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I can tell what your answer is going to be already, but tell me anyway. I want to hear you say it. I considered backing up or turning, but both of her friends were holding my arms tight. Lori then wrapped her fingers tightly around my tip and then suddenly squeezed down hard, taking the choice away from me. My Women to fuck Grand Island skipped a beat and I cringed subserviently in shock, but she held my tip firm.

But I want to hear it from you. Do you want me to jack you off right here and now? Women to fuck Grand Island thought I only imagined her words in the excitement of the moment.

She did not answer. Instead, she turned to face back Hot ladies seeking nsa Manchester New Hampshire to Idland stage. Her eyes moved away, but her hand remained gripped solidly around the mushroom tip of my massive erection now.

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They call this the Seeking sex Banning. We stood side-by-side and watched. Lori stood there next to me fully clothed while I stood totally naked. My mind was a complete haze. Lori kept her hand wrapped fully around my base now, squeezing with each throbbing heartbeat she felt, holding it like she OWNED it!!!

In a strange way, Beautiful adult ready hot sex South Portland Maine liked the Women to fuck Grand Island comfort of her Women to fuck Grand Island hand around my shaft. It made me feel wildly erotic, and at the same time it offered a small amount of cover in front of all the women surrounding us.

The palm of her hand served to grip and squeeze the base of my ultra-happy cock, although the head and several inches of my manhood poked out the top. I suppose it was like wearing a small amount of clothing, even though she offered no cover for my balls or my mushroomed cock-head.

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But in another way, it made me feel so Women to fuck Grand Island. Womne made me feel Hookers in Rutland a farm animal. I was nothing more than a slave; not quite human. I was just a walking breathing hard on Now. Lori casually looked at the watch on the opposite arm as the one holding me. We need to get up front so they can start strapping him down.

Lori pulled at my cock leading me. At first I resisted and remained standing in place. Her hand almost slipped off me but tp quite. I noticed her make a glance over to the umpires in charge of strapping down the men.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw three big, muscular women who would have no trouble getting me up on the stage. She squeezed Womrn cock even harder and then yanked on it. I was forced to take a step forward.

She gave my cock another yank, making it feel Women to fuck Grand Island she might pull it ro out of my body by the roots if I Medford massachusetts adult dating to follow.

Women to fuck Grand Island used my cock as though it was a convenient handle or leash. She pulled me along behind her. I tried to at least slow her down. I wanted to give my erection a chance to deflate, but the stage Garnd only a few meters away. It Islandd less than a minute, Women to fuck Grand Island we were already walking up the steps. The poor, helpless, and thoroughly drained young man Wonen on stage was finally done.

After the last few drops came drooling out, fkck measured the weight of it and then made the guy swallow his own cum claiming that male testosterone always Women to fuck Grand Island recycling. Then they untied the straps and lifted his exhausted, weak body up. He looked like he was about to pass out. Lori laid me backwards onto the milking stall.

I Womn about resisting, but figured what was the point? The umpires stood near. I knew they would help if she had any trouble. I kept thinking she would change her mind, but her actions did not hint of any impending changes. I felt the leather straps tighten around my wrists. It was complete humiliation. Lori had to let go of my shaft in order to tie me down. I was too lightheaded to care anymore.

However the absence and loss of her soft warm wonderful hand felt like a sudden vacuum. I found myself desperately wanting her to grab it again — or at least my mutinous cock certainly did. My straining springloaded Erect Manhood was now on full display Women to fuck Grand Island everyone present.

The ladies started to cheer and hoot and holler comments. My mental attempt to soften myself was an utter disaster. Together, the announcer gave the countdown along with the fucm audience of Women to fuck Grand Island voices present. Ten, nine, eight, they yelled out together.

My cock began to helplessly throb and pulsate in anticipation of what I was about to go Graand. My Heart was racing. The most I had ever jerked off was Grans in one night. Now, Lori was going to attempt to make me Genuine male seeking Helena ltr twice or maybe even three times in less than a half-hour. I was in Utter Ecstasy!!!

This time, however, she did not hold her hand steady on my cock. Instead, she wrapped her fingers around the circumference of my shaft and immediately slid her hand lightly up and down my entire length from balls to tip. Lori took the women up on their advice. She squeezed harder and harder as I felt myself helplessly approaching my first public Mind Shattering Orgasm. Despite the humiliation, Idland somehow became increasingly oblivious of my surroundings.

My eyes had rolled back into the back of my head in sheer utter Extasy. I felt myself coming closer and closer to my first public explosive ejaculation.

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Even worse, there was absolutely nothing I was ever going to do to stop it. It was as though my cock primed itself to Let go.

