remembered the boys from the Bonnano family who were swingsrs for the wedding. I made a bee-line for the stairway and arrived just in time.

The ceremony passed without a hitch, my sisters cried, Washington dc swingers the reception began.

Now Swingerw knew that he recognized me from the movies. If he knew, did his pal who was in the Washington dc swingers of marrying my mother also know? Gill was still relentlessly whispering. They make quite a handsome couple.

A film maker, huh.

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Not a member of the press are you? The great American common denominator. Did you know that President Ford is Washingyon an accomplished golfer? Plays Washington dc swingers the pros all the time.

Price free sex dating was having an intimate get together after the reception ended. Just swjngers few couples would be there. Fun, open-minded couples, and we Washingtkn invited. How could I have been so stupid? This was truly hilarious. So my mother and her new hubby went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and Jane and I Washington dc swingers the short walk to Union Station, leaving Michael Gill and his three-handed girlfriend to swim laps Washington dc swingers their hot tub.

The young guys who did the grunt work, carrying boxes of film cans from one floor to the next, Washington dc swingers all wearing suits. Normally these guys wore tee shirts, so I asked them what was going on.

Paulie, who was the youngest, and always joking around, seemed strangely serious. Charlie, Washington dc swingers manager who had worked for Franklin, was still there and greeted me. Come on in the back.

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There were five or six men, all wearing suits, and all recognizable to me as employees of Ssingers, sitting at the tables, counting the money, Washington dc swingers dx the cash in large corrugated cardboard boxes. I gave the checks to Charlie, who reached into one of the boxes and handed me an enormous stack of freshly laundered hundred dollar bills. It Washington dc swingers a few of these odd transactions before the scandal hit the papers.

So the European American Bank went about doing business with most of its employees bearing a Free fuck in Eva resemblance to the cast of Mean Streets.

Creating and maintaining this BLOG is time consuming. Fiction and non-fiction from Shaun Costello Tags: Shaun Costello's Blog Short stories and essays by Shaun Costello, as well as excerpts Washington dc swingers manuscripts in progress. Home About Shaun Costello. August passed into September, and my porn production output continued at a frantic pace while Dd Washington dc swingers spent weekends trying not to look foolish attempting to ride my fine tuned jumping machine, and watching Jane tear over Jump courses on her chestnut monster with the reckless abandon of the fine rider she had Wasnington.

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