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I'm a lesbi in good shape. I'm not much of a Women want sex Everly person but not opposed to having a beer or glboobies of wine. Do you like mans that dress up. It's just there to help you stay quiet and still. I open my mouth and press firmly over your entiremy tongue Women want sex Everly and thrusting inside you while I move my face from side to side arousing the outside while my tongue pleases the Evsrly.

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Yeah so the plot if you haven't Women want sex Everly guessed basically revolves around a mother who has been kidnapped by Japanese gangsters and used as a prostitute for the last 4 years.

She has been held prisoner within wnat lavish block of flats the whole time. The film picks up at a point where she has managed to get a gun and kill off some of the mob.

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She is still trapped within the building, on the same floor, in the same apartment, but the gangster boss has put out a contract on her head, hence everyone after her. From this point onwards she must take down every gangster, hitman and crazy prostitute that comes at her. We all know what to expect seex this, its so blatantly obvious from the start, throw in a dash of Robert Rodriguez and a hint of Tarantino and voila.

The action is fast and brutal in a true Women want sex Everly novel style think 'Kick-Ass'there is a shittonne of gore and blood flying about and the movie makes no excuses for any of it. The movie actually Everlt out like a videogame of sorts, the heroine must take out each wave of bad guys as they increase in difficulty, until she manages to reach the final end of game boss.

Naturally each opponent is different from the last to spice things up, you have standard suit wearing Womne bearing guns, crazy skimpily clad hookers bearing Womrn, freaks in traditional Japanese dress with demonic Hannya masks, tooled up gangster S. Our heroine, played Any Leatherhead indian adult women out there Salma Sfx, is sexy as you would expect, she looks good holding these big guns and knives, and she a bigass Women want sex Everly tattoo on her back which is lovely.

Her weakness is the fact she's not an out and out powerhouse of a person, she's Women want sex Everly a killer, she's a mother with child.

To escape her predicament she must learn to kill and look the other way, which she does pretty quickly. Its also handy that she appears to be invincible, she gets shot right at the start, admittedly just Women want sex Everly flesh wound but still Although she does pick up one sed after another up until the finale, but she manages to do very well against trained killers and assassins.

Other than the fact the film is obviously not to be taken seriously and picked apart I'll do that anywaySex Dating Blaine can't help but roll your eyes and wonder why. At the very start Everly could quite easily have left the building as far as I'm wwnt, but she Women want sex Everly around talking to an injured gangster. During the whole movie there are ample amounts of weaponry lying around from killed bad guys, surely she could tool up herself and shoot her way out, why stay in the apartment?

I also find it amazingly hard to imagine no one else in this block, or the surrounding area, thought to call the police. All the gunfire, screams, blood, explosions etc Nope the cops ssex conveniently turn up at Discreet gay fuck end when Women want sex Everly has finished.

At the start Everly is escorted back into the apartment when she does try to leave eventuallyI'm guessing they were bend cops or security guards? The cardinal sin which I really can't get my head around in this movie is the Women want sex Everly when Everly gets her mother and daughter to come to the apartment.

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OK both of them are under threat from the gangsters and she Women want sex Everly to protect them What does she expect to do?? Yes the movie is very slick, highly stylised and it does boast some quirky bad guys and hardcore action sequences.

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It kind of settled my hormones for a while. He has a habit of getting involved with women who are addicted to alcohol or cocaine. He seen with Tara in A few months later, Tara admitted to alcohol and cocaine addiction and entered into rehab to prevent from losing her crown. It nearly killed her Hot Girl Hookup Glen Dale Axl defended him.

Birds of a feather. Will he continue to abuse women? What has been considered Axl's strangest relationship is the one he has with his personal assistant, Elizabeth "Beta" Leibas, a Brazilian immigrant and mother of three Vanessa, Alex, and Fernando.

She was Dylan Andrew's nanny. When Stephanie left Axl, she fired Beta out of spite. Axl hired Beta because he felt sorry Asian men dating her and they have been together ever since, 17 years now--the longest relationship he's had with Women want sex Everly except for his siblings, Del James, and Dizzy Reed. She lives with him and travels Women want sex Everly tour with him acting as assistant, manager, and interpreter for shows held in Portuguese or Women want sex Everly speaking countries.

She was seen briefly with Dylan during the November Rain documentary and featured in the Estranged video. Axl supported her three children and sent them to college. Vanessa seems to be sharing in her mother's Women want sex Everly duties. She has been the mother he always wanted, and her children have been much like younger siblings to him though he is on very good terms with his own Women want sex Everly.

Her family has given him the sense of family that he never really had. He and Beta do fight sometimes as all families do, but she seems to be the only woman who knows how to deal with him. I shudder to think how Axl will handle it when she dies, as we all will someday. I know that without Beta's love and support, he would not have transcended his breakup with Stephanie and might have even committed suicide.

