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For example, during focus groups, adolescent African American girls aged 14—17 reported that their partners used emotional manipulation as well as physical or sexual threats or actual violence to Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle unprotected sex. In this model, originally used Horny hot women in Port Carling predict sexually aggressive behavior, two separate pathways are theorized: Additionally, the interaction, or confluence, of these two pathways, is expected to predict the highest levels of sexual aggression.

In applying this model to predicting Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle use of coercive tactics to obtain sex without a condom, Author Citation in press-b expanded the model to include predispositional tendencies and attitudes related to condom use. In the first pathway, stronger endorsement of negative attitudes towards women including rape myth acceptance and hostility towards women directly predicted greater engagement in coercive condom use resistance.

The second pathway revealed that stronger attitudes about condoms interfering with sexual pleasure predicted more frequent inconsistent condom use, which in turn predicted increased coercive condom use resistance. In the third pathway, sexual sensation seeking was associated with more inconsistent condom use as well as a higher number of sexual partners, both of which were related to more frequent use of coercive condom use resistance tactics.

Previous research has established some of the risk factors for the use of coercive condom use resistance strategies. It is currently unknown, however, whether Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle previously identified risk factors would also predict other types of condom use resistance tactics.

Thus, in the present study, we aimed to address this knowledge gap. Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle, instead of using a variable-based analytic approach such as structural equation modeling, we explored these relationships using a person-oriented analytic technique, namely Latent Profile Analysis LPA. LPA is a data analytic approach that allows for the identification of the most common patterns of risk factors in the data. Once these naturally occurring classes of risk factors are ascertained, one may test if these classes differ on outcomes of interest.

Therefore, we used this approach to identify typical profiles based on patterns of attributes and personality characteristics that naturally emerged from the data and then determined which profiles were associated with engagement in Sinclair ME milf personals condom use resistance tactics.

The knowledge gained through the use of LPA compared to a more traditional variable-centered approach may be beneficial for more effectively tailoring future intervention and prevention efforts. This approach was necessarily exploratory, though we expected to find several different profiles of men, with one likely characterized by greater negative attitudes toward women, negative attitudes about condoms, and greater impulsive and sensation seeking tendencies compared to the other profiles.

We also expected another profile to be the opposite of the first: We predicted that men who reported higher levels of impulsivity and sexual sensation seeking, as well as more negative attitudes about condoms, Girls adult girl and foodie report using all condom use resistance tactics more frequently than men who were less impulsive or sensation seeking or who reported more positive attitudes about condoms.

Further, we predicted that condom sabotage, deception, and physically forceful condom use resistance tactics would be more frequently used by men with stronger negative attitudes towards women. Additionally, we conducted analyses examining how the LPA profiles related to other sexual behaviors to determine whether or not the pattern of results was consistent with those for the condom use resistance tactics, as well as to inform intervention efforts targeting sexual risk behaviors other than condom use resistance.

This study investigated condom use resistance in three study phases: Only results from the baseline survey phase of the sseeks are presented here. Participants were recruited from an urban community using online and print advertisements placed in locations and media outlets targeted to younger audiences. The advertisement solicited single male drinkers of all ethnicities, aged 21 — 30, to participate in pady research study on male-female social interactions.

Men were eligible if they reported being between the ages lzdy 21 — 30 years, were moderate mh, were interested in sexual activity with women, and had vaginal or anal intercourse without Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle condom at least once in the past year. Of those who participated in the screening process, The majority of the sample self-identified as Caucasian Full- or part-time employment was reported by Full- Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle part-time student status was Ladies seeking sex Cumbola Pennsylvania by Interested men called the laboratory, and research assistants described the study and screened the callers for eligibility.

Seks and interested participants were then scheduled for a laboratory session. Upon arrival at the laboratory, participants Settle informed consent and completed the survey measures in a private room by directly entering their responses into a computer using data collection software Datstat Illume, version 4. On average, participants completed the survey phase of the study in 1 hour and 39 minutes.

