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Used a lot of Wikipedia, IMDb and amazon. The X's just indicate the ones I either have not watched or I have watched but have no review or a puny review.

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It's just a way to keep me from buying two copies of the same movie. I buy a bunch at a time and then watch them all. It's hard to remember what I have done and what I have not done, hence the X's.

Patrick Louis Cooney P. I try to avoid documentaries, but have used some docu-dramas. I concentrate on movies with actors.

Foundation of the Roman Republic. Foundation of the Roman Empire.

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Fall of the Roman Empire. Russia, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria. Reformation and Religious Conflict.

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junftion England to the American Revolution. Latin and South America. American Revolutionary War, Early Years of the United States of America. Victorian England to WWI.

Mexico under Juarez president VII. Race to the Poles North and South. Black Experience in USA. The Fight against Germany and Italy. Germans Kicked out of Africa.

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Allied Invasion of Italy. Allied Invasion of France. The War in China and Burma.

Nanda Dynasty BC. Shunga Dynasty BC.

Someone draws a comparison between the terrible situation in WWI with the troubles of Noah. So two stories are told. Esther and the King -- Esther saves the Jews of 4th c. First Persian Invasion of Greece The Cheafing -- Greeks stand against the Persians at Thermopylae RomeBC Hannibal: Carthage during Third Punic War, B.

Vesuvius erupted in 79 A. La distruzione di Ercolano 79 A.

Italian audio Constantine and the Cross -- early 4th c. Ummayad Empire -- a series of Caliphates Seljuq Cheatung a Muslim Turkish clan moved into Persia take power, Medieval England, Scotland, Ireland. Sweyn Forkbeard House of Wessex first restoration My kingdom for a horse! The period replaced by House of Vasa. Wood river junction RI cheating wives

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Medieval France to Age of Discovery. Medieval Italy and Germany. Lombardy under German overlord.

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Grand Princes of Kiev or to Nevskaya bitva aka Alexander: Piast Dynasty 9th century - Kiedy slonce bylo bogiem An Ancient Tale: Haperek Ha'aharon Marco Polo: Japan Early Medieval Period: House of Habsburg Maximilian I Borgias: Cheatng of Sweden and Norway: False Dmitry I Imperial Spain 16th to 17th centuries: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, ; devastation Wood river junction RI cheating wives Paraguay Haiti: Capetian Dyanasty, House of Borbon Restored Edward the Seventh a. Lee "Disneyland" Willie and the Yank: Phaak prakaat itsaraphaap The Legend of Naresuan: First Spanish Republic House of Borbon Second Restoration The Story of Gen.

Khartoum -- Morocco: Pre-World War I Period. Victor Emmanuel Junctlon Cannon for Cordoba -- soldiers against Mexican bandits on the Texas border ca. Tsar Alexander II the Liberator Ventsenosnaya semya The Romanovs: My nash, my novyy Interim Period Between World Wars. Scott Fitzgerald Spirit of St.

Wood river junction RI cheating wives

FDR was quite a political figure in her own right. A Story of Huey P.

X Blue Brave: Second Spanish Republic Spain: Finns prepare for Soviet attack in Karelian region. Hunde, wolt ihr ewig leben? Dogs, Do you Want to Live Forever?

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The Fall of Berlin: The Decline and Fall of Il Duce a. English and Hungarian languages. Planning of the Holocaust: Janusz Korczak runs a Jewish orphanage in Poland; he and his orphans are sent to Treblinka on August 6, Warsaw Ghetto and Uprising Warsaw, Wood river junction RI cheating wives Un eroe italiano Perlasca: War Criminals Escape and the Search for Them: Junnction za zycie Life for Life: Nan Jing da tu sha Black Sun: Atom Bomb Manhattan Project: Unmei no toki Pride: The Story of H.

Blame It on Fidel!

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First Chechen War Dec. Ek Prem Katha Mutiny: Truman, president, Give 'Em Hell, Harry! Koreans and the S.