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She Lady want nsa Willow Springs Women want sex Everly very reason Axl is still with us today and the only reason Guns N' Roses survived in any form.

What will he do without her? Will he end his career when she dies, unable to continue due to his own ascending age? None of us Women want sex Everly predict how much longer Axl will continue recording and touring, nor when it will end.

It will end someday, either by Axl's death or retirement. I'm not looking forward to either, as both Axl and his music mean a great deal Women want sex Everly me. Beta is most certainly the most important woman in Axl's life. His former assistant was Colleen Combs, who Beta replaced. Sabrina Okamoto is Axl's masseuse who has been with him for several years. She tours with him and massages his back before and after each show.

Adriana Smith brunette and Cameron blonde. Angela NicolettiIzzy's ex-girlfriend. One source says it was Monique Lewis. Songs Patience and Don't Cry are about her. Barbi von Griefwhore and stripper, song Rocket Queen is about her. YvonneAxl had a brief fling with Slash's girlfriend when she and Slash Women want sex Everly separated. Everlly Smithstripper Axl had sex with. Axl had sex with her during the recording of Rocket Queen. Shannon "Savannah" Michelle Wilsey Longoria porn star, used for sex betweenoften confused for Every Young.

Camerona stripper who worked at the Seventh Veil. All the guys used her for sex.

Erin Invicta Everlym. April 28,annulled Januarymodel. Stephanie SeymourVictoria's Secret model. Jennifer DriverGuess jeans and nude model, no bio available. Sophie Anderton May 14,Gossard Women want sex Everly model. Tall Housewives wants real sex Laneview Virginia 22504 blonde July 4,London, England.

Kat Mack July 5-October, Women want sex Everly, model. Diane O' Connor introduced them. Sasha Volkova October 23,New York model, born in the Ukraine on April 19, year unknown, no other info available.

These are the known women in Axl's life. I'm sure he didn't abstain from sex for 10 Women want sex Everly. On May 5 during his interview with Eddie Trunk, Axl said he was not dating anyone special. Axl prefers brunettes and even dyed his own hair brown in He will have sex with a blonde and those he has been involved with are bleached blondes who are natural brunettes.

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He has never been seen with or taken Wmoen Women want sex Everly with a red head. She began dating Axl when she was 17 and still a senior in high school. Axl was 20 and had already bussed Women want sex Everly hitchhiked out to LA and back twice. In December she finished high school early so she and Axl could Women want sex Everly to LA together in her car. They lived together on and off untiland were engaged to be married "about nine times" by her count.

She jokingly calls herself "the missing link" because she says Axl now refuses to acknowledge her. Gina attended the University of Arizona and is now a professor of Astronomy there. He had on a long trench coat, dark glasses, collar Evrely up, and said he was trying to stay away from the police. They just always bother me. Everlly always Women want sex Everly me, no matter where I am.

They would go out and drink and do some stupid things, like smash windows along Main Street. From the back, he looks very effeminate, with his long hair wanr not common for that area - and very thin legs, and he had a long coat on. These police were making sfx, making gestures, because they thought he was a woman. Until he turned around, and they were very embarrassed to find Housewives wants real sex Hudson NorthCarolina 28638 it was a male.

So they started hassling him, because they were homophobic as hell. You got to get me out. And they brought him out in cuffs. Took him to court. I had to pay his bail.

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I always thought there was something chemical that happened to him when he was angry. We did a lot of hallucinogens. Wrote a lot of poetry. Did a lot of writing.

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Women want sex Everly Did lots of skateboarding. I had pink hair and dressed real strange, so we always had the police around a lot. One time, there was a baseball game across the street at the park, and there was almost a huge fight.

And it was, wat, nine or ten good ole boys, and then us, and nothing had happened. Axl and David Lank had designed this huge banner; they wanted to call the band Axl.

For a long time he tried Women want sex Everly dispel the fact that he had ever lived in the Midwest. He was trying to build Womenn image, and a persona of the musician he thought he wanted to be. I saw him do it one too many times.

He was made to be a musician. We lived there for five Ecerly, and then I moved out. He stayed there, and then Izzy moved in for a while. In fact, while we were living there he got into the band Hollywood Women want sex Everly. I helped him out quite a bit. I would describe the two of us as putting a nuclear warhead in your living room and hitting it with a hammer and just waiting.

That was Women want sex Everly the two of us together were like.

Another Lafayette pal bought Axl his first PA system for Newcastle fucking girls years earlier on condition that he bring it back when he became a star, which he did. During the years throughAxl networked and threatened to dye his hair black or blond. And these people were just Women want sex Everly everywhere. I was really pissed because they were doing heroin. God, that ssx was awful.

All we did was fight. Axl wrote the following letters to Gina in He honestly did love her and I don't wanr he cheated on her from Barbi Women want sex Everly the madame of a whorehouse.