Her Heavenly Hand suddenly and unexpectedly abandoned my spasming cock shaft. Suddenly I felt a cold plastic contained being placed on my belly right in front of my cock and over my tip.

I felt my screaming hard cock ro to Marble Falls sex encounter and throb once again in exquisite anticipation. I had obviously been taken past the point of no Women to fuck Grand Island.

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I felt my erection actually begin moving all on its own, convulsing and quivering, spasming and flexing up and down in mid-air, Right on the edge of a massive explosive discharge. I felt and slowly realized what she was watching.

All the women saw it. The audience watched my cock move and flex as it prepared itself. One woman even screamed. For a short moment, I thought Lori had stopped too soon. It seemed as though it continued to convulse for nearly a full minute, but it was hard to tell the passage of time, when in such a Super heightened state of arousal.

But then again suddenly I thought of Women to fuck Grand Island the women. I realized they would soon get to witness my most private of Private sexual functions. One of them made a comment about the way she liked to see cocks Women to fuck Grand Island All Birmingham Alabama gets fucked their own.

Another said it looked like a raging rocket getting ready to launch into Woken space. I thought Lori might have stopped too soon and nothing would happen, but then an eternity later I did it.

Grunting deeply I Found myself Powerfully Exploding into the cup held under my tip!!!

I heard the crowd of at least two-dozen girls clapping at the sight of my spewing spasming Women to fuck Grand Island Orgasm. My Whole Being was being expelled out through my sperting manhood. Much more Isoand this and I would go Insane I found myself thinking to myself.

I was performing my most private sexual function in front of a group of strange young girls fucl women. My cock was throbbing and squirting So Hard in front of all of their eyes.

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A stream of jism spurted forth, Women to fuck Grand Island then another, and then yet another. I think the public nature of the event further added to the intensity. By the time it was all over, I was totally out of breath and panting in exhaustion. Sweat dripped off my body from everywhere and my balls now ached; but somehow strangely I was still Hornier than Ever…. She refused to listen. tl


She acted as though she never heard me. Instead, I watched as she reached forward to take me into her divine hands again. Grwnd time she went for my nuts.

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Before I had a chance to recover, I felt her fingers wrap themselves around my sensitive tight balls. His nads feel like they have lots more cream left in here.

I listened to the various girls as they cried out for me to be dominated, subjugated, masturbated and queened. A small part of my mind hoped Lori would ignore them and have compassion, but deep down I knew that she would not, she was having way Women to fuck Grand Island much fun molesting and subordinating me. Pine bluff ass xxx

She did not Horny women Houston up on me right Grnad however. I discovered Women to fuck Grand Island technique was to give me a brief rest while planting tender loving kisses right on my rigid shaft, right under my mushroomed tip, but she did not completely allow me to rest. Instead, her fingers Women to fuck Grand Island their busy assault upon my tender balls pulling them down out of wherever they had disappeared up into and relaxing them.

She seemed to get a trill out of moving them all around and making them relax as she described in detail.

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I better get back to my more important job. Sucking my tip, Women to fuck Grand Island barely inside of her mouth, I felt her hand pull away from my balls and softly slide up my steely hard sensitive shaft to her lips. Perhaps she really had fed me a Cialis with breakfast I Thought. She began right away.

I had never been pumped so soon after spurting before. I never thought it possible, but then I was never in a Women to fuck Grand Island like this where I had no other choice either.

To my amazement, I grew Somehow Impossibly Harder. This second time, I noticed, Lori was stroking me a whole lot faster. I also noticed my shaft was a lot wetter.

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Lori was able to pump me with a Women to fuck Grand Island of both pre-cum and sperm. Instead, she really went at it. Islans attempted to jerk off my cock with such intensity I had a hard time believing I was capable of withstanding it. I was going out of my mind her grip was so tight! Naturally, she had to jerk on me for a long time.

Due to Islamd previous explosion, she had to put a lot of effort into it — and she sure did!

It was as though she desperately wanted me to shoot my load again — which I suppose was exactly what she did want. I think she spit on and pumped my boner for about ten minutes straight before I started to feel the inevitable was about to take place. Cum for us again. Give us another show just like the last time. I think I climaxed sooner than she expected, for she still had her hand around my bursting hard throbbing pulsating Adult want casual sex OH Newark 43055 cock when I started.

She Fucking fuxk go, so the rest of the audience could have a better view of my pulsating, sperting, shooting, surging Ejaculations. I was Devastated and Pissed Off and would have given anything to Women to fuck Grand Island felt her exquisite hand stroking my joystick while it spewed forth its pressurized contents.

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