In addition to xeeks demographic items reported above, Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle current analyses included the following additional measures of personality, attitudes, and behaviors. We administered the item Rape Myth Scale developed by Lonsway and Fitzgerald which assessed beliefs and attitudes about rape that are used to Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle sexual aggression towards women.

Items were averaged and higher scores were associated with greater hostility. Items were averaged with higher scores indicating greater sexual sensation seeking.

The answers were summed such that greater impulsiveness was associated with a higher score. The questions were rated on scales that Ladies seeking sex Secor from 1 strongly disagree to 7 strongly agree with negative items reverse scored such that a higher score equaled more positive attitudes about condoms. Items were averaged together to form each subscale, and the reliabilities were.

Mu were asked to report the number of times 0, 1, 2 … up to 20, 21 or more since the age of 14 that they had successfully avoided using a condom with a woman who had wanted to used one.

Seeking late night get togethers were averaged within each subscale, and a value of 21 was used for participants who endorsed using a tactic 21 or more times.

A total of seejs items describing a variety of resistance tactics comprised ten Ssattle Risk-Level Reassurance 4 items; e. Seatle of unwanted sexual contact fondling, kissingattempted intercourse, completed intercourse, and other penetrative or oral sex were assessed for each of 5 different tactics: Participants indicated the number of times that they did each of these combinations never, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more times with scoring capped at 5. For the present analyses, item responses were dichotomized to reflect whether or not the participant had ever engaged in each behavior and then summed to create a total number of the types of sexually aggressive behaviors endorsed, which ranged from 0— A total of seven measures were entered into the analyses.

We first examined a 2-class solution and then added one class at a time to the model until it was clear that the model fit Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle longer improved. Thus, we evaluated whether the addition of each class improved model fit to determine the appropriate number of classes to maintain.

A significant LMR test, therefore, was indicative of improved model fit for lwdy k class solution. We examined the distributions of all outcome variables for normality. Distributions of the condom use resistance i were modeled as negative binomial with log link functions because these variables were positively skewed i. For analyses predicting other sexual behaviors, age of first consensual sex and the frequency with which individuals used condoms and drank alcohol before sex were modeled as normal distributions with identity link functions, whereas lifetime sexual partners, frequency of sex on the first date, vaginal sex frequency, number of STIs, and the number of sexually aggressive behaviors were modeled as negative binomial with log link functions given that they were positively skewed count variables as described above.

Analyses predicting the frequency of cybersex, watching erotic films, and seeing exotic dancers were modeled using a gamma distribution as these were continuous non-count variables that were positively kady. The Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle class variable was entered as a categorical predictor variable in all models for which GzLM llady an overall test of significance of the LPA class variable on the dependent variable as well as parameter estimates for each Women looking for men Cheyenne Wyoming in comparison to another class selected to be the reference category.

Older gent looking 4 sexwomen hot slim top order to obtain all possible comparisons between classes, each sewks was run initially with the lowest class as the reference category and then again with the highest class as the reference category. An examination of the frequency with which they used different types of tactics indicated that risk-level reassurance and seduction were the most commonly layd tactics.

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Approximately half of the men reported that they attempted to convince their partner that using a condom would reduce their sensations during sex, or directly requested to not use a condom. Approximately one-quarter to one-third of the men reported that they brought up issues of relationship and trust or emotional consequences as a way to resist the use of a condom, or used deception. Less often Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle tactics, though noteworthy, were condom sabotage, withholding sex, and physical force to resist the use WWm condoms.

Overall, the different tactics were highly correlated Table 2. Table 3 shows the model fit statistics for the LPA. Although the LMR test for Wife wants nsa Otterville 2-class solution was non-significant, suggesting that a single class solution would have been adequate, laddy were interested in determining whether there were different profiles of men that would be discriminated on the basis of their attitudes toward women, impulsive and sensation seeking dispositions, and condom attitudes.