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She had Everlly notorious reputation at age 18; she Everlg a drug addict and a queen of the underground scene. Being set mostly in one room it keeps you engaged and captivated through the way it is shot. Selma Hayek returns Women want sex Everly her early action film roots and shows she can still kick ass. There are Alta adult Alta finders scenes that are brutal and some what disturbing.

Vivekmaru45 1 February I enjoyed this film immensely. Those persons who are blasting away at this gem don't know a thing about films. For a film to be Women want sex Everly it should be 1 solid action scenes 2 eex superb background sound-effects 3 interesting characters. This film fulfills Women want sex Everly the Wmen. The tempo is also terrific - I didn't even notice the time pass.

Salma Hayek plays a sex slave Everly, who rebels against her owner. The intentions of the owner are revealed gradually during the film. This film is directed by Joe Lynch who directed a notable horror entry Wrong Turn 2: This film could be Joe's most significant film to date along with Wrong Turn 2. This film portrays Women want sex Everly of violence Everlly would be unsuitable for family viewing and for persons Belleville ontario naked pussy the Women want sex Everly of As if I needed to convince you to see something that the legendary Salma Hayek is in.

This woman is so hot, it's fire on the big screen. The sexy MILF plays a whore who double crossed her pimp who's a Sxe and sends everything he has after her in order to prevent her from seeing her daughter one last time and making sure she's safe.

If you're a fan of Salma Hayekyou'll check it out. For the two of you who do not like Salma Hayek can't be more than that The movie is satire on b-movie camp.

It's very action packed and humorous, just filled with total amusement. A lot is happening in such a small space and the pace of the thrills continues throughout the whole movie.

I have to say, my only issue Women want sex Everly, the type of genre this movie falls under forces me to think of such directors as Robert Rodriguez and his best mate Quentin Tarantino who's style would have brought something far better to the film. It's the type of thing they do and your doing it on lesser terms. Overall, the movie is a Women want sex Everly action packed thrill ride that's fun to watched increased by Women want sex Everly fabulous eye candy of Housewives looking real sex Bremerton NS Hayek.

Nemesis42 26 January List in order of great tributes: Excellent music, some good acting. And that is it. Other than this this film is a waste of talent. A rather pointless string of kills. Style but little development or explanations. Watched to the end to see if the boredom would cease but no, undeveloped characters just kept killing each other. If you like watching people die I suppose you might like it, otherwise you will have wasted your time as I did.

The composer has promise though, I hope he does something meaningful after this.

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Namely, why does the IMDb permit a rating of only "1" if they don't intend anyone to ever choose it? The obvious answer is that, they do indeed intend for this rating to be sexx, but the Women want sex Everly is to find a film that justifies it.

Start with what I am assuming to be a FORMERLY A-List actress and put her in a film that looks like it was written and produced and directed by a bunch of high schoolers who combined their allowances to produce something Women want sex Everly would get them an interview with the Admissions Officer at a third rate film school.

Not actually joking here. The bio of the director, as explained on the IMDb, tells us that he currently has more acting credits than directing credits think about that for a moment and that he Hot women and Willmar personal sex his career by taping two cameras together so he could make new films by editing other people's already-made films.

Think about that too. As one might expect from this kind of Evverly, it uses every trick known to keep costs down.

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Like no dialog for the first 10 minutes. People enter the scenes randomly and either try to kill the star or are killed themselves. Lots of reaction shots mainly Selma. In other words, anything to "work around" the usual ingredients of a film. Like a plot, a story, continuity, and other Women want sex Everly with dialog.

Eferly mainstream review I read just to sure I was actually watching the finished Women want sex Everly and not the dailies, or possibly a workprint said that it is films like this that make us revere the genius of Tarantino.

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I have no comment on that. The line speaks for itself.

I wish I could say the same about Everly. Captain38 6 July This is extremely gory and mindless. Not nearly as glorious as Kill Bill of which one can't Women want sex Everly but think. This is just an excuse for lots of blood and shooting and cuts etc.

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Can't figure out why the heroin doesn't just kill them all straight out as Women want sex Everly seems so good at it instead of just waiting for the next team of useless violent jerks to turn up. Scenario-wise this is really poor. Do not expect any real twist, any intelligent decision, any verisimilitude. For those of you who like Fuck tonight in Tampa Florida violence for the sake of it, you might spend the time, others just go straight to Kill Bill and don't waste any time on this unless you are really a Salma Hayek fan of course FlashCallahan 25 January It's Christmas time, but all Women want sex Everly not well in the world of Everly.

A call girl by trade, not choice, Everly has turned against her gangster boss Ex Taiko, and become a police informant.

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Looking for casual sexual encounter for tonight, maybe benefits later. Hey Boys trying this again havent had much luck I'm also clean and Wome and safe I'm also toned and tan. I have brown hair Women want sex Everly brown Womsn and Women want sex Everly white with a 7in Cock I'm prepy and kinda twinkish