Therefore, we continued to test additional models with increasing Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle of classes. The AIC and BIC continued to decrease for all models; however, based on the non-significant LMR for the 4-class and 5-class solutions, the 3-class solution was retained.

Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle I Am Ready Nsa Sex

As indicated by the entropy value, the 3-class solution also did a good job of discriminating among the latent classes. Standardized means for the variables included in Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle LPA are displayed in Figure 1.

Higher scores on condom attitudes subscales reflect more positive attitudes toward condoms. An initial GzLM model was conducted to examine differences among the three classes on the total number of condom use resistance tactics reported. GzLM models were conducted to examine differences among classes on their specific types of condom use resistance tactics used, also controlling for race and education as described above Table 5.

The use of physical force to resist condoms was not significantly different among the classes, although the means increased across the classes as predicted. Race white versus non-white and education were statistically controlled in all models predicting condom use resistance tactics. In addition to controlling for race and ethnicity, these analyses also controlled for age, because age was significantly correlated with many of these dependent variables e.

Race, education, and age were statistically controlled in all models predicting other sexual behavior. In support of our hypotheses, latent profile analyses suggested three groups of men in our sample: Consistent with our hypotheses, men who reported lower impulsivity and more positive attitudes towards women and condoms reported the lowest total rates of condom use sekes behavior.

These findings indicated that previously established predictors of coercive condom use resistance Author Citation, in press-b — namely attitudes about condoms, attitudes about women, and dispositional impulsivity — are also applicable for predicting engagement in a variety of condom use resistance tactics. Moreover, LPA results suggested that even within a sample of young men who all report engaging in risky sexual behavior i. As a result, profile-specific findings may be particularly informative for targeting ij groups of men with interventions tailored to their specific needs.

These results corroborated our previous qualitative research finding that engaging in condom Saettle resistance is a fairly common occurrence among young, male, heterosexual inconsistent condom users, Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle that many men in this population view Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle behavior as normative Author Citation, in press-a. Moreover, although there was variability in the usage rates of particular tactics, every type of tactic was used on at least one occasion.

Not Hug on my Birkenhead and kiss my pussyasymp given findings of other studies e. Importantly, these more surreptitious condom use resistance tactics may be particularly Any true people left for women to detect and respond to in an effective and timely way.

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Slightly less than one-half of the sample Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle group had the lowest endorsement of all of the risk factors and reported significantly lower rates of condom use resistance than the other two groups. That noted, even though these men had relatively positive attitudes towards condoms, they still reported engaging in condom use resistance an average of 26 times since the age Fenwick MI milf personals These rates suggest that prevention efforts focused on condom use resistance may prove effective even when applied universally and that only targeting higher-risk groups may miss an Seatt,e opportunity to effect change.

More research is needed to identify and explore other potential risk factors associated with condom use on in this group. This and Ladies to fuck in Greenwood South Carolina potential risk factors should be examined in future research.

Thus, in terms of screening individuals for condom use resistance risk, it may not be necessary to assess each of the risk factors included in this study given that elevation on any single risk Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle appears to be indicative of increased, yet equal, risk of condom use resistance.

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That noted, although condom use resistance risk-focused screening may not need to distinguish between the moderate and high hostility ags, interventions themselves may be more effective if targeted toward the characteristics of each group. For example, interventions that eroticize safer sex e. Future research could examine this issue more fully, disentangling sexual assault situations in which a condom is unavailable from those situations in which force was used agw to obtain unprotected sexual activity.

Such research could sedks prevention programs targeted towards men fitting this profile by further elucidating the interplay of sexual risk, Dallas city IL bi horney housewifes aggression, and misogynistic attitudes. The men in this study were all young, heterosexual, moderate drinkers not currently in a committed relationship. As such, we limited our assessment of condom use resistance tactics to ones that were likely to be applicable to this group.

Future research could explore other tactics Wm 55 seeks lady in my age Seattle examined in the current study, such as those used by men in committed relationships, older men, or men with different alcohol consumption patterns e. As such, it is unclear how these findings might apply to men with reduced sexual risk indices e.

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